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  1. Lady Dyanna

    Heresy 220 and the nature of magic

    Yes. But does that actually mean that they couldn’t do it, or just that what they did wasn’t fully effective? I always took it as the later. That they managed to do it, but that it didn’t work as intended. Hence we have swampland and not just a body of water dividing the area like in the Stepstones.
  2. Lady Dyanna

    Heresy 219 and a whisper of Winter

    Not sure what the rules are about Fire and Blood. But there’s another split army during the Dornish Conquest. I’ll spoiler the quote.
  3. Lady Dyanna

    Heresy 219 and a whisper of Winter

    LMAO. I knew there was a reason that I missed you.
  4. Lady Dyanna

    Heresy 219 and a whisper of Winter

    I’m going to hope this copied correctly I pulled a couple of passages I was working on quite a while ago, but the only place I had them stored was my old forum. I think that these also fit into the pattern that is being seen in the prologues Honestly, my working title was “The Story Within the Story.” The passage with Jon especially, imho is a retelling of the natural history of Westeros Especially the weirwoods and Others, possibly dragons as well This story isn’t just throughout the prologues, it’s woven into the entire story over and over again only slightly different each time. [br][br][br][br] [/quote][br]
  5. Lady Dyanna

    Heresy 219 and a whisper of Winter

    Sorry. Missed replying to this part. It’s certainly an interesting idea. I’m not sure if GRRM would get involved in that type of detail or not. On the one hand we do have some very detailed information on what’s being served for supper and the color and shapes of women’s nipples. On the other, it just seems too technical. One thing that I have noticed is that it seems like GRRM does use certain colors and descriptions to get us to pay attention. In any passage that I personally have questioned if some sort of echo of past events exists, I have nearly always found some descriptor that brings to mind another time and place. I’d need to read everything about the winter gardens to know for sure if something similar is happening there. I’m not 100% positive, but I think that when Jon is considering supplying the Watch through the winter he thinks of starting their own glass garden and I believe the glass was old and came from Essos, possibly Bravos? And this also reminds me that we have a House from the Reach currently in residence in the North after being banished from this area for an unknown reason. Ahhh. Too many connections.
  6. Lady Dyanna

    Heresy 219 and a whisper of Winter

    True. But I am reluctant to utilize real world symbolism etc. in my interpretations. I prefer to look at the context of its use. That being said, that particular brothel is interesting because of a former hand having had the tunnel made to avoid beeing seem. Then you wind up with a room that is decorated in Lanister colored stained glass. Hmmm. Is this some form of echo or clue to what happened during RR? Or leading up to it.
  7. Lady Dyanna

    Heresy 219 and a whisper of Winter

    You know what this makes me think of? The brothel that Tyrion goes to in order to sneak out to see Shay. It’s described as having stained glass windows in that upstairs room. Alternatively, roses and green/yellow make me think of Highgarden and the Tyrells.
  8. Lady Dyanna

    The Heretic's Guide to Heresy

    @Ser Kinslayer Usually it will pop right up if you just google heresy and the #. A lot of the links were messed up when Westeros updated software versions last fall.
  9. Lady Dyanna

    Board Issues 4

    Wish that I could say that I did. That was actually a true life example. I couldn't figure out why it had me following a thread that I had never heard of. When I opened it up it was heresy ETA: Thanks, Ran!
  10. Lady Dyanna

    Board Issues 4

    Just an FYI. I'm not sure if you actually have any control over this, but my tapatalk feed is all messed up since you got it loaded back. The topic header and displayed partial post aren't correct for the thread that pulls up. For example It will show a post title such as "Is Modesty a trait you value" but if I open it it's Heresy 180. Just strange.
  11. Dawn Burns Multi Coloured!!!

  12. Lady Dyanna

    The Heretic's Guide to Heresy

    Did you read the notice from Linda? It might not be permanent. Sounds like they're still working out the kinks.
  13. Lady Dyanna

    The Heretic's Guide to Heresy

    FYI: Just saw Ran's post, in case you missed it. King o' the Board Administrators PipPipPipPipPipPipPipPip 32,108 posts Posted Yesterday, 04:42 AM Yes, apologies. WE did our backup yesterday. Today we're going to get it all running on the other server, get that upgraded to 4, and then start it on the process of reformatting posts for the new software. That will take several days, maybe a week. So anything posted yesterday, to the time we announce the upgrade being completed, should be saved manually (i.e. copied into a file) if its content matters to anyone. It won't be transferred over... provided the upgrade actually works. If not, we'll announce it. Board FAQ / Style Guide / Avoiding Flames Blood of Dragons MUSH - The only author-approved Ice and Fire online roleplaying game. Westeros.org - For all of your ASoIaF needs. Quote MultiQuote
  14. Lady Dyanna

    A Compendium of Theories v.2

    There is a compilation made of all her tales that was quoted into Heresy in its sixth thread. There should be a link to all the heresy threads in Wolfmaid's guide to heresy under the DwD subheader.