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  1. It is extraordinary that he can keep this level of sustained WTFery up for over three years. Has anyone asked him why he wants to buy Greenland, let alone how, what, huh, and WT actual F, Mr President?
  2. I will be quite happy if the Aussie innings finishes today! I agree, though, Jimmy is unlikely to be back today. It's down to Broad and Woakes, unless Moeen Ali wants to astound everyone.
  3. Mosi Mynn

    Libraries in fiction

    Inspired by this https://www.theguardian.com/books/2019/jul/31/top-10-libraries-in-fiction-jrr-tolkien-borges-game-of-thrones I wondered what everyone's favourite fictional libraries are? For me it's all about the librarians. So the guardian of Terry Pratchett's Unseen University library is just wonderful (I can see why he wanted to stay an orangutan). And I've always liked Privet from the second Duncton Trilogy by William Horwood, who is both a scribe and a librarian.
  4. It's just a scan (ever-hopeful England fan).
  5. Jimmy is off for a scan on his calf. Not great news for England.
  6. Two early wickets! The Hollies Stand are showing no mercy.
  7. This must very weird for anyone who got into cricket after the World Cup. As the BBC live reporters said: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/cricket/47324464 Welcome to supporting England!
  8. And it means when he loses his MEP salary through self-inflicted Brexit he can pick up a UK Government wage ...
  9. Nigel Farage open to electoral pact with Boris Johnson
  10. Oh I see what's happening: it's a four day Test - so England are in a hurry
  11. Is this ... is this supposed to be a good thing? Good grief. Boris comes from a world most people in the UK do not recognise at all. What really made me gag yesterday was when he mentioned "this great country of ours" when it's the Tories who have selfishly and deliberately wrecked it!
  12. Good old England - boosting Irish morale with their first Test win, whilst simultaneously lulling the Aussies into a false sense of security!
  13. DUD or DUDE is what I heard. Churchillian he is not. We are so screwed.
  14. What - no space for Farage? Oh wait - Ambassador to the US, obviously