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  1. Been a while since we discussed that, so I’m not sure I recall the specific context of the opinion I offered. I do think the vision foretells her story with the Dothraki. I don’t care one way or the other whether Dany actually returns to Vaes Dothrak and experiences that particular scene as depicted in the vision... but I’m with JNR, I don’t want to have to read 2-3 chapters about Dany’s journeying there, one describing the scene in detail, and another 2-3 depicting the approach of her Dothraki horde to Meereen... etc, etc. If the opening words of Dany’s first chapter in WINDS are something like: Well, then I’d be perfectly fine inferring that the earlier vision (of crones emerging from the lake) had been fulfilled. And I’d also celebrate GRRM’s decision to skip retelling it in greater detail. I do sort of long for the days when Catelyn Stark teleported from place to place as she traveled Westeros in books one and two. I wonder if Lady Stoneheart retained that superpower?
  2. The narrative could probably use a... five year gap.
  3. Rubes and rubies, then? Or rubies and newbies? (Mysterious are the ways of R’hllor.)
  4. Jon Snow notices this, as well: How'd she get so brainwashed, anyway?
  5. True. Clearly, the rubies have a function and Mel is using them to accomplish things... work or direct magic, etc. I just wonder if she could have chosen any old gemstone... or any object at all, for that matter. Looking back at the prologue of Clash... leaves me wondering if Lady Selyse wears some sort of "slave" ruby, similar to the one Mel later puts on Mance. I don't recall reading mention of one, but...: ...is it completely natural that Selyse agrees with Mel there, and immediately commands the very thing Mel suggested? Or does that "instant" flare of the ruby's light suggest something else? Selyse does seem remarkably devoted to Mel, when you look at things.
  6. I expect GRRM was very deliberate in his use and description of Melisandre's glamors, and knew what he was doing from early on. Not sure rubies themselves are particularly important (as opposed to other stones or objects). If somebody asked me why Melisandre needed rubies to work her magic... I'd say it's probably because they're red, and they match her red costume. Also, they impress people. (Subtle pun intended.) Anyway. Anyone ever thought that maybe Melisandre was Qartheen? I think maybe she is (or was, once). And maybe Stannis' turn as Azor Ahai tells us something about the history and nature of Qarth.
  7. Hey Eira, what happens if I do this?

    1. Eira Seren

      Eira Seren

      A balrog is sent into the world?

  8. Just as predicted, through no doing of my own, my online activity is no longer anonymous. I have not signed out, nor have I intentionally or knowingly changed my privacy settings. (In fact, I don't see a menu anywhere for privacy settings.) But one week after my last post (quoted above) my profile suddenly displays what I am "Currently" doing, for the world to see. Mods or Admins - Ideas as to why this might be happening? Any feedback appreciated. (I did post a comment just a few moments ago. Could that have automatically switched off the "anonymous log in" setting for some reason? I wouldn't have thought so, given that I also posted a comment on December 11th and there was no change in anonymity at that time.)
  9. I signed in anonymously this morning, at 10:00 am EST. Based on the last two times I signed in anonymously... since about November 20th... I expect that within a week, my online activity and presence will no longer be anonymous. No notification will be given that my privacy status has changed, when, or why. Does the new site software impose an automatic expiration on anonymity? Or is this issue related to site restoration and upgrades, or what? Hoping this is not a permanent "feature" of the new set up.
  10. No response whatsoever on this question from the mods... but suddenly Heresy 164 has reappeared in cyberspace? Anyone care to explain what happened (and then un-happened)? Seems very odd/arbitrary...
  11. Hey Stubby, I was in the middle of reading Heresy 164. Now I can't find it. Did Admin just delete another Heresy?
  12. Wolfmaid - It could be a site issue (lots of those lately, it seems)... but it looks like the links to the last two Heresy threads need to be edited. Currently they both point to this thread - the Heretics Guide. (Though as someone else pointed out, Heresy 163 seems to have disappeared... so it might be difficult to redirect that link at the moment. :) )
  13. It isn't who it would be, if it wasn't who it is!

  14. Life happens. Then it's back to reading again...

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