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  1. Legitimate Targaryen or not, it does not matter. We’re talking about a war torn nation here with no government at this point, big thanks to Varys. The Tyrell-Lannister alliance has crumbled and the throne is now up for grabs, more so than it ever has been in Westeros history. I truly think anyone with the military strength could take the Throne and install themselves as ruler, for atleast a while. What matters most at this point isn’t Aegon’s dynastic legitimacy, it is who he decides to marry that will ultimately determine his popular legitimacy and/or fate. If he claims to be Rhaegar’s son and that goes unquestioned, then he has no need to marry Arianne; Dorne is a natural ally and will aid him regardless. If he marries Margery somehow, that will probably be his surefire way to quickly having powerful allies and a unified South/secured King’s Landing. If he marries Sansa, which I believe to be his best option, he will have unified The Vale, Dorne, The North, and a strong contingent of the Southern lord’s (Hightower, Rowan, possible Tarly) but not the Tyrells so much. He would have to negotiate Tyrell fealty more or less and perhaps oust them all together, but I don’t see them being much of an issue. I believe things will naturally work themselves out after a battle or two. As for The Westerlands, they are more or less moot at this point. Keeping Dorne in the fold is key, however, and they must not doubt Aegon’s parentage at all so he must adhere to that...perhaps offer them a marriage to his first born son and heir, just to keep things happy. With that said, Aegon must never disclose to anyone, at any point, that he might not be Rhaegar’s son. That secret will need to go with him to his grave. If Aegon decides to wait for Dany, then he sacrifices a strong, early unification of Westeros on the basis that he won’t be fighting dragons and foreign savages down the road. But then comes the issue of who’s going to actually rule Westeros; Dany will likely demand Aegon to be king consort, if she doesn’t destroy him first and deny him altogether. Too much risk for Aegon. So with that said, whom Aegon marries will be the biggest factor in determining his reign; his legitimacy or lack there of has no real weight at this point, the Westeros lord’s do, however, and he needs them to stand behind him.
  2. I know there’s a lot of posts on this and what not but I get a lot of enjoyment about of this so I wanted to make this. So before I begin, I wanted to make it known that this is going to be a ranking system of individual fighters, on their prowess and combat skills, with in a 1-10 scoring system. 10 would be near invincible and is used only as a reference because I don’t personally place anyone as a 10 in my rankings; no one is invincible and even the legendary knights of old are mortal. This will cover all periods of Westeros and all fighters will be scored at their prime capabilities, with their weapons of choice (Valyrian Steel weapons are to be calculated for). Mine: 1. Arthur Dayne(Dawn) - 9.7 2. Daemon Blackfyre(Blackfyre) - 9.5 3.The Dragonknight(Dark Sister) - 9.4 4. Gwayne Corbray(Lady Forlorn) - 9.3 5. Barristan Selmy - 9.2 6. Jaime Lannister - 9.1 7. Sandor Clegane - 8.9 8. Oberyn Martell - 8.8 9. Garlan Tyrell - 8.8 10. Gregor Clegane - 8.7 So that’s my top 10. I give anyone with a 9 or above legendary status, these fighters are renown as the greatest of all time. Everyone else is extremely lethal and above 8.5 is what I consider to be top tier quality, marking highly skilled and capable of wounding/killing anyone in certain circumstances. Gregor could kill anyone with a single blow so he’s sort or the anomaly here I used as my example in making the point that everyone here is so deadly, that anything could happen in single combat between any of the above, and lesser skilled fighters could upset higher ranked opponents in certain circumstances. But, these are my rankings when it comes to true prowess and abilities.
  3. Foremost, you’d “follow” your liege lord because you swore them fealty and must keep that oath. To not follow them upon their banners being raised, would make you the coward, unless they are a mad tyrant, demanding you to kill the innocent or something else unjust of that nature. There’s your case for rebellion. Second, commanding from the rear, away from the frontlines does not make someone a coward; Stannis is no coward. I’m sure he enjoys fighting just as much as the average man does, but he knows his true purpose is to be where he can save the most lives for his men. He’s a Baratheon, they are fierce in combat by nature. It’s not cowardly to understand the significance of putting yourself where you can survey the enemy situation and command your troops effectively. I’m sure he’d get stuck in when the time is right, when his men need it most. What they don’t need is for their commander to fall in battle. Wise men stay alive for the greater good, and put the lives of their own men before their pride. I’d rather fight for a Lord with a strategic mind watching the battle , then fight behind or next to a lord that’s not a “coward”. Atleast that way I know their won’t be a cavalry charge into our flank.
  4. There’s this fantasy element with Robert Baratheon fighting in the frontlines and even with Robb Stark going where the fighting is the thickest, and I think it’s foolish. A wise commander should sit back and make sure his men are well-situated on all flanks and properly reinforced before throwing himself into the mix. Actually, if I’m a Lord/King in command of a large force or any force for that matter, what business do I have leading a charge? As soon as that guy falls, it’s game over. Mass-routing ensues and chaos consumes your ranks. Not only until the moment comes when the enemy force has committed most or all of its units and you’ve situated your’s should you join the combat. Robert seems to get recognition as a great commander but he’s reckless to fight the way he does. He’s the guy you want to come in to turn the tide once the balance of power is in need of it.
  5. So there’s a lot of talk about who the best military commanders of Westeros are, but not too much to be said about strengths and weaknesses. What are the top commanders best suited for is what I want to discuss basically. What are their specialties and where do they belong on the battlefield. I think if a good commander has any sense, no matter how skilled he is in combat, he belongs no where near the frontlines. The ideal commander should sit behind the center or commanding the rearguard. I know there is plenty of room for speculation on many generals’ particular skill sets and I welcome that on this thread. Here’s mine: 1. Stannis - Naval expert, Siege expert, Cavalry commander. He’s the best all-around commander bar none. Rearguard commander 2. Robb Stark - Guerrila deployment, Cavalry Commander. Center 3. Tywin Lannister - Field commander. Rearguard 4. Roose Bolton - Field commander, Rearguard 5. Robert Baratheon - Cavalry Commander. Vanguard 6. Randyl Tarly - Cavalry Commander, All-rounder. Vanguard/Center 7. Jon Arryn - Field Commander. Rearguard I didn’t put a lot of time into this but I think I did enough. What are your thoughts?
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