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  1. David Selig

    NBA Season 2020 - RIP Mamba

    There is no way in hell for an athletic 7 footer to be a worse defender than the likes Isaiah Thomas or Trae Young unless he's intentionally and blatantly sabotaging his team. And in the previous seasons Minnesota's defensive rating was roughly the same when he played and when he was on the bench, so this year's numbers seems to be a fluke to a large degree. So KAT isn't the worst defender in the league, but he plays the most important position defensively so his poor performance on that end matters a lot more than that of a guard.
  2. David Selig

    NBA Season 2020 - RIP Mamba

    Not at all, he was never the primary defender on the Lakers bigs.
  3. David Selig

    NBA Season 2020 - RIP Mamba

    Houston's attempt to go full in small ball is off to a good start, they keep winning lately despite playing the 6'5' Tucker at centre and only wings and guards at the other positions. I am quite curious that the end result would be, a lot of people were laughing when they traded away Capela for Covington, a SF, but they are 11-1 in games without Capela this season and their small lineups are destroying teams on offense lately even with Harden not in his best form.
  4. David Selig

    Publishing Industries Social Ills

    Why, because he dared to disagree with the new Chosen One Jemisin on Hugo awards decorum?
  5. David Selig

    NBA Off-Season 2019 - Bridge Over the River Kawhi

    Portland's bench is so bad after the Collins injury they are playing Hezonja and Tolliver, two of the very worst players in the league, 16 MPG.
  6. David Selig

    NBA Off-Season 2019 - Bridge Over the River Kawhi

    Maintaining high TS% when you have a very high usage rate is really hard for many reasons. When you are the first option on offense, you are the first priority of the opposing defenses every night. Also the first option is usually is the guy who gets the ball in the last seconds of the shot clock when the play breaks down and the team needs a bailout play. Tiredness also plays a role, obviously. Creating and taking 30 shots in a game against NBA defences is exhausting. This is what makes the superstars who can maintain high efficiency at very high usage rate so special. Kobe was really good at this, but not as good as the two superstars his fans like to compare him with - Jordan and LeBron.
  7. David Selig

    Authors Behaving Like A**holes

    This whole thing is a clear demonstration how remarkably dumb the social justice driven evaluation of art is. Instead of analyzing the text itself, it's all about the identity of the author. Really disappointing to see Neil Clarke apologizing to these zealots, he did nothing wrong. The answer is not more sensitivity readers crap, it's ignoring the Twitter offendatrons, it's impossible to please them anyway.
  8. David Selig

    Converting the library

    Honestly, If it were me, I'd just pirate them with a clear conscience, I've already paid for this content.
  9. David Selig

    Liu Cixin's Remembrance of Earth's Past trilogy

    Yeah, this was really stupid and annoying. I mostly enjoyed the book, but I also found it somewhat overrated too. The characterisation is really uneven, some of the main characters are complete cardboard cutouts who don't behave like actual humans at all. Wang Miao in particular is just a completely implausible caricature of a scientist who couldn't care less about his wife and daughter and suddenly becomes obsessed for months with what is described as frankly a pretty boring VR game and completely ignores everything else.
  10. David Selig

    Converting the library

    Not a big deal at all, once you have set up Calibre and the plugin, you just select all the books, then use bulk convert option, and Calibre does everything else.
  11. David Selig

    Converting the library

    I have a kindle and I buy from Kobo all the time. Removing the DRM from the books which have it is very easy, just google "DRM removal plugin" for Calibre, install it and then Calibre is able to convert them into the kindle format with one click.
  12. There is a lot more than just the white hair and moustaches in his description that indicates that Thom is quite old. Here is how Rand describes him when he sees him first: Later on Mat thinks to himself From Nynaeve's PoV: Nynaeve also tells Elayne about Thom: I know he had several affairs with much younger women, most of them stunning looking and is extremely athletic, that's exactly my issue, it's implausible.
  13. Thankfully Thom's casting was finally announced, all the worrying among fans whether he'd be cast was getting tiresome. I don't mind a younger Thom, some of his athletic feats were pretty hard to believe given his apparent age in the books. And him being able to get Moiraine at the end despite being something like 65 years old really stretched plausibility for me.
  14. David Selig

    Authors Behaving Like A**holes

    Jemisin has a history of dickish behaviour too. But she gets a pass because politically she on the "good" side.
  15. David Selig

    NBA Off-Season 2019 - Bridge Over the River Kawhi

    Hayward is only expected to miss 6 weeks, his fracture is pretty minor apparently. Still a shame since he finally looked back to his best before it happened, but it could have been much worse. Anyway, Doncic has been killing it this year. I can't recall another player who saw this game so well and had these kind of elite ballhandling and passing skills at his age. He doesn't look his age at all, his decisionmaking is unreal. And his stepback 3 is lethal.