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  1. Good. Cuz though I can see where it might come from. The possibility is there. There are very few indicators there. But just not a lot. It does strike me as odd, however, that after the Varamyr prologue very few ppl seem willing to discuss the possibility that Robb is now present in either Grey Wind or Lady Stoneheart I did read a really good theory on it years ago. I’ll need to look to see if I can find it again.
  2. @Platypus Rex Personally I’d like to explore the idea that Jojen paste is absolute and total bs in any real way other than symbolically. Where in the world do ppl get that idea? Not to mention that NOWHERE in the series does it say that Grey Wind is actually dead. We just assume that he is. It’s only the show that proves it to be so conclusively. It seems that immediately following the Red Wedding is when the show world and book world completely go off the tracks in relation to one another.
  3. @Ser Kinslayer Usually it will pop right up if you just google heresy and the #. A lot of the links were messed up when Westeros updated software versions last fall.
  4. Wish that I could say that I did. That was actually a true life example. I couldn't figure out why it had me following a thread that I had never heard of. When I opened it up it was heresy ETA: Thanks, Ran!
  5. Just an FYI. I'm not sure if you actually have any control over this, but my tapatalk feed is all messed up since you got it loaded back. The topic header and displayed partial post aren't correct for the thread that pulls up. For example It will show a post title such as "Is Modesty a trait you value" but if I open it it's Heresy 180. Just strange.
  6. Dawn Burns Multi Coloured!!!

  7. Did you read the notice from Linda? It might not be permanent. Sounds like they're still working out the kinks.
  8. FYI: Just saw Ran's post, in case you missed it. King o' the Board Administrators PipPipPipPipPipPipPipPip 32,108 posts Posted Yesterday, 04:42 AM Yes, apologies. WE did our backup yesterday. Today we're going to get it all running on the other server, get that upgraded to 4, and then start it on the process of reformatting posts for the new software. That will take several days, maybe a week. So anything posted yesterday, to the time we announce the upgrade being completed, should be saved manually (i.e. copied into a file) if its content matters to anyone. It won't be transferred over... provided the upgrade actually works. If not, we'll announce it. Board FAQ / Style Guide / Avoiding Flames Blood of Dragons MUSH - The only author-approved Ice and Fire online roleplaying game. Westeros.org - For all of your ASoIaF needs. Quote MultiQuote
  9. There is a compilation made of all her tales that was quoted into Heresy in its sixth thread. There should be a link to all the heresy threads in Wolfmaid's guide to heresy under the DwD subheader.
  10. Summer is my favorite season! Bring on the heat!

  11. Wow!!! All excited now! Posted enough last night to not be a "Commoner" anymore! ;)

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