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  1. The two greatest wars in the history of Westeros started off mainly because the North wasn't independent from the South management. 1- When Rhaegar kidnapped Lyanna. If the North was independent, Rhaegar probably wouldn't even know about Lyanna, or they wouldn't even arrange that marriage between Lyanna and Robert. And even if someone kidnaps their daughter, they wouldn't go there unarmed and ask for justice from a mad king, they would go there with their army, and they wouldn't executed easily and in that way. 2- When Robert and his family came to the North. When they see the incest between the Queen and her brother. If the North was independent, they would never come to the North, and they wouldn't care about the incest in the South, so there wouldn't be any execution again. So, yes independence of the North is kind of important when you think all of these.
  2. He preferred an honorable fool to a mad queen who burns even children. Ned II over Aerys III anyday.
  3. Well, because Jon was better than Daenerys and Cersei. The best of a bad bunch. At least Jon realized that Daenerys shouldn't be the Queen of the 7 kingdoms which includes the North too.
  4. Well, that's funny. But did it really happen though? Instead he manipulated Daenerys to fight the real enemy, then stabbed her through the heart and freed the North unintentionally because of killing her.
  5. The Night King had 4 options other than using a wight dragon, not just one; 2 out of 4 is a low chance, the other 2 are almost guaranteed ones. The low; 1-) The Horn Of Joramun, Sam finds it in the Fist of the First men, they could use that to destroy the Wall. 2-) They can climb over it by using chains and then a wight ramp over the chains. Guaranteed; 3-) Walk around it on the frozen seas near Eastwatch. The Hound has seen this vision. And we know the dead can march on a frozen water. 4-) By using the mark that Night King put on Bran, the Night King could remove the spell at the Wall. And he has done before (S06E05), as he removed the spell at the cave of the 3 eyed raven.
  6. Fresh made, these guys know how to make it;
  7. S1: Eddard S2: Robb S3: Sandor S4: Tyrion S5: Jaqen S6: Jon S7: Sansa S8: Arya
  8. Oh right, you can always disagree and you can side with the villains, that's fine. All I am saying they already gave the answer to that question by using Tyrion, Varys and then Jon.
  9. The point is they know what a Dragon did to the Lannisters, that's the point. They knew that. Yet they still didn't abandon the city and still fought until the gates have been breached. They were going to fight until the gates have breached, that's what they didn't want to do, breaching the gates with their army and their dragon, because they didn't want to kill innocents. That's the point, and you still keep insisting on ignoring their point. They already explained why Daenerys shouldn't do that, Tyrion explained, Varys explained even Jon said she shouldn't do that when she asked what should she do in Dragonstone. The question you're asking is already answered many times in the series. Again, I tried to explain it to you the difference between sieging a castle and sieging a city, but you're either not reading it or not wanting to understand. Castles are easy to hold it, cities are not like that, especially King's Landing where million people lives, they will turn against them easily once they started to get hungry. They couldn't control a million starving people in the city, that's nothing like holding a castle, it's completely different. It's not poor writing at all, it's just you don't understand the thing they told in the series. It's not like I like D&D's writing, but this is completely fair. All Daenerys should do wait and not hurry, instead she ''kind of forgot'' Euron and get Rhaegal and Missendei killed, then she gets pissed off and attacked the whole city, and it happened exactly like what Tyrion and Varys thought it would, million people died because Daenerys's stupidity.
  10. If you followed the series then why are you acting like you don't know how loyal Lannister soldiers are? That's what they showed us, even after the Battle of Goldroad they didn't abandon the city and still fought for Cersei. Why Lannisters are still loyal to Cersei? I think there are many reasons why, but still that would be a better question than questioning the righteous siege plan.
  11. Again, you weren't following, she already demonstrated that in the Battle of Goldroad, even Bronn's whores knew what happened to the Lannisters army, yet the Lannisters still kept fighting in the King's Landing.
  12. How is that the same thing with flying over the Red Keep burning it down the castle only? She needs to attack the whole city and bring her army inside city to do that.
  13. But somehow she is, they choose to follow her, Tywin Lannister's daughter. Your opinion will not change this obvious fact, They knew what happenned in the Battle of the Goldroad and they still choose to fight for Cersei. This is not up to debate, they won't give up just because she flies over the Red Keep and burns it down, they need to attack the whole city and took it as they did in the final.
  14. Of course they will, are you serious? They kept fighting even after the city gates have been breached, they only give up after seeing the whole forces of the Northmen and the Unsullied inside the city, of course they would keep fighting.
  15. The problem is where the Red Keep is, that's what I told you, the castle is in the city, Daenerys could do that to any castle; like Riverrun, Winterfell, Highgarden, Eyrie, Casterly Rock or Storm's End, she could melt the castles and then it's over. But once Red Keep starts to get burn Cersei could escape from the castle and hide inside anywhere in the city, she could be anywhere, and Daenerys couldn't destroy Cersei and her army without destroying the whole city where thousands of innocent children lives. That was the trick, which is why the siege on King's Landing was necessary, interrupting their transportation lines and not allowing any resources to enter the city, in time people would turn against Cersei and they would rebel as they did to Joffrey once even when there was no siege. I see no military mistake on this plan. That's what should have been.
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