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  1. Tom Brady does a number of things well, but his greatest strength is how quickly he gets rid of the bal (measured from the time the ball is snapped until the time the ball leaves his hand). He's able to do that because of a number of other things he does well. I've read entire articles about Brady's release time, and the numbers are absolutely stunning. As a side benefit, it allows him to greatly minimize sacks and hits he takes, which is what has allowed him to stretch out his career the way he has. It's also what makes Brady the best NFL QB of all time, and the same thing is what made Dan Marino the best NFL QB to never win a championship (Marino was far better than nearly every other QB who ever won a championship. In fact, if I could choose any QB from NFL history for my team, Brady would be #1, and Marino would probably be #2.) When a QB gets rid of the ball so quickly and commits so few turnovers, it takes enormous pressure off of everyone else around him.
  2. Ahsoka and Anakin are my two favorite characters from Clone Wars, so I'll gladly take whatever episodes I can get with one or both of them in it. Can't wait to see Ahsoka in live action on the big screen (movie theaters), and I'm sure it will happen eventually. She's an absolutely critical character in Star Wars canon (much more important than many other characters who are far more well known), so I think it's inevitable. Regarding the most recent episode: My understanding is that that was just the first episode of a 3 or 4 episode story arc for Ahsoka, so even though it may have felt like filler, I'm optimistic that the story will build in "meaningfulness" until we (hopefully) get a big payoff. Gotta have patience, and see where this leads.
  3. Well, I only raised the issue of the books as an example of how story-telling (indeed, GOOD story-telling) often works. Yes, I know the books and show are different. Having said that, I am confident a sequel (not just a "prequel," but an actual "sequel") to the show WILL eventually be made, and I expect that when that happens we will get a lot more answers to questions which are reasonable to ask, and to which I would like to have answers, too.
  4. My point is that a sequel with Dany would not necessarily have to be about her seeking vengeance. The story could turn in other ways, too, possibly involving Dany and the Starks teaming up to fight an even bigger threat yet again. Could be. Maybe. We'll see.
  5. Interesting thoughts, and I do understand the desire to know all of those details right now. But storytelling doesn't always work that way. When GRRM wrote the first book, there was a LOT he knew, but didn't tell us. Same with all the other books that have been published. Whether it will all be satisfactorily explained eventually remains to be seen, but right now I think a lot of people are ripping Season 8 even though there is a LOT we still don't know.
  6. Well, I hear you, but my understanding is that the NBA is evolving into almost "positionless" basketball, where teams are increasingly just finding the five best players they can (almost irrespective of position), putting them out there and hoping it works. Would the Warriors like to trade Russell for a superstar Small Forward, Power Forward or Center? Probably, but I don't think that deal is even remotely likely to happen, and I really don't see a deal happening where the Warriors would get enough back for Russell at a different position to make trading him make sense. But hey, maybe I'll be surprised, as I have been surprised at times before (I didn't think the Pelicans would trade Anthony Davis to the Lakers, but they did, in a deal that I believe was terrible for the Pelicans. If I ran the Pelicans, I would have traded him to the Knicks for the #3 pick in the Draft, then taken RJ Barrett.) Yeah, I think Klay can do that. He's a great defender, and I think he's 6'6", isn't he? He'd be a bit undersized at SF, but not much. Well, like I basically said above, in theory that might be a good idea IF they could get a superstar in return at a different position, but I don't think they can get a player back at a different position who is better than Russell. I guess we'll see what happens, though. Seems like NBA rosters are pretty solidly set for 2019-2020. Theoretical trades are often fun to talk about, but I don't see Russell being traded unless the experiment in Golden State is a complete disaster and so they throw in the towel to rebuild. But hey, maybe I'm wrong.
  7. Yeah, I guess that's why I've been putting off reading Fire and Blood: I seem to be getting the vibe that it's more like "work" (or doing background history research) than the highly personal, character driven, story-telling of ASOIAF. I might be jaded by my Silmarillion experience, too (I loved LotR, and when I was done I couldn't wait to get my hands on Silmarillion, and then could not even bring myself to finish Silmarillion, because it was like reading a dry history book)i Yes, I've read all of the Foundation books (albeit a few decades ago), and loved it all. I think it's interesting to compare Bran with that, but of course Bran's powers are vastly greater, because he has complete access to 100% accurate information from the past and future (I always thought a major flaw in psychohistory is that SO MUCH "history" is actually inaccurate. How can precise predictions about the future be given based on "history' that is so often inaccurate because it was "written by the winners" and is thus so often highly biased, or flat out untrue? Bran does not have this problem, though, because so far as we know his knowledge of past and present are 100% accurate) Regarding Bran's knowledge of the future, there seem to be some huge unanswered questions. How extensive is his knowledge? Can he decide what he is viewing, or does he just have to wait until a vision comes and hope it is something useful? Is he seeing many possible futures, or just one future that he can't change? I think the GoT sequel ("sequel," not "prequel") will shed a lot of light on these issues, and, if the sequel is well done, hopefully allow people to then go back to re-watch Season 8 and conclude that the pieces of the puzzle do fit together well after all.
  8. Sounds like we agree Jon would not have been a good choice to be king. Hmm, interesting, I did not know that. I haven't read Fire and Blood yet, but I hope to get to it soon. How did you like it overall? My belief is that when Bran is able to make choices, he chooses the path that his knowledge of the future tells him is the "least bad."I'm very skeptical that he is totally emotionless and uncaring, though, as some people (not necessarily you) seem to believe. If that were true, why does Bran bother to interact with humanity at all? Why not just go live in a cave and morph into a tree like his predecessor was doing? Hopefully the sequel (yes, "sequel") will tell us a lot more about what is really going on with Bran, and I think it will. Good stuff, I never thought about those things that way (especially the part about Sam) So, in light of all that, what are the odds that Bran has actually become a soulless monster who let hundreds of thousands of innocent people perish just so he could become king as some people (not necessarily you) seem to believe? Those odds are pretty low, in my opinion, and I think it's far more likely that time will show that actually Bran has a lot more going on in his story than just what we see on the surface.
  9. To me, the sweet parts were: Brienne and Jaime got together. Sandor crossed off Gregor. The Night King was defeated. Bran lived. Sansa lived. Jon lived. Arya lived (and had a great Season 8). Peace was restored to Westeros. Grey Worm lived. Davos lived. Sam lived. A person (Dany) who slaughtered hundreds of thousands of innocent people was stopped, at least temporarily. And I could go on.
  10. Embiid is a great player when healthy (which is not nearly often enough for his team), but not even the best player at his position, even when healthy In my opinion, no team in the NBA would take him over Paul George, Anthony Davis, Kawhi or LeBron. I understand you disagree about where Embiid ranks when he is healthy, and that's okay, of course, but if nothing else I think we should be able to agree that no NBA team would even consider trading George, Davis, Kawhi or LeBron for Embiid, even if for no other reason than that Embiid's injury history is horrendous. Regarding LeBron: I have been following his career very closely for many years (even more than nearly all NBA fans have done, I'd say). He is still the best player in the game, but he almost never goes full throttle in a regular season game anymore. Once the playoffs start, though, he's got gears that no other player except a fully healthy Kawhi might be able to match, though, and even then I'd take LeBron (because LeBron is so incredibly well rounded, and can make all the players around him better in a way that Kawhi cannot. For example, LeBron has taken quite a few very bad teamst ot he Finals, and nearly won. How many times has Kawhi done that? Zero.), Yes, this year will be different for the Clippers. They just added by far the two best players on their roster (Kawhi and PG). And they added them to a team that made the playoffs even without those two guys. This season is gonna be a great show to watch, no doubt. "If things come together for them" is a huge qualifier. Look, I'm not knocking the Sixers, they are clearly a very good team. But as I think I've said, I believe that in a matchup with the Clippers or Lakers in the playoffs, the Clippers and Lakers will both have the top 2 players in a series over the Sixers, and that's what really matters in the playoffs. But hey, don't get me wrong. A major point by me here is that I believe injuries will decide the NBA champ next year, as they so often do. We'll see. Curry and Draymond are both very good players, no doubt. (I'd take Curry on my team, but not Draymond, though. I believe Draymond brings a lot of downside, and in fact I've heard many people believe Draymond is THE reason Durant left. Oops.) Not sure why the Warriors would trade Russell, though. Didn't they just acquire him? I think he'll mesh fine with the rest of the Warriors, even when Klay returns, and yeah, I would agree that if the Warriors enter the playoffs fully healthy next year (including Klay) they could be a factor.
  11. I'm not sure exactly what you are referring to that Bran said was built on a lie. I thought that comment related to Jon's heritage, and the lie that Rhaegar kidnapped Lyanna Stark (in fact, I thought Bran followed that comment by saying "He loved her," or something like that), but maybe I'm not thinking of the reference you're making.
  12. That's an interesting thought about Jon being disqualified because he's Targaryen. I hadn't thought of that, but I suppose I can add it to my list of reasons that if I had had a vote at the end, I would not have voted for Jon. Sansa might have been a reasonable choice to me if we had been shown how smart she supposedly is, rather than being told (by Arya) it was true with, in my opinion, very little evidence to actually support it. Political "realism" is often messy, chaotic and unpredictable, and in GoT, that goes all the way back to the beginning (Book One). When they were reading Book 1, I think lots of people believed Ned was "the hero," and would win in the end. Wrong. "Realism" took over, and what we got was messy, chaotic and unpredictable, with Ned being executed in Book 1. Or consider Khal Drogo, also in Book 1: Many people, I think, believed he and Dany were going to storm Westeros with Dothraki. Wrong. "Realism" took over, and not only did those things not come to pass, but he got crossed off in Book 1, also, in a most ignoble way, no less (dying from an infection from a wound sustained while he was doing very terrible things to innocent people). And I could go on and on. GoT is chock full of unexpected twists and turns, so I'm not sure where any idea that GRRM promised things would be tied up in a neat little bow and make "sense" at the end has come from. Actually, as I recall, the word GRRM used was "bittersweet," and I think that's exactly what we got, and that the sharply divided fan base proves it. Some people really, really, dislike the "bitter" part. (And there's nothing wrong with that, of course. They are entitled to their opinions, and I respect them. In fact, the differences in opinions were what made the books and show great, and what make conversation on these boards interesting. If we all agreed about everything, I don't think these boards would be nearly as intellectually stimulating as they are.) Well, I hear you, but of course show-Tyrion is sometimes called "Saint Tyrion" for good reasons: A lot of his "badness" has been scrubbed off of him, so I think your point is a very good one for the books, but not necessarily for the show. (For anyone reading this who doesn't know, Tyrion and Cersei are much worse, morally, in the books than in the show, and Jaime is much worse, morally, in the show than in the books. Many, many examples can be given to support these conclusions for all 3 characters.) I agree. And don't get me wrong, there ARE things I didn't like, too. (Most notably: (1) Sansa being shoehorned into Jeyne Poole's storyline, (2) what happened to Shireen Baratheon, and (3) what happened to Lyanna Mormont. And yes, I know Shireen burning will be book canon, and what happened to Lyanna may well be, too..)
  13. Assuming all players are healthy, a matchup between Clippers and Sixers means the Clippers have BOTH of the best two players in the series (by quite a bit, given that one of them is Kawhi), and a matchup between the Lakers and Sixers means the Lakers have BOTH of the best two players in the series (especially given that one of them is LeBron)(. Sorry, but assuming all players are healthy, I'd say the Clippers and Lakers would both easily defeat the Sixers. (Remember in the playoffs, we have shortened rosters that play, and the Clippers and Lakers' top-heavy top 2 would be even more dominant). And the Clippers are inexperienced?? Uh, my memory is that were giving the fully healthy (including Durant) al they could handle this past posteason, and THEN they added Paul George and Kawhi Leonard. Oh, and by the way, the Sixers have some players with major injury histories, too. Warriors lost Durant and Iguodala. They made up for some of that loss in the offseason, but not even close to all of it. Not even close. Bottom line: I predict this season will be decided by which team can stay the healthiest (as so many seasons are), but all things being equal, Lakers and Clippers are easily head and shoulders above the rest. I
  14. "...anyone on that GC..."?? Would you prefer Bronn over Bran?? If so...wow. Sam might have been my second choice, but in addition to Bran being superior to Sam in numerous other ways, Sam is too mentally soft to get my vote. (I'm not saying he's not smart, I'm saying he's not mentally tough enough to get my vote, and lacks courage on top of that. Face facts: Sam's a great guy, but Sam is a coward. I know it, and Sam knows it, even if some other people may have forgotten. My goodness, if I recall correctly, he was cowering in the grip of a paralyzing fear as recently as Episode 803.) Davos would be a decent 3rd choice (I would prefer Sam because Sam IS a lot smarter than Davos, even though Davos would be better than Sam in a variety of other ways), but Bran is far beyond Davos in numerous ways. Sansa has not impressed me as being particularly bright. We have been TOLD how smart she is, but not SHOWN it, in my opinion. Arya's comment that Sansa is the smartest person she knows was like nails on a chalkboard to me. Uhhh...based on what?? Jon is not particularly bright either, whether we are talking politically or militarily. He has committed numerous blunders, and never stood out as particularly bright in the first place, either. Here's how I view Jon: Great guy, great warrior, definitely a guy I would want next to me in a way, but as a leader of a small group of men (maybe a squad of 10 to 20), but NOT as a general. He is terrible at politics, and has done stuff that anyone with an ounce of common sense would have known would NOT go well with people around him, but to which Jon seemed totally oblivious. Further, I don't buy the notion that Bran is emotionless and doesn't care about anything or anyone. In fact, it is radically inconsistent with what we have seen from Bran, which is his active involvement in major events (which led to the defeat of the Night King, by the way. "You're welcome, Westeros") and now shows a willingness to engage with humanity as king, too (unlike his predecessor, who stayed in a cave turning into a tree) Further, I don't necessarily take some of Bran's words at face value, as I've mentioned elsewhere. (a) He could have motives for making people think he's extremely dispassionate, (b) to my memory, his words were not quite what some people seem to be making them out to be (if I recall correctly, and someone might correct me on this, his words were "I don't really want anymore." Okay, what does THAT mean?? Pretty vague, and cryptic (to use your word), and it could mean a lot of stuff other than "I am now a totally emotionless robot who could not care less about anything or anyone else. In fact, everyone else is like ants to me."), and (c) humans have a tendency to HEAR far more literally than they SPEAK. So, when we hear Bran's words, we have a tendency to take them more literally than he may have meant them, even as a casual, cryptic comment. First, I don't claim to have perfect answers. Indeed, I believe I am assuming little or nothing on many related issues being discussed on these boards, but others seem to be assuming a LOT, sometimes taking things at superficial face value and then extrapolating a LOT more from there, and sometimes, I think, even assuming things for which we have NO actual evidence (such as theories that Bran is actually corrupt, either because of an external force or because he is so greedy for power and desperately wanted to be king. Is it possible he is corrupt? Yes. Is it fun to speculate about? Sure. Do we have any actual evidence for that? NO.) I understand many others see these issues differently from me. My response: (a) that has no impact on my opinions whatsoever, and (b) actually, it's NOT just me against everyone else (even though, reading these boards, one might think otherwise, because the negative voices seem so much louder than the ones who liked Season 8). But go look at the Episode ratings. Are they low compared to other episodes? Yes. Am I the only one who ranked episodes in Season 8 high? Um, clearly not. Season 8 IS highly divisive, sure, but there are a whole lot of people out there who did like it, including me. Um, I don't "assume' Bran can see the future. Bran CAN see the future, this is information we have been given, numerous times. The only real questions about his powers on this subject relate to how powerful he is, and how much control he has over it. We know that Bran is very special in the history of Westeros, quite powerful even before he became the 3ER. He can warg AND greensee (making him very rare, possibly unique). In fact, he was able to do what many others thought was flat out impossible, which was to warg a human (Hodor). Now on top of all of that, he is the 3ER, and spent a LOT of time offscreen, doing things and viewing information which we can only scarcely speculate about. It is possible Bran is now the most powerful human in the history of Planetos. In fact, that would not surprise me in the least. In the end, the "protagonist" of GoT (if there was one), was Bran Stark, and that's the person at the end of stories who gets "the prize" (although in Bran's case, it's a mixed bag, or "bittersweet," as GRRM might say).. We have zero evidence that Bran was responsible for what Dany did. Absolutely none. As I have discussed at length elsewhere, there are many possible alternatives, and NO evidence that Bran could have stopped what happened and chose not to just so he could be king. Sounds to me like some people want everything tied up in a neat little bow, all of which was properly foreshadowed, with the proper foundation properly laid so that when it's done everyone is so satisfied that they say to themselves "That is exactly how I would have written it." But that's not "real life," and that's NOT GoT (which is a HUGE part of why GoT is so popular in the first place, ironically enough.) When GRRM began writing it, he specifically set out to BUST fantasy fiction tropes, not mimic them or reproduce them. Now it's done, and many fans seem to be very unhappy because...wait for it...they didn't get the tropes they wanted at the end??? Sorry, that's not how I view it.
  15. Melisandre had visions that needed interpreting. We have no reason to believe this is true of Bran, though. For Bran, it is as if he was actually at events that occurred, or are occurring, or will occur. No interpretation needed. Mel has been wrong multiple times. How many times has Bran been wrong? To my knowledge, the answer to that question is "zero." We don't know Bran has no emotions. With respect, I think you are accepting things at a very superficial, face value. We only know what Bran has said after becoming 3ER in the show, but we don't have his internal monologue (POV) anymore, like in the books. And is a belief that Bran no longer has emotions or "wants" anymore consistent with what we have witnessed? No, I don't think so. Bran CLAIMED he doesn't "want" anymore, but if that's true, then WHY didn't he just do what his predecessor did, and go find some cave to live in so he could morph into a tree? In fact, that is NOT what Bran did. What he did was take an active role in events in defeating the Night King, and then continued to take an active role in taking on the duties and responsibilities of a ruler of 6 kingdoms. Why would he do all of that if he truly is an emotionless, uncaring, supercomputer, or "Bran 9000" (as some people call him)?? I don't think he would, and I don't think that's what we've been seeing.
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