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  1. Glossing over this is one of the few good things about the show. The explanation in the books for the reasons for the fall of civilization and reverting to barbarism is completely nonsensical and becomes ever more nonsensical the more Asimov tried to explain it in the prequels. Anyway, the last episode was a bit better because at least some stuff happened, but it was still pretty bad. Hardin being a master sniper and killing bunch of mooks in two minutes flat out felt like Goyer was deliberately trolling the viewers who have read the novels. And they didn't even bother to cast older actors for the parts of the specialists the Anacreonians wanted to kidnap, so judging by their looks they must have been about 15 years old when they were chief engineers on the ship that took the Foundation colonists to Terminus.
  2. Interesting idea, I haven't considered this possibility, it would be a good explanation for some of Elayne's unlikely skills. But Elayne told Egwene she never had to wash dishes before she came to the Tower which seems to be one of the main chores for novices so I don't know if this was actually Jordan's intention.
  3. Yeah, this would be an bad change. Egwene being willing to leave is a key part of her characterization. I really hope she won't be turned into another reluctant hero and leader, there are too many of these among the main characters already.
  4. Yeah, I found this out already, but thanks. But I managed to watch it without Prime subscription. Anyway, I loved the visuals. But I didn't like Egwene being a possible Dragon Reborn. Also, apparently the ta'veren trio will be 20 at the start of the series, so the aging up in their case is very minimal, or maybe not at all.
  5. "This title isn't available in your location" - WTF, Amazon, why is this geographically restricted? You own all the rights.
  6. Galad joining the Whitecloaks never made sense in the books either. They were still Morgase's main enemies at this point. And his reasoning was absolutely idiotic "The Amyrlin is risking Elayne's life and lying about it, so I should join an organization most members of which would love to torture and kill Elayne, not to mention my beloved stepmother".
  7. She is prone to attacking people online quite viciously for all kinds of spurious reasons. For example, she was one of the many prominent authors who joined into the harassment campaign started by YA author Sarah Dessen when an university student criticized one of her books. Jemisin deleted her tweets and I can't be bothered to find them, but they were pretty nasty, especially considering the occasion. It was discussed in this thread here a while ago -
  8. The crowd in MSG was ridiculous for a regular season game, great atmosphere throughout. I am happy to see Fournier having a great debut for the Knicks, always liked him when he was on my Magic. And speaking of the Magic, the first game seems to confirm that we'd be a terrible team as expected. At least Bamba looks improved and may finally get it together now that he had a healthy off-season for a change and is in a contract year.
  9. I'd love it in Jemisin's case, the shitstorm on social and traditional media will be hilarious. And Jemisin is such a jerk that I won't feel sorry for her at all.
  10. Wilt was an incredible athlete, probably the best the NBA has seen and a contender for the best athlete ever in any sport, but there is no way in hell that he had a 48 inch vertical.
  11. IMO the whole "Two Rivers people are special due to their old blood" stuff in the books is really silly and doesn't fit the setting, so if it's not in the show, that's a major plus. Also, the extreme isolation of Two Rivers never made much sense either. Especially since it's pretty inconsistently applied. In the first books there is talk how the geographical boundaries (mountains, etc) are virtually impassable yet in the latter books tens of thousands of refugees come to Two Rivers through them.
  12. Most of them don't. Look at pretty much any bestseller list or a list of most popular movies or TV shows and you'd find ample proof for this.
  13. I think you really overrate the importance of what a some hardcore fans are saying online. For them, the casting was always going to be divisive unless it's 100% "by the books" (and even then people would argue since they have their own interpretations of the text). Lots of readers have complained about Moiraine's height, Rand's height, Lan being too handsome and pretty much everything else possible. Also, Game of Thrones aged up a lot of the main characters by 8-10 years and the kids by 3-4 years, the actors in several cases were 15 years older than their characters in the books, they changed Tyrion from hideous looking into very handsome guy, Brienne was made 15 years older and was played by a gorgeous actress, etc. All of this, especially the latter two cases, is much more important for their characterization than the race of the WoT main characters. Nobody cared except a small minority of the most hardcore fans of the books and even most of them stopped caring once the show got going.
  14. At least Simmons didn't take the ball with him when he left, now that would have been childish.
  15. Daniel Henney mentioned in the article that he will have a naked hot tub scene. Will this become a new staple for fantasy shows? Inquiring minds want to know...
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