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  1. That could also be true. Perhaps if not King's blood, they may have to sacrifice an obscene amount of people just to make one good sword? Either way, I'm betting Mel knows how to make more, but won't push it or involve Dany because the moral uproar over the sacrifice price (which I feel will cross every red line by a mile) would be simply too much, and perhaps make her even more unpopular than she is now.
  2. Could be, after all, they seem to be a secretive bunch. But I've a feeling that the Dragon Lords liked plundering/looting/tribute/levies/slave labor more than they like earning on the open market. If they could outfit their elite armies with as much Valyrian steel as they could make, the less dragon fire they need to deploy, meaning the more loot that remains unburnt, and less property damage during dealing with revolts.
  3. True, but lets say 20,000 Valyrian steel items over Old Valyria's 5000 year history. This would still be an average production of only 4 per year. Since they enslaved constantly, the number should be much higher unless there was another limitation, such as the quality of blood.
  4. Even if not king's, the blood has got to be rare or highborn imo. If any slave or animal would do, then there's no reason the Targs wouldn't have loads of them. Aenar brought all his wealth with him, but still only two known Valyrian swords. Also, Aeron thought Euron's armor was Valyrian steel and was of the opinion that even before the doom, it would have cost a kingdom if it were. Thus, I feel there has to be a threshold above a slave or animal, after all the Valyrians ran through slaves in the 14 flames even faster than we run through coffee.
  5. This sounds about right. If the Others get to Kings Landing, it would be too extreme. However, if the whole thing is contained in the north, it would be too much of a let down.
  6. My guess might work out, the quote is not all negative, just with Cersei, which is true.
  7. I agree, Cersei was the worst fit. I think if Robert had married a classic crafty and alluring Dornish highborn, it might actually work out.
  8. I had another look at the Azor Ahai /Nissa Nissa lore and something occurred in my mind: What if the secret to Valyrian steel is simply steel forged by dragon fire, tempered in king's blood? There seems to be obvious parallels between the sorcery Mel is obsessed with (i.e. blue blood=better result) and the sorcery of the Old Freehold. That would explain why even Dragonlords such as the Targaryens only had 2 Valyrian steel swords. Even for a world conquering Empire, the amount of kings they could get their hands on would be limited, and the reason the whole secret was so easily lost could be that the sacrifice required would probably be considered scary, sacrilegious and prohibitively expensive by most, so later people can't even imagine it as a concept. What do you guys think?
  9. Br16

    The Best Fighters in the Series

    I think this is a fair ranking, good that we all agree with Dayne and Selmy being at the top.
  10. Br16

    Small folk savings

    Let's say a poorer area up North as you mentioned. Would a silver moon be basically a heirloom for this type of non skilled small folk? Or would they be so poor they only ever barter.
  11. Br16

    Small folk savings

    I agree about them paying their lord in kind, but is it really possible that they would not have even one large silver coin set aside for a rainy day?
  12. Yeah, I always thought the last governing scenes had this weird homemade DIY feel to it, not regal or lordly at all. It's basically child's play.
  13. I feel that after Jon kills Dany, the director should have had Drogon intimidate Jon until he stood in front of the Iron Throne, and then dragon fire melt the Iron Throne with Jon in front, causing a burning Jon to fall onto the Iron Throne as it melts, Drogon later flying off with Dany's body as per the episode. This way, House Targaryen ends in a poetic high note with a dash of melancholy, and with the Dragonlord bloodline extinct, the throne is withdrawn from existence. Having Jon go back to the Wall is simply anti-climatic.
  14. How much did the average small folk (excluding more prosperous ones such as innkeepers, smith shop owner or small merchants) have on them as savings or emergency fund? Perhaps a silver moon or two that they would pass on to their kids if not spent? What do you guys think?
  15. But when you've got scores of scorpions vs a limited amount of dragons with a shortage of riders, it is still a fair gamble. Moreover, dragons are pretty slow when they bank and need to get in close range for the dragon fire to be effective. Dany only won because she tried that high risk stuka dive method nobody knew she could do. If I were a Westerlord Bannerman, I would feel that the combination of oath duty and the preponderance of potential success given by the scorpions would still have caused me to honor the oath. Also, as long as Cersei (the ranking Lannister) had not fled the city, I would feel confident that the chance was good.