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  1. Both are respected series, both are good entries in their series. Tekken is probably the more hardcore competitive one. I personally find Soul Calibur more enjoyable as a very casual fighting game person; in Tekken I feel like I have to learn individual characters to have any sense of competence, whereas Soul Calibur tends to produce broadly similar results from the same button sequences across characters, so it's easier for me to play a bunch of different characters without getting my ass kicked as easily.
  2. It sounds like you are playing a lot of AAA releases that take a huge number of hours to complete and have long load times and intensive graphics and lots of cutscenes. Try some of the smaller indie stuff that you can be in and out of quicker.
  3. I'm glad this finally got sorted, but please use a separate computer for business stuff with only the stuff for the business installed on it. You really don't want to be unable to do payroll, for example, as you said.
  4. What server are you on? I'm on Excalibur. I've been leveling THM, CNJ, and GLD so far, all at lv 25 (well, GLD is about to be the next time I turn anything in); THM was my original and I think if it as my "main," but the term barely has meaning for me at the moment. I was thinking of trying another class out, too.... Edit: Do every one of those sprout dungeon training quests, the rewards are great and will last you a while.
  5. I'm around but not very active. Among other things, the show has brought a ton of new people, and while that's fine, the board can no longer be the quiet friendly corner of the Internet it once was at this scale.
  6. I've played ESO, and it did a nice job of making its MMO quests stuff you might actually care about. Wasn't as good for group content though. My interactions with others were pretty limited. FFXIV is definitely pretty welcoming and friendly. I will say that I've been told that bad players in dungeons will usually slow you down but not stop you, and it can be hard to gauge how you're doing as DPS; one thing I like in MMOs is doing the best job I can, so I wish I could get a bit more data. They specifically outlaw combat parsing, though, although people do still do it client side, to prevent people from being dicks to other players. I really hated GW2. Just nothing about it motivated me to play it at all. We were promised dynamic quests; what we got was quests that don't matter with no narrative value. Maybe I'd like it more now with more experience in the genre, but neither GW nor GW2 ever gave me a desire to keep playing, ever. Other than letting me name a Mesmer "Olivianewtonjohn."
  7. After ignoring it for years, I bought the cheap complete edition of FF XIV to try out and... I'm actually really enjoying it? Coming from years of WoW, it's refreshing to play an MMO that doesn't hate its players. Easy teleportation anytime! 100% droprates on all quest items! The map shows you where to go for all your quests! You can level every class on one character and switch between them anytime, for free! Most people aren't screaming assholes! It's not perfect but it's a lot friendlier to players than I'm used to from WoW.
  8. Yes, thanks. So, so stupid that these games are named almost the same thing and were released at almost the same time.
  9. I really wanted to like Outer Worlds, but I just found it obtuse. In games that execute this short loop well, like Minit, the time limit is more generous for what you need to do. In OW you have to do so much stuff to get back to where you were, you hardly have any time to try new stuff. It's just frustrating, and it sucks the joy out of exploring what should be a captivating universe. Sleeping Dogs was awesome. I never really liked most GTA type games, including GTA, but that one really worked for me. The story was great, and I cared as much about my gangster life as I did about my cop life. It's funny, I played that game so intensely that I almost turned into the oncoming traffic lane in real life once because I was so used to driving in pretend Hong Kong.
  10. Mechanically, yes, or more accurately, Pokemon is an extremely stripped down, take on the genre that FF is a member of, targeted at young kids, since FF and the genre existed long before Pokemon. Pokemon contains all the basic elements of a JRPG -- turn-based combat, magic/skills, enemies with specific weaknesses and immunities, that kind of thing. It's like Babby's First JRPG. FF games are usually longer, have more complex storylines with more serious themes, are typically about saving the world in some way, have characters fighting simultaneously, and have unique characters with their own backstories. But playing one is relatively similar.
  11. I use TTS, it's great. Lots of community made modules. They do pull them if an official module is made. I totally understand the concern about legality, but one reason I like TTS is that I can test drive games before buying them — board games can be shockingly expensive these days. I would never have blind bought Spirit Island, but I got to play it on TTS and as a result I bought the game and the expansion and backed the new expansion on Kickstarter. I bought Sidereal Confluence because of it too. (I use both physical games, but there are a ton of pieces and they take up a lot of space, so I actually prefer to play on TTS! Glad I bought them, though. If you don't support board creators, they'll stop making them.) Pricing is $20, or $60 for a 4 pack.
  12. These are both great but VERY hard. Stephen's Sausage Roll has simple rules but the controls take a while to get used to, and becomes very hard almost immediately. Baba Is You is absolutely brilliant and has a gentler learning curve, but hoo boy will it break your brain.
  13. I beat Ori 1 and liked it a lot, then tried to replay it and decided it was terrible. The combat is absolutely awful and the platforming is pretty punishing. Hollow Knight has a rep for difficulty, but I thought in many ways it was more approachable than Ori, and the combat is much better. I'm told the combat has improved greatly in Ori 2. Unfortunately it requires Windows 10; I've seen and had too many bad experiences with Win 10 and will have to sit this one out. Kalbear, you should definitely try Hollow Knight. One of my favorite games, ever. (EDIT: Marked down to $7.50 on GOG currently.)
  14. It looks like the $60 one is some kind of special edition with an art book and $40 is the standard edition price. Releasing an 8 year old game at its original launch price with minimal changes still seems like some chutzpah to me, but what do I know.
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