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  1. I buy Zeke's, but it's because they're local. To be honest, getting freshly roasted beans from a local roaster is where I'd look, rather than a specific brand at a grocery store. I am not enough of a coffee snob to roast my own, nor to throw out beans after a week or two, but I do think fresher is better. EDIT: Fresh ground, too, if you're not. A burr grinder is usually recommended for an even grind. I have one but to be honest I adulterate my coffee with cream and sugar, and I'm not sure I can detect the difference between that and the little blade grinder built into the Cuisinart auto drip machine. But definitely grind fresh however you do it.
  2. Inigima


    It's less important WHERE you go and more important WHOM you go to. I generally find a person and stick with them unless they or I move. I've had my hair cut at an expensive salon and it was fine because it was always the same person and he knew what he was doing. These days I go to a lady at Hair Cuttery, and I wouldn't generally expect that to be any good but I make appointments with the same person and she's great. These are probably the best haircuts I've ever had. Her prices go up slightly every few years. I think we are up to $19, plus tip. I used to go when I remembered to call, which was meant to be monthly or so but I would keep forgetting and it would be six to eight weeks, which was untenable and I looked unkempt. These days I make the next appointment at the end of the one before, for about 4 weeks later. I've considered going more often but 4 weeks is pretty good.
  3. Inigima

    Careerchat II

    Is the answer not "however many diplomas they gave you"? I think Xray is more likely to know the answer than me, but I would have assumed it was two degrees.
  4. Inigima

    Vacations Destinations

    Grand Cayman is gorgeous. Get certified to dive before going if you can, crystal clear water and tons of fish. If you want to you can do the classroom stuff at home and then do your checkout dives in the islands in the actual ocean and see fish while you do.
  5. Inigima

    Family Etiquette

    When I was a kid I was out in quite nice restaurants with no issues, and I think there are two reasons why: 1. I was deeply afraid of embarrassing my father. It was drilled into me pretty early that I wasn't to embarrass my parents in public. They didn't hit me or anything, it was just Not Done. I was definitely too loud on a regular basis and was told to lower my voice, but I don't think that's unexpected for kids. 2. My parents gave me something to do. Left to my own devices I would have read, but past a certain age they didn't want me to be sitting at a dinner table reading. We played a game called "Ghost," the idea of which is to spell out words clockwise and avoid the words ending "on" you; if that happens you get a G, then an H, etc. If you get all five letters in GHOST, you lose. Minimum 4 or 5 letters depending on the age of the kid. It kept me busy and it encouraged me to build my vocabulary. Not much to be done about other people's kids, of course.
  6. Inigima

    2018 Reading Self-Challenge

    I'm interested in your thoughts on Gnomon. I loved The Gone-Away World, but none of Harkaway's other books have lived up to it.
  7. Inigima

    The Scent of a Man: A cologne thread

    Just ask the person "Hey, what cologne are you wearing?" It's not creepy. When they answer just say "Thanks." I don't wear cologne every day -- I don't wear it at work at all -- but often I'll wear it on weekends as long as I'm not doing something that's going to make me smell gross that day, because I don't want to mix the two scents. Spray yourself, not your clothes, and ONCE, please. You can put a little on your wrist for a date as well, if you want, which will make it slightly noticeable when you pass something to your date at the table. Scents are very personal, not just because people like different things but because different people have different body chemistry and the same cologne doesn't smell quite the same on everyone. I do not recommend buying cologne for someone as a gift unless you already know the one(s) they like. I actually have a set of 4 that I rotate seasonally. The summer one I bought largely out of perverse curiosity -- it's almost a joke globally, although I actually do kind of like it, and I was wondering what it would smell like -- and wouldn't mind changing to something better. Spring - Rochas Man Fall - Prada Pour L'Homme Winter - Burberry London Summer - Havana (lol) It sounds a little silly, and it kind of is, but changing every few months keeps it from getting boring or wearing out its welcome and I kind of look forward to the changes.
  8. Thanks. I'm not seeing support for "thousands of times" in here, but I do see that it happened. Certainly it's bad and I would support investigations to verify. I'm ot sure what such an investigation would look like. Hairy situation for sure.
  9. [citation needed]
  10. I've never heard of the site personally but I am informed by people I consider trustworthy that it's an established investigative journalism group. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Center_for_Investigative_Reporting
  11. We cancelled Comcast a while ago. We had cancelled TV and phone (we only had the phone service because it was cheaper than not having it), and when we did our Internet service became unreliable. Seems insane that they'd do that on purpose, and I'm not saying they did, but... We went to Fios. Installer was good and service has been rock-solid since then. We specifically decided not to do video service, even though it was the same price as just Internet, because we are sick of dealing with bundles and having to play the cancellation game every two years. We bought an over the air antenna for $20 to get local channels (you can get ones with better range for more, but this one works for us) and we have Netflix and Amazon Prime. Honestly, we don't miss cable most of the time. You can always buy the occasional show that you really want to see on Amazon if it's not part of the included streaming video packages. Sports are the big problem because most of the sports streaming services have blackouts -- if you're looking at a dedicated subscription service for a specific sports league, make sure you can actually watch your team. If you just want the national sports channels you mentioned, Hulu TV or YouTube TV probably have you covered. I would agree that no Internet TV service really has all bases covered, it's a bummer. But you might consider just not having it at all and see how much you care. In a vacuum, all else being equal, having it would probably be nicer than not having it. But I don't think it's nice enough to justify the cost.
  12. ¡Qué lástima!
  13. Denmark deserved that one. Peru diving left and right in the last several minutes, and I swear that looked like an honest to god dribble near the corner.
  14. Inigima

    Three Californias?

    As far as I can tell on Facebook, voters of both parties think it's a ploy by the other. I don't think a time of major political polarization is a good time to change the makeup of the Union, the circumstances of the last one notwithstanding. Who could trust the other side to play it straight?
  15. Really impressive by Iceland, the penalty save was tremendous and the other defenders put in work as well. Argentina looked pretty lackluster outside of Messi.