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  1. Ten Hag's got a tough job on his hands but he's not making it easier on himself by playing Eriksen as a false 9. Maybe Ronaldo comes on and turns it around, which will be good for the club in the short-term but not in the long-term IMO as it means everyone hails him as the messiah again when he's one of the main problems.
  2. Is it true the show originally had a great team of writers including people who worked on Breaking Bad, but replaced all of them?
  3. Are they supposed to know Sauron is a bad guy yet? I feel like I'd be looking forward to this series if it wasn't Tolkien, but because it's Tolkien some of the potential story decisions are doing my head in. If the meteor man is Gandalf then
  4. I think people expect Lady Stoneheart to murder the Freys in the books. Yeah we all want the Freys to die, the problem in the show is the contrast between Dany and Arya. Danny is foreshadowed out to be a "mad queen" for doing things that are actually less bloodthirsty than what Arya does.
  5. My guess is Disney expected it to fail so were willing to let Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni do their thing but now that it's a success (particularly Baby Yoda and the merchandising potential there) Disney are going to take more control. I bet Baby Yoda was supposed to stay with Luke but Disney strong-armed them into shoehorning him back into the story.
  6. Amazing trailer, but after Obi-wan I'm not watching any Star Wars Disney until I've seen reviews from the podcasters I trust. Except Mandalorian although I'm worried it's gonna go downhill now that Disney have their claws in it.
  7. First time I've watched a women's Euros game and the quality is exceptional. Most exciting game I've seen in awhile from men or women's football.
  8. I'm cautiously optimistic. It looks like they've nailed the visuals.
  9. To be honest the only club whose misfortunes I regularly laugh at are West Ham cause I just despise the collective of Neanderthals they refer to as their fanbase. The rest I see as rivals but don't really feel a need to take the piss.
  10. I feel bad for my Man U-supporting mates.
  11. I hope for Man U sake they manage to offload that plodding pillar of ego and narcissism.
  12. You can usually get some idea of what the story and plot is going to be. Also the way this one was just one cliched line after another like "The darkness is coming" " "the light must rise" "The end is coming" "we will fight" "I am ready to fight" "the great battle is coming" blablablablsa
  13. Yeah but the discussion you refer to seemed more intended to make Dany look paranoid than to make Tyrion's motivations suspicious. Earlier in the season Tyrion was still a bit more loyal to the book version; from about season 3 or 4 onwards he gradually became a classic good guy. Stabbing someone in the back isn't really a form of subtle characterization.
  14. It would've been more interesting if Tyrion's bad advice was a result of inner conflict as to whether to help her defeat House Lannister, but of course that doesn't fit in with the show's version of Tyrion who would never do anything malicious.
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