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  1. It's important to the fans who forked out loadsa cash only to be told after travelling to the venue that the match had been cancelled. It matters to the fans who wanted to watch the conclusion to this awesome series. It is important to Old Trafford who was relying on the revenue. Not to mention the employees, stall-holders, local economy. And it should be important to the players, for professional pride if nothing else.
  2. That's ... a bit of a stretch! The players' physical and mental welfare should definitely be the most important thing. But the last minute-ness of this decision and the fact that the BBCI were grumbling about this Test existing before the series started are unique to this situation. And I guess we'll never know what would have happened if the IPL was due to start mid-October instead of mid-September ...
  3. Has England been in a similar situation? I remember a couple of players breaching bubbles (so to speak). We've been lucky to play at home a lot during the pandemic, and so can easily call up extra players/backroom staff if needed, but I don't recall matches being cancelled because of England.
  4. These might help: TV Tropes: Cricket: Useful Notes TV Tropes: Cricket: Rules Depends how much time you have! But they are informative, accurate, entertaining and written by an American (which explains Rules - cricket has Laws). Enjoy!
  5. Ah, can you not watch the video? He seems to be saying that anyone who has any certainty about Brexit, whether you adamently believe in it or you think it's the worse thing ever, has a "screw loose" because no one can know either way until it has fully played out. He said it was perfectly reasonable for people to think that Brexit was a mistake. I dont think he's a staunch Brexiteer - he saw an opportunity to cause some chaos and mischief and took it. He wants to tear the establishment down and re-build everything - so I suppose if Brexit ends up doing that he will think it was not a mistake. He did say he thought he did the right thing during the Leave campaign.
  6. Well, he's more waffly than that https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-politics-57907893
  7. Is She-Ra in this? I recognise Teela and the Sorceress, and there are a couple of other ladies wo I don't recognise, but I didn't see She-Ra.
  8. Confirmation via, um, wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masters_of_the_Universe:_Revelation I am particularly intrigued by
  9. Awesome trailer for Masters of the Universe
  10. I feel that. There are generations who might not have seen He-Man!
  11. This looks simply, ridiculously AWESOME! Masters of the Universe: Revelation. (Can't figure out how to embed videos) And what a cast! The washed-out Thunder Cats re-boot years ago was very disappointing, and I love that they have kept the 80s colours for this. I wasn't sure if it warranted its own thread, so I lumped in with all of our favourite cartoons from the 80s. Ulysses 31 next?
  12. Soooo fanatstic to have The Barmy Army (and the rest of the crowd) back!
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