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    I didn't see this! Another Duncton fan!
  2. Angela Rayner is good! I thought Johnson would be relieved not to face Sir Keir for once, but he seemed even more nervous - and now I see why!
  3. To be fair, England were pretty awesome. I think they believe they can win from any position. And they have complete faith in Morgan. Wednesday should be epic.
  4. Bring it on. It might be the only thing that can save us.
  5. It looks like Keir Starmer might have to mention the B word tomorrow. He's been deftly avoiding it since the election - now is probably the time to let rip.
  6. The article says that this scheme is will only be rolled out in areas where there are a high number of coronavirus cases. This seems confusing and counter-productive to me as everyone who has symptoms, or who has been contacted by the track and trace thingy, are supposed to self-isolate but you will only get the paltry sum if you are in a high risk area?
  7. The Guardian has an article on Nick Cave's views on cancel culture
  8. Live updates https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/uk-scotland-53751774
  9. We'll miss him. Thoughts are with his family. Does he have to quarantine at the Kiwi end? He should be OK coming back, at least.
  10. Brilliant from Buttler and Woakes. Buttler was under enormous pressure for his place and was still innovative and attacking - and he was aware that he had to get runs quickly before the new ball could be unleashed against the lower order - great cricketing brain.
  11. Oooor ... England fight back and give themselves a chance (Stokes really is a superhero)
  12. It ain't over yet - Broad's bowling ...
  13. Is this Afridi any relation to Boom Boom? As for England, We should probably just not play the first Test of any series
  14. We could probably learn from them, then. How do they control the population? I'm off to Google ...
  15. Have the Netherlands always had wolves or did they re-introduce them? And do the wolves stay in the Netherlands, or do they roam more widely? I don't know if there are any places in the UK where there are not grazing animals or game animals, and I can see the farmers and keepers of those animals being nervous about the re-introduction of wolves. And that will inevitably lead to "controlling the wolf population".
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