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  1. Lion of the West

    Was Aegon The Conqueror to generous ?

    Usually, yes. But they still raise trouble so evidently everyone did not bow down and never dared to life a finger due to the dragons.
  2. Lion of the West

    Was Aegon The Conqueror to generous ?

    Absolutely, yet the problems were potentially there and people were not afraid of raising problems just because the king had a dragon.
  3. Lion of the West

    Was Aegon The Conqueror to generous ?

    As I recall Viserys got the Greens and constant, or almost constant, scheming at court and potentially his own assassination which ended his life. But you are right that Jaehaerys did avoid much problem. I would however argue this was the twin result of Maegor's reign to root out troublemakers and bleed the Faith Militant and Jaehaerys own shrewd administration's (I don't want to claim he did it all himself so its "his administration" rather than reign) work on handling situations. There was after all at least one time when, if I recall, the Sea Snake and Daemon Targaryen were close to start a civil war.
  4. Lion of the West

    Was Aegon The Conqueror to generous ?

    Given all the trouble that Aenys, Maegor and other dragon-riding Targaryen kings went through, I think that's a bit of a rosy picture of it.
  5. Lion of the West

    Renly invaded westernlands

    Renly's army is alot more cumbersome than a smaller all-cavalry force and also eats a great deal more. So it could be that Renly could have crushed the Lannister power base but get some other problems. Namely that while Renly is storming castles and losing men in the West, including a potentially drawn out siege of the Rock and Lannisport with all the risk that's entails, King's Landing would be safe and Renly would be calling himself king but not sitting on the Iron Throne for a very long time. It seems to me that the Lannisters have staked themselves to the claim on the Iron Throne so only by disloging them will they seize hostilities. And while Renly is in the West, the Lannisters could presumably cause some problem in the Reach and Stormlands and further strenghten the defenses of the capital to potentially force another long and bloody siege for Renly. Now I don't think that it would have been a stupid idea to go for the West. But I do think that Renly will not only need to beat the Lannisters but also the King in the North and the King of the Iron Islands and so a quick resolution, as opposed to a drawn out conflict, may have been more preferentia from a political standpoint in regards to the Baratheon succession. And if he can return the West to his side without added hostilities from that region's nobility, things might also be better in the long run. And besides, Renly has such strength that he can reasonably assume that in a direct confrontation he is close to unbeatable and thus forcing a direct confrontation with his enemies would likely work in his advantage while a more drawn out conflict of indecisive fights would be to his enemies' benefit.
  6. Lion of the West

    Robb lost his purpose and that's why he lost the War.

    We don't know for sure. But the Blackfish may or may not have executed Jaime since without Jaime he has nothing to hold off Tywin with. But then again emotion and maintaining an image of strength might have made him execute Jaime. But since it never happened we don't know what would have gone down. Personally I do think that the Blackfish would have been too clever to kill Jaime in a fit of anger but he could well have tried to ensure that Jaime died while at the same time milk something of use out of the Kingslayer.
  7. I think Robert's father-in-law would have made the arrangements with the king looking the other way.
  8. Lion of the West

    House Manderly demanding his Reach lands back from Targaryen/Velaryon/Baratheon

    If a claim was pressed on the Iron Throne to restore the Manderly lands in the Reach, the king on the Iron Throne would probably laugh and tell the Manderlys to take a place in the waiting line. Right after the Peakes and Osgreys who are also bitching about lands they lost a long time ago and are not going to get back. And probably behind a whole bunch of other guys.
  9. Lion of the West

    Why does Balon Greyjoy want to attack the North?

    The reason Balon attacks the North is that he's not a Stark fanboy and the reason that he's focused on Eddard is probably because Robert and Jason are distant from him, he is however always reminded that Eddard has Theon as a ward. Hence I would guess that Eddard is much more present in Balon's mind than Robert or Jason and as such is the one that kind of represents "the Enemy" in the Iron Throne to Balon. And now there are many problems with Balon's plan. The most important is that the Old Way is essentially impossible if the opposition can gather naval power to strike back at the Ironmen. As is the case after Iron Throne was forged when the Iron Fleet can't hope to both be the biggest boat in the water and that the other boats won't team up. And attacking the North or the South is equally stupid because Balon seeks permanent conquests and that impossible in both North and South due tot he Ironmen's lack of cavalry and lack of resources to hold off the coming counter attack that will come sooner rather than later. Presumably the Ironmen can outmatch the Northmen in naval power in the west and could thus presumably keep sea-side positions supplied and supported from the sea. But that advantage goes to hell if the Iron Throne gets invovled. If Balon had done as the Reader suggested and played the Game of Thrones by getting concessions from one side before he made a move, rathern than work for free in King Joffrey's cause, he might have gained lands. But now he just lost a bunch of men with nothing to show for it.
  10. Lion of the West

    What was Tywin's original plan?

    Problem is that Robert had no black rage when Jaime attacked Eddard in the street and killed Eddard's men. You'd think that the Demon of the Trident would have reacted with more vigor after that. But Robert did not. He chickened out and left the mess in Eddard's lap to get away from it by going out to hunt. If that didn't produce any "Watch out, Lannisters, its hammer time!" from Robert , why would Robert's reaction to this, which was also breaking the king's peace in the king's own city against his best friend, be more tame than his reaction if Eddard would be kidnapped out in the forests? And the thing is that Catelyn, as so often, has the truth of it: People change and even if you knew a person ten years ago there's no telling that you know them now if you've not had contact with them for so many years. What saved Tywin's neck was his own military and diplomatic skills that simply was more than those against him, Eddard's failure to take Renly's offer and also that Tywin's own luck cancelled out the bad shit he got from the luck possessed by his enemies. No, Tywin is not. I'd bet that Gregor is more hated than Tywin. And the Dornish won't lift a finger for Robert. They didn't lift a finger to help Renly and they didn't lift a finger to help Stannis. The Dornish would stay put and work for Doran's dream of Targaryen king with a Martell queen. Everything is of secondary importance to Doran and thus by extension the Martells as a House. And helping House Baratheon in any way is not part of that dream. The thing is that if Tywin knew that Robert would stand up to the Lannisters, he wouldn't have acted like he did. If there was indeed going to be that Robert took to the field to save or avenge Eddard, Tywin would have know that there was some iron left in Robert and so simply acted in another way. You seem to think that if you change the largest factor in Tywin's decision making process, as I would guess of it anyway, in how the king will react to something, then the outcome will still be the same. It would not.
  11. Lion of the West

    Your Sigil, Your Words, Your Fealty, and the Name of Your Keep.

    Sure, why not. House Sassarp Sigil: Per bendy, Gules and Or, a griffon rampagent, Sable Words: "Faithful to friends, fearless to foes" Lands: Somewhere in the Westerlands Location: Westerlands Seat: The Red Roost House Weapons: Valyrian longsword called "Memory". Fealty: House Lannister of Castlery Rock Gods: The Seven Blood: Andal
  12. Lion of the West

    What was Tywin's original plan?

    Robert was never a problem for Tywin. The best way to predict someone's future behavior is to look at their past behavior, and whenever there has been a conflict between Stark and Lannister, Robert took the Lannister's side or chickened out. There is no reason to think that Robert would not go on the Lannister line this time as well.
  13. Lion of the West

    House Arryn Enters The War

    Its not as easy as you make it out to be. Actions and events happens depending on what happens before and elsewhere. If there are different things in the Vale, then things elsewhere will go differently and so on. I realize that I may sound a bit angry at time. The reason is to make the impression that the scenario presented here does not make sense or would work out at all. To start with, with the Lannisters being innocent of Jon Arryn's death, Eddard may not at all head south with King Robert to become Hand of the King. Finding justice for Jon Arryn, under the impression that it was the Lannisters who killed him, was a major or even the major motivation for going south. With the plot of Lysa and Littlefinger exposed, why would Eddard go south with Robert? And even more so, if Jon has a son of his own body who is an adult and grown strong, why would he marry Lysa and if not Lysa is there, why would he raise Littlefinger to any importance? These two things are extremely unlikely to take place with an adult son of Lord Arryn around. I think that just this, and I could go on, is enough to throw a wrench into the development of the story as we know it. Why would the enemy be House Lannister and King Joffrey? It was a Tully and a Baelish who killed Jon Arryn. And regardless or not, this Lord Arryn has just thrown Lysa Tully out of the Vale. It really isn't that far fetched that there would be a rift between the Tullys and the Arryns at this point as we wouldn't know to what degree the Tullys will just give up the idea of a half-Tully being the next Lord Arryn or even if they would believe the charges or just see it as a power grap by a pretender to the Eyrie. Things like this don't go always smooth and are seen in the best possible light by people in Westeros. If the new Lord Arryn is so stupid as to jump into a war without securing allies, coordinate with possible allied forces or have a firm idea about what he wants after King Joffrey, who wasn't involved in the death of Jon Arryn in any case I might add, and what he wants to gain from the war then I would imagine that he would march straight to Harrenhall and break his army against those walls. After which the remains will slink back to the Vale and play not further part. Hence Tywin will not be stopped at the crossings over the Trident so the Tyrells can find him. He will be wading knee-deep, or higher, in the blood of the Knights of the Vale at Harrenhall, when the Tyrells arrives to join him going south to save King's Landing. To start with Lord Arryn would need to get into contact with Robb or Stannis, decided which side he will support, and then move to help that side achieve their war objectives, then reap the rewards he've been promised for his contribution. If Lord Arryn would aid Stannis, then threatening Tywin's rear is a bettter choice than trying to lay siege to Harrenhall, as it would make it more difficult for Tywin to move at will to the south with an army in his rear. Now the Tyrells will bring sufficient troops to both go to the capital and leave a rearguard to hold off the Knights of the Vale, but that wouldn't be known to Lord Arryn and most importantly, with less enemies in the field it MIGHT be possible for Stannis to withdraw more forces to his ships and regroups back in the Vale of Arryn to continue the war. But they could also use Stannis' control of the royal navy along with ships from the Vale to land the Knights of the Vale north of King's Landing and so allow for a assault from both north and south, or use the Valemen to attack Tywin's relieving army and so allow for Stannis to capture the city. The key however is coordination and cooperation. The scenario would be similar with siding with Robb. Coordination and cooperation.
  14. Lion of the West

    Rules of inheritance

    A bit of speculation but... We know very little of daily life in Westeros due to the main series focusing on a major war that throws the normal playbook out the window or with the absolute upper crust of the nobility who may or may not actually care much for such things in such times. I would think its often, depending on the personality of the king, enforced in normal times unless there's a good reason not to do so. With some luck we may get a Dunk&Egg episode that deals with this issue in the future. But that's about as far as I would dare to hope to get some clarity on the issue.
  15. Lion of the West

    What happened to the Targaryen slaves?

    I'd assume Aegon and his sisters made their slaves free, and pressured any retainer to do the same, and the slaves mostly remained to do the same tasks but now with a small wage for their old masters. A few may have joined the smallfolk on Dragonstone and an even fewer number may have left Dragonstone to try their luck on the mainland.