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  1. JonCon's Red Beard

    Where did Jon go ? SPOILERS

    Why would anybody mind that Yara is mad at Jon, anyway? What are they going to do if she just says "well, fuck, we're independent now", consiering the North is already independent as well. The reason for Jon going to the Wall is absurd, tbh. A lot of people who isn't even there were mad at him so he left. If there is any indication that Jon, in the books, decides to go North on his own, fine, but here, that wasn't his reason. We're assuming he's fine with it. Where did he go? Honestly, wherever you wanted him to go. There is no much offered hints that would tell us much of it. It's as open as Arya discovering Americos.
  2. JonCon's Red Beard

    The role of the Uncast - was important after all?

    Theon's role is quite related to the North, and they ignored pretty much everything about it and brought Sansa there. That's what happened with a lot of chracters. they removed their arcs from them. You cannot have Brienne and Jaime without Stoneheart, for example. Varys without Aegon is just some fool around. Dorne without Arianne had no purpose and Arianne's purpose is meeting Aegon.
  3. JonCon's Red Beard

    The aftermatch of the decision made by D&D

    They had a plastic water bottle and a starbucks cup on screen... that's some quality production, indeed.
  4. I think it will play all the opposite. The "game of thrones" get solved first and then, we move to the REAL threat: the others.
  5. JonCon's Red Beard

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    The only thing I see happening in the books is the North becoming independent and I yet have to make up my mind about how exactly that will play out. Politically, I don't think many things will change. Monarchy as we and they know it will remain, only probably a change of rulers will happen. You can't just change the complete system of beliefs of a whole continent and expect things will be fine. That's the whole point of Dany's current plot in Essos. I don't see Martin writing how everybody just accepted democracy or anything similar to it. Jon not becoming King at the end will likely happen, but it won't be this ridiculous solution. The irony will be, imo, that the actual son of Rhaegar won't be the King while the fake son will likely be King (albeit for a while). Jon will get the North, the land he actually loves, while some other character will rule in the South.
  6. Now the show has ended, this begs for a question: The show made the decision of omitting characters introduced in what we can call the "second part" of the books: Arianne Martell Quentyn Martell Aegon Jon Connington Aeron Greyjoy Victarion Greyjoy (I might be forgetting someone, so I apologize). Five of those characters have a PoV in the books and one is dead, meaning, at least four of them might have a certain relevance and will play specific roles that will affect the story. So, the question would be, you think cutting it from the show was a smart decision? Was the show really missing these characters or where the already existing characters able to hold the show on their own? Were the many flaws of the show caused by their absence? (this ain't a discussion to know what these characters' roles will be in the books, I will open a new thread for that specific discussion with a more specific topic).
  7. JonCon's Red Beard

    The aftermatch of the decision made by D&D

    Fans have been disappointed seasons ago, we were only a small number that kept increasing. People are just realising what we realised years ago, that the end wouldn't be fulfilling and that they had no idea what they were doing. This bad ending doesn't come as a surprise, it's a very fitting culmination of what many former fans foresaw long ago. Why would they apologize now? They made their money, got a reputation for making money, and generate ratings, hype, and attention. I doubt they care that the ending was bad because there are still many who did enjoy it.
  8. A friend told me something similar. "I'll watch only because I want to be free!". Makes you wonder how many people are just watching due to inertia rather than because they're enjoying it.
  9. The change.org petition is ridiculous. Not only because those things are always pointless, but because the people behind it are just mad their fav. character didn't have the ending they expected it should have had. Many displeased with the show are still happy that, say, Sansa is Queen, even though it's very unearned and it feels more like an apology from D&d to ruin her plot. Remaking Season 8 wouldn't help because all the problems started in Season 4 or 5. The show is rotten from the start, the episode aired yesterday is just a consequence of that. Edmure is Antman? Hah. tee hee
  10. JonCon's Red Beard

    Dany CAN (And Shall???) Rise Again!!!

    Even Darth Vader was cremated, smh. I read someone in twitter said it's like Drogon suddenly learned to speak in metaphor and allegory. Real talk, I guess the endings for Jon and Dany were this open and ambiguous because they didn't want to actually spoil the books... so... thanks?
  11. JonCon's Red Beard

    Bran Truly Was The Best Possible Choice To Rule

    Let's add 1984 to the list of books that this show has taken inspiration from instead of ASOIAF, because this is very Orwellian to my taste. Little Brother is Watching Us All...
  12. JonCon's Red Beard

    The purpose of R+L=J?

    It had no purpose. Everything could have been exactly the same if Jon had been Aerys' bastard. Or Robert's bastard. I mean, Gendry was legitimized, why not Jon? Just imagine if Jon had been just Ned's bastard instead of Rhaegar's son: you could have any character saying "Jon, it doesn't matter who was your father or mother, but how people follow you" and actually say "well, the kid's a Stark, so that's the important" and it would haev worked. Dany could have gone mad by seeing how some bastard was doing things better than her and how people followed Jon. Jon being a Targaryen won't give him any extra power, but it exists to create a conflict and a parallel in books. He's the ACTUAL son of Rhaegar but probably can't prove it, while Aegon is likely NOT Rhaegar's son, but he can "prove it". Jon will know of his heritage and others will eventually find out. That creates another conflict for many characters, including Dany herself. Not everything is made to make the characters powerful or badasses, it's to create conflict between themselves and others.
  13. The episode was tragic, just not in the way I suppose they would have expected...
  14. I guess we'll have a better answer once the books are released, but one still has to answer, was it really worth it to not cast Arianne, Victarion, etc? They had their ratings, but everybody's hating the show right now.
  15. JonCon's Red Beard

    Why didn't Lyanna write to Eddard?

    If she as kidnapped, the answer is obvious. If she wasn't, consider this: I doubt Rhaegar moved to Dorne only to spent one year alone with her lover. There are some hints about how he planned to move there to try to remove Aerys and be away from Varys while he did so. If so, then it was obvious he wanted to be isolated and only very few people were aware of his whereabouts. Then, if Lyanna joined at some point, even willingly, her writing a letter could have completely ruined his plans. Also, remember that they were isolated and probably never found out what was happening until it was late. Lyanna writing a letter would not only jeopardize their mission more but wouldn't even be helpful.