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  1. They kinda have that with both 'Rebels' (the crew of the Ghost are technically smugglers) and also now with 'The Bad Batch'.
  2. While I admit that the animotion of 'Jibaro' is great, I would have preferred it if I understood what the story was about. Yes, the woman was a kind of siren/demon, but who were the guys and what did they want and what did the siren want of them? 'Swarm' was pretty great, too, although I missed a final scene at the end, showing the high-jacked humans returning to Earth to fulfill their new roles. Could have been a nice mirror to the opening scene. I think only 'The Stone City' and 'And Seven Times Never Kill Man' would be fitting pieces for that setting. Better would be some of the shorter SF stories - 'The Second Kind of Loneliness' and its successor 'Nor the Many-Colored Fires of a Star Ring' spring to mind, also 'Dark, Dark Were the Tunnels', 'Slide Show', 'Fast-Friend', 'Starlady', and 'Weekend in a War Zone' might fit better into the tightness of the format. 'The Pear-shaped Man' seems to me too much psychological horror for a SF/Horror show.
  3. And speaking about Harry Lloyd - it is quite sad that they didn't cast him for a role in HotD. The Targaryens are inbred as fuck, so Daemon or Viserys or one of the Velaryons could have easily enough looked and talked exactly like Viserys III.
  4. If the actors read the books, then only to get a very broad overview about what kind of character they are playing and what the plot of the show is going to be they star in. For some characters FaB could provide a rough guideline - Emma D'Arcy certainly could get a feeling for her character since Rhaenyra is fleshed out in colorful detail. It is much tougher for characters like Viserys I, Rhaenys, the Strongs, etc. But since the writers pretty much have the freedom to decide who is going to be a villain or a hero in this story - or rather: who is going to be more heroic/less villainy and vice versa - reading the source material wouldn't be of much help. Knowing it could still help a dedicated actor in talks with the writers about what their character is supposed to be about. Harry Lloyd's knowledge about the book and the character he played was the deciding factor that Viserys Targaryen was as accurately depicted as he was in GoT. [That said, I prefer it if the writers and the directors know and do care about the source material and adapt the roles accordingly - in many cases the ideas writers have about their roles are not exactly all that positive.]
  5. Well, it was that ... and a decadent Republic guarded by arrogant and lazy space wizards. And the way to continue it could very well have been how the heroes of the OT rebuild and defended a working Republic against threats from the inside and the outside, assisted by modest and competent space wizards. Just a suggestion. Prior to the Disney stuff Star Wars was basically the EU, two movie trilogies, one pretty successful animated show and a bunch of old cartoons. Disney certainly has the money and the ability to broaden what Star Wars is and can be - I mean, Lucas himself constantly broadened the scope of the stories told in TCW. They did that with Legacy in the old EU ... and that worked pretty well. Yet part of the appeal there was that there were still Skywalker and Solo descendants in that era - not to mention long-lived survivors from the older eras. Thanks to the ST something like that is completely impossible now - or at least impossible unless there is a big retcon. But a future era in Star Wars playing around with established stuff would always feel kind of weird. What they could do is to explore the past more, especially the various Sith Wars or other devastating conflicts in the past. Rebels definitely ended too early and, in my opinion, in too weird a way. Having Ezra stranded someplace else where his story could be continued isn't bad, but it seemed they actually wanted to take the story closer to ANH. The story was also kind of too low key for my taste, especially in the first season. As I said, a show about the Rebellion could be pretty complex and gritty and grown-up if they gave us agents and counter-agents and espionage. So far one of the biggest problems I have with the depiction of the Empire in the new Star Wars materials is that there seem to be no convinced/fanatical Imperials outside the group of the complete bad guys - and we only see the Empire occupying obscure planets in the Outer Rim rather than depictions of Imperial planets in the actual Empire. The reason why I loathe Han's background in Solo is that Corellia was no polluted backwater planet in the old EU but one of the most prestigious Core Worlds - a place where people were proud of themselves and, at least in part, the Empire. At this point Disney's Star Wars galaxy is an empty place full of barely populated Western-style backwater planets most of which are invaded or attacked by evil guys who came from a place very far away nobody has ever seen.
  6. No idea anyone wants a continuation of the ST, but the old EU showed very well how you can continue a story that seemed to be concluded at the end of ROTJ. That said - basically we are back to the ending of ROTJ with TROS. The Emperor is defeated, the Jedi are down to one person, and now we could see a rebuilding of the Jedi Order and the Republic. Something that should have either be the theme of the ST or at least an established fact at the beginning of the ST. Destroying both during the course of the ST would be pointless, especially if done by the Sith/Empire 2.0 since we already got that story in OT & PT. New shows and stuff about/with the OT people would easily be possible if they either recast the roles or go with the CGI fountain of youth they did with Luke in the shows so far - and while Mark Hamill still plays and voices the guy behind the scenes there is nothing wrong with that. I've read only very few of the new stuff but know effectively the entire old EU. I'm under the impression that there is still little to no substance to the new novels. Well, okay, if she still cares it might be interesting. Mon Mothma was a pretty interesting character back in the old EU. She had a strong determination and was also behind pretty radical attacks on the Empire. Zahn kind of turned her into some kind of power-hungry harpy, but that is not the core of the character.
  7. Well, there you don't really need him. But in a show in the era of the Galactic Empire I really would like to see Vader and Palpatine and as many lackeys of the Emperor as possible - the hangers-on at the court, various Moffs and Grand Moffs, Tarkin, Mas Amedda, Sly Moore, Sate Pestage, etc. And after they took Thrawn from the old EU and also have the ISB included in the 'new canon' the logical next step would be to have Armand and, especially, Ysanne Isard. The latter could be a really eerie villain with her mismatched eyes and her Iceheart demeanor. I mean, Star Wars does have lots of interesting stories about espionage and infiltration, and very interesting plots in a Rebellion show could revolve around the ISB trying to infiltrate the Rebellion, possibly using brainwashed sleeper agents or deep moles while the Rebellion also places or recruits sympathizers and agents in the Imperial hierarchy. That could be much better than this western style backwater stuff which is literally the only thing they seem to be able to produce at this point in the show department. Even 'Kenobi' seems to take place in no small part on Tatooine. It seems like Obi-Wan will also leave the planet but Star Wars is much more than this desert rock in the middle of nowhere. Luke himself made it perfectly clear how much Tatooine sucked back in ROTJ. And Han had the good fortune to stay blind for his entire visit...
  8. Well, we get him in Kenobi already ... and he certainly would fit nicely in a show about the early Rebellion.
  9. Rogue One has some of the shallowest characters in movie history. The only three-dimensional character there is the robot. Mind you, the premise of the movie isn't bad, but it is poorly executed, creating fake tension and using a standard movie formula. I honestly don't recall who Cassian Andor is ... I deduce that he must be the male lead because I know the show is about the guy who recruited the female lead of Rogue One, but that's just abstract knowledge.
  10. Oh, well, Myrcella doesn't have to be a Queen Regnant to be a queen. There are two scenarios I can see for her - as a shortlived Queen Regnant like Jane Grey if she is actually getting back to KL with Lady Nym and Tommen dies or disappears for some reason before Aegon can take the capital. But then she could also become Aegon's first queen consort as the obvious way to soften things and prevent a siege/sack of the city would be to hand over the throne to Aegon in exchange for him marrying Queen Myrcella. If Lady Nym's party is captured by the Golden Company while still en route to KL Myrcella might end up being married to Aegon without ever being proclaimed Queen Regnant - she would be a tool to undermine Tommen's reign and to strengthen Aegon's claim. In both scenarios I'd expect Jon Connington to eventually act like Unwin Peake, possibly even mimicking the death of Queen Jaehaera by having Myrcella thrown into the dry moat. Not just to end the line of the Usurper as he promised but also to free Aegon for Arianne or Sansa or Daenerys should that become a political necessity. In general I think George won't go so much for 'mad Daenerys' in the books but rather 'mad Aegon'. He is the guy who has neither dragons nor vast resources and would thus much more tempted to commit atrocities and do away with the niceties when push came to shove. Daenerys' reputation might be as black as that of Maegor when she arrives in Westeros ... but she has the resources to ignore all that. She has the dragons she can point to, she has the strength to use the veiled threat like Jaehaerys I. Aegon has none of all that. And once or if his followers are all in - which they likely all will be once he takes Storm's End and then quickly the Iron Throne because that will be a rush of power for the people around. This doesn't mean Daenerys might not also have her own motivations to commit atrocities, but I don't see her in the position to be pressured in this direction by the general political situation.
  11. Well, stereotyping as such isn't that bad nor can it be avoided. I get it that it is problematic to repeat racist stereotypes from the 1930s ... but the problem with that kind of thing is to establish, spread, and reinforce racist ideology. It isn't so much about people personally being offended or insulted (feeling insulted by a piece of art is a subjective thing, after all) but rather about racism being spread and deeper ingrained in the general culture. The latter you can and should avoid - the former you really can't avoid. I certainly can understand why you might feel offended by this kind of thing - but in general I feel intention should play a (crucial) role in the insulting department. If it is clear that you didn't want to insult me, for instance, then I'm not offended to the same degree as if you wanted to do that. This doesn't mean it is okay to unintentionally draw or create a racist caricature ... I just don't think that the examples from the PT qualify as such. I mean, do we actually think young people make the connection that the Neimoidians are evil space Asians? And learn from racist clichés about Asians in general? I could see that if they actually looked like Asians ... but they don't. And the Watto and Jar Jar/Gungans example seem to work in a similar manner. I guess it basically bottles down to what you want to do with that kind of thing. Is it okay to use real world cultures/languages to create fantasy beings ... or not? You will always with stereotypes and simplifications and certain aspects of a given culture or language when doing that. Funny tidbit: As I said, in the German it is a French accent, apparently in the French, Spanish, and Italian the accent is Russian. Would be really great to know how they talk in the Russian version if there is one ;-). Apparently the general Neimoidian accent in the original is Japanese, but Gunray's specific accent is Thai.
  12. I'd imagine that Daemon just sat there as the brother of the king - like Alysanne did as the queen, or Mathis Rowan and Paxter Redwyne do in ASoS without having an actual office. One imagines that Viserys II was also always a part of Aegon III's small council, even when still a minor and without office. About Daemon's earlier stint as Master of Coin I've a thought - I'd like to imagine that the ailing Jaehaerys who was clearly haunted by the memory of Saera and how things turned out between them (this being the reason why he mostly mistook Alicent for her rather than with his late wife or his other daughters), asked Lord Lyman Beesbury to travel to Volantis to convince her to come back to Westeros so that her father could apologize to her before he died. But Saera never came, Jaehaerys died before Lyman returned, and in the mean time Viserys I made Daemon Master of Coin.
  13. It looks like that, since it seems as if all the Velaryons are there for what looks like a war council for the Stepstones campaign. If they show scenes of the war, we are likely to not only see Caraxes there but also Meleys, Vhagar, and Seasmoke.
  14. Oh, then you really seem to have forgotten something crucial: There are people who speculate that Akhenabi might play a double game or intends to betray Utuk'ku somehow, but I don't see a lot of evidence for that. Rather, it seems to me, Utuk'ku's game involves her own death/sacrifice as a part of the ultimate gamble she is making, and Akhenabi is literally set up as her patsy should anything go wrong before the big finale. If you read Viyeki's chapters you see how he and other great Norns - even somebody like Pratiki - do have doubts about what they are doing. But effectively nobody can bring themselves to doubt the Mother of All. But pretty much nobody among elite Norns - and most likely also not among the general population - do like the singers. And Akhenabi is only feared, not loved. So if Pratiki and Viyeki or other powerful Norns were figuring out what the actual plan is - say, because Nezeru and Ayaminu or others provide them with crucial information - then Utuk'ku would likely blame Akhenabi and his creatures for all those monstrous plans, creating enough of a smokescreen to continue with her plan. Or one imagines that this is how she hopes it would go. I also hope Tad is going to revisit the mask thing again. We do know that only the eldest Norns follow the queen's custom of wearing masks, so this has to have some meaning but nobody seems to know what it is about. It might be that those eldest Norns are in some way participating in the queen's immortality/longevity, and if this were so they would be much closer linked with her than the others.
  15. Ah, okay, I get that. I guess there are really folks who jump from accents in such movies to 'those beings represent/are space Asians, Jews, Caribbean people, etc'. In the case of Flash Gordon I definitely understand it - but there looks and speech go together. Ming really is a clichéd space Asian, if you will ... but the Neimoidians are not, regardless how they talk. I still can see how people would draw parallels to such movies, but Star Wars clearly isn't that kind of thing. Thinking about the PT, I find the whole diverse interspecies thing there handled much better than in the ST (where you effectively get as many aliens as in the OT) or the shows. The PT does have the Senate and the Jedi Council, two non-human enemies, alien cloners, Jar Jar, etc. The OT just had Chewie, Ackbar, and the Ewoks. And a bunch of background guys in the cantina. That the ST and the shows followed the OT's example in that regard was something I never liked particularly.
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