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  1. This article (near the bottom) mentions edits Dahl himself approved of changing the Oompa Loompas for the film https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2023/feb/20/roald-dahl-industry-classics-parents Not sure about the books themselves.
  2. Passages in Roald Dahl's books are being re-written to better reflect modern sensibilities. This has been met with quite a bit of outrage. At least the publishers will be happy.
  3. I'm very curious as to what they do with Laenor and Seasmoke. They must have let Laenor live for a reason. Daemon is definitely going to want Seasmoke for the Blacks, but I don't see how Seasmoke joins the fight on anyone's side while Laenor is still alive. So you must be right: Laenor will either be dead quite quickly, or will return They could use Seasmoke rejecting a rider while Laenor still lives
  4. Had Syrax laid any eggs when we first saw her with young Rhaenyra? I can't recall. Syrax has always been called a female. Also Moondancer - I've always assumed she was female, but that might be because of the name! I also can't recall Vermax or Arrax being specifically referred to as male - but they might well have been. The switching sex is interesting - none of the dragons we have met so far have been said to have done this.
  5. Is Vermax male? I like the theory that she may have laid eggs in Winterfell ... If Vermax is male, I love that he, Arrax and Tyraxes are Syrax's boys I'm really looking forward to seeing Silverwing, and Dreamfyre up close. These magnificent ladies should be almost as big as Vermithor. And Silverwing and Vermithor's relationship is going to be heartbreaking I really want them to develop and show Helaena and Dreamfyre's relationship. There are hints in the book that the bond is as strong as Rhaenyra and Syrax's. It should be really different from other pairings because Helaena is not going to ride her formidable dragon into battle. The Greens have two of the biggest dragons - but one of them will not go to war.
  6. Is/was Arrax a different breed from our recognised three? He is a lot smaller than others of his age, or younger - specifically when compared to Syrax and Drogon. Is Syrax the same age as Rhaenyra? If she is, then Syrax was a lot bigger than Arrax was at fourteen years old. And Arrax, I assume, had not spent most of his life in a dragonpit - he flew free-ish around Dragonstone for at least six years. Arrax is also a lot smaller than Drogon was when Drogon was a lot younger. Is Arrax a specifically smaller breed? Or is something else going on, as in the maesters already stunting the dragons' growth?
  7. To me, it seemed as though both Vhagar and Arrax were responding to how their riders felt rather than what they said. Luke was desperate and frightened, and Aemond was cruel and bullying. Add in to that grumpy old Vhagar's own annoyance at a child having the audacity to blow flames in her face, and I think tragedy was inevitable ETA: Syrax also seems very in tune with what Rhaenyra is feeling. Rhaenyra looked outwardly in control when confronting Otto, but Syrax roared angrily - perhaps reflecting Rhaenyra's inner feelings.
  8. I really wanted to call this topic Vhagar vs Arrax, or just Dragon Fights - but I figured that was too spoilery! Just watched the preview for Episode 10, and OMG - Vhagar vs Arrax looks like it is going to be devastatingly epic. Luke and Arrax fleeing in the storm. The might of Vhagar (so enormous) stirring in the rain, getting ready to launch. I got chills. If they do this right - and the preview looks incredible - it should be terrible and brutal, and leave everyone desperate for S2. I love that the first dragon fight (all of which I am going to be devastated by) features Vhagar, Visenya's awesome dragon who helped conquer Westeros.
  9. Is that the Plan (Ha - like they have a Plan! ) - be so awful that we start thinking even Boris wasn't this bad? Is it like baseball - three strikes (Prime Ministers) and you're out, or cricket, where we have to get them all out, leaving a lone Number 11 standing?
  10. Danger Noodle! Brilliant! I like your roles for each of them. I would love to see all three breeds together. Is Seasmoke of the Balerion breed? Hopefully we can see him, Caraxes and Syrax together.
  11. Some great stories about the Queen that might brighten a sad day.
  12. Months probably. This is going to sound bizarre, but I think the Queen was one of the rocks upon which modern Britain is built. She was the Head of State for all of us, she was always curious about new innovations and technologies, and she reached out to many different communities in the country (and in the wider world). As anachronistic as the monarchy is to many, the Queen herself seemed to be very open, curious, welcoming, accepting of change, as well as adhering to tradition. ETA: Holy shit, I think I've just agreed with Liz Truss
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