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  1. She killed a potential future Khal Drogo who would have killed so many people . Khal Drogo and his men killed laid waste to her city, killed her people and women were raped . She is absolutely right in killing Drogo and his baby .
  2. Cersei was the daughter of Tywin - the strongest and richest lord in westeros who supported him during the great war and the greyjoy rebellion. That and he was lazy and did not care about ruling or politics - which he was fine with leaving to Cersei
  3. https://i.imgur.com/9K8fm4G.jpg Olenna Tyrell with Left and Right by Diego Gisbert Llorens
  4. He's mentally handicapped yet witty. After entertaining the king and his court, what does he do? Does he go to an inn/winesink to have a drink? Does he hang out with his mates? What do they all do for fun? Does he get paid for his work? What does he spend his salary on? Does he have a girlfriend?etc Same question goes for Patchface and butterbumps
  5. I've read theories where she meets arya and somehow magically dies peacefully. The dying part sounds silly IMO. We have no evidence fire wights can die after finding out that their kids are actually alive. What do you guys think? How do you end her storyline?
  6. This was the worst episode of star wars ever. From these biker kids looking out of place to the slow-paced chase sequence on their 1960s earth vespas yes I know these vespas are a homage to something I forgot, but at least make it fit the theme of tatooine. When they said they were cyborgs I expected them to look like terminator...not with some cheap scope attached to the eye. Rename Mos Espa to Mos Vespa. also, why is boba turning so weak now? He just set the guy who tried to kill him, one of the most dangerous bounty hunters in the galaxy, free. What if he comes back to kill him ? Why didnt he try to kill him with his gun? How was boba not able to sustain even a scratch after being smashed like a rag doll by a huge wookie? his palace has poor security which explains how the wookie got in. Boba's people consists of: 1. the assassin 2. 2 gamorean guards 3. 2 droids (cook and torture droid) 4. 4-6 teenagers on bikes that move as fast as 20 km/h and he expects to rule tatooine with this army.
  7. What was the point of showing Laconia if nothing actually came of it
  8. He'll probably fuck through Ghost (like varvmyr did with his pets)
  9. Jon was correct to execute Janos. Plus, it was nice of GRRM to make it a beheading rather than the original hanging as per a fan's suggestion (Sansa also wished his head got chopped off)
  10. Yes, Nagga's ribs are the remains of a weirwood longship - and this longship was made from Ygg the demon tree (giant weirwood)
  11. I don't think a tribe of 20 something tuskens will be enough yeah he should've killed them right there. at that time they only had a wookie merc lol
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