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  1. The two greatest wars in the history of Westeros started off mainly because the North wasn't independent from the South management. 1- When Rhaegar kidnapped Lyanna. If the North was independent, Rhaegar probably wouldn't even know about Lyanna, or they wouldn't even arrange that marriage between Lyanna and Robert. And even if someone kidnaps their daughter, they wouldn't go there unarmed and ask for justice from a mad king, they would go there with their army, and they wouldn't executed easily and in that way. 2- When Robert and his family came to the North. When they see the incest between the Queen and her brother. If the North was independent, they would never come to the North, and they wouldn't care about the incest in the South, so there wouldn't be any execution again. So, yes independence of the North is kind of important when you think all of these.
  2. RYShh

    Victorious Renly at SE & Lion's Move?

    Lannisters were so lucky, which is why that never happened. Lannisters would've no chance against Renly + Robb at the same time, plus Dorne has grudge against the Lannisters, and knowing LF, he could try to break the alliance between Renly and Robb later, by convincing the Arryns and the knights of the Vale to join Robb but I don't see that's happening as well. Since Robb's main motive was killing Joffrey and independence of the north, perhaps LF could plot another game and try to convince Robb to take full independence of the North from Renly, but that's a long game, first job was Lannisters. Tywin would retreat to Casterly Rock once he is realized that he has no chance against Renly's army + Robb's battle hardened northern army which is also holding Jaime as a prisoner at the time. Tywin is also a clever man, there would never be a peace without Joffrey and Tommen dying, so he wouldn't try to smugle them outside of the city, since even if he gets them safely to Casterly Rock, Renly or Robb would siege the castle for Joffrey's head especially, and Renly definitely wouldn't allow Tommen to live, which is why Tywin had no choice but to leave Queen and her children there, he would at least try to negotiate for Jaime's life by surrendering his forces. Tywin could try to search allies but who can help him? Ironborn can't be trusted, especially when Robb wasn't outnumbered against the Lannisters, the Freys and the Boltons wouldn't betray him for Lannisters, and there isn't much Tywin can do in that bad situation. LF was holding Lysa and the knights of the vale from helping Robb in the war, but persuading them to help Lannisters would be a stretch, since Lysa is Cateleyn's and Edmure's sister, even though she is crazy enough to do anything for LF, I doubt she could openly side with Lannisters against her own family due to political reasons. In any scenario, if Renly won, Lannisters would be dead.
  3. You mean like Joffrey? I do think Rhaegar is a pretty good swordsman, but that's not the right way to say he is.
  4. RYShh

    How would you have ended it?

    He preferred an honorable fool to a mad queen who burns even children. Ned II over Aerys III anyday.
  5. RYShh

    How would you have ended it?

    Well, because Jon was better than Daenerys and Cersei. The best of a bad bunch. At least Jon realized that Daenerys shouldn't be the Queen of the 7 kingdoms which includes the North too.
  6. RYShh

    How would you have ended it?

    Well, that's funny. But did it really happen though? Instead he manipulated Daenerys to fight the real enemy, then stabbed her through the heart and freed the North unintentionally because of killing her.
  7. RYShh

    The North is finally independent

    Which means Robb couldn't attack moat cailin without the help of the Freys and the Boltons, and in the show he couldn't attack Casterly Rock without the help of the Freys and he would done for. Joining forces with Lannisters means betrayal, what do you think I meant by saying ''betrayal''? Or they would seem to side with the Starks in a battle and suddenly the Freys would attack the Starks during a battle which means another kind betrayal and Robb would die again. And of course Walder Frey would still conspire with Lannisters again, which is betrayal also. The point is that the Freys and the Boltons were always treasonous and they always thought of betrayal from the first moment, once Robb lost all of his advantages after Lannisters secured the Iron Throne, destroyed the Baratheons and the Tyrells joined with them, it was only a matter of time they betray Robb for Lannisters who declined Robb's peace offer for independence of the North. As I said earlier, no matter how many daughter you marry with the Freys or the Boltons they would still betray Robb once he was losing the war. Don't forget that Red Wedding wasn't produced by the Freys only, it was both the Freys and the Boltons and Robb didn't do anything to the Boltons, and Robb gave Lord of Riverrun to marry with the Freys instead, and they still betrayed him.
  8. I was talking about the events after Robert's death not before
  9. Probably yes, not Willas perhaps but surely Garlan, a skilled swordsman and a fighter. Loras and Garlan are like Robb and Jon version of the Reach, Garlan is a better swordsman (Jon), Loras is a better lance (Robb). Though I definitely see one of them will die sooner or later, or even both of them like the Stark brothers.
  10. We've no evidence that Renly knew about the twincest and the fact that all of Robert's children were bastards from Jaime as we understand from their conversation with Stannis, so if Renly didn't know about the twincest, did he really think he could take down the Lannisters on his own with the help of the Tyrells after Robert's death? Or did he rely on the conflict between the Starks and the Lannisters? Did he believe that he could use that conflict to his own advantage (since the conflict started before Robert's death). I am asking this because without the help of the Starks or the Arryns, it's a too risky plan to just rely on the Tyrells when the Lannisters were holding the KL, and there is Tywin Lannister he needs to deal with. And if he didn't know about the twincest, and then he should've known that Stannis could even side with the Lannisters knowing that Stannis's dutiful character, that could even divide the support from the Baratheons if Stannis sided with the Lannisters against Renly. As far as I remember, Renly tried to negotiate with Eddard in the KL, but it didn't work. So I am guessing that he actually relied on the conflict between the Starks and the Lannisters, although he didn't try to reach Robb later (probably because Robb already declared a war against the Lannisters by the time Eddard lost his head, so he probably didn't see any need).
  11. I doubt Barristan would fake it and let Rhaegar win. Even if he did, Robert took wounds from Rhaegar in return during the battle, I doubt anyone without a skill could do that to the ''legendary warrior'' Robert Baratheon.
  12. RYShh

    The Best Fighters in the Series

    Well he is a Kingsguard after all.
  13. RYShh

    The North is finally independent

    I did, but honestly don't know if you did, He said you can't know for certainty but he answers the question anyway, so even Grrm says that Walder Frey would've searched for some other way to ''disentangle himself'' from a losing cause sooner or later, doesn't matter the savagery level, they were still going to betray the Starks because of the Lannister-Tyrell alliance secured the Iron Throne and the Baratheons were defeated. He explains that the Red Wedding was motivated by Robb dishonoring him, they were savage with their betrayal because of that, but that doesn't mean they weren't going to betray him, they were, but their ''desertion'' would take a less savage form like Grrm said. Both the Freys and the Boltons were treasonous like hell (as they have historically always been), no matter how many daughter you marry with, they only care about siding with the winning side. As for not killing Robb, that's simply impossible. Without killing the KitN, they couldn't get away with that betrayal, and the Freys couldn't prove their loyalty to the Lannisters-Tyrells alliance and Lannisters-Tyrells wouldn't expect anything less from the Freys and the Boltons wouldn't help them as long as the Starks still rules the North, the price for the Boltons was the destruction of House Stark and being the new Warden of the North.
  14. RYShh

    The North is finally independent

    I think Grrm said the Freys would still betray Robb even if he married to their daughter, they are Freys after all, they also didn't care about Edmure marrying with their daughter. Grrm said only the violence level in Red Wedding would change, the betrayal would still happen. When Edmure stopped Tywin from marching back to Westerlands and when he did that they managed to hear the situation in KL and joined forces with Tyrells and saved the city from Stannis and destroyed Stannis's forces. No one could pose a threat against the Lannister-Tyrell alliance alone while Baratheons were defeated and Arryns were stopped by Lysa and Littlefinger. So I agree with the OP, Robb didn't die for not marrying with a Frey girl, they would still betray him in the same situation, the Freys were like the Boltons, the Boltons also betrayed them without needing a reason. It's reasonable to say that Robb died because of his northern crown.
  15. RYShh

    The Best Fighters in the Series

    Video version; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gB4gD8lQ-AI