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  1. Mosi Mynn

    UK Politics: Drawing Priti Patterns

    The only vaguely comforting thing about Johnson being in charge is that at least he's not Trump!
  2. Mosi Mynn

    UK Politics: Drawing Priti Patterns

    Exactly. He is desperate to believe in the "Spirit of the Blitz" and the good sense of the British people. He wants to advise rather than tell the public what to do.
  3. Mosi Mynn

    UK Politics: Drawing Priti Patterns

    I don't envy the government and the experts at all. It's inevitable that they will make some mistakes. But I think they are trying to intelligently deal with this. It's very difficult to plan for, and they have to be very flexible and reactive as the situation changes so quickly. So far, I think they're doing OK. The support for the NHS should of course be the priority. With the exception of PPE, they seem to be dealing with this as well as they can.
  4. Mosi Mynn

    Joy in the morning

    Terry Pratchett, of course. Can't help but wonder how Granny Weatherwax would be dealing with this. PG Wodehouse is lovely and benign escapism. Now I want to see a Jeeves and Granny team up. Children's books are great escapism - Roald Dahl, as someone mentioned above, and Olga da Polga, and some Enid Blyton books would be my go to. Narnia seems a good place to visit right now.
  5. Mosi Mynn

    UK Politics: Drawing Priti Patterns

    I found myself wishing he was the PM! No idea what he's like as a politician or a person, but he has a very reassuring voice and speaking style!
  6. Mosi Mynn

    UK Politics: Drawing Priti Patterns

    Call me crazy, but I am impressed by both Rishi Sunak and Matt Hancock. They come across as genuine and caring people, and are very well spoken. Shame about Boris, who could not maintain any kind of statesmanlike presence, but at least someone has had the sense to always flank him with experts.
  7. Mosi Mynn

    Top 10

    Properly done! I forgot Bernard Cornwell (and Terry Pratchett) in my list. I really want to put the whole of The Warlord Chronicles in as an entry - but I'll go with The Winter King because I love how he opens the whole saga with the dreaded birth of Mordred, emphasising how the brat should have been killed at birth (always listen to Morgan).
  8. Mosi Mynn

    UK Politics: A Partly Political Broadcast

    Have UK voters changed their minds on Brexit? Stats/polls highlighting how divided the country is.
  9. Donald Tusk cuts through the bullshit as per usual https://twitter.com/eucopresident/status/1181519363783974912 Why are our politicians so inept? Boris Johnson can't possibly "negotiate" with leaders of the calibre of Merkel and Tusk.
  10. Mosi Mynn

    Monty Python

    50 years since the TV series premiered Happy birthday, Python! Lots of documentaries on the Beeb at the moment.
  11. Mosi Mynn

    Bull**it Jobs

    This is the crux of it for me. No doubt there are some utterly useless jobs that would not be missed if they disappeared. But in our society people need to earn a living. And that sustains society through taxes, buying stuff, creating a need for services and leisure industries, and just general self-worth. If all the BS jobs are cut, how do people and society survive? Is there enough non-BS work to go around? Ha - I stopped reading the thread to reply, and I see that this has been discussed extensively since
  12. Ben Stokes is definitely the batsman I would choose to bat for my life. His match awareness and selflessness, not to mention his talent and work ethic, are inspirational. He did not even celebrate his 100 (just acknowledged Leach's congratulations with a fist bump) because it was all about getting England over the line.
  13. It is extraordinary that he can keep this level of sustained WTFery up for over three years. Has anyone asked him why he wants to buy Greenland, let alone how, what, huh, and WT actual F, Mr President?
  14. I will be quite happy if the Aussie innings finishes today! I agree, though, Jimmy is unlikely to be back today. It's down to Broad and Woakes, unless Moeen Ali wants to astound everyone.