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  1. You're lucky. Remember this guy: Cyril Radcliffe, 1st Viscount Radcliffe? He drew that messy India partition border, and was made Law Lord, Knighted and later raised to Peerage. Thus, it seems I am over qualified, so where's my Lordship? Hmm, No. defending the levant was a nightmare. The fact that Anatolia was lost shows its defensive position wasn't good enough once the theme system decayed, despite your spirited but inferior analysis. A choke point at Sinai would be much better. Byzantine Syria Prima was once one of its most important regions and the land link to Egypt, and when it was lost, Egypt was cut off and lost too. Plus, the breadbasket of Egypt was so valuable it must be kept. With my division of Spain, North Africa, Egypt and Sicily as Southern Empire, it would be better defensive position based on two concentrated chokepoints at Pyrenees and Sinai. Investment into strong naval forces would protect the long coastline, and they'll have that money because of the shorter land defensive lines. The coastal areas you mention were vulnerable precisely because they lost North Africa. The Barbary Corsairs raided with impunity for a long time and there was little the Europeans could do about it. But if under hypothetical Southern Roman Empire hands, that wouldn't be a problem. I am aware, and it's worth paying for. You cannot let someone else's have Sicily, especially given it's proximity to the core of the valuable North African province. Moreover, with Sicily, you could sweep up the peninsula when strong enough.
  2. But the problem is Dany was the broke person, all she had was Dragonstone and her host. Plus, technically Jon was in charge in the North, and Westeros is traditional, so the dude pays for dinner. She was dumb for invading Westeros during Winter, she should've gone to take Volantis and linked up with Red Priests.
  3. Yeah, loved the grail scene. Also, Glover looks a lot better clean shaven, even as a villain he was cool. That Pycelle beard makes him haggard and petty imo.
  4. Fighting is "not their forte" remember? Hightowers and Redwyns were probably even more decadent. Dothraki follow strength, No Drogon around = only three blood rider rule retroactively reinstated. So everybody good.
  5. Well, if they had Moon tea (basically a risk free contraception), maybe the maesters or wood witches god a solution to the STD problem too?
  6. Good point. Moreover, even if she married, she would still be in control as Queen Regnant, so she has to get a suitable marriage alliance ASAP or it's over. My money is on a Manderly, what do you think?
  7. Maybe they changed the rules, and now anything goes! Assuming Bronn solidified his authority in the Reach, he could simply make the Maesters elect Sam at sword point, and Sam is going to continue his relationship with Gilly while allowing Craster's son (officially his son) to be the next lord of Horn Hill (under his protection) because Tyrion would sign the paperwork to make it happen and Liege Bronn doesn't care.
  8. I agree, IIRC, the Hound looked into the fire at Beric's insistence and saw a vision of the NK crossing.
  9. Well, its like when you car pool, the passenger pays for the gas. Dany had the larger army and the dragon glass, so she was the "car owner" and Sansa had to pay for food (i.e. gas). Also, Dany burned the food because D&D made the dragon appear after the calvary so Jaime can do that surprised Pikachu face after he said " we can hold them off". The delay caused her to be late in deploying the flanking fire maneuver as the Dothraki had already crashed into Lannister lines. Thus she had to burn the things behind the Lannister Spearmen to disrupt their ability to retreat or scare them into breaking, as attacking the line directly would cause friendly fire casualties.
  10. Yeah, good point. I always thought maybe the Ghiscari had auxiliary they hired somewhere? Maybe George simply didn't think that far. Also, perhaps the Dothraki were basically a scaled up version of Mongols when they were still dirt poor (i.e. before Ghengis). Just a bunch of warring tribes who can't really afford much.
  11. To be fair, Essos was fragmented and mercantile. Kind of like Renaissance Italy city states that kept throwing Condottieri Mercenaries (mostly heavy calvary) at each other, and the Dothraki were basically Mongols who rode as an extension of their nomad lifestyle. Moreover, Unsullied were like B1 battle Droids (just better)--ready made, general purpose, and obedient troops. So if the buyer wanted archers and calvary, he needed to hire them elsewhere. As for Robb separating his host, IIRC, he was pressed for time so he probably could only take his mounted men at arms with him. Moreover, if he had to sacrifice to distract Tywin, sacrificing foot soldiers (peasant levies) would be more cost effective. Basically, Westeros was primitive. The Knights and Mounted Men at Arms were probably the Household Guards and the core "real army", everything else was just filler to them.
  12. The darkening hair was a allusion to the status of their mines. No more glittering yellow gold, just a lot of dirt.
  13. I always thought High Valyrian was very cool. Whenever they spoke it on the show, it sounded as smooth as silk, yet authoritative and civilized. Really liked that conversation between Mel and Thoros.
  14. Bet Tywin's chart got Saturn and Capricorn all over it.
  15. Good point, she had the choice to sell the dragon eggs and buy real estate in Braavos, or hatch them. Also, when Viserys was trying to steal her eggs, he said that if he sold one, he could buy a ship, sell two a ship and an army, three would get him a very large army. That seems to imply if he sold three, he would get a big sellsword army but one ship only. I knew he was speaking casually, but still sounded odd.
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