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  1. Sorry, what speech are you referring to? I didn't mean to imply Jon and Dany's love was as deep as Jaime and Cersei's. I was merely pointing to Jaime as an example that love often doesn't make sense, not even to the person who is in love.
  2. Her saving you from death multiple times and fighting a war for you against the undead would seem to make his love the slightest bit merited, wouldn't it? I agree it was hard for me to understand how he could fall in love with her at first. But she has other characteristics that would appeal to him. Her compassion, and he desire to make the world a better place. "Breaking the wheel" would certainly appeal to a bastard in that kind of society. And plus, love is not logical. Jaime acknowledges that Cersei is a hateful person and tries to break his bond with her, but in the end his love for won out.
  3. Excellent points! I have been frustrated by forum members who insist on limiting GoT to our actual medieval history. I assume you are referring to the "Foundation" series? I have not read that yet as I have never been much of a fan of sci-fi books, but it is actually next on my list as soon as I finish the book I'm on now. Your reference is making even that much more anxious to read them!
  4. I don't see any reason the show should cause me to view the books in a negative light. As of book 5, the show had diverged from the books quite a lot. I have seen articles where GRRM said the show and books will end the same, but I have seen as many articles saying the opposite. Even if the books end the same as the show, the book will arrive at that ending differently, so I am very much looking forward to the books and really, really he does actually finish them.
  5. Well, the causes of the American War Between the States (as it is more properly called) are still debated, and not a topic to get into much here but yes, for many fighting for the North the reasons for going to war included ending slavery. And actually, more Southerners who did not own slaves fought for the South than did own slaves. I agree you are 100% right in having sympathy for the slaves. But that was not my question. Basically, is death a morally right punishment for slave owners?
  6. In the show, didn't she tell the Unsullied to kill anyone not wearing a collar, or did she just say the masters? Either way, I did not like what she did here. She made a bargain she never intended to keep. Never mind that the guy was a total A-hole, honorable, morally upright people don't do that. It was probably the first example of her ends justifies the means attitude. And that is a dangerous attitude to develop.
  7. So, based on your comment, when certain people in the US decided it was time to end slavery, they would have been right to kill any slave holders who weren't willing to free their slaves and you would feel zero sympathy for the slaughtered slave holders?
  8. Point taken, and you are correct. It's interesting (and troubling) to think that only 150 years ago, hanging people for stealing horses was commonplace in the US.
  9. I strongly disagree that all characters had the same chance of succumbing to their bad side. Can you see Brienne, or Tommen turning into murderers? Or Margarey, for all her scheming, was not a killer. On the other hand, Arya could very well have turned into a cold blooded killer, with the hate she harbored in her heart, and I was really afraid that was where her character was going to end up. The thing that makes it more likely for Dany is that she carries the "Mad Targaryen" gene, which made it a question for her character from the very beginning. Oh, and Jon did not kill Ygritte (his first lover). Olly shot her, Jon caught her as she fell and she died in his arms, so that argument is a non starter.
  10. If it was me, I would definitely count being exiled instead of executed as mercy. Unfortunately, we don't get to see much of what Ned did or would do, since he was killed off so early in the series. But I believe it was Robb who said that Ned taught him that there was a time for justice, but that sometimes there was room for mercy.
  11. Well, what do you expect? You never, write, never call, certainly don't send pictures, you got a new tat and when did you start wearing your hat backwards? My niece looks adorable! Thanks for keeping that a secret for a couple of years! Oh, and I just talked to Dad. He's feeling much better. Great comments, btw!
  12. Which I believe it was not brought up when then council of Lords were deciding who should be king. There were 4 people on that council who knew his true identity.
  13. Exactly what I've been saying! BTW, your user name is my brother's first and middle name. How weird is that?
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