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    Poll: Has Myrcella Already Died Off-Page?

    Well I’m not saying Jaime is gonna show up right now, I’m talking down the road a bit. Give it time for Dorne to call it’s bannners and Darkstar will get Dawn. A dayne is a dayne, they won’t discriminate a cadet branch member who’s just slain a kingsguard( Balon) and is heading into war. He might not get it ethically either it’ll probably be some sly deception or maybe he’ll steal it. And Jaime is gonna get out of that mess with stone heart. I highly doubt his end is that soon. I think GRRM still has some room left for Jaime to redeem himself and restore some honor, maybe even get some or all of his fighting prowess back.
  2. Ser Dips A lot

    Poll: Has Myrcella Already Died Off-Page?

    I believe Darkstar has most likely succeeded in poisoning myrcella, and she is fated to a gruesome death, similar to her death in the show. As phony and annoyingly ridiculous of a character that Darkstar has been portrayed to be, I do believe he is competent enough to know what he’s doing when it comes to killing; what he did to myrcella went exactly as planned. He’s kinda of a tool bag but GRRM wanted him to be a “cool villain” and with that said, I think he’s got a hyped up role to come. Killing Balon, who’s been built up as well, would gain him some merit and perhaps pump him up to be a legit adversary in a climactic duel with someone of more significance to the plot, such as Hotah or Jaime. Jaime I think is more likely the challenger in this duel to come. I don’t mean to hijack the thread with Darkstar theories but I kinda am because it does pertain to Myrcella’s death, which has a lot of significance. It launches Dorne into a state of being closer to war than it has been since Robert’s Rebellion, and it fuels a heated resentment/feud between Jaime and Darkstar. So yes, I believe Myrcella is dead or soon to be dead, whether it’s on page or not, and that will lay the foundation for a Jaime Lannister revival. Jaime will duel Darkstar to avenge his daughter’s murder. Widow’s Wail vs Dawn. An epic duel to come.
  3. Ser Dips A lot

    Stannis Baratheon Predictions

    Jon XIII, Dance Stannis's host of Nothmen and Rivermen will array for battle at the Trident. Their numbers will be swollen by Northern childless and homeless men, unwed men, old men, and younger sons coming for war, for adventure and plunder, and for a glorious death to spare their kin beyond the Neck one more mouth to feed (just like Creegan Stark's host in the Dance of the Dragons). Daenerys will meet them... However, I think rather than burn this host she will take it for her own to fight Aegon. Recall how Stannis took Renly's power for his own... Catelyn IV, Clash We know that the North fought on the black side in the Dance of Dragons. And I seem to recall an old SSM where the George said the North tended to be loyalist after Torrhen knelt (or perhaps it was a post by Ran). We know that Daenerys is going to slay the lie that is Stannis or his claim. Perhaps Drogon, the shadow, will remove Stannis and Daenerys will claim Stannis's forces the way Stannis claimed Renly's. Daenerys I, Dance 2 Davos V, Storm 54 That’s a very believable take on Stannis. I guess what your saying is that Stannis beats the Freys on the ice lake but word of his death still spreads throughout the North, and that Manderly now believes he must take matters into his own hands so he orchestrates the defeat of the Bolton’s and taking Winterfell back for the Stark loyalists perhaps Rickon...are you with me so far? and then Manderly meets Stannis and sees that he’s still alive and bends the knee? Winter Wolves 2.0 head down through the neck or transport via Manderly ships and fight Aegon/Dany/Euron or some contingent of southron? I believe Dany could likely incinerate Stannis and his army at the Trident, certainly some symbolism and irony there. Where is the Vale during this? Where is Jon Snow during this? really good post tho I just have more questions lol
  4. Maybe I should have posted this in the Winds forum or somewhere other than here but if you’re not up to speed with the books, don’t read this. If you are, you’re aware that Stannis Baratheon, the one true king, is indeed still very much alive. He’s holed up in a small ice lake village seeking refuge from the harsh conditions and battling winter attrition. As things stand, he faces an imminent encounter with a contingent of Bolton/Frey soldiers en route to his current locale, more or less, and there’s going to be some combat. My prediction is that Stannis does manage to use the ground to his advantage as he previously states, and that he will emerge victorious by means of a brilliant strategic Ice Lake Trap on the treasonous Frey scum, whom deserve to die. I also predict that he will take Winterfell. The details and events leading to this theory are uncertain at this time, but I do believe Stannis will prevail. But how do things go from here? Does Stannis survive? If so, does he live to fight against the Others and then die? Because I don’t see too much story arc left for him in the plot lines really, considering Jon Snow’s parentage and what not. Perhaps he lives through all the battles to come and marches south and flips the script on a whole lot of other treasonous basterds? What are your predictions with Stannis The Mannis?
  5. Ser Dips A lot

    Stannis Baratheon becomes King, and needs an heir

    Stannis offered Renly to be his heir. He doesn’t want Shireen to be his successor; Shireen is his last resort. Stubborn as he may be, he knows that Shireen is weak and offering his younger brother, that he doesn’t even love, the position of his heir shows this. Who would be the King consort if Shireen inherits? A Martell maybe?
  6. If Stannis Baratheon manages to secure the Iron Throne and defeats the Lannister-Tyrell alliance, what would his next move be in terms of heirs? I created this thread particularly because of Edric Storm. I know Stannis seems to resent the child since afterall he was conceived on Stannis’ wedding night, in Stannis’ wedding bed, by the disrespectful King Robert. But, presume Stannis takes a liking to the boy, maybe through some time by his side or perhaps Edric comes to some use or serves a purpose in the aid of Stannis. Could Stannis legitimize Edric Storm as ‘Edric Baratheon’ without contradicting his own claim as King? It’s agreed that sons of older brothers inherit lordship and kingship before younger brothers such as Stannis, but how does this situation work? Does this conflict with Stannis’ hierarchy as rightful heir or could he just say “No, I am King by all laws of Westeros since Roberts “true children” were basterds and Edric is my choice as heir, as my nephew...? Stannis is, in my opinion, unwise to name Shireen his heir and have her wed to another noble house. This would generate an unusual situation being that she would be the first female Baratheon in line to inherit the throne and the first female in line to inherit since the Targaryen era. Does Stannis really want his successor to be a girl he’s not too particularly fond of, that atleast has Stannis’ blood, married to a King consort from another house, or does he want to elevate Edric to Crown Prince and name him as heir. Maybe he marries Shireen to Edric and simplifies the whole scenario. I don’t know. I just know that Stannis The Mannis needs a badass Baratheon after him to carry on his legacy after he drains the swamp and restores the Weseros to its former glory.
  7. I guess, he’d have the option to marry Cersie off somewhere since she’s unbinded to Robert in this scenario. A young attractive Lannister bride, to breed strong sons with Lannister loyalty...could secure atleast one noble family. Marrying her off to a Tyrell or Hightower, maybe even Edmure. Discharge Jaime from the Kingsguard and give him the Rock, and wed him to another powerful family...what lord wouldn’t want their nieces and nephews to inherit Casterly Rock or succeed Tywin, then Jaime, as King. And I don’t know what to do with Tyrion... I mean I reckon he’d find a way to do something with him like he tried to do with Sansa. Tywin could even remarry himself for fucks sake. But Tywin’s best bet is to name Jaime his heir, and have him produce a son as soon as possible, and groom that young son to be King. Keep Jaime’s son under your wing and mentor him, and stay alive as long as you can to ensure he doesn’t turn out to be a fuckwit like Joffrey. By the way, I hate the Lannisters. This is just an argument that Tywin could make out alright if he played his cards right.
  8. The realm would certainly be better off. Anyone would have done a better job than Robert, however, and Tywin’s administrative abilities and diplomacy skills would have kept Westeros stable and prosperous. I think Tywin would care more about his legacy though and the Lannister name more than the whole of Westeros, and sooner or later I would see another war in the makes; Dorne would eventually turn on him or probably not even bend the knee in the first place. If Tywin could even force them to, Dorne has never been conquered. A divided realm at his coronation... and who’s to say anyone would even help fight off the ironborn if the Greyjoy Rebellion still takes place, which I imagine would. My point is, Jon Arryn would be the more accepted king and the realm would be just as well off as it were if Tywin were king, minus the dissension. No one would have any serious resentment towards an Arryn King, after all, their house is built on the principles of honor.
  9. Ser Dips A lot

    Greatest battle commanders at the start of ASoIaF

    1. Stannis He is the best naval commander, has respectable experience besieging and with siege defense. He’s proven himself as a strong cavalry commander(Castle Black), and he has the ability to win battles with the odds against him. He’s about to take back Winterfell with a make-shift army facing winter attrition and is outnumbered atleast 2:1. Most well-rounded general and best commander overall. 2. Randyl Tarly Not much is known about him other than dealing Robert his only defeat in the rebellion. I put him at 2 mostly because of legacy and reputation. Iron-willed and shrewd. 3. Robb Stark Brilliant prodigy of war. Very talented military mind. Didn’t possess the know-how to consolidate his victories though, and didn’t maintain the loyalty of his bannerman. Could have been the GOAT if he had a stronger mentor. No beheading Karstark and no broken marriage pact with Freys and he undoubtedly wins the war, making a strong case for greatest commander in Westeros history potentially. Capable Commanders: Tywin, Ned, Bronze Yohn Tywin is a good overall commander but not special in any particular class of warfare. Defeated Robb Stark with low-cunning and immoral tactics. Killing your enemy at their wedding feast doesn’t make you a great battle commander. Ned and Yohn are capable and decent commanders but not gifted as anyone in my top 3.
  10. Ser Dips A lot

    Ranking the best warriors at the start of asoiaf

    So let’s say there’s a trial by combat in King’s Landing for some reason, and Gregor Clegane must fight to protect himself from execution, you don’t think anyone could beat him? Sandor, Barristan, or Jaime? He’s a freakish brute indeed, but smashing through shield walls and wreaking havoc on the battlefield against men at arms doesn’t make him the best fighter. Yes, it makes him a force to be reckoned with but if it’s a one on one, he’s gonna be in trouble with someone who’s at legendary status like Jaime or Barristan in his prime. I imagine fighting against him in a full pitched battle would give him an advantage because of the chaos and frenzy of bodies all around but he’s not the best fighter when weighing out true warrior instincts and abilities. He can kill anyone with one well placed blow and have a chance against anyone I named, but Oberyn exploited he’s beatable and exposed his weaknesses in one on one combat. And I’d say Oberyn isn’t the best either, the spear was pivotal to his success in that duel, but I think Barristan, Jaime, and Sandor could all replicate that victory with sword in hand. Maybe not as pretty or elegant for Sandor because he also has brute strength and size, but I respectfully disagree with you when you say Gregor is the best fighter. He belongs in the top 10 and that’s it.
  11. I imagine it was. In fact, I often wonder if the war was even named Robert’s Rebellion until after he usurped the crown and took the throne. I also imagine that if say Robert wasn’t king at the end, maybe dying of his wounds or allowing Viserys and Danaerys to keep the Targaryen line intact, the war would have been called Jon’s Rebellion. Afterall, he was the first lord to raise his banners against the Mad King. Jon Arryn was the man who set it all into motion, not Robert. To answer your question though, Robert was not named king or crowned until the taking of King’s Landing, and the death of the Mad King.
  12. I completely forgot that Tywin had served as Aery’s hand, and I didn’t know it was for that long either. 20 years is a long time to be running shit in King's Landing. He probably would have had the Kingdom in top shape if he were King. All would fall into good order I imagine, except for Dorne. They would probably go into open rebellion if they secured atleast one decent ally. Perhaps they unite with the Golden Company at some point or other foreigners....maybe even the Ironborn. Jon would have had unwavering loyalty from 4 kingdoms and a content Dorne contingent, and I think Tywin would have had a loosely binded, easily divided realm, waiting to fall apart as soon as shit hits the fan. Who knows what the Mighty Tywin would concoct though, probably some very smart political marriages and strategically situated small council positions to solidify his position.
  13. Well said, I agree that the trio of Jaime, Cersei, and Tyrion would be the downfall to Tywin if he were king. You said Robert, Jon, and Ned “trashed” the Kingdom. I disagree. Jon and Ned had good intentions and wanted justice, Robert did not. When they won the war, The throne had to go to Robert, as he had the only claim; Tywin had Rhaegar’s family murdered, and the Viserys and Dany would have met the same fate likely had they not fled. Robert was the one who trashed the kingdom. Robert did not have good intentions, as you said above. He wanted revenge, not justice. There’s a big difference. Ned and Jon wanted justice and they are at fault for nothing, just having bad luck with their friend Robert being a fat drunken fuck....and that is out of their control.
  14. Ser Dips A lot

    Ranking the best warriors at the start of asoiaf

    I think Drogo is badass, I won’t rob him of that. He’s a master horseman with considerable skills in melee, whom I believe is also even referred to as a “demon” archer. Maybe I have him confused with someone else regarding the archer portion, but he’s skilled in a fighting style that doesn’t necessary equal inordinate success in Westeros combat. Saying he belongs in my top 10 is not justified. Perhaps he could occasionally beat a warrior named in my top 10 with precision, timing, and a little bit of luck, but even that’s a stretch. Anyways the topic is pertaining to greatest “warrior” and although Drogo is a formidable one, he’s on a different playing field with a significant disadvantage; no heavy armor and/or a double edged sword for thrusting through plate...the arahk simply won’t work.
  15. So I’ve often speculated on alternate scenarios with the end of Robert’s Rebellion. In a situation where say Robert dies of his wounds at The Trident, what would have happened. Likely, the Targaryen line wouldn’t have been extinguished. The remaining rebel leaders, Jon Arryn and Ned Stark, would have most likely secured the throne for Viserys or Danaerys, ofcourse under their control and counsel. That’s the honorable thing to do with the Mad King and Rhaegar dead. Rhaegar’s siblings would have better claim then a bastard (Jon Snow). So, now with my hypothetical scenario, say that Viserys and Dany are out of the picture and Jon Arryn or Tywin Lannister have 1/8 Targ blood or some claim to the Iron Throne as Robert did, who would be the better King? And also add in the Jon Arryn is able to produce a better heir then Robin, perhaps a son from his previous marriage with his cousin Arryn or a healthy child with Lysa. And I know the rebel factions wouldn’t prefer Tywin as King, but if he had the targ blood Robert had, he has a claim.