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  1. So which do you think was the worst, absolute worst casting choice in the show? Honesly, I despised that "Rhaegar". I wish he had remained mysterious and we could have ended the show without having a single clue of what he looked like instead of getting that marriage scene.
  2. at least I hope it won't be just a plot device to turn Dany mad...*coughseason8cough*
  3. and the dimwit completely brushed it off they annihilated Jon's character this season
  4. All Starks got a pretty ending. How sweet.
  5. I love how Jon doesn't give a fuck that Sandra manipulated everyone.
  6. 8/10 for the action, visual and tension couple of things bothered me such as: what in world was Ghost doing beside Jorah? What happened to him? will there be a talk about this or Jon won't even notice? Arya killing the NK...I don't know how to feel about this. So she was Azor Ahai? What was the point of the Lightbringer? Rhaegar's prophecy and all that meant nothing? Greyworm should have died. Actually a bunch of people should have died. Cersei is gonna be the end boss? This is unacceptable.
  7. 3 I think the whole R+L=J was so badly handled in this show.
  8. 4 better than the first one, but the dialogue is still horrid skipped some scenes
  9. gave it a 2 the only good thing was dany walking into dragonstone just because of her family's history and everything
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