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  1. My first choice would have also been Russian/Ukrainian with subs, but since they went with English, I’m glad they didn’t use fake Russian accents. In some ways, for me, this immersed me further into the show. The actors speaking in their original accents simulates how people in the USSR probably sounded to each other, a detail I wouldn’t have picked up in Russian because I don’t have the language proficiency. I loved Bacho’s “Georgian” accent. Then again, a Russian speaker would probably have a different experience. Instead of calling each other Comrade all the time, though, I think they should’ve used patronymics too, as that would have been more accurate of their characters. The writer said he thought English speakers would have been confused by patronymics. But he explained how an RBMK reactor works, so I’m sure he could have made the patronymics work if he wanted to.
  2. One of my laughs sounds like I’m crying. Another one sounds like I’m choking.
  3. I think it’s quite possible that Tyrion’s differently coloured eyes & hair is because he started out with a fraternal twin. Then, Tyrion and his twin’s cells mixed into one clump. As a result, one eye, along with various hair-producing regions, is made up entirely of his twin’s DNA. In short, he’s a chimera.
  4. 7/10 for episode 707. Season 7 as a whole definitely wasn't the best. The dialogue was weaker, and there were more cringe worthy moments than ever. Many things made less sense the more you thought about it. Despite all of that, I still looked forward to the new episode every week when it was still coming out. I repeatedly went onto YouTube to revisit parts that made me laugh. I found myself watching the behind the scenes featurettes to see how they put together my favourite scenes. I think it's a huge relief that season 8 will be the last, but overall, I’d say I enjoyed season 7.
  5. After I finished reading AGoT, I wrote a short story in which I killed off all 7 of the characters I introduced.
  6. Well, some parents sing a lullaby about a baby falling to its death from a treetop. So I would think not worse than most.
  7. This is my (slightly embarrassing) confession: During my first read-through of ASOIAF, there were some major details I didn't pay attention to or read wrong, and I didn't realise my mistake until later. All during the AGOT, I somehow didn't realise Dany was on another continent. I kept on searching for the Dothraki Sea on the Westeros maps and wondered why I couldn't find it. Until I read a wiki page about Tyrion, I thought he had black hair instead of silver blonde. Afterward, I understood why people were making Tyrion Targaryen theories. When Tyrion visited the Wall, Aemon calls him a giant. I didn't get the memo that Aemon was blind, but I remembered reading about Tyrion being a dwarf. I decided that Tyrion was actually a big man, and all that stuff about being a dwarf was either symbolism or my brain making things up. I realised my mistake I think during the next Tyrion chapter, and things made a lot more sense. All during AGOT and part of ACOK, I thought Theon was a 60 year old man instead of a youth of 19/20. I thought "ward" meant "servant". When Theon reunites with Asha, this happens I thought that meant Asha was pregnant with a child for real, and the man who threw her the axe was the husband. I was still waiting for her to give birth in ADWD before I realised she didn't literally mean she was wed and with child in ACOK.
  8. Somewhere up north or beyond the wall. But maybe I'm only saying that because in real life I've always lived in somewhere hot.
  9. Much less teleporting than 7x06. Also, of all of season 7, I thought this episode had most of that classic GoT feel.
  10. When I was in grade 6, I had to pick a sci-fi or fantasy book to do a book report on. I was 12. I had planned on reading The Hobbit, but I tried reading that before and didn't like it very much. I do remember the year before, I had read the prologue to a book called A Game of Thrones, and while I liked it, I didn't think I'd have the time to read it. But now would be the perfect excuse to read it. I was expecting something like Harry Potter. Since then, I've re-read bits and pieces of the books, and it is clear now that I had missed out on some details at 12. I hope I can do a proper re-read soon.
  11. In AGOT I enjoyed Eddard and Bran the most.
  12. It's a relief to know that the show will be ending in a year or two.
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