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  1. The only thing I see happening in the books is the North becoming independent and I yet have to make up my mind about how exactly that will play out. Politically, I don't think many things will change. Monarchy as we and they know it will remain, only probably a change of rulers will happen. You can't just change the complete system of beliefs of a whole continent and expect things will be fine. That's the whole point of Dany's current plot in Essos. I don't see Martin writing how everybody just accepted democracy or anything similar to it. Jon not becoming King at the end will likely happen, but it won't be this ridiculous solution. The irony will be, imo, that the actual son of Rhaegar won't be the King while the fake son will likely be King (albeit for a while). Jon will get the North, the land he actually loves, while some other character will rule in the South.
  2. A friend told me something similar. "I'll watch only because I want to be free!". Makes you wonder how many people are just watching due to inertia rather than because they're enjoying it.
  3. The change.org petition is ridiculous. Not only because those things are always pointless, but because the people behind it are just mad their fav. character didn't have the ending they expected it should have had. Many displeased with the show are still happy that, say, Sansa is Queen, even though it's very unearned and it feels more like an apology from D&d to ruin her plot. Remaking Season 8 wouldn't help because all the problems started in Season 4 or 5. The show is rotten from the start, the episode aired yesterday is just a consequence of that. Edmure is Antman? Hah. tee hee
  4. Let's add 1984 to the list of books that this show has taken inspiration from instead of ASOIAF, because this is very Orwellian to my taste. Little Brother is Watching Us All...
  5. The episode was tragic, just not in the way I suppose they would have expected...
  6. I guess we'll have a better answer once the books are released, but one still has to answer, was it really worth it to not cast Arianne, Victarion, etc? They had their ratings, but everybody's hating the show right now.
  7. I remember the Stark line actually comes from a woman after a Lord only had one daughter at some point. But then, Sansa married Ramsay WILLINGLY to avenge his family by having kids with the guy who murdered them... because... who knows? Doesn't matter though. Sansa could just go and marry the butcher and we're supposed to expect it's all ok and people wouldn't mind that.
  8. You know this is a terrible adaptation when, despite Sansa actually has a real claim to the North, her being Queen feels like something they made up to make amends with fans after they destroyed her character. The idea that most people feel that the story is about who "wins" the throne is probably the biggest insult to GRRM's work, way worst than this sham of an adaptation. And the fact that the most unlikely character actually "wins" the throne is beyond words.
  9. Do the social conventions and traditions of Westeros even matter at this point? Jon's been in the Watch, then left after he died, then he was King, then the reason the Watch exists was destroyed but he's apparently back there for some reason?? Does it really matter if Sam's a maester who can marry? Everybody can do whatever they like and everybody's fine with it because... it's some metaphor of what democracy means, apparently.
  10. They still can just stab him. It's not like he goes around reading everybody's mind.
  11. This tweet sums it all up well: "benioff and weiss' game of thrones finale included a character reading a song of ice & fire because the fantasy genre allows authors to imagine scenarios that they've never experienced themselves" LOL at the Ds reading the wiki despite they have five books available as source as well as the author being alive to just go and ask... I can't even be mad at them, only laugh because that's what fools are for.
  12. Some leaks/spoilers/speculations said the Prince was Quentyn and some actor had been cast for him. I dunno if they actually filmed him and then deleted it, but that would have been the cherry on top.
  13. I think is clear the only thing they've read is the wikis.
  14. I can see an independent North in the books, but Martin actually knows how to craft it right. The ending in the show feels rushed because several characters are lacking many interactions. Dany will likely meet Aegon and Victarion (even Arianne?), giving everything more meaning. I really doubt she will be the one burning KL either. Even if the books have this ending, we're gonna have waaaaay more context and I'm sure it wil make no sense. Again, as I've said before, two people doing the same action is not the same if the context is different.
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