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  1. Not really. What was explained to her was that Sweetrobin could be given two more doses as long as he wasn't given any more in six months, so as far as Sansa knows he's not currently in danger of suffering long term effects.
  2. Sansa does have such a tendency, but the fact remains that the last time she gave him sweetsleep was before she learned of Littlefinger's plot about her marrying Harrold Hardying. At that time, it would make no sense for Littlefinger to want Sweetrobin dead, since his whole power rested upon being his Lord Protector, so Sansa would have no conceivable reason to believe he was being poisoned. She might be closing her eyes about him being poisoned after that but this isn't the same as poisoning him herself.
  3. First of all, the last time Sansa gave Robert sweetsleep, it was with a maester's permission (A Feast for Crow, chapter 41: Alayne II): Second (and following from the first) she can hardly be part of a plot to poison Robert when she learned of the plot only after administering the sweetsleep - she only learned of Littlefinger's plan after they went down from the Eyrie, where the above conversation happened. Third, Sansa definitely doesn't want Robert to die (The Winds of Winter, sample chapter: Alayne): So it's clear that Sansa isn't participating in any plot to kill Sweetrobin. At most you can accuse her of pretending not to notice others poisoning Sweetrobin, but there is hardly any evidence to reach such a conclusion.
  4. She's married because Tywin who didn't give a damn about her well-being ordered her married. People who aren't in a hurry to steal her birthright don't think she's old enough to marry even at fourteen. Arya sometimes (not always) acts older than eleven, but certainly not sixteen. I don't agree at all with Sansa and Bran sounding older than they actually are. The only exception are Sansa and Arya's sample chapters from TWOW, but they're likely barely edited from they were supposed to be set after the five year gap.
  5. Catelyn specifically arranged for Arya's marriage with Elmar to be delayed until she was 16. She certainly wouldn't believe that 12 is old enough for Sansa to marry. Not everything has to be stated directly to be clear to the reader, the horrified reaction of Catelyn is enough to express her feelings. Jon outright calls Arya "still a child", so it's certainly incorrect that he doesn't think she's too young to marry.
  6. Not even remotely true. Just for an example, Sansa is considered still not old enough to marry in AFFC. Nor do any of them act like their age should be.
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