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    Title of the last episode

    A Song of Bran and Bronn.
  2. Maybe Theon. The S6E02 is titled 'Home' and we have Theon tell Sansa he's not going to Castle Black but returning home (ie The Iron Islands). After Euron's come back, he has to flee with his sister. In S7, Jon tells him he's both Greyjoy and Stark and he doesn't have to choose. If he's still Stark his home is still Winterfell. And he just claimed in the last episode he wants to fight for the Starks (and moreover he'll be defending Bran in the Godswood).
  3. Aurel Waters

    The Vale Army

    Probably Ghost.
  4. Aurel Waters

    Theory: Bran Told Tyrion About Jon

    Dave and Daniel, the 2 showrunners of GoT, afaik.