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  1. Hey @LmL, as always love your posts! What do you think about the theory that Jaime Lannister will become the new undead warrior of light ("bright dragon", if he is indeed Mad King's son) and become Brotherhood without Banners' new leader? I just see no other logical continuation of Brotherhood's story line and their "return to noble cause" without Jaime becoming its new leader AFTER his resurrection (Azor Ahai symbolisms are all there to make Jaime finally this "perfect knight" or "perfect sword Lightbringer" - his deed of promising to return Stark daughters to Catelyn - "forging in water, because Catelyn and Riverrun are both very watery associations - and his eventual failure to do that since Red Wedding happened; his deed of saving his brother Tyrion - "forging by lion, which cracked the sword in two" - which by the way symbolically started the crack in Jaime and Cersei's relationship once he found out about her lovers from the Imp; and final phase is "forging by wife's heart" - it will definitely include his death by the hands of Brienne once Brienne is ordered by Lady Stoneheart to fight Jaime in trial by combat). There are many symbolic layers and Jaime associated with Azor Ahai symbolisms. I honestly think both on the show and the books Jaime will become the undead "white cloak" warrior with burning sword leading Brotherhood into battles - antithesis to Jon "the black cloak".
  2. Scorpion92

    Aegon TWOW

    I bet you that Jon Connington indeed took Storm's End by guile, and there is no other conspiracy going on there. And Jon Connington NEEDS to defeat Mace Tyrell QUICKLY, because now that they have taken the regional capital of Stormlands, the eyes of Iron Throne and the realm are on them. They cannot afford to wait out the siege, because the more they wait, the more time Lannisters and Tyrells have to take care of them. And defeating Tyrell army in Kingswood will actually persuade the lords of Stormlands to join them and bolster their ranks, not to mention if Arianne is persuaded that Aegon is a real player on a chess board, Dornish troops will back them up as well. Of course, it is risky to engage Tyrell army in the open, but given that the commander is Mace and NOT Randyll Tarly, and Mace the Ace NEEDS to be proven as a commander fraud that he is in this story, I have no doubt that Connington will come up with some strategic plan to crush the bigger Tyrell army. Golden Company is the most disciplined sell sword company there is on Planetos that implements all kinds of military units - infantry, cavalry, archers, elephants. Do not underestimate a capable commander with this kind of military unit. I would recommend you to read this amazing article by BryndenBFish and why Jon Connington will engage Mace Tyrell and bring him a crushing blow: https://warsandpoliticsoficeandfire.wordpress.com/2016/04/18/blood-of-the-conqueror-part-7-agincourt/
  3. Scorpion92

    Aegon TWOW

    After Connington defeats Mace Tyrell and his army, it shall be a key political moment in Westeros for several reasons: 1) Having occupied Storm's End and defeating huge Tyrell army will have a resounding effect on Stormlands. Storm lords are historically sworn to Storm's End, but in recent events majority of them bent the knee to Iron Throne after Stannis' defeat at Blackwater. No one in Stormlands likes Lannister-Tyrell regime in King's Landing, so Aegon will be a nice alternative for them - he is a young and capable leader, fights his own battles, conquers castles and wins battles like Aegon the Conqueror. 2) Arianne will probably arrive in Storm's End and hear/witness this young dragon and his griffin adviser defeat the mighty Tyrell host. It will clear any doubts she might had whether to ally herself and Dorne with him. Unmarried, young and handsome "cousin" king needs a queen by his side, and we know how ambitious Arianne is. I expect her to offer marriage alliance between Aegon and herself in order to bring Dornish spears to his side. 3) After Mace's defeat Randyll Tarly will be the commander of Reach forces in King's Landing, and we know how dangerous Randyll is from Kevan Lannister. With his liege lord dead or captured and commanding the biggest host around the capital, Randyll will have all the leverage to negotiate with Jon Connington. And Connington probably knows Randyll and what kind of man he is and how he can be swayed to their side. I am pretty sure griffin will offer him Highgarden and title Lord Paramount of Reach once they deal with Tyrells. I expect Garlan to die by Harras Harlaw and Nightfall sword (foreshadowed in TWOIAF), Margaery to die in King's Landing events, Willas and Olenna Tyrell to die in Highgarden sack by Dornish host from Prince's Pass (foreshadowed in TWOIAF, and I think the whole realm will think it was ironborn attack, otherwise, no Reach lord will join Aegon's side, kinda with what happened in Winterfell with Theon and Boltons), so that leaves Highgarden up for grabs. Randyll Tarly will have a claim on it through his Florent wife, Melessa, and become new Lord of Highgarden and Warden of the South. That is for starters, but I see more and more lords and nobility of Southern Westeros flocking to Aegon's side, especially after he comes to battle Euron in Oldtown.
  4. Scorpion92

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    The imagery of all known gods being impaled on Iron Throne swords is just so telling. In the endgame, there will be only one true religion that everyone will convert to, and Bran will be behind it. Note that Old Gods and Many Faced God religions are not represented. Arya will start her own cult of assassins brainwashing its members to kill enemies of the state in such fashion that they will feel it is right, kind of like "giving the gift" philosophy of Faceless Men. And I am betting that this whole Theon's adventure will eventually bring him to become the High Priest of this new religion, whatever it will be. He will Bran The God's agent and become Moses figure for devastated and misguided ironborn survivors who will need a leader to lead them through tough times (Hammer of the gods is mentioned in this chapter, and I think that a moon meteor, thanks to LmL's awesome essays, will hit proximity of Iron Isles, bringing "Hammer of the Waters" down on Iron Isles and drowning its population). He will lead them to Cape Kraken in the North as "Promised Land" and bend the knee to King of Winter, Jon Stark, who is "what is dead may never die but raises again harder and stronger". The mention of how Euron's newly appointed Shield Islands lords will get all the blame in case they lose brings me to a thought that Garlan Tyrell will indeed take the islands back, but at terrible cost - there is a foreshadowing in TWOIAF of Harras Harlaw slaying Garlan with Valyrian steel Nightfall. There goes down one powerfull Tyrell, which will start the "domino" effect of rose destruction. Damn, if Euron destroys Redwyne and Hightower fleet that creeps up his rear commanded by Lord Leyton's sons (he is using merchant ships in his fleet, so he clearly has some kind of plan, maybe to get close to them without suspicion or something), he will truly become the unstoppable at sea. This will mean the Arbor and Oldtown are ripe for taking. Also, this chapter just confirmed to me how Euron does not really gives a fuck about ironborn. He is using them to his purpose - and that purpose is connected to magic. So he would care less if all ironborn end up dead after he accomplishes his goals. He will manipulate the nature of ironborn of pillage and plunder. And whatever magic he is after I bet it is in the Citadel of Oldtown. And I will bet that if Euron was able to find Valyrian steel armor during his trips, he will find some glass candles as well. For what, you might ask? To coordinate his actions with certain Faceless Man already in the city who might also enlist the help of former comrades from Harrenal, Brave Companions. They might coordinate, for example, the plan to open the gates of Oldtown during the night and catch everyone unaware. No one really knows what Jaqen is really after, but I do not think it is the book like everyone suggest. He is confirming an intel sent to him by Euron via glass candles regarding this "magic". Once Jaqen confirms that it is indeed in the Citadel, Euron will initiate his plan of attacking Oldtown, specifically the Citadel. I think there is a specific reason for Hightower's base being made of that black oily stone. If you think about it, once you set the base of this black oily stone on fire, the whole tower will set on fire. But I do not think it will be done by Euron, I think the whole city of Oldtown will get attacked second time and burn for good once Dany comes with her dragons and khalasar to punish Hightowers for allying with fAegon. Also, keep in mind Euron's words to Aeron about these days being last, and that Long Night is coming. To me that just seals Euron being manipulated and sent visions by some powerful force (in my opinion, it is Bran from the future who is in fact Three Eyed Crow). He has probably seen visions about the future and his role in it, so now he works in order to accomplish these "dreams" he had. Unfortunately for him, he is called Crow's Eye, and there is a particular crow of the Night's Watch in Oldtown training in archery lessons like on his family sigil.
  5. Scorpion92

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    The things I learned from this: - The problems with the peasants and how it is shown they are unprotected in the face of war, I am getting more persuaded that Lord Edric Dayne and Anguy will start a new branch of Brotherhood without Banners in Kingswood. Arthur Dayne defeated Kingswood Brotherhood winning over smallfolk to his side, so it will be so ironic that his nephew will start a new brotherhood winning and protecting common people. I think that eventually when Darkstar acquires Dawn and joins fAegon's Kingsguard, he will slay this brotherhood and his kin Edric, but in a very brutal and ruthless way, to mirror Sword of the Morning and Sword of the Evening. That will anger Stormlands peasants and put fAegon's regime in unpopular light, which will be perfect set-up for Edric Storm to come back home on Dany's behalf, retake Storm's End from fAegon loyalists, rally angered Stormlands commoners to his side and fight in the second dance of the dragons. - BryndenBBlackfish posted an amazing essay regarding this future confrontation between Tyrell army and Golden Company and how it will mirror Agincourt slaughter of French by English army. You guys should check it out. Personally, I too think that Mace will be leading this Tyrell troop, with other half of Reachmen staying in the capital under Randyll Tarly's command. And remember that Tarly swore a holy oath to bring back Margaery for trial. In my opinion, Mace left the capital ONLY because he knew that Margaery was under Randyll's protection, and he is a well known oaf who would never guess that Tarly might give his daughter back into the hands of Faith. Oh, and I am sure Lord Mathis Rowan joined Golden Company, there are just too much details about Rowan and his support for Targaryens. - I think Arianne will commit Dornish to fAegon's cause ONLY AFTER she witnesses the defeat of large Tyrell army. There are two Dornish armies waiting for a signal. One in Boneway, one in Prince's Pass. After Tyrell defeat I expect majority of Stormlands lords to declare for fAegon, especially militaristic marcher lords that have guarded the paths through Red Mountains for centuries. Per Connington's command, they will let through Boneway army through to join Golden Company and Stormlands lords. Also keep in mind that Rolland Storm escaped Dragonstone after its recapture by Iron Throne, so since Stannis is declared dead by Boltons, he will go and swear allegiance to fAegon which might grant him legitimate Caron name and Nightsong. He might be the one to slay Philipe Foote and let Boneway army through. I think once Jon Connington and fAegon march on the capital and meet Randyll Tarly and his host some distance away from King's Landing, Tarly will turn cloaks and join his host with theirs. He will also send a raven to Horn Hill to let Dornish army from Prince's Pass through as well. But they will not march on the capital together - the news of ironborn and Euron Greyjoy capturing Oldtown will reach them, so they will go there first. - TWOIAF foreshadows two events for me actually: Euron knew what he was doing and made Harras Harlaw lord of one of Shield Islands, knowing too well that Tyrells will answer. Plus the fact that Harras was not his biggest supporter and play a big bait role. There is a foreshadowing for Harras Harlaw slaying Garlan the Gallant with Nightfall. Also there is a foreshadowing for Dornish army sacking and killing Tyrells in Highgarden. The host in Prince's Pass will be used in Jon Connington's plan to capture the capital of the Reach. And Arianne will be a big part in the plan, because she already had a small history with Willas Tyrell (as well as Oberyn). I don't know HOW Arianne and Dornish will get inside the castle, but I am betting a big treachery will be involved. After Tyrell defeats on all fronts (capital, against Golden Company, in Oldtown, bannermen leaving to fAegon's cause), Willas will be desperate for some kind of alliance, so Arianne might propose that marriage and alliance they tried to execute years ago, without giving away the fact that Dornish already allied themselves with fAegon. Once signal is given, Dornish will attack, and House Tyrell will be no more (Loras missing on Dragonstone, Margaery probably executed after found guilty by Faith, Garlan slain by Harlaw, Mace defeated by Golden Company, Olenna and Willas killed by Dornish in Highgarden, Leo Tyrell probably killed by ironborn in Oldtown).
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    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    Yes, I LOVE Led Zeppelin's version too, but Tool one is my favorite.
  7. Scorpion92

    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    No Quarter by Tool. I imagine the final battle between ice and fire happening with this song... Especially a bit where he sings "It is getting colder" I imagine Dany and Jon staring at each other for first time as enemies and leaders of their factions and feeling something animalistic. Lol, I am weird like that.