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  1. as usually is with bad writing, nothing is clear but that would have made an interesting ending if they actually went with that plot twist, clearly turning Sansa and Bran into the bad guys with Jon only realizing he was manipulated at the end I don't know if it's just Kit Harington's bad acting combined with the writing, but idk what they were trying to convey if anything at all
  2. It's not only a terrible god awful ending, but it single-handedly ruined the series as a whole. Who is going to watch this knowing how it ends and how it makes all seasons irrelevant? It's like this was a quick cash for the writers. Everyone wasted time and money with this, Emilia Clarke almost died to make this series that now has 0 rewatch value. What a disgrace. I can't believe we wasted 8 years on this garbage. The more I think about it the more absurd this whole thing gets. These two bitches should be exiled from the industry.
  3. The question is: why is there still a NW? There's no threat of the WW anymore and wasn't the free folk now free to go south and all? what is the NW defending the realm from now?
  4. No more rant and rave threads which is what I get excited for since season 3
  5. Seriously. The North is now an independent kingdom ruled by a Stark. BUT they also have a Stark ruling the 6 remaning Kingdoms. LMAO. I give 6 months until civil wars starts. First Dorne will rebel followed by the Iron Islands. In my headcanon all these characters die in this civil war in a very gruesome manner. Drogon comes back to torch Kit Harington. And Dany has the last laugh that all those who plotted to see her demise died horrifically.
  6. I cringed the fuck outta my body when Arya said "you speak about executing my brother again I will cut your throat" or whatever the fuck. My eyes rolled so far on the back of my head I thought they weren't coming back.
  7. It says GRRM is one of the writers for Blood Moon. What do you all think?
  8. I for sure am burned out. They ruined this series. Who the hell is going to rewatch this ever knowing how it ends? Half the seasons are completely pointless!
  9. The actors are coming forward saying they "worked hard boohoo" and how the petition is disrespectful. Kit said that it's viewers fault that they cheered for Dany even though she's always been a crazy maniac? Wtf.
  10. If any kingdom deserved to be independent it should have been Dorne.
  11. The last episode has a 4.5 score on IMDB and all others went down even further
  12. oh there are excuses for every death done by the Starks. but the people Dany killed that were just terrible, betrayed her or fought against her, means that she's always been insane.
  13. she provided all her forces in the defense of Winterfell. that would be about 70-80% of the people standing in between the castle and the dead plus 2 fire-breathing dragons. The dead still got through, now imagine if they didn't have those 80% of extra soldiers dying to hold the dead back. Winterfell would have been swarmed in 10 min and the NK would have more people to his army of the dead now heading south. Basically her army were cannon fodder for the Starks.
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