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    What was the point of the White Walkers sign?

    I dunno, what was the point of anything?
  2. Darryk

    Why Did the Show Turn on Jon?

    They've never been good at writing him, they've always written him as a boy scout who is not particularly bright, whereas in the books he is honorable but also cunning and pragmatic. But by season 8 he had basically became a glorified extra. The guy who, at the beginning of the series, was the only one who saw the real threat and tried to mobilize the realms to fight it, becomes a character completely stripped of all agency; not only does season 8 Jon Snow know nothing, he also does nothing, unless someone else tells him to. His sole contribution to the Battle of Winterfell, which he entire journey has built up, was to yell at a dragon. They couldn't even give him the heroic moment of rejecting the throne and choosing self-imposed exile so as to prevent further bloodshed; even that had to be because someone else said so.
  3. Darryk

    Slavoj Zizek on the ending

    He's making the mistake a lot of us make, which is to assume the showrunners put half as much thought into the plot as he did. It's not an anti-feminist or anti-progressive commentary because there was not enough thought put into it for it to be a commentary on anything. They tried to hint at some kind of political progress by having it become an elective monarchy at the end; but as people on this board have pointed out, elective monarchies were actually worse than hereditary monarchies and many of them became hereditary anyway, but the mainstream audiences are not going to realise that and to them it will seem like some kind of progress. Having an all-knowing god-king on the throne at the end is really weird though. He can spy on any of his subjects anytime and anywhere, it's a dystopian nightmare. Maybe Game of Thrones was actually the prequel to 1984 all along?
  4. I never idolized Dany and was actually looking forward to seeing her character take a dark turn as I thought it would be interesting, but the way they did it was so clumsy that I'm not surprised the audience reacted the way they did. If you're going to pull off a character turn like that you really need to handle it delicately; you can't treat it like you're playing a prank on the audience and then be surprised when they feel cheated. I'm also not surprised that the cast members are trying to deflect criticism from D+D by blaming the negative reception on the audience "not liking how the story went" or whatever. It's the messy execution that the audience is reacting to, but of course, you'd expect the cast and crew members to back and defend their showrunners. By the way, The Last Jedi apologists used the same trick of "you just don't like it cause it didn't go the way you wanted". That's probably the stock staple defence that studio marketing departments are gonna use now to deflect from clumsy writing. ALL THAT SAID THOUGH, I do agree that audience members are blinkered when it comes to characters they like, or rather that they are easily manipulated by how storytellers frame their narrative. That's been evident since season 1, where Khal Drogo became extremely popular with audiences despite being responsible for mass slaughter and rape. You could even say the same of Arya, whose cooking of Freys into pies and mass murder of the entire Frey house was cheered by fans when it happened yet is actually pretty disturbing when you think about it.
  5. Darryk

    Rank the seasons!

    1 - Tight plotting, brilliant dialogue, every action had consequences, everything made sense, was unlike anything seen on television before 4 - Pedro Pascal brilliant as The Red Viper, great scenes between Oberyn and Tyrion, Tyrion's speech where he demands trial by combat, the battle of the wall 6 - The best of the non-book seasons by far; Jon's resurrection, Hodor, the excellent final two episodes 2 - Tyrion as Hand of the King, navigating King's Landing politics like a boss; the battle of Blackwater 3 - Great scenes between Tyrion and Tywin; Jaimie and Brienne storyline done brilliantly; the scene between Jaime and Brienne in the bath was one of the best in the series 5 - Great scenes between Jon and Stannis; Hardhome; Jonathan Pryce excellent as High Sparrow 7 - Great battle sequence; Great scenes between Jon and Dany; Ramin Djawadi's 'Truth' theme one of my favourite pieces of soundtrack music; The wight hunt was a sign of the stupidity to come in season 8 though 8 - Train wreck; episode 3 killed the show for me and episode 5 and 6 pissed on the corpse
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    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    I'm wondering what it means for the blue rose symbolism in the books. I guess it means the blue rose symbolizes Jon Snow, and nothing more than that? I always thought it might be foreshadowing a new dynasty founded at the end of the story, with a blue rose as its sigil; another nod to the War of the Roses from GRRM. But there doesn't seem to be any new dynasty, or anything else at the end of the show that could justify the use of the blue rose to represent anything other than a symbolic substitute for Jon Snow in the books.
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    Anyone Going To Watch The Prequel Series

    I will watch them, I think they have potential. GRRM is involved and there will be different show writers. They'll have to ignore a lot of stuff from Game of Thrones in order to have a cohesive story though. The one about the Long Night will have to make everyone forget that the white walker threat was dispatched by a half-trained teenage assassin. People saying they're gonna stop watching HBO shows because of GoT are a bit barmy in my view. This is the same company that produced The Sopranos, The Wire and Rome. They gave D+D creative freedom, as you'd want producers to do, and D+D bungled it.
  8. Darryk

    Where did Jon go ? SPOILERS

    Weird, cause I seem remember that the Iron Islands cared a lot about independence two seasons ago, and now suddenly don't? Dorne weren't exactly enthusiastic members of the kingdoms either, and then there's the hundreds of lords who weren't even present at the council. The Targaryen's and their loyalists could try to get Robert punished for it but it wouldn't have gone anywhere <-- exactly because Robert's armies would just smash them, right? Just as Jon's allies could have just smashed Grey Worm and his severely depleted forces. "Right of conquest" is what you proclaim after you do that. People's response to this line of argument is usually along the lines of "well they didn't want to fight Grey Worm's army cause it was big and powerful" but how big and powerful could it be at this point? And would Jon's allies not even care enough about him to try? You don't think it's weird that Sansa and Tyrion seemed to care about Jon's claim two episodes ago and now suddenly forgot about it? Don't see much similarity between Jon and Jaime's situation. Jon isn't a Kingsguard and swore no oaths to protect Dany. Sure, he supported her claim, but that was before she massacred an entire city, and unlike Jaime, he has a claim to the throne, and allies who would be prepared to back it, if they weren't acting completely out of character that is. I'm willing to concede that people would be more sympathetic to the Unsullied because they helped the North fight the dead, I just don't see them being sympathetic enough to sell Jon down the river, considering what he's done for the realm. I mean, the council was mostly made up of people that were either a) loyal to Jon or b) loyal to Sansa, who was loyal to Jon, unless you go with the theory that Sansa was secretly trying to get rid of him all along, which is a stretch. True, the Unsullied only killed Lannister soldiers (surrendered soldiers, mind you), although the Dothraki were raping and murdering everything in sight, as they tend to do, and they were all part of Dany's army. Just don't see many Westerosi taking a positive view of anyone loyal to Dany at this point. This whole thing, this entire illogical mess, could have been prevented if the writers had just had Jon make the decision to go North himself. Say Jon's allies are threatening to attack the Unsullied, but then Jon steps in and pledges to go north to prevent more bloodshed. Far more poignant, and achieves the same narrative result without making several characters look stupid and out-of-character. Most of all it would have actually provided the character of Jon Snow with some agency, something he's been stripped off the past couple of seasons where almost every goddamn thing he does is because someone else told him to do it.
  9. Darryk

    Where did Jon go ? SPOILERS

    50k? How the hell did it get to that number? She only started off with about 12k. So only 50k of the original 12k Unsullied survived the battle of Winterfell?
  10. Darryk

    Where did Jon go ? SPOILERS

    Well is it worth giving the North independence and losing faith with the other houses? I reckon they'd be more pissed off about that. I mean it's so weird how none of Jon's supposed friends or family in the council tried to press his claim to the throne as justification for him killing Dany. If he's the rightful king doesn't have to answer to anyone. Did Targaryen loyalists get to demand that Robert Baratheon be punished after he deposed the Mad King? Yeah, sure the Unsullied helped them in the battle of Winterfell, so maybe they feel they owe them; yet they think they don't owe Jon anything? What about the Northmen, who would want Jon home. They sure as hell sacrificed a lot more than the Unsullied. I agree Jon preferred it that way, and as I said, it would have been more poignant if he made the choice to go himself, but the idea that everyone just casually sold him down the river because war criminal Grey Worm threw a hissy fit is your usual bone-headed writing from this show.
  11. Darryk

    HBO president speaks about the final season

    He's got to back the showrunners and their amazing team, so I wouldn't expect him to say anything else. I don't see why anyone would blame HBO for the show's decline, they offered the showrunners more seasons and it was turned down. It was purely D+D's decision to seemingly "get it over with". Usually it's the other way round; creatives try to do the right thing for the story and producers get in the way. But here the producers (HBO) would have given D+D whatever they needed.
  12. Darryk

    Where did Jon go ? SPOILERS

    Did the Ironborn still have a fleet? If not, I doubt they'd be able to do much about it if the council just told Grey Worm and his Unsullied to bugger off or hang. Besides, they didn't kick up too much of a fuss when Bran granted the North independence but kept everyone else as vassals, so my guess is they're not in any position to make demands. Not sure what other factions or lords would be pissed off at Jon for killing the queen who brought Dothraki and other foreigners to invade Westeros, and then burnt down King's Landing.
  13. Darryk

    Where did Jon go ? SPOILERS

    Well, they rode into an army of dead because they were commanded to (you really think it had anything to do with whether Mel showed up? They were positioned at the front of the army, so they were gonna do it anyway). I'm not talking WHY they did it, I'm just saying they don't look particularly fearsome after riding into an army and dying. It was more of a joke, really. Obviously I realise they would be more effective against conventional opponents, although there's still the problem of there not being many of them left. It's pointless discussing it anyway because the show makes up the rules as it goes along, considering all the Dothraki and most of the Unsullied were all supposed to be dead after episode 3 anyway, but magically respawned in episode 6. So how risky it would be for Sansa's army to fight them depends on how many magically respawned. My guess is the Dothraki and Unsullied are mostly in tatters (Dany didn't even need them to take King's Landing), and the remnants of the Northern and Vale armies could crush them. But it's all besides the point, because it's clear from Davos' dialogue during the council scene that his motivation for trying to appease Grey Worm is that he doesn't want any more bloodshed, not that he's worried about Grey Worm's army. I can SORT OF buy that as a character motivation, although now that I think about it, not really. Davos has been following Jon for a long time and Sansa and Arya are his family, so you'd think they'd have more loyalty, and not sell Jon down the river just to keep war criminal Grey Worm happy. By the way, why would the Dothraki even give a crap if the council sent Jon to the wall? They don't care about Westerosi customs, and as blood riders aren't they obligated to avenge their Khal? Your theory regarding Sansa, that this was all some ploy to get rid of Jon...is no different from the theory that Bran is an evil Three Eyed Raven plotting mankind's downfall all along. It WOULD have been an interesting twist, but the show's done nothing to establish it, so really, it's just up in the air.
  14. Darryk

    Where did Jon go ? SPOILERS

    The same Dothraki who rode into an undead army and died? Sansa wanted to get rid of Jon, eh? Maybe Bran as well. Bran and Sansa, playing the Game of Thrones all along. Wouldn't put it past the show at this point.
  15. Darryk

    Where did Jon go ? SPOILERS

    Ah yes, I forgot they respawned after the Battle of Winterfell. Of course, Sansa mentions that she also has thousands of Northmen. I guess Davos and co. were really desperate to avoid yet more war, so they made Jon the sacrificial lamb. I can kind of buy that, although it's weird that Sansa and Arya are super cool with it. Would have been more poignant if Jon had made the decision to go the Wall himself in order to avoid more bloodshed, but then that would get in the way of the writer's attempts to completely strip the character of any agency this season.
  16. Darryk

    The aftermatch of the decision made by D&D

    I've come to the conclusion that I would rather a story remain unfinished than get a rushed, messy finish.
  17. Darryk

    Where did Jon go ? SPOILERS

    My guess is Tyrion and Bran knew what Jon would do and gave him the chance to do it, because they felt he deserved peace after all he had done, and they wanted to make it look like they were punishing him for Grey Worm's benefit. (Why they didn't just tell Grey Work to piss off is beyond me, when "your queen" gets deposed you're just another prisoner of war and you don't get to demand justice or tell people what to do, especially if you helped her commit war crimes) Tyrion's line "there will always need to be a place for bastards and broken things" was metaphorical, the writers' way of covering up for the fact that they had no good reason to introduce a new Night's Watch other than that the plot required it at that point, as shown by Jon immediately abandoning the Night's Watch after joining it.
  18. Darryk

    *SPOILERS* Jon useless information

    Yeah, I meant popular support among the lords, who have the armies in a feudal society. That would be great, especially since it would be so different from the show and would illustrate how the showrunners just completely made up their own s**t.
  19. Darryk

    *SPOILERS* Jon useless information

    Yeah his claim will probably be more of an open question in the book, don't think there'll be anything about an annulment between Rhaegar and Elia, since the books seems to be setting up the idea that Rhaegar just took Lyanna as a second wife, like the Targaryen kings of old. The show obviously introduced the annulment to dumb things down. It will be interesting to finally find out what GRRM's intended purpose for Jon's heritage is , find it hard to believe the only purpose is to drive Dany over the edge. And yeah, I guess he doesn't even need to be a Targ to take the throne, if that's something his character needs to do at some point in the books. After all, Cersei tells Ned Stark he should have taken the throne after Robert's rebellion, even though Ned had no claim. Renly declares himself king despite being behind Stannis in the line of succession. So yeah, people in Westeros seem to acknowledge that an army + popularity goes much further than a blood claim.
  20. A ruler who knows everyone's secrets and can spy on them at any time. Sure, sounds great.
  21. This is an interesting post, and a great point I always thought the ending would parallel the War of the Roses, where you actually end up with a MORE centralised and powerful monarchy. At first glance that doesn't seem like progress but ironically it ended up benefiting England, cause it further weakened feudalism, and gradually led to a central government in the form of parliament. Of course, the show became too mainstream to deal with this level of complexity, far safer to just dumb it down and give mainstream audiences a "hooray, something resembling democracy!" moment.
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    This ending is nothing but Bitter

    The ending is actually happy for everyone except Dany. The Starks end up ruling everything, they all got what they wanted, except Bran who didn't want anything anyway. Bran as king and Tyrion as Hand of the King? If people told us in season 1 it would end like that, we'd think they were hopelessly naive. Jon will forever be haunted by what he had to do, so his story is bittersweet, but ultimately he gets a happy ending, he gets to be a free man north of the wall, with the rest of the freefolk. When people repeat the stupid, over-used Ramsay quote "if you thought this has a happy ending..." I'm gonna smack them over the back of the head, cause the ending is actually happy to the point of being cheesy. I mean, the small council at the end was basically fan service. Bronn as Master of Coin, Sam as Grand Maester, Brienne as LC of the Kings Guard.... The tragic element is Dany's story, which was so horribly rushed and butchered to the point where it barely exists anyway.
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    *SPOILERS* Jon useless information

    I think he fulfilled the role of a king in spirit by doing what was necessary to protect the realm. He was the one true king in deed if not in name. I'm sure it will make more sense in the books, but I think many of us suspected R+L=J would not result in him being on the throne at the end, that's not GRRM's style.
  24. I think he's in the best possible position, he gets to rake in the money from the show, and then again when he releases the books, because people will buy it in droves so they can get the real ending.
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    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    He says "a final season that makes sense" so it seems to me it not making sense is his main criticism. Most of the angry reviews I'm seeing online say the overall direction of the ending makes sense but the execution was dismal because they rushed it.