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  1. I remember how one poster here, who had the worst case of Jon Snow fanboyism and Catelyn hatred I've ever seen, claimed that Catelyn treated Jon worse than Cersei treated Robert's bastards even though Cersei literally had Robert's bastards killed.
  2. Time for the Clippers fans to celebrate, Doc is the most overrated coach in the league. It's amazing how long he lasted at the Clippers even though he did nothing in the playoffs year after year.
  3. Thanks for the info. I doubt she was shooting scenes in January and still hasn't been announced, but who knows...
  4. Could you give a bit more info about the possible Elayne actress you mentioned, if the rumour is still not debunked?
  5. Obviously accidental, but such small details has never stopped the righteous Twitter mobs.
  6. Karma for Djokovic for faking an injury earlier in the match as he is prone to do.
  7. The cult of Sanderson is pretty embarrassing for the genre, especially on Reddit, where he is the Lord Saviour of fantasy, but what can you do, there is almost always some crap which becomes hugely popular. His books aren't even good popcorn entertainment, there are too poorly written for that. And it is so annoying when his fanboys brush off any criticism of him with "But his worldbuilding!" - he is supposed to write fiction, not a lore book for a game. When the prose and characters are horrible and the author can't write decent dialogue to save your life, even the best worldbuilding won't save the book, and Sanderson's worldbuilding isn't that great anyway.
  8. That's a Sandersonism, in the Jordan books Elayne was aware of stuff like this. Her PoV specifically mentions that she could get burnt out despite the viewing, which for a channeller is worse than death, and she never uses the viewing as an excuse to do stuff she wouldn't otherwise. When she mentions it, it's mostly to get overprotective Brigitte off her back. She actually was more reckless before she knew of the viewing, so the usual fandom complaint that she turned into a reckless fool because of it is just nonsense. When she got captured in KoD by the Black Ajah the plan was actually better than many other risky plans she and the other main characters got away with throughout the series. Sanderson not only forgot all this, but came up with the absurd scene where Elayne interrogating a shielded prisoner in her own dungeons with guards right outside is presented as some huge unreasonable risk because a jailbreak where three persons somehow overcame all prison security happened at the same time and one of its participants somehow managed to sneak up on Elayne while she was holding the Source without her noticing. And the point of all this contrived stuff and retcons was for Sanderson to give a "Don't trust prophecies too much" lecture which was already overused back in ancient Greece.
  9. Elayne never gave up witchery and becoming a queen was always her main priority and politics and governing something she likes to do, not something she was forced into. And there was never any conversations of this kind. The arrangement was for the women's benefit and because the prophecy required it, at least in their minds.
  10. The fandom vitriol for Elayne is hilarious to me. Jordan went out of his way to make her downright implausibly nice and egalitarian given her background - she fell in love with Rand and seriously considered marrying him when as far as she knew he was a country bumpkin from the back end of nowhere, all of her friends are commoners, she has no problems whatsoever spending months on the road in a wagon and sleeping in crowded inns, she is an amazing cook, she even takes care of injured birds, yet most readers only care that mat disliked her early on mostly due to his prejudices against nobles and channellers and consider her a haughty jerk. And many in the fandom seems to think she treated Rand poorly which isn't the case at all. Their romance is definitely badly written, but Rand has very little to complain about.
  11. It's even worse in this case for some people on Reddit, because Min is apparently "#1 crush of the male book fans".
  12. Harden's been pretty good defensively in most games this season IMO, that switch everything scheme the Rockets ran now is suits him, he's probably the best post defender among all guards in the league.
  13. Absolutely. They look so bad sometimes and completely dominant when they get going. A lot depends on how much contact the refs allow them, when they call it tight, it's much harder for their defense to generate the turnovers they need and to keep the rebounding disadavantage within reasonable limits.
  14. I think Bud outsmarted himself in this game, the Bucks stuck to their gameplan too rigidly which is really not well suited for the small ball Rockets. As usual they tried to prevent layups at all costs but the Rockets are completely fine with it, they will just kick the ball out and chuck 3s all night and never get discouraged even if they miss 10 in a row. The Bucks helped off Westbrook way too much. There were times they were triple-teaming Westbrook on his drives and leaving corner 3s completely open. Still, it was a close game which could have easily been won by the Bucks, the Rockets had an unusually low number of turnovers too.
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