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  1. Scorpion92

    Is Dany going to sack more cities?

    I think her breaking Volantis fleet at Meereen will cause a chain reaction effect across slaver cities. Slaves will hear the news of Daenerys victory, and Red Priests of R’hillor will spread the word and encourage masses of people to take the matters into their own hands and change the system, considering that even armies of slaver cities consist of slaves, and I doubt slave soldiers would want to spill the blood of other slaves trying to stop the revolution.
  2. Scorpion92

    Which is your favourite Westerosi House and why?

    Starks, Lannisters and probably Daynes of Starfall. And some individual characters, but not their houses though, like Baelish, Stannis, Roose, etc.
  3. Littlefinger is a pimp and does not really care about anyone besides himself. He is using Sansa just like he is using everybody else.
  4. One step at a time. First he needs to solidify his position in the North, get rid of external threats like Stannis and wildlings, subjugate rebellious northern lords, and once he has enough juice and right opportunity (Lannisters and Tyrells distracted by Aegon, Euron and Dany's invasions) he can proclaim himself King in the North. It is all about the timing and resources.
  5. He who has the power to hold the throne deserves it, no more and no less. If Patchface has power to hold it, he deserves it.
  6. Scorpion92

    Biggest Army ever assembled

    I believe Rhoynish army of 250,000 or Sarnori army that fought Dothrakis. Not sure. Renly’s was big, and I also think combined Gardener and Lannister army that faced Targaryens was pretty huge as well.
  7. Scorpion92

    What will happen in Vale [TWOW spoliers]

    Well, if his plan is to rule the Vale through Sansa's manipulation of Harry, then it is very stupid because as things are now he has power over the Vale more secure being Lord Robert Arryn's protector. If Harry becomes Lord, he is of legal age and more affiliated with Waynwoods. That will essentially put Lady Anya Waynwood in "behind the throne" power status. I completely agree with you that Littlefinger's demise is ultimately connected to Sansa in the position of power turning her back on him after all his machinations and betrayals are revealed. I just do not think it will happen in the Vale, it will happen in Winterfell - the maid slaying a giant in a castle made of snow. And I do not think Harry will survive the Winds of Winter, his importance revolves around the potential title of Lord of the Vale. Since I do not see Sweetrobin dying anytime soon, I believe Harry is very redundant story wise once he serves his purpose in Sansa and Littlefinger's sub-story.
  8. Scorpion92

    What will happen in Vale [TWOW spoliers]

    There is no way in hell that Littlefinger told Alayne/Sansa his true gameplan with these Vale lords, he never disclosed his true motives and ambitions to anyone, I doubt that he started now. His plan to marry Alayne to Harry the Heir is not his true plan at all. I think he is grooming Alayne to play the game of thrones as best as she can, but he also wants her to be dependent on him, that is his lusty, Tully fetish side - as in being Sansa's pimp for life. He has titles now (Lord of Harrenhal, Lord Paramount of the Trident, and Lord Protector of the Vale), he has money, and the only thing he misses to have a true power in Westeros is an army. He is also very greedy and not content, he wants everything there is, and I believe his ultimate goal is to rule Westeros behind the scenes (because he is smart enough to understand he will never sit that iron chair, and it is better to stay in shadows and pull the strings of the puppets). With all that in mind, and the fact that he is ordering Robert Arryn's poisoning, I believe Harry the Heir is an obstacle for him to gain full control of Vale banners in the immediate future. Harry is a full grown knight and man, and if he becomes Lord of the Eyrie, Littlefinger loses the game because he will have no influence over this man, and he potentially loses Sansa as his pawn because she also will not need him anymore and be independent with Lord of the Eyrie as her husband. I also agree that Winged Knights idea is to have hostages by the end of this tournament to solidify Littlefinger's power over some of these Vale lords. Littlefinger knows that Westeros is in chaos right now (some of which he created), and the opportunity to take advantage is now. He needs a considerable army to further his ambitions, and he needs it very soon. What I think LF plans is to include Harry the Heir into Winged Knights so he takes control of the man away from the Waynwoods, also take on several others into the order as unofficial hostages to ensure Vale lords behave (Mychel Redfort, maybe even Lyn Corbray to better control the man as I doubt Littlefinger completely trusts the man, etc.), also manipulate Sansa into making Harry fall in love with her and marry her which is crucial because everyone in the Vale needs to know of this publicly, then dispose of Harry by "an accident" as soon as Sansa is pregnant, then get rid of Robert Arryn not long after and command the Vale through Sansa's kid (who might be his own). Ultimately, I do believe Littlefinger's original plan will go to hell once something bad happens to Harry the Heir (he might have fathered some of his bastards by forcing himself onto the ladies, therefore, when Sansa plays too hard to get, he will try to rape her or something, I just think Harry is not "a knight in shining armor" type at all), where LF will have to adjust his plans and cancel his orders on poisoning Robert Arryn. Not to mention that I believe Sansa will nurture the little boy to good health, so she will have more and more influence on him. Yeah, the Vale storyline promises to be very good, and I can't wait.
  9. Well, I am an optimist lol. But seriously, I see no other story trajectory for Sansa other than being in charge at the end of this all. All her character development leads to it. People usually doubt that she can do this or she can do that, but not a lot of people realize that she has been dealing with people like Cersei, Tyrells, Littlefinger and all possible kinds of schemers in this game. If she is still standing and breathing after all these encounters (as well as besting and defeating LF at his own game in the future, “student defeats teacher” trope), then there is nothing she won’t be prepared for at the end of the books. Especially given the fact that the magic part of this story will take more prominent and central part of this story, involving characters like Jon, Dany, Bran, etc. associated with magic component more. But come spring, I believe the fantasy element will disappear, and it will be back to realism and “game” to conclude the books, and no one will be better at the game than Sansa. She will not be necessary experienced in any field like treasury, navy, military, intelligence, etc., but she will be the engine that makes all the branches of government work like a well-oiled machine. And to do that, you need to control and supervise people. Which is “the game”, essentially.
  10. Assuming there will even be Seven Kingdoms by the end. I don’t think so. It will be a new kingdom under one government in a new capital. She will be Queen Regent of a new realm in Westeros come spring, having gone through different figures like her mom, Cersei, Tyrells, Littlefinger, etc. which will sharpen her game at politics. She will also be raising Jon’s twins as a mother figure and ruling in their name. She will also be a mother to her husband’s nephew - yes, I think she will stay married to the Imp by the end who will also not die and hold a powerful position in the government - Jaime and Brienne’s bastard son, unlike her mom Catelyn’s treatment of Jon Snow.
  11. Scorpion92

    All Men Must Die But Randyll's Death Is Very Close

    Mace thinks he is one of the greatest military commanders there is. If there is an opportunity to crush Jon Connington and Golden Company with a far superior in numbers Tyrell army at his command, I bet he will arrogantly want to deal with them himself. Especially since we know Tyrells will not march until Margaery's trial is done. So she most definitely is safe if there is a Tyrell army marching on Storm's End. And Mace told Kevan that he will deal with Aegon as soon as the trial is done. We don't know for sure what happened at Dragonstone, so I will not draw any conclusions what happened there. I feel like Rolland has some story potential still to fulfill. What if he escaped across Narrow Sea once Loras took over the island, like Targaryens did when Stannis arrived with a fleet? So we will have to see on that.
  12. Scorpion92

    All Men Must Die But Randyll's Death Is Very Close

    I don't see BOTH Mace and Randyll marching on Aegon and leaving Margaery and the capital unprotected. Either Mace marches and Randyll stays in the capital with an army, or it is other way. My bet is on Mace marching on Storm's End because he needs to be exposed as a military fraud in this story. The bastard of Blackhaven might reference to Rolland Storm, the Bastard of Nightsong, because I think he will join Daenerys once she lands on Dragonstone. And if Dany has Edric by her side, it is extra reason for Rolland to join. Blackhaven and Nightsong are two castles of the Marches, so there might be connection there. But he will be crushed alongside Edric once they land in Stormlands.
  13. Scorpion92

    All Men Must Die But Randyll's Death Is Very Close

    In my opinion The Last Storm foreshadows Jon Connington and Arianne Martell leading an army and slaying the last "Storm", newly legitimized Edric Baratheon who will be fighting on Dany's side during Dance of the Dragons. And the castle Storm's End kinda foreshadows the fate of poor Edric. He will be slain while trying to take back the castle he grew up in and failing. The Ususper's line will be extinguished, per Connington's wishes (Gendry will be around, but he will never become Gendry Baratheon, he will hammer out his own legacy). It will be one of the few victories of Aegon's faction against Dany. It will contrast Aegon and Golden Company's successful landing in Stormlands to a portion of Dany's forces led by Edric landing by Storm's End and losing lots of ships due to Shipbreaker Bay's nature. And those who land will be exterminated by Connington and Arianne.
  14. All credits go to @pobeb Read about the descriptions of she-bears and septas in High septon's employ. I think there are too many similarities to dismiss it.
  15. Scorpion92

    Friends in the Reach

    I definitely think that political alliance of Three Daughters will come back in this story, and Salladhor Saan will play a big leadership role in it if money is good. I do think that Illyrio will be the mastermind behind this alliance. Illyrio is very involved in a slave trade. Whenever Dany's anti-slave movement reaches Volantis, I think this is where Illyrio will act. Once Volantis and its slaver regime falls, it will prompt other Free Cities except Braavos to join against Dany and her enormous khalasar. Three Daughters will be one of these political unions. Another political alliance I can see after the fall of Volantis is the alliance of Norvos and Qohor. They did so once against Volantis, and if we know anything, history repeats itself. And both cities paid tributes to Dothrakis to leave them alone. Well, I am not sure Dany will leave them alone unless they stop the slave system. And once Stannis is gone, Iron Bank will need a new horse to get back their money, and Aegon already has Illyrio backing him financially. A lot of people think that Braavos will be against Dany because she has dragons. I think that is immature, because dragonlords used dragons to enslave people. Dany is using the dragons to do the opposite. If Braavosi truly want the end of slavery on Essos, backing Dany and her campaign is a very natural thing to do.