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  1. Because they're arrogant and ultimately believed it was all beneath them anyway? This comes across in interviews with them, where it's clear they didnt put much thought into anything and were happy to just talk out of their ass. From season 2 onward they were making changes that didn't need to be made, because they'd got it in their heads they could do a better job than GRRM.
  2. This is the go-to tactic for studios, blame it on the fans. The Disney marketing machine did that with Last Jedi, blaming the mixed reception on fans being upset their theories were wrong, or with the way Luke Skywalker was portrayed, or some such nonsense. That article neglects to mention that Colin Trevorrow's rumored reasons for leaving were that he didn't like some of the decisions Rian Johnson had made. Guess that didn't fit the narrative.
  3. I think D+D screwed up the story so bad that it's hard for anyone to make prequels to it. Typical, they got to the top despite their sheer incompetence, and then pulled the ladder up behind them.
  4. Good grief, was the writer of that article deliberately being ironic? I mean, there are maybe some things D+D could be given credit for in the success of Game of Thrones, but world-building is clearly the thing that they were 100% incapable of and 100% dependent on GRRM for.
  5. Well their Star Wars trilogy is reportedly dead. Turns out there is some justice in the world.
  6. The blasé manner in which they talk about it is what really stuck out to a lot of people about that panel, but it fits in with their general demeanour in interviews where they basically like "yeah we dont know what we're doing and nor do we care, lol". Worst comment was when they say they didn't try to understand the book as a whole because it was "too broad" and they just focused on each scene and making it about power. Explains why the latter seasons were so disjointed with no sense of direction or an overall story arc.
  7. In answer to the article's question of "why did they pick this moment to admit they had no idea what they were doing?", I'm wondering if maybe it's because they didn't expect the panel to go public. I mean, if not for one quick-thinking tweeter, would this Q&A have ever seen light of day?
  8. "I wanted to downplay the fantasy elements" from the guy whose primary objective was to get a zombie polar bear in the show.
  9. The level of arrogance and nonchalance with which they regard their own dismal failure (and complete lack of desire) to do justice to the richness of the source material is stupefying.
  10. Not putting trebuchets at the front of the army would be a good start. My main issue is with the Night King's tactics, rather than Team Winterfell's tactics. Considering D+D's boring and lame decision to make the undead's existence tied to the Night King, Team Winterfell building their entire battle plan around luring out and killing the Night King makes sense; but the Night King actually allowing that to happen doesn't. Their explanation is that he just really wanted to kill Bran and really wanted to do it in person, for some reason.
  11. Darryk

    The problem with Bran being king narrative wise

    I watched the live action Lion King remake recently and I was wondering, since the original came out around the same time as GRRM was writing GoT, whether it influenced his story in any way. There are some similar prominent themes, like the idea of the rightful king's return, except obviously GRRM subverts them. Like, I could imagine GRRM watching Lion King and thinking "Why would Simba leave his hakuna matata life to become king just because someone tells him it's his destiny? The hakuna matata life was awesome, whereas being king will be really stressful and probably result in misery", so he decided to write a story where the "rightful king" chooses the carefree hakuna matata life over kingship in the end (Jon going north of the wall to join his buddies).
  12. Darryk

    US politics - When the Barr's so low.

    As an outsider looking in, I see Bernie as representative of a worldwide movement, and I hope he keeps fighting despite the health issues because I don't see Warren as a replacement, she seems to be playing both sides (the establishment and the progressive wing) and it's not clear whose camp she'll end up in. She's also admitted that she'll be accepting big money donations in the general election.
  13. Darryk

    The problem with Bran being king narrative wise

    I'm not saying it's unlikely that either Jon or a Great Council could decide to make Bran heir, with him being Jon's next male relative being a possible factor in their reasoning; just that Bran would not automatically be next in the line of succession if Jon died or abdicated.
  14. Anyone see D+D's interview with that Japanese magazine? Talk about delusional.