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  1. Thank you, @Lyanna Stark! From what you've described I think I'll give Lions of Al-Rassan a go. If you don't mind, what type of setting is it?
  2. Yea, Kay. Isn't all his stuff fantasy? Or does he do historical fiction, too?
  3. Have you enjoyed all of his works? Or, are there some that your not too keen on? I dont read Bakker for the philosophy, lol!
  4. So, I've been trying to get into Guy for a while now. And there is just son many and I don't even begin to know where to start or what would be to my liking. You all know I'm a Bakker fan, but I'm not expecting anything like that and I love all sorts of authors in fantasy. Abercrombie, Bakker, Abraham, Malazan dudes, Lynch, Rothfuss and quit a few others. I'm not necessarily Loki g for anything dark, or should I say Grimdark. I like mystery, intrigue, great plot and good characters, oh and world-building is up there too. Could I have some recs that would fit my tastes?
  5. Well, didn't have any problem finding Kay's books. I ended up buying Tigana and Lions of Al-Rassan. Thanks for the advice and will probably get around to them in a few weeks. Think I'll give Tigana a go first.
  6. Was thinking about getting a few books tonight and Kay seems like as good as any to try out. What is his best work and a good place to start with him?
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