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  1. Nami

    Why do people love Dany?

    She's relatable because she was put in an awful situation she had no control over and tried to survive it. She was completely alone and sold by the only family she's ever known. Yes, I think she is inspiring and personally I think she's relatable. I think many people have been through some terrible moments in their lives when the only thing they could do was to find strenght within themselves to make it through another day. And that's basically Dany's struggle in book 1 and her inner thoughts throughout that book. After that we're just watching what she's becoming, and going after the only purpose she has left, considering her lineage.
  2. Nami

    Why do people love Dany?

    She's very relatable in the books.
  3. Actually, wasn't Aegon V's plan to hatch dragon eggs in Summerhall because he felt the power of his House was dwindling without dragons?
  4. the dragonpit scene was just staredowns and Euron acting like a douche for no reason. it could have been a cool moment for both Cersei and Dany's first meeting. but opportunity wasted so the King's Guard don't wear white cloaks anymore? They all wear black armour with black cloaks. Dany and Jon's sex was underwhelming to say the least. I'm thinking they were going for a huge moment but even Grey Worm and Missandei sex was more intense. Rhaegar and Lyanna could have been better, especially considering their importance.
  5. Nami

    How would you rate episode 702?

    4 better than the first one, but the dialogue is still horrid skipped some scenes
  6. which is just sad because jaime is one of the most interesting characters in the books but, you know, what's character development?
  7. jesus...if all those spoilers are true, that means Rhaegar's two sons had the same name. wtf
  8. me too. first scenes when she appeared were great, she was great, but now the writers became influenced by all the memes/internet shit that every scene we have of her we also get the other actors staring in awe or just smirking over the amazingness of her lines. what also bothers me is Brienne's smug ass face. she's so unlikable. I can't stand the scenes with her and Pod because she's always so mean to him for no reason.
  9. I also love how they repeat all those lines from seasons before that were originally written by GRRM
  10. who is Edmund again? (sarcasm) I don't think anyone who watches the show remembers him
  11. Nami

    How would you rate episode 701?

    gave it a 2 the only good thing was dany walking into dragonstone just because of her family's history and everything
  12. why is Cersei queen if she blew up a bunch of nobles in the sept of baelor? king's landing should be on the ground and cersei executed by now. is there any house loyal to her outside of lannister circle? who warned her about daenerys from essos? why is jamie still loyal to her when she doesn't answer any of his key questions? does he have personality? why is everyone from dany's clique wearing black? that's hilarious so arya killed lord walter before killing all Freys...how did she hide his body? she's like 15 in the tv show, how exactly did she move his body around without anyone seeing? oh, why everyone in the north chose Ned Stark's bastard as King in the North and not his legitimate daughter? this is from last season but I'm still annoyed that they are listening to him. to them, he's a bastard and the rules of the universe created by GRRM makes me obviously think they wouldn't choose a bastard to rule them.