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  1. It can't be as big a disappointment as GoT because the expectations for it are already so low.
  2. Activision also owns the Sierra license, those old Sierra adventure games were my childhood.
  3. I would be really excited about a Warcraft IV. Starcraft felt like it concluded the saga quite well with Legacy of the Void, but I guess they can still do more with that universe.
  4. I have friends who used to hero-worship this guy in an unhealthy way. Amazing how someone could talk about feminism so much and then turn out to be the ultimate misogynist. He's clearly got a screw loose.
  5. I would put Italy and Germany in there as favorites, they both have fantastic coaches.
  6. It's not good that a few companies are buying up everything else, in film or video games. That said, Microsoft will probably do a better job of running them, as far as I remember video game developers have done well under Microsoft. I wish they would buy Bioware back from EA.
  7. AS far as I remember they gave contradicting explanations for this, in the script it says "just a dumb bystander", in the behind the scenes commentary they say that "if Dany's not gonna have the throne, no one will"
  8. I'm kind of struggling to feel sympathy for Djoko, he's always come across as a bit of a dick.
  9. Benitez is like Mourinho in that he started off a highly rated manager but has had a massive fall from grace. Guess that's the end of him being taken seriously for any high-level jobs.
  10. The title race was looking interesting for awhile with City, Chelsea and Liverpool all in it, but it looks like it's just gonna get boring now as if City win this they'll run away with it again. Just shows what a massive achievement it was for Liverpool to win the league over a team with the money to assemble a squad like this.
  11. Yeah they got John Cleese to do the voice of a rather amusing character that shows up. It was one of my first experiences of a big name celebrity doing a voice in a video game.
  12. I'd estimate around 30 hours, I think. I don't remember there being a huge amount of side-quests.
  13. Well I think Jade Empire had a perfect length, really short and sweet, so I played it about three times in a row. As opposed to something like Dragon Age: Inquisition which I really enjoyed the first time but am reluctant to play again. Even the Mass Effect trilogy I've only played through twice.
  14. The scorelines aren't helping to make the AFCON tournament enticing either. It's a shame, I want that tournament to succeed, but a good start would be for it to not happen during the season (I know they were forced to postpone it last year cause of Covid).
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