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  1. Yeah, loved the grail scene. Also, Glover looks a lot better clean shaven, even as a villain he was cool. That Pycelle beard makes him haggard and petty imo.
  2. Spot on. Really wanted to see Asshai and Marwyn.
  3. Also, Pycelle (Julian Glover) was in Troy, and also Donovan in Indiana Jones Last Crusade.
  4. Rory Mccann was Craterus in Alexander.
  5. One thing is for sure: when they arrive at Westeros, it will be one of the scariest hosts ever to land on the seven kingdoms. If I were a Kings Landing peasant and saw Drogon and Dothraki, it'll probably be like seeing Nazgul riding a fellbeast and leading some dark host from Mordor. Dothraki, Unsullied, Sellswords, Dragons, Red Priests, Euron, Ironborn, bickering nobles, GC, Unsupervised Cersei, Zombie Army/NK, and Winter. TWOW is going to be real rough on the Seven Kingdoms.
  6. Still seems implausible to me. Reccomend @Lord Varys detailed reply above.
  7. Not possible as the Blackfyres are extinct in the male line.
  8. Sansa is never going to restore any Bolton imo, she was quite vindictive to Umbers and Karstarks before Jon intervened. Moreover, Jon would probably reject any elevation with his trademark "I dun wannit". Shes probably going to tear the Dreadfort down and let surviving Bolton vassals become their own small House, and neighbouring gentry to encroach on the rest. A lot of Northerners died during the Wot5K/Ironborn invasion/RW and the NK invasion. So there is now probably more land than people, and Northern land isnt very fertile or valuable to begin with. So I forsee no great land grab, but a lot of abandonment like NW's Gift.
  9. For some reason, I don't mind spoilers. Oftentimes, I would check out a movie or show's plot and wiki synopsis before deciding to watch it. I care only for the visuals, music, acting and quality. An animated version is a good idea, I really liked the Clone Wars animation, however, I feel Got still has a lot of unrealized potential and the HBO show simply wasnt high budget enough to cover the many battles and the full world building.
  10. My bet is that she'll marry a Manderly because they have money, largest host and naval power and she'll need all three. While they are loyal, my gut feeling is that power in the North will shift to White Harbor with the extinction of Bolton power and the massive losses the Stark direct lands have incurred from Wof5K onwards.
  11. North officially going their own way is to show that the political savvy of Ned Stark is contagious to the whole region. The North practically already does whatever they want as the Neck is unbreachable by Southern armies. Thus, by simply doing nothing they could have all the benefits of 7K membership (common market, royal fleet support against ironborn, play ing kingmaker, become king, and get subsidies) while passive aggresively ignoring whatever edict they don't like by sealing off Moat Cailin. All the problems you mention are valid, but more pressing is that the North and its massive fleetless coastline is now Ironborn playground. They can now plunder foreign North and sell to 6K where they have common market access as a member kingdom. Looks like Yara U turning on iron lslands sovereignty was a crafty move.
  12. Oftentimes, a TV show imprints its adaptation onto book readers minds so that many become unable to imagine another aesthetical representation. However, not so in this case. Martin's writing remains a lot richer/deeply complex and is completely able to to inspire original imagination. The Essos Meereen plot and existence of (F)Aegon is so much better in the book. I feel there will be another adaptation with even better actors/actresses in the future. Perhaps the worlds first multi billion dollar budget TV series truly bring Planetos to life?
  13. I want to see how great Barristan's tactical skill are during his fight against the slavers.
  14. But Dany inherits from Aerys II and Viserys. So she has superior male line inheritance. Any Blackfyre claim would be from the female line ( a no no according to Targ succession), which is why the Blackfyre threat petered out when the last male was slain. Blue and purple are pretty close, so both falls within the range of Valyrian DNA. Moreover, Aegon V married brunette Betha and still had some Valyrian looking kids.
  15. Agree, I think it's highly likely that he's Illyrio's son by Serra (who is probably a Blackfyre).
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