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  1. I think you have made many excellent points. I like the character of Jon Snow a lot, and he is a hero, BUT...he's really not very bright. I could give many examples of this. His full frontal assault on Winterfell was a train wreck until he was miraculously saved by forces he didn't even know were on their way. Pure luck, and, of course, it was miraculous luck that he was not killed in the battle (before the Knights of the Vale arrived) himself even as it was. And yeah, I think the Wight hunt has been widely reviled by fans, as were related scenes where Gendry runs for help and Dany makes an off-the-charts-unlikely (impossible?) rescue of the Wight hunters. Ouch. Still, I'd say this season offered a lot of great stuff, though, with the good outweighing the bad overall.
  2. Yeah, that was good stuff, too. Personally, I think Brienne and Tormund are going to end up together, after Jaime dies. He's going to catch her on the rebound.
  3. Hmmm, very interesting, I love to hear about these things from a woman's perspective. And I hear you about Cersei being the equivalent of a rabid lion, but I don't think Bronn would be deterred. He is VERY cocky. Here's my view on "novel Cersei" vs. "show Cersei." Unless the show specifically contradicts something from the books, I assume the books are still canon, even for the show. This is because I do not automatically assume that any change which is made for the show is b/c the show runners wanted to say "this is different," but rather, I strongly believe that many changes are made for far more practical reasons, such as time and budget constraints. Thus, not only is the character of Cersei not necessarily different, but, for all we know, she may be having sex with the Kettleblacks, too, it's jus that the show hasn't had time to show it, b/c of far more important things they have to show. And in my view, having sex with Bronn is not a matter of making anything easier, it's just that,in my view, that would be part of the deal. Bronn agrees to spy on Jaime and Tyrion and in exchange Cersei gives him sex. For a lot of guys, that would be plenty of motivation for Bronn, but as you may know I also have a theory that Bronn may have another motive as well, which is to betray ALL of the Lannisters (I have a thread on this, which basically speculates that Bronn is the last living member of House Reyne, and actually hates all the Lannisters, and wants to screw them all over as badly as possible). Good stuff! I enjoy talking with you.
  4. Well, if they blatantly disregard the prophecy, to me that is casting it aside. Ummm... (a) I think you are accepting the "explanation" at face value, and (b) Lena Headey and Jerome Flynn have already appeared in a scene together, so whatever your understanding of the matter may be, I don't think it's as ironclad as you think. Maybe. A lot remains to be seen and revealed. To me, the question is not whether the show is better than the books overall, though (cuz to me it's very clear that the books are better overall), but whether there is "anything" in the show that is better than the books, and I think the answer to that is clearly "yes." Indeed, even GRRM himself admits if he had it to do over he would age up the kids, so I think anyone who believes the show is better in every way is at odds not only with the vast majority of fans, but with GRRM himself.
  5. I agree that the scenario you describe would make for dramatic storytelling, too. Regarding whether Bronn thinks having sex with Cersei would lead to a long and happy life: Let me tell you, MANY men simply do not think that way. Your posts say you are female. Well, I'm a man, so I can tell you from a man's perspective that for many men, having sex with a smoking hot woman (like Cersei) is its own reward, and MANY men not only could not care less whether it leads to a long and happy life, but ALSO would risk a great deal to make it happen. In my opinion, most men and most women simply do not view sex the same way. I could expound at length about this, but a lot of it (not all, though) has to do with testosterone. Men have a lot of it, and it drives them sexually in ways that, in my humble opinion, most women (I said "most," not all) simply cannot understand. In my opinion, most men do not enter a sexual relatinoship asking themselves "Will this lead to a long and happy life?" Oh no, it's more along the lines of "She's HOT, let's go!" Next, I'm not sure Bronn cares whether Cersei is weak, isolated, OR even insane. See above. "She HOT, let's go!" is, I think more along the lines of how a guy like Bronn thinks about such things. Finally, regarding whether Bronn would have sex with Cersei despite being good friends with Jaime: Look, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying I would do something like that, and certainly I never HAVE done something like that, but does it happen? Oh, yeah, it happens. Believe it. I've heard PLENTY of stories about guys having sex with their best friend's wife or girlfriend, and I've heard PLENTY of stories about women having sex with their best friend's boyfriend or husband. This stuff HAPPENS, no doubt. And Bronn is not exactly a paragon of virtue, let's face it. He has made it crystal clear he can be had for the highest bidder, and if sex with Cersei is a "higher bid" than hanging out and being friends with Jaime, I don't think Bronn would hesitate for 2 seconds before having sex with Cersei (any time, any place). Also, you might be interested in another recent thread I started, which sets forth a theory for WHY Bronn may not only NOT be deterred from having sex with Cersei b/c of his friendships with Jaime and Tyrion, but actually might be MOTIVATED by those friendships. Under this theory, Bronn is betraying Jaime and Tyrion (by having sex with Cersei) as a form of revenge against them, because (under this theory) Bronn actually hates ALL of the Lannisters, b/c (under this theory) he is the last surviving member of House Reyne (mostly wiped out by Tywin Lannister, as recounted in the song "Rains of Castamere.") But hey, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying these things are proven, just theories, and things I like to think about and talk about, so thanks for being part of that!
  6. Oh, another interesting thought from you. The possibility that Cersei THINKS she's pregnant, but really isn't. And yes, I hear you about the prophecy in the books, but the show has already cast that aside, I believe. In Season One, Cersei told Cat about her first child, with black hair, who died, and Robert was the father. That means show-Cersei has already had FOUR children, born alive. Some people think maybe Cersei was lying to Cat, but I don't think so. That would be quite an extreme story for Cersei to make up for some reason I can barely even imagine (such as gaining Cat's trust? Or sympathy?? For what??), and it would have been an incredibly foolish risk for Cersei to take (since she could have easily been exposed as a liar, if Cat had mentioned it to Ned, and Ned had mentioned it to Robert, and Robert had said "Whoa, wait, WHAT?!?!?" Also, it's possible that even if Cersei is pregnant, the child will not be born alive, and thus in the minds of many people that will not count as a child of Cersei. We don't know for sure whether Cersei has been having sex with anyone but Jaime. We only see a TINY slice of each character's life on the show. For example, in Season 7, WEEKS and WEEKS go by (maybe months), and how much screen time does each character have? Maybe an hour? How much screen time did Cersei have in Season 7? Maybe an hour, or an hour and a half, maybe less? Cersie has had plenty of time to be up to all sorts of things we don't know about. Why would Jaime NOT be the father? Answer" To give him motivation to become enraged and cross Cersei off (as the Valonqar) in a crime of passion. (But no, I did not just say Jaime would be justified in doing so. I am merely theorizing that that is how the plot will go.) Finally, why would she be having sex with Bronn: Answer: I have an entire thread about this, in this very sub-forum, called, I believe "What If The Father of Cersei's Baby is...BRONN?!!??" In that thread, I discuss the issue (and what I believe is supporting evidence), but for our short purposes here, I will just summarize Cersei's motives as some combination of (a) Cersei likes to have sex, and (b) Cersei is using Bronn for various things (like the Kettleblacks in the books, whom she also gives sex in exchange for favors), not least of which, in the case of Bronn, SPYING on BOTH Jaime and Tyrion. (You might want to check out my thread, there's more to the theory, too).
  7. I think I'm gonna have to brush up on that. Maybe read some chapter summaries. Should be easy, just read Sam chapter summaries from those two books, I suppose. And yeah, Sam's pretty cool. I think it's natural for readers like us to relate to him. Same with Rodrik the Reader (Theon and Asha's uncle on their mother's side. I was disappointed when that guy was left out of the show, I wanted to see him.)
  8. Hmm, very interesting, especially that possible interpretation of Jaime's last comment to Cersei (that he might have been saying he doesn't believe she's pregnant) And that speculation could be right, but what motivation would Cersei have had to tell a lie like that? To get Jaime to do what she wants him to do? Maybe, but he already was doing that, and now she has insulted him, and they have split up. But let's say, for discussion, that she really is pregnant and Jaime is NOT the father. Who do you think is the most likely candidate? Euron, Bronn, or someone else?
  9. The Ironborn stuff was a bit dry to me, but I really liked the book-Dorne stuff (during my 2nd read. In my first read, like I said, it was okay, but I was REALLY anxious to must get on to the other characters from Books 1-3). I thought Arianne Martell and her friends were really cool, though, and I was VERY disappointed that they were left out of the show.
  10. (Hey, sorry I didn't Reply sooner, but I just saw this post from you, and I think I either didn't get a notification before or maybe accidentally turned it off without realizing there was something else in there, which happens from time to time.) And yes, I loved all the "Arya & Sandor" scene. I could read a whole book about their adventures travelling together, or watch a whole spin-off, and I'm really looking forward to their reunion in Season 8. I wish Sandor hadn't stolen from that farmer and his kid or kids, though. Oddly enough, it MIGHT have been the worst thing we've ever seen Sandor do, and I was pretty surprised when he did it. The only other thing that really comes to mind is when he killed Mycah the Butcher's Boy, but even then he THOUGHT that Mycah had attacked Joffrey, and he had been ordered to do what he did (I'm not saying it was Sandor's finest moment, by any means, but in a strange sort of way his act of stealing was kind of worse, cuz he KNEW he was definitely doing wrong and likely taking away what little hope the farmer and his family had to survive) But I loved the change where Sandor fought Brienne and received injuries which led to Sandor and Arya splitting up. I personally prefer that version to the way things happened in the book and it was a GREAT fight.. Yes, I agree here, too. Great great stuff. And I'm a big fan of Arya and Maisie Williams, too. In fact, if i was in charge of making the first spin-off, it would have favored Arya HEAVILY, in addition some other young characters (most notably Gendry, who I think and hope Arya will end up with, plus Lyanna Mormont and Pod Payne) I know we've already been told the first spin-off will not be a sequel, but that's what I would have done, and if they NEVER get around to making a sequel I think they will have missed a great opportunity to move forward with these characters. (I would have focused on these young characters, but with occasional cameos by older characters who survive the current series. This would also save the show a lot of money, cuz the older actors are far more expensive, from what I've heard, most notably Jon, Dany, Tyrion, Cersei and Jaime, all of whom get the same per episode and it's big bucks) Been a while (about 6 years) since I've read the books, so I think some of this has faded from my memory. I'm thinking about a re-read project soon, though. Who knows, maybe I'll really get around to it. I don't recall Bran dragging so much as Dany, though. My goodness, when she was in Meereen it just seemed like her story was stuck in the mud with its wheels spinning. Yes, I think this is by far the No. 1 cited thing that people like more in the show. In fact, as I recall, even GRRM says if he had to write the books over he would age the characters up himself, so I guess this one has got the GRRM stamp of approval on it, too. Thanks for contributing!
  11. Hmmm, I found all of that VERY interesting, particularly b/c it provided an alternate viewpoint on something I think a lot of people don't like, which is that in the show Jaime seemed to be having real trouble breaking away from Cersei. In fact, in the show, in the end I'd say she almost kicked HIM out, or maybe, at most, it was kind of mutual. What are your thoughts on the idea that Jaime is not the father of Cersei's baby, but rather, that the father is Broon, or Euron, or someone else? I'm wondering about this partly b/c you like show-Cersei and show-Jaime better than their book counterparts, so I'm wondering if maybe you don't like how they've split at all, and maybe don't like the fact that Jaime is VERY likely the Valonqar.
  12. How many times have you read the books? The reason I ask is that I felt just like you describe (in your final paragraph) the FIRST time I read the books (anxious to get tot he POV chapters of characters that I already knew so well, to find out what happens to them), but the SECOND time I read the books I savored and enjoyed the new characters and secondary characters a lot more (I think it was b/c I already knew what happened to the major characters, so I was a lot more patient and relaxed) The second time I read the books, I was a lot more leisurely about it (instead of racing to turn pages to find out what happens next, cuz I already knew), and b/c of that I enjoyed the fine details and secondary characters a lot more. So, if you've only read them once, who knows, maybe if you read them again you may be pleasantly surprised. There are quite a few characters in AFFC and ADWD that I REALLY wish had been included in the show (definitely a bunch of the people in Dorne, who I really wanted to see, plus Griff and Young Griff and that crew, plus even Quentyn Martell and his group, and I'm sure I'm forgetting some others)
  13. Hmmm, interesting. Sounds like you're really into Oldtown and the Faceless Men plots. I admit I don't recall that too sharply from the books. I'm probably due for a re-read (it's now been over 6 years since I last read them)
  14. Interesting. Which city would you have liked to see, you mean Oldtown, like, other than just in a far away view?
  15. Cron

    sansa, arya, and dany

    Very interesting stuff, I enjoyed reading it all. Yeah, it's possible that the prophecy already has come true, in a sense. Could be. It just depends on how abstractly we want to think about it (or, maybe, how abstractly GRRM wants to think about it) But yeah, that's all possible.