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  1. Darryk

    US Politics: What goes up, must come down!

    Biden really seems like a "put food on their family" kind of guy. If he was president he'd rival George W. for meme-worthy gaffes.
  2. Darryk

    What is the meaning of your username?

    One of my D&D characters.
  3. Darryk

    US Politics: What goes up, must come down!

    In case anyone hasn't pasted it here yet, John Oliver did a piece on Medicare for All. His conclusion basically seemed to be that it's difficult to tell whether Medicare for All will decrease or increase healthcare costs in the long-term, but in his personal view it's worth it for the knowledge that everyone will be covered, that it increases the governments negotiating power so they can lower drug prices, and that co-pays and premiums will be eliminated. One thing he pointed out that was quite stunning was that a lot of Americans travel to Mexico to pick up their prescriptions because the drugs are much cheaper there. And another crazy story was the woman who had a burst appendix, didn't want to call an ambulance because it would cast her money, had her manager drive her to a hospital that was on her network, but was operated on by a surgeon who was not on her network and thus had to pay about 3,000 in medical bills anyway. The clip is 20 minutes long for anyone who wants to watch it.
  4. Interesting. To me it's just Denmark and Canada. I think when Republicans use it they mean Venezuela but when Bernie uses it he means Denmark and Canada
  5. I really think Tulsi Gabbard would be able to take a leadership role without perception of her becoming negative. Just something about her, she carries herself really well. Maybe it's misogyny that's stopping Warren but there is something unique to her personality rather than gender that I think a lot of people find off-putting, she has this school teacher vibe to her.
  6. We all the know the answer to this. Becuase D+D sort of forgot Varrys was the master of whispers.
  7. Darryk

    Why does anyone like the idea of "the Singularity"

    Not sure about singularity but the idea of "stacks" as seen in Altered Carbon series on Netflix (or in the tabletop role-playing game Eclipse Phase, if anyone's played it) does appeal to me. The idea that you could make a backup of your brain, the thoughts, memories, identity etc and have it waiting on a drive somewhere, kind of like software with your brain being the hardware. The idea appeals to me not so much because of the implied immortality (if characters die in Altered Carbon, so long as their "stack" isn't destroyed they can have the backup version of them inserted), but because sometimes I get nasty thoughts stuck in my head that I can't shake and it would be awesome to be able to forget them instantly by reverting to an earlier version of me in my brain,
  8. Darryk

    US Politics - Primary Numbers

    Hopefully that's just because people have decided they're gonna vote for the Democratic candidate no matter who it is, but don't particularly care who the candidate is, meaning they won't bother turning out for the primaries but will for the general.
  9. Darryk

    US Politics: I Say a Little Prayer for You!

    Oops, my bad!
  10. Darryk

    US Politics: I Say a Little Prayer for You!

    Political scientist Rachel Bitecofer believes there is actually no such thing as a swing voter; the majority of the electorate have made up their mind before the election, and the thing which really determines election outcomes is who turns up to vote: https://www.politico.com/news/magazine/2020/02/06/rachel-bitecofer-profile-election-forecasting-new-theory-108944 Anyone think she's onto something?
  11. Darryk

    US Politics: I Say a Little Prayer for You!

    Guilty as charged I do have family in America including a brother with a wife and kids in Los Angeles, so I do have legitimate reasons to be emotionally invested, but aside from that It's hard to avoid US politics when it has so much impact on the rest of the world. Of course even that probably doesn't justify the level of zealous support some American candidates seem to get from outsiders. Not just Sanders, Trump gets the same kind of treatment (I have South African friends who basically worship him). Even Jeremy Corbyn seemed to get a devoted following outside UK. It's a weird kind of phenomenon that's emerged as a result of mass media, social media and disproportionate influence that Anglo-American culture has on the global stage. Basically people like Bernie and Trump end up representing universal ideals with global movements behind them, rather than just candidates for their particular national election. And you have the entire world exploding with anti-elitist sentiment, with both populist left and right leaders looking to exploit it, further adding to the "global" feel of what's going on, so that people who are angry about what Trump is doing in America are just as likely to be following Brazillian politics so they can bitch about what Jair Bolsanaro is up to there, or French politics when La Pen was on the verge of causing another electoral upset.
  12. Darryk

    Bond 25: No Time To Die

    The Connery films are all hugely problematic in that regard. Goldfinger is the worst; Bond himself basically forces himself on the love interest in the hay. Although I do still enjoy the Connery films I'm not one of those who holds the Connery version of Bond sacrosanct, they haven't aged well at all for me. For me Brosnan and Craig are both superior bonds, as was Moore for what they were.
  13. Darryk

    US Politics: I Say a Little Prayer for You!

    After that ridiculous State of the Union debacle with a bigoted hack radio show host troll being given a medal of freedom I'm not sure I care who the Democratic candidate is anymore, just anyone who can get this orange orangutan out before he turns the most powerful nation in history into a banana republic with nukes.
  14. Darryk

    US Politics: I Say a Little Prayer for You!

    Wow, wasn't expecting that. Dinner table conversations in your household really want to avoid politics.
  15. Dunno why anything Trump does surprises me anymore but giving Limbaugh a medal of freedom at the SOTU seems like a new low somehow. Like he's really turned the presidency into a vanity show and isn't even pretending anymore.