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    If Renly lives, how does the war play out?

    The scenario will be a quagmire to both Lannisters and the newly created Kingdom of Of the North and trident. Basing on the outcome of Renly victory over Stannis it would mean both Tywin and Robb will have to change strategy and tactics to figure how to deal with Renly on their own terms. 1. For The Lannisters the resources to raise armies will be left to Tywins army 20000 strong at Harrenhal in the Riverlands, 10000 Army led by ser Stafford and ser Forley Prester garrisson at Golden tooth defending the pass to the Westerlands, in KL the almost 7000 Host composed of the gold cloaks,hired sellswords and Knights and men at arms sent by the surrounding castles near the capital KL plus the remaining 50 ships royal fleet protecting blackwater bay in KL. 2.For the Kingdom of the North and the Trident the resources to raise the armies will be down to the relief force 6000 strong led by Robb in liberating the first siege of Riverrun by Jaime, remnants of Edmure's Riverlands host plus garrison gathered in Riverrun led by Lord Tytos Blackwood(They did number 11000 at the battle of the fords),retreated 10000 host from the battle on the green fork led by Roose Bolton encamped at the crossroad plus northern 400 garrison left at the Twins castle under the command of Ser Helman Talhart and Lord walder frey(frey also commanded a garrison 0f 400 remaining behind at the Twins . Renly would have a big host perhaps retain his numbers 70-80000 after defeating Stannis while he figure's next cause of action either neutralize Tywin or Robb as he stated to Cat before matching with the eventual goal to seize KL Sidenotes* Dorne and the Vale might sit out the conflict preserving their armies awaiting to make moves when the it convenient for them. Redwynes Horas and Hobber will be still kept as hostages in King's Landing, preventing House Redwyne from joining the Tyrells in declaring for King Renly that means no Redwyne Fleet. At the time of Robb's crowning coinciding with Stannis Siege of Storm's end Theon found out that Balon had already set his mind and plans in motion meaning that the North will still be invaded by the Ironmen and will keep the north reserves engaged offering no chance to support robb in the riverlands.
  2. IN 300 AL King Tommen calls his council and the news is dire.... his reign faces great threats, loyal and capable lord regent is slain(kevan lannister) ,and grand master pycelle is as well slain the usurper stannis threatens tommen's warden in the north(Roose Bolton) and has raised an army and is marching to winter fell , The pirate king Euron greyjoy has invaded the lands of tommen's warden of the south(Mace Tyrell) His lord commander of the kingsguard(Jaime) has gone missing in t...