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  1. I agree that it was probably during the war that he showed honour. For one the men must have noticed he wasn't raping nor sleeping around (a la Robert) during the Rebellion, being faithful to his young bride. He probably wasn't needlessly killing people, torching enemy cities/villages to the ground, and acting in a ruthless manner to achieve his goals (a la Tywin). Also the fact that he arranged for Rhaegar's body to be burned as it was how Targaryens dealt with their dead. It shows respect for the enemy. He could've just left people desecrate Rhaegar's corpse if he so wished. And finally his well known spoken disgust and disapproval to Robert over The Sack of King's Landing and what happened to baby prince Aegon and little princess Rhaenys, the children of his enemy.
  2. After a long pause after the end of the TV Show (2 years), I'm rereading the books and I'm currently in the first book now. The HBO tv show ruined my love for this series for a while, and even tho I had planned on rereading the books, I couldn't separate the two mediums. But after this hiatus away from ASoIaF universe I've healed I guess and I'm back in Westeros with the characters I came to love. I'm loving this second reading because I've forgotten so much since I've first read the books in 2011, so I'm noticing so many more little clues and double meanings.
  3. Ned by far was the best father. The worst I believe it's Tywin.
  4. It also makes me think that his burning hate for the Targaryens and basically all his depression is based on the fact that deep down he knows Lyanna chose Rhaegar, rather than honestly believing that Rhaegar raped Lyanna.
  5. I'm revisiting AGoT and Robert says And I started to wonder what a strange thing to say if you know your beloved was raped and considers that in the afterlife she is with her rapist. Robert proclaims to the world that Rhaegar raped Lyanna, how can he imagine and even say outloud that Rhaegar has her now with them both dead? Rereading the book for the second time, I noticed from the start that GRRM is full of these little clever innuendos, something that went over my head on my first reading of course. Maybe Robert deep down knows that Lyanna chose Rhaegar over him? As Ned said, he didn't know Lyanna, so he can't possibly imagine she was wild enough to elope with another man, plus it goes against his idea of her being this little perfect flower devoid of any of feelings, thoughts and desires. I believe he knows Rhaegar wasn't the kind of man that would a rape a woman. He knew Rhaegar personally, he probably saw him many times and had dealings with him, was aware of his reputation. Rhaegar even calls him cousin when talking to Jaime, he probably called Robert that in person, meaning he saw Robert as family. Rhaegar was handsome and apparently a dreamy looking man, women went nuts over him. Robert also knew the magnetism Rhaegar had. So I think any buried doubt he has over this incident is because of Rhaegar and deep down he knows Rhaegar won Lyanna over.
  6. We're almost sure by now that Lyanna died from childbirth, right? However, Ned went back home with a babe and said Lyanna was dead, but did he say how she died? Did he say Rhaegar or someone killed her?
  7. So which do you think was the worst, absolute worst casting choice in the show? Honesly, I despised that "Rhaegar". I wish he had remained mysterious and we could have ended the show without having a single clue of what he looked like instead of getting that marriage scene.
  8. at least I hope it won't be just a plot device to turn Dany mad...*coughseason8cough*
  9. Dany. Her struggling with what she was forced to do and seeking inner strength to carry on with her wedding night really hit me hard.
  10. and the dimwit completely brushed it off they annihilated Jon's character this season
  11. All Starks got a pretty ending. How sweet.
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