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  1. Perhaps Edric is going to be the R+L baby, and Ned gave him and Wylla to the Daynes along with Dawn. It hurt Ned to do so, and it caused him to mix up Jon's mother with Lyanna. Edric was then legitimized so as to avoid bringing further shame upon the family.
  2. Lord Quellon Harlaw of Harlaw Lady Lysa Belmore of Strongsong Lady Wendeyne Harlaw Lord Jason Harlaw Lord Gwayne & Lord Raynald Harlaw Lady Dorna Harlaw
  3. The number of you answer corresponds to the sample of names provided. So for question 1, for example, if you say your favorite color was green, your lord could be named something like Osbert Redwyne or Gerold Tarly.
  4. I think Robb should've sent an entourage with Theon to the Iron Islands. Roose alone would not have made things any better, and there's a good chance that Catelyn would've ended up as Balon Greyjoy's salt wife if she'd gone by herself. That would not a good day make.
  5. Round 1 Question 1: What is your favorite color? 1) Blue 2) Red 3) Yellow 4) Black 5) Orange 6) Gray 7) Purple 8) Green Name your lordship! (Pick 1 FN and 1 LN based on your answer) Name should be written as Lord [FN] [LN] of [house's seat] 1. Vale FN: Jon, Jasper, Artos, Vardis, Petyr | LN:Arryn, Corbray, Templeton, Egen, Royce 2. Riverlands FN: Hoster, Kermit, Elmo, Grover, Walder | LN: Tully, Frey, Bracken, Mallister, Whent 3. Stormlands FN: Robert, Stannis, Renly, Steffon, Orys | LN: Baratheon, Selmy, Estermont, Dondarrion, Connington 4. Crownlands FN: Aegon, Daeron, Togarion, Corlys, Jacelyn | Celtigar, Rykker, Blount, Sunglass, Rambton 5. Westerlands FN: Tywin, Jaime, Kevan, Tytos, Lancel | Lannister, Marbrand, Banefort, Clegane, Farman 6. North FN: Eddard, Cregan, Torrhen, Brandon, Rickon | Stark, Manderly, Tallhart, Reed, Bolton 7. Iron Islands FN: Balon, Rodrik, Victarion, Quellon, Theon | Greyjoy, Sunderly, Drumm, Goodbrother, Harlaw 8. Reach FN: Arthur, Gerold, Mace, Samwell, Osbert | Tyrell, Hightower, Redwyne, Tarly, Florent Round 2 Question 2: Which "Game of Thrones" beverage would you partake in? 1) Nahsa 2) Hippocras 3) Ale 4) Mead 5) Arbor gold 6) Dreamwine 7) Milk of the poppy 8) Wine of courage Give your lord a wife! (Pick 1 FN and 1 LN based on your answer) Name should be written as Lady (FN) (maiden name) (married surname) of (birth family's seat) 1) Dorne FN: Nymeria, Elia, Obara, Teora, Loreza | LN: Martell, Jordayne, Allyrion, Fowler, Qorgyle 2) Vale FN: Anya, Lysa, Alayne, Myranda, Alyssa | LN: Hardying, Donniger, Belmore, Upcliff, Pryor 3) Riverlands FN: Catelyn, Alys, Walda, Minisa, Serra | LN: Erenford, Bigglestone, Pemford, Vypren, Mooton 4) North FN: Arya, Lyanna, Jeyne, Beth, Donella | LN: Hornwood, Mormont, Flint, Poole, Cerwyn 5) Reach FN: Margaery, Elinor, Olenna, Ceryse, Talla | LN: Fossoway, Beesbury, Costayne, Appleton, Oldflowers 6) 
Westerlands FN: Cersei, Joanna, Genna, Cerelle, Dorna | LN: Ferren, Spicer, Algood, Swyft, Yarwyck 7) Crownlands FN: Visenya, Tanda, Falyse, Rhaena, Hazel | LN: Kettleblack, Velaryon, Rambton, Brune, Massey 8) Stormlands FN: Brienne, Casella, Argella, Jocelyn, Ellyn | LN: Kellington, Cafferen, Lonmouth, Swygert, Hasty Round 3 Question 3: Which deity/deities would you worship in Westeros? 1) The Faith of the Seven 2) Old Gods 3) Drowned God 4) R'hllor 5) Mother Rhoyne 6) Many-Faced God 7) Storm God 8) Horse God Your first child is born! 1) Son | FN: Jon, Benjen, Randyll, Addam, Maekar 2) Daughter | FN: Jeyne, Lyarra, Hostella, Nymella, Ashara 3) Daughter | FN: Meera, Wynafrei, Dacey, Ursula, Alannys 4) Son | FN: Rickard, Oberyn, Alaric, Manfred, Oswell 5) Daughter | FN: Valena, Sansa, Wendeyne, Asha, Lysa 6) Son | FN: Otto, Quenton, Rickard, Hallis, Florian 7) Son | FN: Robar, Dontos, Boremund, Nestor, Wendell 8) Daughter |FN: Marei, Cassandra, Prunella, Alicent, Jirelle Round 4 Question 4: What animal would you want for your sigil? 1) Wolf 2) Stag 3) Lion 4) Horse 5) Whale 6) Snake 7) Bear 8) Falcon Your second child is born! 1) Daughter | FN: Alerie, Nella, Celia, Megga, Leona 2) Daughter | FN: Alarra, Perrianne, Olene, Dyanna, Laena 3) Son | FN: Jojen, Wyman, Domeric, Olyvar, Alliser 4) Daughter | FN: Aemma, Gwynesse, Vaella, Annara, Betha 5) Son | FN: Ormond, Luthor, Euron, Jason, Tommen 6) Son | FN: Patrek, Willem, Joffrey, Garlan, Raymund 7) Daughter | FN: Alysanne, Prudence, Rhialta, Serena, Gysella 8) Son | FN: Herman, Gilbert, Lorent, Imry, Paxter Round 5 Question 5: Which 2 "Free Cities" would you like to go to? (Pick 2) 1) Lys 2) Pentos 3) Myr 4) Tyrosh 5) Qohor 6) Volantis 7) Lorath 8) Braavos You get twins! Twin 1: 1) Son | FN: Gwayne, Lambert, Maron, Kyle, Igon 2) Daughter | FN: Lelia, Korra, Johanna, Henrietta, Calla 3) Son | FN: Larence, Gyles, Petyr, Illifer, Haldon 4) Son | FN: Jasper, Unwin, Herbert, Ramsay, Aenys 5) Son | FN: Osric, Triston, Dickon, Theo, Beren 6) Daughter | FN: Jonquil, Delonne, Lysa, Agnes, Barba 7) Daughter | FN: Melissa, Shireen, Zhoe, Roslin, Elenei 8) Daughter | FN: Bessa, Theresa, Myrcella, Daeryssa, Alys Twin 2: 1) Daughter | FN: Larissa, Melantha, Barbrey, Shiera, Gella 2) Daughter | FN: Rosamund, Clarisse, Moriah, Patricia, Rhonda 3) Son | FN: Gunthor, Creighton, Tybolt, Helman, Arys 4) Daughter | FN: Margaret, Kiera, Rhea, Danelle, Tysha 5) Son | FN: Grover, Rollam, Sandor, Hotho, Erich, Sylas 6) Son | FN: Leo, Raynald, Samwell, Alyn, Damon 7) Daughter | FN: Leonella, Margot, Ella, Wylla, Coryanne 8) Son | FN: Gawen, Symon, Ronnel, Jorah, Benedict, Quentyn Round 6 Question 6: Which castle would you like to live in? 1) Red Keep https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Red_Keep 2) Winterfell https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Winterfell 3) The Eyrie https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/The_Eyrie 4) Pyke https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Pyke 5) Casterly Rock https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Casterly_Rock 6) Riverrun https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Riverrun 7) Storm's End https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Storm's_End 8) Sunspear https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Sunspear Round 6: One last child 1) Son | FN: Denys, Sebastion, Zachery, Wylis, Edwyn, Bartimos 2) Daughter | FN: Elinda, Wynafrei, Arianne, Lysara, Maris 3) Son | FN: Gregor, Cedrik, Bryce, Jammos, Loras 4) Daughter | FN: Maege, Perra, Serala, Dorna, Ravella 5) Daughter | FN: Sylva, Jorelle, Arsa, Ysabel, Sallei 6) Son | FN: Selwyn, Adrian, Yohn, Waymar, Clement 7) Daughter | FN: Yrma, Alanna, Sabitha, Elinor, Falia 8) Son | FN: Bennard, Jarman, Kennos, Perkin, Rennifer I'll definitely add more later on. In the meantime, check out my other Game of Thrones game; link's in my signature.
  6. I kinda like the theory that Jyana (Howland Reed's wife) is actually Lyanna Stark, which makes Meera and Jojen cousins of the Starks. Oh, and the one where the "valonqar" in Cersei's prophecy could actually be her own son Tommen instead of Jaime or Tyrion.
  7. Mance might still have been a child at the time of the tourney at Harrenhal.
  8. Just so long as it get published, I'll be fine with whatever comes out.
  9. I seriously doubt Jon and Dany are going to meet in the books (that is, if Jon survives the mutiny at the Wall). And even if Dany does hear that her brother has a bastard son living in the North, she’ll likely brush this off the same way she’ll do with Young Griff/“Aegon”.
  10. So very amazing! Hope to hear & see more soon!
  11. Robb Stark with... Asha Greyjoy - if Balon Greyjoy had put on his thinking cap but wanted something out of it. Would better strengthen ties with the Iron Islands and the North and also pave the way towards peace between them. Plus Asha/Robb would make an interesting ship, and make Theon and the Starks in-laws! A Mormont - lot of action women over there, and Alaric Stark married one in the past (this Mormont still remains unnamed). Best choice would be Dacey. A Manderly - just like with the Mormonts, a Manderly girl married a Stark in the past. Wylla and Wynafred were the 2 girls available for marriage (who was older again?) A Crannog girl - to strengthen ties with the Neck. I'd say Meera Reed since her father and Ned were BFFs, though I feel she's better with Bran. Bran Stark with... Lyanna Mormont - Same age as Bran. Her being a Mormont brings up the reasons with Robb taking a Mormont wife. Meera Reed - they've gotten close during their time together. Rickon Stark with... A Skagosi girl - since Rickon's currently hiding out on Skagos, there's a good chance he may have been betrothed to one already. Erena Glover - Rickon's very young, so you'd have to betroth him to someone closest to his age. Glovers also provided brides to Stark lords in the past Ermesande Hayford - not a likely match, but Ermesande is more likely a widow the longer Tyrek stays missing. She'll need a husband who isn't a Lannister and who's closer to her in age. Robert Arryn with... A Sistermen girl - to better strengthen ties with the Sister Isles. Shireen Baratheon - to better ally with Stannis Baratheon. Also, wasn't this the initial plan? A girl from House Lynderly - One of Robert's squires is a Lynderly. A girl from House Grafton - Another of Robert's squires is a Grafton. A girl from House Egen - Vardis Egen served the Arryns at the time of his death Theon Greyjoy with... A Northern girl - I'd imagine Ned would want to keep Theon close, had the events of the book not taken place. Marrying him to a girl from one of the Northern houses would probably be something he'd do. Beth Cassel - Her father serves Ned, so she'd be one potential bride Jeyne Poole - Another potential bride whose father also serves Ned. Can see this happening more even after reading ADWD. Sansa Stark - Maybe; Theon and Sansa would at least know each other, and a Stark wedding a Greyjoy would unite 2 head houses in 2 different regions. However, I feel this would be unlikely. For one, how would Ned feel about marrying his hostage to one of his daughters? How would Balon feel about getting his enemy's daughter as a daughter-in-law? I'll try to add more if I can think of any.
  12. Baela, I think she'd be cool to have for a spouse. Would you rather have Maegor the Cruel or Baelor the Blessed for a husband?
  13. How come Hoster didn't think about sending Lysa away when he found out about her pregnancy? To stay with relatives or at a motherhouse until she gave birth, or to see where the pregnancy would go, I mean. This was done with single pregnant girls when abortion was a no-no. Wouldn't that save a lot of drama?
  14. Walder should have worked to earn Hoster's respect, or learned to be a little kinder. His family's going to be wiped out because of his own selfishness and pig-headed choices.
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