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  1. As if it were so easy! We have description of this personage from a number of sources,and also portraits and descriptions of her parents. And I agree, it's a project for post season 7!
  2. Prof. Cecily

    Who did Robb name as his heir?

    Indeed. My only concern is the timeline- did the news of Bran's and Rickon's escape get around the Northern courts Quite. That is the question- just what are the Northern lords up to?
  3. Prof. Cecily

    Who did Robb name as his heir?

    Are you quite sure of that? I have the idea that news of the Stark boys' survival is out and about (via the Liddels, especially considering Lord Manderly's deal with Davos. I don't know how the timeline works out in all that speculation. What do you think?
  4. Prof. Cecily

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    Never mind- why not enjoy both ways of viewing the series? First in a pub to be amused by the group's reactions and then in a binge watching at your leisure?
  5. Prof. Cecily

    Sam's Book Excavations...

    Book excavation, the perfect description of Sam's relation to books. A Feast for Crows - Samwell I @Makk, I'll second your choice- Hardhome intrigues me.
  6. Well, it's what tthe actress herself says: http://ew.com/article/2016/06/26/game-thrones-natalie-dormer-2/ I haven't seen the Tudors, other than a few episodes. When I saw Catalina of Aragon portrayed as a brunette, I lost interest, I confess. You're quite right- a good wholesome fun-loving person. I'm intrigued by how her character develops in TWOW!
  7. Actually, our Sansa is even more, well, Sansa, than you've painted . Here are her thoughts as she prepares for her appearance before the SC A Game of Thrones - Sansa IV And here are her reactions when she returns to her room afterward, to find Jeyne gone: A Game of Thrones - Sansa IV What a master storyteller GRRM is, to be sure!
  8. I understood the actress asked to be released from GoT to pursue other roles. Who knows? Queen Margaery's character is yet to be really explored by GRRM and I'm hoping for more about her in future books of the saga.
  9. Prof. Cecily

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Well, if she sticks to a story of either Renly or Joffry having taken her maidenhead, I don't know. Those religious fanatics will always be able to nab her her having entered the Great Sept on Maidens' Day. I can't predict the outcome. it could be anything from a walk of shame to becoming a Silent Sister to death. Unless GRRM has something else in mind for her. A lover? I'd say no. No lover at all. What do you reckon?
  10. Prof. Cecily

    Arya Reunited with Nymeria

    The grey cousins. That's a poser. As do I. It's the reunion I most want to read. Well, then again, knowing GRRM's treatment of reunions of Arya with her loved ones thus far, mayhaps I'll not anticipate anything very happy.
  11. Prof. Cecily

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Well, hmmmm. We know Pycelle says she did. A POV of this Tyrell queen and thrice queen would have been interesting. You could well be right about the over-confidence, yes. Yet how do you defend yourself against a Cersei? The answer is obvious,of course. The Red Keep is full of staircases, after all.
  12. I lift my frosted glass of pale AlbariƱo wine in tribute to your 1,000th post. And once again in anticipation of your 2,000th! I'm with you. Natalie Dormer was splendid. From that stroll through Renly's camp with lord Baelish to her efforts to make Joffry a king, to her needling of Cersei, to her widened eyes as she understands what's about to happen in the Great Sept. A class act. Now it remains to see just how GRRM has conceived the personage- I'm pretty sure we won't be disappointed. And what fun it is to have both versions!
  13. Prof. Cecily

    The Mummer's Dragon

    So do I.I wonder what the up-coming novella will be like! An link to an article about a future publication is behind the spoiler tag.
  14. Prof. Cecily

    What One Thing Would Make You Stop Watching The Show?

    Yes. And then, after we've ripped the 7th and 8th season to shreds, we can settle down to continue the Long Wait.