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  1. Hodor's Dragon

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    A couple of things: I agree that the show went badly off the rails in season 5 in terms of believability and character consistence/rational action. And yes, much fan service, so fan-servicy at times that it's outright laughable. But at the same time, even though many of the plot twists didn't make sense, there were a lot of them. The pace was fast, the action spectacular. As has been noted in this thread, D&D may be absolute crap at writing a believable, long story, but OTOH all the technical aspects of production have always been stellar in this show, and with the ever-increasing budget it has just become more and more so. Season 7 was the most spectacular the show has been, and probably the most spectacular TV shows ever put on (and I say probably only because I'm not an expert in TV shows, as I can't imagine that kind of spectacle having been put on by any other show). The battle scenes, in particular, are amazing, and IMO there are multiple battle scenes that are significant competitors for best battle scenes in film history. Nothing but the highest praise for the choreography, music, timing and photography of the Battle of the Bastard and the gold train battle, whatever that one is called, and generally all the battle scenes have become increasingly more spectacular. Put it all together, and I quite enjoyed most of Season 7 despite the constant illogic. And as to the unbelievable/inconsistent/irrational aspect of the show, while I sure wish that the show was following GRRM instead of leading, I have recently come around to being soothed by all the stupid crap that makes no sense, and I'll tell you why. When I first realized, coming into season 5, that the show was definitely going to depart almost completely from the novels, I became very sad - and with a tinge of anger - that the greatest fantasy series ever written was going to get the last 2(-ish) novels spoiled by a frickin' TV show. But now that I've watched 3 season of stupidity from the TV show, however, I AM VERY MUCH CHEERED! :-) There is NO WAY UNDER THE SUN that GRRM is going to write all this stupid crap into the last novels. IF--and it's a big if--he ever finishes them, I will read the new books with the expectation that only a few of the TV show things are actually going to happen, and the great majority of the books will be quite different from what we've seen. Now come on, George, finish the damned thing! p.s. Out of all the stupid crap they've done, the one that got on my nerves the most was having Littlefinger get completely shanghai'd in the trial scene. He had no idea what was coming, no backup plan, and no defense but to beg ineffectively for his life. After having read 5 novels of Littlefinger, THERE IS NO WAY UNDER THE SUN that GRRM is going to have him die so easily and so anti-climactically. Like Varys and Tyrion, the 1st word that comes to mind with Littlefinger is "survivor." Littlefinger ALWAYS has a backup plan; after all he has done to the Starks in the series, he's not about to go walking into their castle without a backup escape plan and a few aces in the hole. Except on this TV show.
  2. Arya's whole plotline has been about learning to kill people. She's not going to suddenly take up knitting in the last books.
  3. Hodor's Dragon

    An alternate Dany

    None of which she knows about, and very little that she ever says about him to boot, so what's your point?
  4. Hodor's Dragon

    Mad Queen Daenerys betrayed for love as Bittersweet ending?

    When you self-identified as a Dany-hater, I expected, frankly, the kind of stupid, adolescent drivel you see too much of on this site. But you surprised me pleasantly, first by correctly identifying some of the bits in the show and books that make it unlikely that she will ultimately be seen as a villain, and secondly by creating a scenario that recognizes that and yet still involves an "evil Queen Daenerys" ending. The ending you describe wouldn't be a bad ending at all: a real tear-jerker, as you say. That said, it's imaginative and logical and all, so kudos, but I've seen no evidence at all to make me think it's likely.
  5. Hodor's Dragon

    Weis and Benioff are missing the point of Robert`s Rebellion

    Do you know how to not be a jackass when you post? Whatever you said to some other poster who said 16-18 was too old to marry in medieval Euruope, it was MY post you "call[ed] bullshit" on, and if you go back and look at my post (http://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/148469-weis-and-benioff-are-missing-the-point-of-roberts-rebellion/&do=findComment&comment=8035418) you will see that it was explicitly about people who were referring to the Dany/Drogo marriage as "pedophilia." Happy to hear your point of view, just knock the aggression down a few notches if you would.
  6. Hodor's Dragon

    Season 8 potential characters couple pairings

    After their brief, cordial interaction in the last episode, I started thinking about Brienne/Sandor. They have a LOT in common, personality-wise.
  7. Hodor's Dragon

    Weis and Benioff are missing the point of Robert`s Rebellion

    Find me one single source where marriage during medieval times with a girl age 12 or older was considered pedophilia. Just one. I'll wait. You're right that life expectancy was lowered by high child and infant mortality. But if you're claiming that marriage of 13-, 14- or 15-year-old girls was anything but perfectly normal, you're not. Reality was just like ASOIAF: a menstruating girl was marriageable.
  8. Hodor's Dragon

    Weis and Benioff are missing the point of Robert`s Rebellion

    As late as the 18th century, average life expectancy at birth for a Prussian male was 25 years, for English 34 years, for French or Spanish in between. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Life_expectancy#Variation_over_time Bear that in mind when you're talking about marriage of teen-agers as "pedophilia." Our idea of coddling people as "juveniles" until they are in their 20s was completely foreign in the 13th-century world GOT is modeled on. A young woman expected to be marriageable at age 13, and if she married then, that was generally speaking a success of which her family would be proud. By 16 she was a bit past her prime, and by 18 she would be a spinster and unlikely to ever marry. After all, her lifespan, if average, was already more than half over. Generally, once you were old enough to biologically have children, it was high time to get on with it while you still had the chance; there were economic reasons for that, as well. Calling Drogo a "pedophile" for having consensual sex with his 13-year-old wife is either a complete refusal or a complete inability to understand that other people in other places and other times could look at things differently than we do.
  9. He just found out that Jon was legitimate. Jon's parentage wasn't legally significant if he was a bastard. It's brand new info to Bran that Jon is the rightful King. It's not for Bran to weigh this, that and the other reason for why it may or may not be beneficial for Jon to know.* Jon's birthright is Jon's business, and he deserves to know about it. There may be a legit question as to why he hasn't told him what he knows previously, but that's probably just because it wasn't that important and Bran is pre-occupied. But there really isn't any question as to whether he should tell Jon now. Of course he should. *Plus there are plenty of reasons to weigh on the other side, starting with the fact that folks are about to go to war to fight for their future, and should know what it is they are fighting for.
  10. Hodor's Dragon

    Tyrion - Sansa reunion

    No, Brienne will not be looking to marry the first man she meets, but between now and the end--at least on the show--there is every indication that she and Sandor will be fighting alongside each other, and I dare say they will make a great combo. Sharing a stressful experience is a primo way to forge a strong emotional bond. I wouldn't bet on it happening with even odds, but I think it's a fairly strong possibility.
  11. Hodor's Dragon

    Tyrion - Sansa reunion

    I have a brand new theory, and even though it was born from the very slender support of a brief, friendly conversation between Sandor and Brienne in 7-10, I think it's fairly solid. They "met cute." GRRM has a show biz background, and in the movies they make a big deal out of having couples meet in a memorable way. Well . . . not only did S&B meet in a memorable way, it was in a way that says just about all you need to know about EITHER of their personalities. Second, they have a tremendous amount in common. Physically, they're two of the finest swords[persons] in the realm, and they will make humongous babies. Psychologically, they both have a powerful sense of duty, they both tend to hang out on the side and not say much, they're both pretty gruff when they do speak, they have shared memories of being disliked for their looks, and they're both on the same political team now and will be pretty sure to be fighting alongside each other to give love a chance to blossom. Don't know how this never occurred to me before, but I think it makes a LOT of sense. In fact, I'd say without a 2nd thought there's a better chance she ends up with the Hound than with Jaime. After all, do you really think Jaime is going to survive Season 8? I've got a bridge to sell you if you do. Having said all that, I wouldn't rule out San-San.
  12. Hodor's Dragon

    Why was Tyrion so upset?

    Let's differentiate the books from the show here. Martin portrays Tyrion as brilliant. He has most of the best lines, talks his way out of death time after time after time, and did a great job as Hand even though Cersei was working against him at every turn. But for some reason the show-runners--ever since the show passed the books--have indeed pretty much made Tyrion the smartypants who is always wrong. If Tyrion thinks one thing and Missandei or Grey Worm think something else (not to mention Daenerys), then you can take it to the bank: Tyrion is wrong and they are right. Tyrion and Daenerys are my 2 favorite characters in the books, but they are both really screwed up in the show. Show Daenerys has lost all her humanity, and show Tyrion has lost all his smarts.
  13. Hodor's Dragon

    An alternate Dany

    I think Emilia Clarke is excellent, but I'm very disappointed in the showmakers' conception of Daenerys. There's not even an attempt to find a way to achieve the richness of character that is attained through all her internal dialogue in the books. Book Dany is very conflicted about many of her actions, questions herself incessantly, and is insecure about how the people around her perceive her in the way that characterizes teen-agers everywhere, yet always without fail manages to do the right thing in any leadership situation. I think she's a fascinating character. Show Dany is pretty much a bad-ass queen. And that's about it. And no, I don't blame it on Emilia Clarke at all, that is just how the character is written in the show.
  14. Hodor's Dragon

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    Nice post. I agree with you about Arya. A fair bit of what you wrote I don't particularly either agree or disagree with it, but find it to be an intelligent take and interesting food for thought. However, I don't agree with the part that I bolded. I think that's counter to the real world, and also (at least possibly) counter to the themes of the series. While it's certainly true that we see people seizing power through evil and dastardly deeds, those same deeds seem to predictably also be the seeds of an ultimate comeuppance. Tywin is dead because of what he did to Tyrion; Cersei humiliated because of what she tried to do to Margaery; Freys are hunted; Aerys and his family wiped out; there are plenty more examples and trust me, Ramsay will get his. Evil-doing works in the short run, but you make people hate you and hate has staying power and consequences. Somebody like Jon or Daenerys - somebody who is smart enough to solve problems but also would rule benevolently - has a much better chance of lasting in the long run. It's something we call enlightened self-interest.
  15. Hodor's Dragon

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 510?

    Kind of hard to rate, but I gave it an 8. On a meta-level, it was an amazing sequence of huge events and plot twists. But when you drill down, most of the individual scenes had real problems.