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  1. Yeah can't wait for that one, it's gonna be fascinating for people who are into football tactics. I think the only manager who's got one over Tuchel in a big game so far is Brendan Rogers in the FA Cup final. Pep has been foiled by him twice.
  2. Yeah I guess it is, and it's harsh to judge him against a top team like Chelsea with an amazing coach like Tuchel. The two worrying issues really are: a) he doesn't seem to know how to respond in games when things are going wrong, this was evident against P:alace as well as Chelsea b) except for the first 20 minutes vs Chelsea, the football has been Jose-esque.
  3. I expected Tuchel to take control of the game and snuff us out and after their 2nd goal I knew it was over but I was hoping we'd at least put up a fight. No such luck. Both Nuno and the players looked completely nonplussed in the 2nd half. Nuno is a really likeable guy, but he's so obviously not going to cut it. At Wolves all he had to do was set up a team to defend and that was it. At Tottenham there's going to be pressure from the fans and the higher-ups at the club to play stylish football and, while Nuno clearly made an effort at it at the beginning of the first half, he's obviously not comfortable with it and doesn't know how to respond when the opposition cuts off our lines of attack. Looks like another flop managerial appointment by Levy, and it's going to be a long season.
  4. Was really happy with the way Tottenham were performing for most of that half but I think Tuchel, superb manager that he is, has seized control of the game tactically now. I've got Chelsea pegged to win the league because I'm such an admirer of Tuchel. Really hope Nuno can respond.
  5. From what I've read he never got over it. From The Guardian: Greaves was finally presented with a World Cup-winner's medal in 2009 following a long campaign by fans. But in 2014 he sold the 18-carat medal in a sporting memorabilia sale at Sotheby's auction house in London for £44,000 and struggled to fund his medical care later in his life.
  6. RIP Jimmy Greaves. Older Spurs fans who saw him play at the Lane said he was on a different level and it was like he was passing the ball into the net. My dad doesn't care about football but even as a rugby-watching South African youth he knew who Jimmy Greaves was; probably one of only three football players he had heard of when he was a kid (the other two being George Best and Pele).
  7. I put Grealish and Torres in my Fantasy League team expecting City to hammer the Saints and they flopped. Not cool.
  8. Yeah agreed the combat music is great. I felt the combat was too easy with signs, had to make it more challenging for myself by focusing on just sword and potions.
  9. That seems very unlikely. I know there's an intense dislike for Benioff among the fanbase, but I don't picture him referring to himself as "the pervert side of the audience". He's married to Amanda Peet, guy doesn't need to be perving around on a TV set. To be honest Neil Marshall's story makes you really hope the guy was just some creep who managed to slink his way onto the set somehow, and not an actual producer. If he was I hope there was some effort by HBO to hunt him down and expunge him.
  10. I feel bad about it but I was rooting against Djoko to make the calendar slam, I just worshipped Federer so much that I feel like if he couldn't do it no one should.
  11. The top 4 looks set in stone this season, sadly. Don't see anyone coming close to City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Man U. Everyone else will just be fighting for 5th.
  12. My guess is: Fiercely loyal to Ned Probably swore to Ned to keep it secret It would take extreme circumstances for him to break that promise Or maybe Ned gave him permission to do so under certain conditions Howland Reed's word alone obviously won't mean anything but maybe Ned hid proof of Jon's heritage and told Reed the place just in case.
  13. Wow, well spotted. I guess they probably rebuilt Trinity and reinserted her as well. The Neil Patrick Harris character is probably a machine program inserted to keep an eye on Neo and make sure he doesn't reawaken; keep feeding him blue pills. Just wonder how a young Morpheus enters the picture (and it is apparently Morpheus according to the actor, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II)
  14. That's good, credit to them for being serious journalists.
  15. It's not good. It's quite disgusting actually how the media have been rolling the red carpet out for Ronaldo without a single mention of the serious allegations against him, and I really didn't think I'd see Giggs in public again.
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