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  1. Very interesting! I can see Leyton marrying off one of his daughters to Euron or his bannermen. Malora comes to mind and she seems to have an affinity for magic which Euron given his nature would fine intriguing. as for "Viserys's death hatching one of the dragon eggs" did that really happen? What I mean is did his death cause that to happen? He was killed long before in Vaes Dothrak plus it was Drogo not Dany who killed him.
  2. If he's experimenting then he better hope he makes it out alive because he's surrounded by Redwyne ships. Very very risky experiment
  3. Good point, I had completely forgotten about that. So human sacrifice -whether you love them or not - does let you get magical results. If the human is related to you, the more powerful it will be (?) . If Stannis had sacrificed Shireen (who is his dearest) instead of alester, would the wind have been much much more powerful? I don't think the Hightowers would be willing to ally with Euron tbh. He's evil
  4. TWOW spoilers ahead. So Euron is killing heaps of people and collecting their blood for a blood magic ritual probably to summon krakens to destroy the Redwyne fleet. He has a big ship to store this blood. The number of people he has had killed must be a LOT. Thing is, Euron does not care about these people he has killed. They were not special or did not mean anything to him. What I'm saying is he did not sacrifice anyone - except his unborn child in Falia and aeron. Even though they are related by blood (kinship) he does not love them or care about them. Melisandre says this: What I understand from this quote is it is pointless and ineffective to sacrifice those who are not dear to you. If a man with only one cow sacrifices his only cow he will be extremely distraught because this single cow was his companion, he cared about her, his means of livelihood, it put food on his table. Euron doing a blood ritual of the thousands of people he killed -people he does not love or care about - well... I don't think this blood magic ritual will succeed. It will be an epic fail. Best case scenario - ritual is only a little effective and summons a few krakens which barely damages the Redwyne Fleet. Best case or Worst case - Euron messed up and will die in the Redwyne straits. also a question: when sacrificing the one you love for a blood magic ritual, will it only work if you kill them with your own hands or will it also work if you get some people to do it for you? Pretty sure Euron's soldiers did almost all of the killing for the blood. Dany killed Drogo with her own hands. If she had asked Jorah or someone I dont know if her ritual would have worked to hatch dragons.
  5. Kevan Lannister is brother to one of the richest if not the richest lord in the 7 Kingdoms. He also has some notable achievements where he fought in the War of the Ninepenny Kings and won his knighthood. He also helped Tywin crush the Reyne-Tarbeck rebellion, rid the westerlands of robber knights, collected outstanding debts owed to Casterly Rock. Not to mention, he's been Tywin's ardent followers. He also helped Tywin during the war of the 5 kings. In light of this, shouldn't he be owning or rewarded some land at least?
  6. Assuming Jon is the son of Rhaegar and Lynanna what if he was born with silver-blonde hair and purple eyes like the Targaryens? It would have been very difficult for Ned to keep his birth identity a secret. What would have Ned done?
  7. George R.R. Martin asks: “What was Aragorn’s tax policy?” So because of this he's writing a very detailed chapter on Dany's new tax policy for Mereen. Reznak, Tyrion, and Victarion will help her formulate one.
  8. Maybe part-summer islander. As you also said he's very skilled. I'm really happy such a distinguished fighter is a member of her queens guard. I hope he doesn't die it is known.
  9. Mirri Maaz Duur did nothing wrong. Drogo deserved to die.
  10. He has nut-brown skin so I first thought it could be Lhazar then I thought it could be Ghiscar. Finally the Rhoynish region came to my mind. Thoughts?
  11. Dany is about 5 feet 2 - 5 feet 4 inches tall. This dwarf servitor stood no taller than her knee. Which means he must be an extremely short dwarf. Tinier than Verne Jay Troyer. He has a snoutish face. It's really weird to see a very tiny dwarf with snoutish features. Is he even human? I don't think he's a human. I think he's another species similar to the Children of the Forest. Bran and Dany drink these psychedelic drugs (weirwood paste and shade of the evening) in the presence of tiny creatures - the CoTF and this tiny dwarf. I am starting to believe this dwarf is a relative to the CoTF. Perhaps he and his kind help the warlocks brew shade of the evening drinks. But Where is this dwarf from ? Could he be from the forests of ifequervron? The ifequervron were very similar to the COTF: https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Ifequevron Or are they another species from some place else? Thoughts?
  12. This is perhaps one of the BEST passages I have ever read in any story. The prose is incredible.
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