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  1. Lion of the West

    Are the Sparrows a religious or popular movement?

    They are both as one don't need to exclude the other.
  2. Lion of the West

    Why did Sansa dislike being Northern?

    For his family's future connections, to ensure that Sansa has a good life with a family he has reason to think will provide her with a good life or that Sansa herself seems interested to marry a southen lord/heir. And if Ned isn't smart enough to see or think of these things, Catelyn is and can, and can presumably get it done. Or at least that's how I see it. The fact that there seems to be no serious marriage plan or idea in Eddard's or Catelyn's heads regarding Sansa tells me that they probably haven't any set ideas on whom she shall marry and by consequence in what new home her life would be formed after her marriage. Hence I would think that they were still looking for a potential husband for her and that make me think that the Northern lords, whom they would have much contact, perhaps were not what they were looking for when looking for a husband for Sansa. I could be wrong of course but this is the impression that I have.
  3. Lion of the West

    Why did Sansa dislike being Northern?

    Sansa does not dislike being Northern, she is just also interested in things beyond the North. And as others have pointed out, her future is most likely to marry a noble, or even a king's son, in the South and thus she's getting prepered for the life that her parents have planned for her. Being interested in other cultures does not necessitate that you dislike your own.
  4. Lion of the West

    What if Tywin never breached red keep

    No one will accept Elia as regent. The rebels had already crowned Robert and Tywin had picked his side. While the Tyrells or Aerys' lickspittles will accept a Dornish regent. What would most likely happen is that a group of loyalists would overwhelm Jamie and kill him for killing Aerys. And then the Red Siege would be put under siege and either stormed or starved into submission.
  5. Lion of the West

    Did Tywin order the Mountain to rape Elia and smash her head?

    I see no reason for Tywin to have been so specific to Gregor. And I might want to remind people that Gregor don't need an order to murder or rape. I don't recall Tywin giving orders to kill Ser Hugh at the tourney at King's Landing, nor to attack Loras Tyrell, or to rape the innkeeper's daughter or murder his wives, sister and father, brutalize Sandor and so on. He did all those things on his own initiative and without Tywin having to order him to do it.
  6. Lion of the West

    Euron Greyjoy or Roose Bolton - Who has more morals?

    I agree that Roose beats Euron. Because like they say, Roose has some limited understanding and qualms about some things regarding morals while Euron seems to have none.
  7. Lion of the West

    How was Jaime going to storm Riverrun?

    It would have been a bloody work and while I'm not an expert on sieges I do believe that the rivers can be re-directed or that you presumably can create siege towers that reaches the walls. We're not talking about the Rhine or Nile here but presumably narrows rivers. It would have been a difficult and project to be sure but since no one seems to dwell overmuch on the practical problems of getting across the water around Riverrun I would think that the water wasn't to wide for an attack.
  8. Lion of the West

    What would you do if you were king Viserys I to avoid the Dance?

    Just pick one side of my family, the Arryn or the Hightower maternal branch, and stick with it. The other side will be removed from power and influence and perhaps even from court and so allow the other to simply have all the power at my death. Trying to placate both sides is understandable but not what will prevent the Dance.
  9. Lion of the West

    Moral Standpoint Analysis (pt.1): House Bolton vs House Manderly

    What I am saying is that I would have prefered an analysis where the result was not a forgone conclusion or where some interesting or witty argument could be made for one side or another that haven't been done to death earlier.
  10. Lion of the West

    Europe in Game of Thrones terms

    Well both the Iron Islands and Britain are islands to the north-west of the mainland, so I guess there's some geographic similarities there.
  11. Lion of the West

    Moral Standpoint Analysis (pt.1): House Bolton vs House Manderly

    This is for future posts, primarily. The fact that you both pick House Bolton as part of a "morale analysis" and looking at your signatures its kind like me having an "analysis" about if Tywin or Ambrose Butterwell have the best leadership skills. You can probably tell where its going to end the first argument lands. House Bolton is simply over the top. Had it been the Karstarks or Ryswells against the Manderlys you might have been able to get something together but...House Bolton from a morale standpoint? If you want to do an alysis of Houses, please do one and not just declare a common fan favorite the winner over a major heel House in the story. PS: In case someone don't know what I mean by "heel" I add this link to Wikipedia to explain. But its essentially someone for the fans of wrestling to consider a villain to the good guys in the show. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heel_(professional_wrestling)
  12. Lion of the West

    Why did Aegon allow the former kings so much power?

    Probably for the same reason that Britain and Russia didn't go in to stop Bismarck in the 1860s and thus prevent the Great War in 1914. They didn't have a clue about what was coming about 40-50 years later. Aegon wouldn't have a clue what the world would be like centuries after his death. The Targaryens did know the present though in that the dragons, not gold mines or knights, was the key to their success. And really given for how long the system held, even after the dragons died, I would think that arrangement was a great success. It took over almost three centuries, the loss of the dragons and an Aerys II to bring the Great Houses over in a majority against the Targaryens. Before that, House Targaryen had no problem that I l know with Great Houses loyalty. Yes, there was the Dance of the Dragons, but all Great Houses supported one Targaryen or another. Not one of them supported a non-Targaryen and they closed ranks against the Blackfyres, to my knowledge. So my final answer is that the power of the Lords Paramount wasn't really interesting at that time, as the Field of Fire had demonstrated. Three of them had already been humbled, one was Aegon's friend and two were his chosen candidates. And keeping them in power prevented Aegon and his sisters from being swamped with work trying to run the hole kingdom from Aegonfort without any kind of civic administration or senior feudal managers to delegate tasks to. And on a different note; Aegon and his sisters might just have figured it was easier to keep watch on a few fat cats, who kept the smaller cats in line, than to take on the whole cat population themselves and try to herd them this way or that.
  13. I agree about Edmure, at least on being the kind of lord I would want over me. But to me family is very important, and I see it as important in this setting's socio-political system, so I do fault Robb for giving upp on his own sister.
  14. Yes. But you do understand that Sansa is also a human with a human life held in the claws of her enemies? And that she is kin to Robb Stark who operates in a feudal system where he, as the head of his house, is supposed to protect his kin and not let them hang out to dry in order to show others under his protection that he can do the same for them? And that's not even touching the inheritance issues that does crop up when Robb don't get Sansa back but leaves her in Lannister hands. Indeed. Regardless of how great stories that is produced around it, its a pretty horrible system to organize society.
  15. Lion of the West

    Which are worse, Wildling, Ironborn or Dothraki?

    To me, the Dothraki slavers will always be worst, followed by the Ironmen reavers and then comes the Wildlings who while they do have some less than admirable cultural traits, don't seem to rise to the level of either Dothraki or Ironmen.