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  1. I love Essos. Dany's journey from the free cities -> Dothraki Sea -> Qarth -> Astapor was amazing. But Yunkai and Mereen bored me. I think cus she stayed too long there
  2. Tyrion; I think all the Lannisters are funny (Jamies, Cerseis chapters, their monologues; even Kevan with his burns)
  3. https://www.deviantart.com/bubug/art/strange-waters-of-the-Trident-317189407 Could someone explain whats goig on this pic? I see the Hound and Arya; in the reflection its the Hound without his scarred face and thats Sansa with a lute?
  4. i really like this, it doesn't look like a traditional castle. Looks like it was made by some advanced race
  5. Before his attack (if he did slash at her) on myrcella, was he still the most dangerous man in dorne and why ? Yronwoods come to mind. Why would these lords follow some edgy youth ?what does he have to offer ? He's not even from the famous Daynes - he's from its cadet branch and not even it's heir
  6. If darkstar is the most dangerous man in dorne, why hasn't doran put a bounty on him or an arrest warrant?
  7. King Stannis rules westeros from kings landing, with the heads of roose, cersei, euron, dany, faegon adorning its walls.
  8. https://i.imgur.com/9K8fm4G.jpg Olenna Tyrell with Left and Right by Diego Gisbert Llorens
  9. What was the point of showing Laconia if nothing actually came of it
  10. Jon was correct to execute Janos. Plus, it was nice of GRRM to make it a beheading rather than the original hanging as per a fan's suggestion (Sansa also wished his head got chopped off)
  11. I hate belters. Earth must come first. In a realistic scenario I would expect genocidal levels of retaliation from Earth.
  12. The only reason I watch this show is because of Homelander. He carries this show. Everyone else sucks.
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