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  1. Can you elaborate on what this information is? My impression was that we know almost nothing about Bran's current state, we're not even sure he is completely human, we know nothing at all about his motivations, and he has consistently projected "unengaged." What's his perspective? Does he even care what the humans do? If he does care, what's his angle? Is he all Stark 24/7, all tree-dude all the time, or does he transcend all that competitive stuff? As many have remarked, a couple of his statements have even implied that he intentionally allowed things to turn out as they did, including allowing the massacre of King's Landing so that he would be King. Do you agree or disagree with any of this? If it's true, why is Bran the best judge anyway?
  2. By "stuck to your guns," are you referring to anything prior to Season 8? Because I don't recall Sansa ever mentioning "Northern independence" until the point the writers could use it as a wedge issue between the Starks and Daenerys. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. Sheer conjecture. I would presume people were cheering for a much more sensible reason: because the bloodthirsty Boltons were no longer in charge. And because the Boltons were Lannister puppets. If the entire plot was about Northern independence, I should think it would've been mentioned. Can you point to a single conversation about Northern independence in season 6? If you can dig one up somewhere, I'll be impressed, but that would still leave the question of how about TWO conversations? Was it the part where the Umbers brought Shaggydog's head to Ramsey? How come nobody really gave a damn about Jon and Sansa's quest for troops? Why did they have to beg to get 58 soldiers from House Mormont? And when they begged, did Sansa cite "Northern independence" or "your family's oath to House Stark?"
  4. The thing about this Northern independence thing is that the North went to war because Ned was imprisoned by an evil king, and going independent was a side effect. There's zero talk of northern independence that I recall between the Red Wedding and the last half of season 8--did I miss something? And once the Iron Throne's ability to keep peace through the realm is thrown away in war, it's a bloody holy horror up there, every house for itself, and what was revealed of the Northern lords isn't all that much cause for confidence. In our world, the tide of history has very obviously been toward larger and stronger states, and now even the nations are banding together through international organizations. History has not been kind to nations that focus inward and don't reach out.
  5. Well now wait, maybe you can make a case for Dany lacking introspection in the show, but don't throw Martin's name into that idea. Book Daenerys is the most introspective character in the whole story: she is constantly examining her own actions and herself. My favorite thing about her, but I concede it is all but completely lost in the show where she is always decisive and self-confident.
  6. "Let it be fear" is just the absurdly tiny fig leaf they threw up to cover the pasty, shriveled genitalia of what was left of the plot. It wasn't just a "horrible decision," it was completely senseless. "Fear" is laughable as a so-called motivation for what she did. Just spare 5 seconds to think this thing through. It is so, so easy to instill fear with dragons, and there are so many ways you can influence them to get people to do things you want to do. Why use them to inflict massive destruction and suffering of a sort that doesn't take a single step toward your supposed goal? Especially when you are in fact operating counter to your supposed motivation when you show people that what you plan to do with your dragons is destroy cities that surrender? No other city will ever surrender after such a colossal blunder. I assume you aren't positing that imposing fear had suddenly become a goal in itself, unrelated to its efficiency in achieving control of the realm. Such a thing would obviously be a complete 180 for her character.
  7. Realistically, she wouldn't have been giving big speeches to a Nazi parade, she would've been on Drogon's back beelining to Winterfell, which doesn't have the benefit of any of those big crossbows. And wherever Sansa goes, if she runs, she had best either get a bunch of those big crossbows somehow or else keep her location on the down and low. At the end of the Godfather, did Michael take action to kill an enemy? Hell no. He took action to kill his enemies.
  8. Certainly we the viewers no very little about Bran and his abilities, and virtually nothing about his thought processes.
  9. Although I ultimately went a completely different career direction, when I was a kid I read everything I could find about animal intelligence. I'm also a big dragon fan, so I closely watched the dragons for signs of intelligence. Many dragons in fantasy literature have human intelligence or even greater. But every sign we have seen for GOT dragons points firmly to animal intelligence. Definitely smarter than cats, perhaps slightly smarter than dogs/horses but that's as far as I would go. Definitely not ape level. Definitely not able to understand an abstraction like the meaning of the Iron Throne.
  10. Really horrible, like the whole season. Daenerys is the worst part. YES OF COURSE she has a sharp temper and had a mad father, but she had NEVER hurt people for no reason. Then in the last 2 episodes she suddenly goes Full Hitler. Not only killing hundreds of thousands, but giving no poops about it and pretty much promising to do it again. Even worse than Hitler, really. As another poster points out, the black dress with Drogon's wings unfurling behind was very much Satanic. And meanwhile, in the background, the horrific shrieks of the Dothraki making the aural composition of the scene very suggestive of Dante's Inferno. She's such a great character in the books and is fully defecated on in the show. For sure, she COULD have been taken from where she was at the end of the books to a similar spot, but it would've been an epic journey. Instead, she just 180s at the very end from benevolent liberator to Death The Destroyer. Bran? Really? I think I'd want somebody a little bit more in touch with reality as king. Somebody who is fully human. Somebody who doesn't just stare off into space most of the time. And I'd think the election of a king of Westeros would be a little more involved than a bunch of folks sitting around, somebody asks who will lead, ONE NAME gets suggested, and even though the name doesn't really make sense everybody just goes "Sure, whatever, jolly good, mate." This would take months, there would be heavy politics involved, and you can bet your butt there is going to be more than one candidate. I hear a lot of people comparing Sansa at the end to Littlefinger, but hey, come on, Littlefinger is at least charming and polite. Sansa, who I used to like, has turned into a raging beeyatch since she made it back to Winterfell. By the way, she never gave one hot little [email protected]*! about northern independence until it was convenient to the plot. And by the way, why did she appear to be, or at least act like, she was in charge at that last (nonsensical) meeting? Where did all these folks come from? How long did it take them to get here? Who organized this? Why has Tyrion been in jail awaiting trial right up until this meeting happens and then suddenly he's the guy who gets to be Hand and all but appointed the King? This Lannister who was the hand of the mad tyrant they just deposed? And speaking of independence for the North? WHAT? Even though the other 6 kingdoms are going to be ruled by a Stark? And NOBODY has a problem with this? ????? And Arya? In command of a naval expedition, which fully requires numerous skills she simply does not have even an inkling of? Give. Me. A. Break. The plot armor is heavy with this one. And Bronn on the council? Why the heck not just put a known criminal in charge of the realm's money? But then again, we do get to pretty much end the whole story with more brothel jokes. <sheesh> And finally, the tiny island of Naath is going to be SO SO happy when thousands of eunuchs with no skills whatsoever other than war descend upon their shore. . . .
  11. Personally, I'd go for somebody a little less detached. Maybe somebody who doesn't just stare off into space 24/7. But that's just me.
  12. They had ONE GUY get suggested--by a Lannister who was hand to the deposed tyrant, brought to the meeting as a prisoner--and everybody just says "oh yeah, cool, whatever, no need to talk about it or think about it, just do it." In reality, it would take months to elect a king because there has to be time for some heavy politics. I guess doing it so quickly is the only way to slip in the nonsense about the independent north but everybody else getting behind a stark for king. <rollseyes>
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