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  1. Wow, those post-match comments from Conte are unbelievable. He's gone full Mourinho. Never go full Mourinho. Having seen the full interview with him I actually kind of agree with him calling out the players and owners though. Mourinho is going to be nodding his head like mad at this interview.
  2. Plus how's she gonna cover it up? She was the only one there.
  3. Weird episode but I was okay with it. Bo Katan is crazy to buy into this weird cult, she must be playing the long game.
  4. Great to see EEAAO pick up so many awards and also stoked for Brendan Fraser. I love Harrison Ford and Spielberg's reactions to Shortround winning.
  5. Liverpool's season looking a lot like ours. Beat a great team then immediately lose the next game to a shit team. Not that Bournemouth are shit, just a team you'd expect Liverpool to beat.
  6. Yup he's been made into a loser so Disney can finally turn this into the Baby Yoda show. He's completely lost his coolness factor The only character I like right now is Bo-Katan. She seems to have become the new badass of the show and I like Katee Sackhoff.
  7. The latest episode was the best yet IMO
  8. I was feeling nostalgic and started up Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. At first I was like "nah, these graphics are way too dated, no way am I gonna stick with this", but after about half an hour it had sucked me in. Shows what a timeless classic it is albeit having aged badly technology-wise. Can't believe I first played it in 2004. Where does the time go?
  9. I love seeing Paul Scholes looking sad on the telly, reminds me of Eeyore from Winne the Poo
  10. So, what would Man United have taken? League cup win + losing 7-0 to Liverpool or no league cup win + not losing 7-0 to Liverpool. Personally I could stomach losing 7-0 to Arsenal if we won the FA cup in the same season, but not the League Cup.
  11. I didn't like the bubbles of death either but there's a lot more I loved about the films than didn't like. Anyway I hardly see PJ as the savior, I don't think he's made a good feature film since LOTR. But at least Warner Bros are paying some deference to the fanbase. Anyway I don't want either company to make more LOTR stuff but between the two I'd definitely find it hilarious if Warner Bros beat Amazon and that looney Jennifer Salke. I also find it funny that Amazon's 1 billion dollar series was so badly received that Warner Bros even feel confident enough to challenge them in the first place.
  12. I loved Shadows of the Empire, had huge impact on me since it was one of the first games I played on N64 and the Battle of Hoth mission at the beginning was mind-blowing. But I do remember the level design being quite linear. But I played a lot of 90s games which had this kind of mazey level design that Jedi: Fallen Order seems to have. I am reluctant to quit it, the lightsaber combat is fun. Guess I'll have to keep going to YouTube every time I get lost.
  13. Nothing is worse than what Amazon has done. Warner Bros at least want to get Peter Jackson involved, unlike Amazon wo ghosted him. I don't think Peter Jackson has it in him to make a good feature film anymore. He makes great documentary films, maybe he should stick to that, but at least Warner Bros are making the effort. Also I haven't played Shadow of Mordor but most people who've played it it tells me it's great.
  14. Can someone please tell me why Jedi: Fallen Order is such a highly rated game? The level design is SHOCKING. Like something I'd expect of a 90s game. Every level is a goddamn labyrinth, it's like you need a ball of thread to find your way out. And the Holomap is USELESS. Every hour or so you get some fun lightsaber combat but 90% is just running around trying to find your way out and constantly ending back where you started. I'm gonna try YouTube to get out of this mess for the 2nd time, but if I get stuck a 3rd time I'm quitting. Thank naff I didn't pay anything for this game.
  15. They should have given him a freighter with a fighter attached. Now THAT would make an awesome toy.
  16. Yeah it's as I feared. Disney have completely taken over the Mandalorian. I knew this was happening after they blunt-forced Baby Yoda back into the storyline in Book of Boba Fett. Now we've got to deal with Baby Yoda in every frigging scene, almost in every frigging shot, doing something "cute" so Disney can keep selling their plushies. Personally I always found Baby Yoda annoying, only interesting part of his story was when Luke came to get him, but now that great ending of Mandalorian season 2 had been rendered redundant. I was pretty sure at the time that was the high point of the series and it would go downhill from there. I mean, why is Djinn flying a stupid Naboo Starfighter around? No one lives in a star fighter. Where does he sleep? Where is he gonna keep his cargo? It's so obviously a merchandising decision cause someone at Disney thought a fighter with Baby Yoda in the R2D2 position would make a cool toy.
  17. Thought the last episode was by far the weakest so far. I've decided I don't like Bella Ramsey as Ellie, she lacks charisma and plays the character pretty one-note. Also the girls running around making a racket in a abandoned facility was seemed plain stupid. Completely predictable when the infected showed up.
  18. One of the easiest games we've had at home. Must be good odds on Potter to be the next manager to be sacked.
  19. Like in Skyrim how the guards would keep taking the piss out of you even if you'd become head of the Mage's Guild and killed every dragon in the game.
  20. Playing Jedi: Fallen Order. Gameplay is fun but I often get lost which is frustrating. I could see the Prince of Persia type acrobatics getting tedious after a while as well. I think I will stick with it in the long run though because I like the story, characters and visuals.
  21. Austin Butler seems to be picking up Best Actor awards despite Colin Farrell and Brendan Fraser being billed as the favorites to take the oscar.
  22. Barry Keoghan is a really surprising win for best supporting actor. He didnt really have that much to do in the film.
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