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  1. Falcon2909

    Weirdwood tree seeds?

    What if Leaf was lying? (you know, cus its Jojen Paste) Yes that's right. I feel its one huge supra-organism that spans Westeros. The Weirwoodnet heh
  2. Falcon2909

    Weirdwood tree seeds?

    I've never seen it mentioned in the series but how do weirwood trees grow? Do they grow out of trees? Are the weirwoods part of a single organism spanning Westeros ? (they're all connected; i forgot what the word for this is)
  3. Bran is a novice at looking into the past. He needs more coaching from the 3ER. Once he's ready we'll see more visions of the past.
  4. Daenys Targaryen the Dreamer had a prophetic dream showing the doom of valyria. 12 years later valyria was destroyed. So, weren't there any non-targaryen valyrians who had same/similar dreams warning them about the doom of valyria? If they did then they would have likely moved out like the Targaryens. Or are prophetic dreams limited to only targaryen valyrians ? (i know the starks, etc have prophetic dreams too but this post is regarding valyrians ) Or were these dreams sent via glass candle to only Daenys the dreamer? Thoughts?
  5. Falcon2909

    Will Selyse burn Shireen?

    Shireen is Stannis's only heir. The last of the Baratheons. The heir to the iron throne. He won't obviously kill his heir. However, if Stannis takes Winterfell he might summon Melisandre, Shireen and Selyse to Winterfell. And when the White Walkers come marching south, he may try to burn Shireen in order to get Lightbringer in a desperate attempt to halt the white walkers. But it fails and he realises he was not Azor Ahai after all and he burnt his daughter for nothing.
  6. Falcon2909

    hopes dashed by Fire and Blood

    Surprisingly, F&B throws out more questions than answers.
  7. Falcon2909

    References and Homages

  8. Falcon2909

    Why was Harrenhal built?

    ok but why build it near the isle of faces?
  9. Falcon2909

    Why was Harrenhal built?

    But you don't need a huge ass castle to do that
  10. Falcon2909

    Why was Harrenhal built?

    Why was Harrenhal built so big and massive with huge halls and so many hearths with thick curtain walls and tall towers? What was the reason? Could it be because Harren Hoare had a vision (or was told by the CotF from the isle of faces) of the incoming 2nd long night? So to protect himself and his family he had such a strong castle built? Also, why didn't Aegon make an alliance with Harren? Could Aegon have had a vision of Harren bringing in the 2nd long night so Aegon decided to roast him instead to stop him?
  11. For starters, the BloodStone Emperor's picture on the wiki: http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Bloodstone_Emperor The "Sister." quote gets me everytime. The art and quote makes him seem of a teenage edgelord rather than the psychotic badass that he was. There are other artworks that are cringy too.
  12. Falcon2909

    What is the role of Gendry?

    If he does then it's because his character has been forced too. 1) It was very stupid and dangerous of gendry to hide in KL, right under Cersei's nose 2) There was no reason to pick gendry for the expedition beyond the wall.
  13. Falcon2909

    What is the role of Gendry?

    Gendry was brought back in season 7 for fan service reasons
  14. Falcon2909

    So where would you live ?

    As a magister in Pentos
  15. Falcon2909

    Rogue's Gallery Re-open For Business!

    Hello from 2017