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  1. 4 Eyed Crow

    Fan art by a 12 year old

    Found some old, ASOIAF-related drawings I did during my first read at 12. They’re not perfect or anything but I thought I’d share. Bran feeding a crow: http://imgur.com/k2CFZO5 Winterfell (during summer): http://imgur.com/gB18oxm birth of Dany’s dragons: http://imgur.com/qQAHDaF Ned and Ice in the godswoods: http://imgur.com/9B0vJkN 3 eyed crow: http://imgur.com/5jp3g6i
  2. I just started reading The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov. I thought it would be boring, but so far, it seems interesting. As soon as I read the main character concluding the devil is a German, I imagined him talking with the voice of Hans Landa/Jew Hunter from Inglourious Basterds.
  3. 4 Eyed Crow

    August '18 Reading- (Insert Clever Subtitle)

    I am reading Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. It follows a boy trying to solve a mystery after he lost his father during 9/11. The style of narration is unlike anything I’ve read (that I can think of right now).
  4. The whole thing was Maestor Sam writing a history book. Bran’s legs work again in “real” life.
  5. 4 Eyed Crow

    What type of laugh do you have?

    One of my laughs sounds like I’m crying. Another one sounds like I’m choking.
  6. 4 Eyed Crow

    June '18 Reading - Something something witty.

    After watching The Death of Stalin I decided to read the graphic novel it was based on. It's darker than the film, and though there were funny moments, I wouldn't really call it a comedy. It wasn't long before I was aware of theories suggesting the dictator was actually poisoned, and the poison caused him to have the stroke. I found Chronology of Diseases of IV Stalin and notes that doctors made as he was dying. When reading Google's translation from Russian, there were odd phrases like: "The patient has urinated in the duck." "...loss of a large amount of urine past the duck." But I figured in Russian, "duck" is probably slang for "urinal", and nobody was abusing aquatic birds. The guy who put together the Chronology clearly supports the poisoning theory, but I don't think we'll ever truly know for sure.
  7. 4 Eyed Crow

    Things you found oddly amusing

    AFFC: He pushed away from her and raised his arm, forcing his stump into her face. "A Hand without a hand? A bad jape, sister. Don't ask me to rule."
  8. 4 Eyed Crow

    Small things you hate

    When I do Text to Speech for Chinese text, and it starts reading as Japanese. Or when I do Text to Speech for English text, and it starts reading as German. Actually, this is kind of funny to hear. And also happens much less often. For both scenarios, I understand if it was only one or two words, but with an entire paragraph, I think it should be obvious.
  9. 4 Eyed Crow

    Smell things you hate

    Essential oils
  10. 4 Eyed Crow

    Any two characters have a chat

    Jaime Lannister and post-fall Bran. Both have changed so much. Before, Jaime probably doesn’t care that he pushed a little boy out a high window, but now he’d likely feel guilty and try to apologise. Ironically, Bran now probably doesn’t give a damn. ——— Bran: Last time we saw each other was in that tower. I saw what you did to your sister. Jaime: Yeah ... sorry about that ... we don’t choose who we love. It’s beyond our control. Bran: And she was so beautiful. Jaime: Okay ... I think I’ll leave now Bran: And you were so beautiful. Jaime: ...
  11. 4 Eyed Crow

    March 2018 reads: share your latest books read

    I’m almost done with Young Stalin by Simon Sebag Montifiore. It’s a prequel to Stalin: Court of the Red Tsar, covering Joseph Stalin’s life until the 1917 October revolution. The book is divided in 5 parts, each part beginning with a poem written by the young Stalin. It’s fascinating to think that one of the most brutal dictators was a poet. He wrote under the pen name, Soselo, and apparently the poems became minor classics in his native Georgia. The author spent 10 years gathering research from recently opened archives, and also conducted interviews with people who knew Stalin personally. The book goes into great detail about his abusive childhood, education for priesthood, political activities, bank robberies, love affairs, and exiles. Sometimes, it’s a little TOO detailed and gets tedious to read. However, I find it’s easier if I listen to the audiobook. I’ve been listening to Young Stalin while doing physics or maths, but I probably shouldn’t. Overall, this is a fascinating book. History buffs will appreciate this better, but regular people can enjoy it too.
  12. 4 Eyed Crow

    Small things you hate

    I hate when I have to repeat myself multiple times to be understood. I have a soft voice.
  13. 4 Eyed Crow

    Pet-Peeves in Novels?

    This happens more in movies/tv than in novels but When people leave/enter a house or a car, they open the door AND NEVER CLOSE IT. Then later (sometimes), it turns out the door has magically closed itself. Which, in my opinion is even worse than leaving a door wide open. When it happens in novels, I can forgive it sometimes, because perhaps it isn’t very important to the narrator. But in movies/TV, it annoys me.
  14. 4 Eyed Crow

    Who is who?

  15. 4 Eyed Crow

    What is the worst small council you can come up with?

    Commander of the city guard: Aerys II Targaryen Carer of kittens: Joffrey Master-at-arms: Sansa Wedding Planner: Walder Frey