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  1. The two greatest wars in the history of Westeros started off mainly because the North wasn't independent from the South management. 1- When Rhaegar kidnapped Lyanna. If the North was independent, Rhaegar probably wouldn't even know about Lyanna, or they wouldn't even arrange that marriage between Lyanna and Robert. And even if someone kidnaps their daughter, they wouldn't go there unarmed and ask for justice from a mad king, they would go there with their army, and they wouldn't executed easily and in that way. 2- When Robert and his family came to the North. When they see the incest between the Queen and her brother. If the North was independent, they would never come to the North, and they wouldn't care about the incest in the South, so there wouldn't be any execution again. So, yes independence of the North is kind of important when you think all of these.
  2. He preferred an honorable fool to a mad queen who burns even children. Ned II over Aerys III anyday.
  3. Well, because Jon was better than Daenerys and Cersei. The best of a bad bunch. At least Jon realized that Daenerys shouldn't be the Queen of the 7 kingdoms which includes the North too.
  4. Well, that's funny. But did it really happen though? Instead he manipulated Daenerys to fight the real enemy, then stabbed her through the heart and freed the North unintentionally because of killing her.
  5. The spell at the 3 eyed raven's cave must be the same spell that they put on the Wall, otherwise why would they put a weaker magic in a cave while it protects the 3 eyed raven. Once the Night King realizes Bran is at the south of the Wall, he can do the same trick and remove the spell at the Wall. True wights can't cross the water, but they can cross the frozen water, we've seen that when Jon and his crew went to the north of the wall to capture a wight, they crossed the frozen water. Benjen also knew about the spells at the Wall, yet he says; ''You must learn to control it before the Night King comes. Drink. One way or another, he will find his way to the world of men. When he does, you will be there waiting for him.'' (S06E06) So he believed that the Night King could pass the wall, ''one way or another''.
  6. The Night King had 4 options other than using a wight dragon, not just one; 2 out of 4 is a low chance, the other 2 are almost guaranteed ones. The low; 1-) The Horn Of Joramun, Sam finds it in the Fist of the First men, they could use that to destroy the Wall. 2-) They can climb over it by using chains and then a wight ramp over the chains. Guaranteed; 3-) Walk around it on the frozen seas near Eastwatch. The Hound has seen this vision. And we know the dead can march on a frozen water. 4-) By using the mark that Night King put on Bran, the Night King could remove the spell at the Wall. And he has done before (S06E05), as he removed the spell at the cave of the 3 eyed raven.
  7. I doubt about that. The Night King had many options; The Horn Of Joramun (Sam finds it in the Fist of the First men). They can climb over it with chains and make a wight ramp (like they did at fire trench in Winterfell). They’ll walk around it on the frozen seas near Eastwatch. (the Hound also saw this in a vision). The Night King’s “mark” on Bran still works, so the White Walkers can pass through the Wall already.
  8. Fresh made, these guys know how to make it;
  9. S1: Eddard S2: Robb S3: Sandor S4: Tyrion S5: Jaqen S6: Jon S7: Sansa S8: Arya
  10. Indeed, that statement from episode 6 proves that she cared about destroying the Night King, but it doesn't prove that she wanted to save the North. She doesn't say ''we will save the North'' she says ''We will destroy the Night King and his army'', because Night King and his army is also an obstacle for her quest to conquer Westeros.
  11. I don't see any contradiction. She didn't believe Jon first. She didn't believe that the army of the dead existed, only after seeing it she recognizes them as enemies. Before that, she didn't even believe they were existed. Which is why she says they will defeat the Night King, but she doesn't say when. She doesn't say they will attack the Night King immediately before fighting with Cersei. Her priority was always Cersei and the Iron Throne, after that she could deal with the Night King (in reality she couldn't deal with them without the knowledge of dragonglass and Arya's help, but that's not the point), she believes she can burn Night King and White Walkers so they would win, the North and the people is not really important for her as far as I see so the North can wait until she takes the Iron Throne, all she did was recognizing Night King as an enemy, and that doesn't contradicts with her priority (which is Iron Throne not saving innocent people or saving the people in North) which she says in the next episode that she can't leave the fight against Cersei without getting a truce.
  12. If this is your only reference to Daenerys's not changing nature, then I would say you're wrong. Daenerys didn't want to save the North. She only agreed AFTER Cersei agreed on their truce offer. What she was going to do? Still not go to North after they accepted their offer of truce, she even thought Lannisters will send their armies to the North. She already said this to Jon; Jon: ''So, what now? '' Daenerys: ''I can't forget what I saw north of the Wall. And I can't pretend that Cersei won't take back half the country the moment I march north.'' (S07E07) This quite obvious. If Cersei didn't agree, she wouldn't go to the North even after Jon bend the knee to her. So basically she wouldn't even care about the North even when Jon agreed to follow Daenerys, she was so obssessed with the Iron Throne and destroying her only enemy, she didn't care about anything else like defending the innocent, or even Night King and the army of the dead.
  13. If she burned the Freys alive after the Freys kills her mother and brother when they were guests no one would complain, or the Boltons after they cut her body and rape her. That's the difference I guess.
  14. Those slavers were not Daenerys's sworn bannermen. She had no right to crucify and burn people alive just because they were following their family tradition in Essos. The comparison is absurd, the Freys, the Boltons were sworn bannermen of House Stark, or the sworn brothers of the NW who stabbed their Lord Commander in the heart, not only they betrayed them, they betrayed them in a cruel way (Red Wedding / cut and rape Sansa). People she burns, what did they do to Daenerys? I wouldn't even compare that witch who killed Daenerys's husband with the Freys or the Boltons, since she had a reason for that, she wasn't her sworn servant, let alone the other people she casually burns. There is no comparison here.
  15. Those slavers or other people she burns; they didn't murder her mother and her brother after inviting them as guests into their home, or they didn't cut her body and raped her. And that Tyrion thing is the book only.
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