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  1. So nothing that happened at the end of season 2 mattered? They can't think up new characters and villains so they have to shoehorn Baby Yoda and Moff Gideon back into the plot. Did I seriously just see a Naboo Starfighter win a space battle by itself?
  2. It's embarrassing but possibly a blessing in disguise as I never rated Paratici and I think he's the wrong fit for the club; and an Inter-supporting friend of mine told me he's an idiot. This provides just cause to get rid of him.
  3. I could write an essay on all the issues I had with TLJ and with Luke's acr in particular and I can assure it's a lot more nuanced than "you don't like it when characters change" or "you don't like it when SW tries new stuff". It's like saying you don't like the ways in which they developed Luke's character, for various reasons, must mean you don't like character development.
  4. The obi-wan series came after everything else so if anything that was the retcon. The idea that "we don't think characters should change" seems similar to the "you don't like TLJ cause it tries new stuff" argument in that it's a type of condescending dismissiveness toward the opinions of people who don't like TLJ.
  5. Maybe we need a rant-and-rave thread for Rings of Power. The one for Game of Thrones season 8 only went on for four years and 300 pages.
  6. It's true a lot of people will be hate-watching the show, especially YouTubers who are basically monetizing its badness. But personally I've cancelled my Amazon Prime subscription and will not renew until Jennifer Salke gets fired.
  7. The movie lost me as soon as Luke tossed his lightsaber over his shoulder. I remember hearing someone in the cinema yell "what?!" which was pretty much my reaction on the inside. Hilarious how the guy says "he's not the Luke Skywalker of this trilogy, he's Obi". Obiwan didn't give up and go to an island to die. He was carrying on the fight in secret, waiting for Luke to come of age so he could train him. Imagine having a guy with such a fundamental misunderstanding of the character getting to work on a Star Wars movie.
  8. The whole Chris Avellone episode just kind of emphasizes the need to bring back this thing called due process.
  9. It warmed the cockles of my heart to see Ahmed Best return as such a badass character. But other than that the episode kind of annoyed me to be honest. Baby Yoda jumping over the guy and firing the darts was so fake and cheesy. Don't know where the hell this show is going plot-wise.
  10. Wow, those post-match comments from Conte are unbelievable. He's gone full Mourinho. Never go full Mourinho. Having seen the full interview with him I actually kind of agree with him calling out the players and owners though. Mourinho is going to be nodding his head like mad at this interview.
  11. Plus how's she gonna cover it up? She was the only one there.
  12. Weird episode but I was okay with it. Bo Katan is crazy to buy into this weird cult, she must be playing the long game.
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