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  1. I find it exciting that the invasion is occuring
  2. Ukraine isn't a democracy. It's president Imprisoned the head of the opposition political party which came in 2nd place in the election, and arrested and jailed its leaders (exactly what Putin has been accused of doing)—all with the support of U.S; shut down TV channels that criticized him
  3. Can Russia invade already? I'm getting bored and need to be entertained
  4. I love Essos. Dany's journey from the free cities -> Dothraki Sea -> Qarth -> Astapor was amazing. But Yunkai and Mereen bored me. I think cus she stayed too long there
  5. Tyrion; I think all the Lannisters are funny (Jamies, Cerseis chapters, their monologues; even Kevan with his burns)
  6. https://www.deviantart.com/bubug/art/strange-waters-of-the-Trident-317189407 Could someone explain whats goig on this pic? I see the Hound and Arya; in the reflection its the Hound without his scarred face and thats Sansa with a lute?
  7. >the 10th of February >Russia: we do not intend to attack >West: INVASION IS ANYTIME SOON >the 11th of February >Russia: still not invading them >West: INVASION IS NEXT WEEK >the 14th of February >Russia: We have military drills, that's it >West: INVASION IS SCHEDULED FOR WEDNESDAY, CIA REPORTS >the 15th of February >Russia: Troops returning to bases >West: TRUST US, THEY'RE GONNA INVADE!!
  8. This is some major levels of cope from Russia. Putin chickened out lmao
  9. As I said above nothing is going to happen. In fact, russia is withdawing some forces right now
  10. So when is Russia invading? I was told it would be last week, and now its tomorrow. Nothing is going to happen.
  11. I hope not. I want the Euroncalypse to happen given the amount of hints and foreshadowing
  12. Just saw the trailer ,looks like Narnia with PS4 graphics; doesn't feel LOTR at all
  13. i really like this, it doesn't look like a traditional castle. Looks like it was made by some advanced race
  14. The ring planet from Halo Surely Jaenara would have tried flying in a different direction rather than only the direction of the ring? She'd have found the edge of the world
  15. Are we sure Edric wants to even return to Westeros? Might be he prefers Lys
  16. Because she's huge, ugly and a warrior who does not want to be married off to some lordling as society expects her to. Yes westeros has had warrior women in the past but its still not accepted within their society.
  17. I expected him to get into his ship too. I know this is a kids show (along with other star wars shows and movies) but sonmetimes it lacks logic
  18. I feel bad about the gamorrean guards . I wish they'd lived instead of the cyborg gang
  19. Just saw the newly released photos. HAHAHAHAHAHA why are Americans like this
  20. Luke skywalker is such a hypocrite. That ending on tatooine was funny, who came up with that dialogue lol
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