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  1. Yeesh. I go away from my computer for just an hour ...
  2. Not even Kohli looked that comfortable. He had a couple of chances. England let him off the hook, really. They can't do that for the rest of the series!
  3. Mosi Mynn

    More Things Star Wars

    Agreed. CGI Tarkin and Leia freaked me out.
  4. And Stephen Colbert et al? They're definitely not Avengers!
  5. A lot of pressure on Rashid now! Though I think Jimmy and Broad will enjoy this pitch. Or not ...
  6. I liked that. It differentiated our heroes from Thanos. It is absolutely what Steve Rogers would do - he would never sacrifice Vision whilst there was any other option available. And I think it's going to come back and bite our heroes in their collective butt in Part 2. And I suspect Steve will have to make that decision ... and it will probably be Tony ...
  7. It could be spun that they have the guts to reflect and reconsider ... Marvel, and Feige in particular, do come across as pretty savvy and smart. I really really hope he's the good guy he presents in the media.
  8. The World Cup delay is well weird ... an irritating. I will go and see it. Just annoyed at having to wait (and avoid spoilers) because of bloody football!
  9. Mosi Mynn

    More Things Star Wars

    She is. But I would be (pleasantly) surprised if she survived it.
  10. Mosi Mynn

    More Things Star Wars

    Actually that explanation really appeals to me and makes me not need Rey to be a Skywalker either! Maybe the Force needs her to end the Skywalkers.
  11. Mosi Mynn

    More Things Star Wars

    I don't mind the trilogies focusing on this one family, the origins and legacy of Darth Vader, as way of telling story about the Jedi and the Sith. And I'm not sure it's about rights exactly - it's just how each generation has dealt with the Force. And, like you say, this family has produced, overall, more Force darkness than light. Are there other families that have generations of Force users, like the Skywalkers? I always assumed it was more likely that a Force user's offspring would also be Force-sensitive - but I am just going by the Skywalkers, and Anakin's origins maybe the anomaly there.
  12. Mosi Mynn

    More Things Star Wars

    Unless that's the point of the story. Because Anakin's dad was the Force, his children and grandchildren were destined to be uber powerful and overly influential.
  13. Mosi Mynn

    More Things Star Wars

    But I thought that that was because these trilogies were about the Skywalkers - they are the Skywalker Trilogies. I guess what we need is non-Skywalker Jedi films.
  14. This will be England's 1000th Test, and folk are having fun deciding on the best Test and the best England 11: England's Greatest Test Best England XI?