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  1. If the Ironborn actually decided to ally with the North during the War of 5 Kings instead of invading them.
  2. Who is Amerei? I prefer Sweetrobin to be married off to someone his own age, like Bethany Blackwood or some random Vale girl.
  3. Is this "Kayakayanaya" going to appear in the books?
  4. Daenerys will end up conquering Essos. She's lived there her whole life, so why not?
  5. Even if Jon was a R+L baby, I feel that Lyanna would've chosen a "Stark" name for her son, like Cregan or Alaric. Joramun would've been a little too "out there," even for her. There was also a Jon Stark as well as a Jonnel Stark.
  6. Should Princess Saera be a contender? She bullied her sisters (Daella especially), repeatedly humiliated a common court jester for laughs, got one of her best friends pregnant, got another two friends killed (one by her own father), brought shame to her family and never apologized for it, then let her bastard sons try to vie for the Iron Throne.
  7. North: Magnar (just curious about Skagosi culture in general) Westerlands: Parren (this house went extinct before the Reynes and Tarbecks did, so I wonder how did they die out?) Iron Islands: Goodbrother (they rival the Freys in size, and they have a couple branches already established) Reach: Costayne (Elinor Costayne was a wife to Maegor the Cruel, so what happened to her family afterwards?) Stormlands: Kellington (their sigil includes a book, and I wonder why) Dorne: Allyrion (Martells used to serve them, plus why is their seat named Godsgrace?) Crownlands: Bar Emmon (they have a cool sigil and name, plus their head is a young boy who supports Stannis) Riverlands: Mallister (they seem like a big important house, and I get the feeling they're second only to the Tullys in power) Vale: Sunderland (same reason as Magnar, but with Sistermen culture)
  8. Princes should only be limited to the sons of Kings. The Lord Paramounts should be the Dukes, but what about Earls and Barons and Viscounts? Why are they being left out? The Iron Islands should have clans only, in my honest opinion (Clan Greyjoy, Clan Harlaw, etc.). Same should apply to the Sistermen and the Skagosi.
  9. Create A Family. Came from a baby name forum.
  10. When I was in school, I always looked forward to having astronomy classes. The problem was that those classes were few and far between during my education. I had it in 2nd grade, then in eighth grade, then during freshman year, then that was it. The rest of my science classes were about geology, chemicals, biology, and nature. Boo.
  11. There are plenty of Northern houses that currently don't have known seats at this point, such as Poole, Overton, Ironsmith, Condon, Marsh... Any one of them could be given that land.
  12. There was a bit about Jaehaerys I's reign in which Alysanne betrothed some girls to some random Harlaws. Harlaws being from the Iron Islands. So this means some ironborn houses came to King's Landing at one point.
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