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  1. 4 Eyed Crow

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Getting Sneaky

    My first choice would have also been Russian/Ukrainian with subs, but since they went with English, I’m glad they didn’t use fake Russian accents. In some ways, for me, this immersed me further into the show. The actors speaking in their original accents simulates how people in the USSR probably sounded to each other, a detail I wouldn’t have picked up in Russian because I don’t have the language proficiency. I loved Bacho’s “Georgian” accent. Then again, a Russian speaker would probably have a different experience. Instead of calling each other Comrade all the time, though, I think they should’ve used patronymics too, as that would have been more accurate of their characters. The writer said he thought English speakers would have been confused by patronymics. But he explained how an RBMK reactor works, so I’m sure he could have made the patronymics work if he wanted to.
  2. 4 Eyed Crow

    White walkers vs nuclear bomb

    Well, obsidian destroys them, so their magical body compositions clearly interact differently with various materials.
  3. 4 Eyed Crow

    White walkers vs nuclear bomb

    Probably a weird question, but what if you drop a nuclear bomb on an army of white walkers? My theory: In the immediate blast zone, they will be destroyed by the heat and shockwave. Further from point zero, the radioactive fallout will make the white walkers mutate into super white walkers, instead of weakening them.
  4. 4 Eyed Crow

    Fan art by a 12 year old

    Found some old, ASOIAF-related drawings I did during my first read at 12. They’re not perfect or anything but I thought I’d share. Bran feeding a crow: http://imgur.com/k2CFZO5 Winterfell (during summer): http://imgur.com/gB18oxm birth of Dany’s dragons: http://imgur.com/qQAHDaF Ned and Ice in the godswoods: http://imgur.com/9B0vJkN 3 eyed crow: http://imgur.com/5jp3g6i
  5. 4 Eyed Crow

    What type of laugh do you have?

    One of my laughs sounds like I’m crying. Another one sounds like I’m choking.
  6. 4 Eyed Crow

    What would your role be in GoT?

    One of Varys’s little birds (though they belong to Qyburn now)
  7. 4 Eyed Crow

    Dissecting Names

    Viserion looks very similar to Vissarion, the Russified version of Bessarion (possibly meaning wooded valley in ancient Greek). Joseph Stalin’s father was Vissarion, and also a violent, drunk cobbler. I doubt that Viserion was inspired by him. ‘Wooded valley’ would be ironic, considering that dragons breathe fire and wood is highly flammable.
  8. 4 Eyed Crow

    Dissecting Names

    I think Tyrion sounds like Tyrian. Tyrian Purple was produced by the ancient Phoenicians from Murex snails they found around a place called Tyre. Because they had to use thousands of snails to dye a small amount of fabric, clothing in Tyrian Purple colour was very expensive. Only very rich people, like royalty or high nobility, could afford it. Well, Tyrion is from a rich family. Tyre is also a Biblical name meaning strength; rock; sharp. Tyrion has a sharp mind, and his home is Casterly Rock. He may not have that much physical strength, but you could argue a lifetime of putting up with people’s prejudices has made him strong in character.
  9. I think it’s quite possible that Tyrion’s differently coloured eyes & hair is because he started out with a fraternal twin. Then, Tyrion and his twin’s cells mixed into one clump. As a result, one eye, along with various hair-producing regions, is made up entirely of his twin’s DNA. In short, he’s a chimera.
  10. 4 Eyed Crow

    Dissecting Names

    I’ve always suspected that the names Joffrey and Sansa were inspired by Jofré Borgia and Sancia of Aragon, who married each other at a young age for political reasons. I think I read somewhere that GRRM’s original plan was to have Sansa marry Joffrey instead of merely be betrothed to him Joffrey and Jofré are variants of Geoffrey, which means God’s peace. Well, Joffrey definitely wasn’t peaceful, so maybe this is GRRM making a joke. And some think Jofré Borgia killed one of his brothers for having an affair with Sancia. Jofré (also spelled Joffre, Gioffre, Goffredo) had an older sister (Lucrezia) and another brother (Cesare) who were rumoured to be incestuous, and were possibly the parents of a Borgia child whose parentage was disputed. I think they somewhat inspired Cersei and Jaime’s relationship. Furthermore, their father was the notorious Pope Alexander VI, who could be the inspiration for Tywin. Alexander VI’s body rotted very badly in a chapel or something upon dying. AFFC makes it very clear that Tywin’s corpse is turning very putrid in the sept.
  11. 7/10 for episode 707. Season 7 as a whole definitely wasn't the best. The dialogue was weaker, and there were more cringe worthy moments than ever. Many things made less sense the more you thought about it. Despite all of that, I still looked forward to the new episode every week when it was still coming out. I repeatedly went onto YouTube to revisit parts that made me laugh. I found myself watching the behind the scenes featurettes to see how they put together my favourite scenes. I think it's a huge relief that season 8 will be the last, but overall, I’d say I enjoyed season 7.
  12. After I finished reading AGoT, I wrote a short story in which I killed off all 7 of the characters I introduced.
  13. Well, some parents sing a lullaby about a baby falling to its death from a treetop. So I would think not worse than most.
  14. This is my (slightly embarrassing) confession: During my first read-through of ASOIAF, there were some major details I didn't pay attention to or read wrong, and I didn't realise my mistake until later. All during the AGOT, I somehow didn't realise Dany was on another continent. I kept on searching for the Dothraki Sea on the Westeros maps and wondered why I couldn't find it. Until I read a wiki page about Tyrion, I thought he had black hair instead of silver blonde. Afterward, I understood why people were making Tyrion Targaryen theories. When Tyrion visited the Wall, Aemon calls him a giant. I didn't get the memo that Aemon was blind, but I remembered reading about Tyrion being a dwarf. I decided that Tyrion was actually a big man, and all that stuff about being a dwarf was either symbolism or my brain making things up. I realised my mistake I think during the next Tyrion chapter, and things made a lot more sense. All during AGOT and part of ACOK, I thought Theon was a 60 year old man instead of a youth of 19/20. I thought "ward" meant "servant". When Theon reunites with Asha, this happens I thought that meant Asha was pregnant with a child for real, and the man who threw her the axe was the husband. I was still waiting for her to give birth in ADWD before I realised she didn't literally mean she was wed and with child in ACOK.
  15. 4 Eyed Crow

    Would you rather?

    Jeyne Westerling + Patchface Jeyne: Love you, Patchy! Patchface: I know, I know, oh, oh, oh. WYR see a body swap between Jon Snow + Daenerys or Tyrion + Cersei?