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  1. He has a right to know who his parents are. Plus, he is keeping the promise Ned made to Jon for him. He hasn't even seen Jon yet! That's not the kind of news you give someone by raven. The truth is often painful. Doesn't mean it shouldn't be told.
  2. SansaJonRule

    Can we talk about Jon?

    My initial reaction was what are you doing? But as I watched again and thought about it, I came to the conclusion that D&D had him bend the knee because she saved them. He feels confident the northern lords will agree with him once they know her. That doesn't mean I agree with the way they did it. The northern lords trusted him not to subjugate to another ruler, and I think what he should have told her was "I believe in you and when I get back to WF, I am going to ask my banner men to support you". That wouldn't have decreased his loyalty to her as an ally at all, while at the same time maintaining his loyalty to the north as well.
  3. She demanded that he not choose sides. He could have tried dithering like you suggested, but she would not have accepted that, then he still would have had to admit that he had already chosen sides. That might have made him sound more diplomatic, but remember, she had just said that she would believe him because he was Ned Stark's son, so they made him act just like his father who always cut straight to the point (incidentally, just like Cersei and her father as well). I think that was the point of him doing that - to show how much of Ned Stark he has in him, which will then be relevant when he finds out he is not Ned's son and he will have to recall what he told Theon. How did those people make it through the first few seasons??
  4. I agree as well. No movie/tv show is ever as good as the books and if you're going to expect it to be you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Some of the complaints on here are so petty and it just makes more crap to wade through to find the worthwhile comments.
  5. I thought this episode was wonderful! A solid 9. I felt like it wrapped up a lot of story arcs, and there was a lot of good dialogue. Good reunions in KL. Dragon Pit scene was great. Loved Dany's entrance and then after Cersei's terse "We've been here for some time" she says "My apologies", like oops, my bad. Loved Tyrion and Theon dissing Euron’s dwarf joke. After the wight was let out and everyone came to full realization of what they just saw, I was reminded of The Lord of the Rings when Elrond calls the meeting and shock on everyone's faces after Gimli's axe is shattered when he tries to destroy the ring. It was so satisfying to see real fear on Cersei's face! And then there is Qybburn, "hmmm, this is interesting." Tyrion and Cersei scene was TREMENDOUS! So good to see Tyrion back in fine form. And Cersei - you could see the battle on her face- she wants to kill him but she can't (just like her father). I don’t know why so many people think they should have gotten rid of Cersei’s character by now. Without her on the throne, how could it still be Game of Thrones? I was SO happy to see Jamie finally give up on Cersei and turn his back on her. Hopefully he survives and both he and the Hound get to redeem themselves. It was so satisfying to see LF on his knees, crying no less, begging for his life, and being executed with his own knife by a member of the family he betrayed and hurt the worst. That’s what I call poetic justice. My only regret is that he didn’t suffer. But that’s part of what makes good guys good; they don’t torture people. And I thought the way they had Sansa summarize how LF’s betrayal started the whole Lannister-Stark conflict was well done. Arya and Sansa on the rampart, acknowledging each other’s strengths and the fact that they need to stick together, finishing with their fathers’ words – that was touching. I loved the way they tied Rhaegar and Lyanna to Jon and Dany. I was wondering if they would get together this season or next season, but after the way theRhaegar and Lyanna to Jon and Dany. It will be interesting to see how Jon and Dany deal with the truth of his parentage next season. I wondered if the WW were going to have to freeze the water and go around the wall, or if they were going to find a way to destroy it. So, I guess dragon fire is more powerful than the magic the CotF used to build the wall? (Magic which some people seem to have forgotten is what prevents the WWs from crossing it) At any rate, that was some awesome CGI!
  6. That is not what I would call a cliffhanger. More of a wrap up of some story arcs and just setting up next season. LF did everything he did with one goal in mind - the Iron Throne. He told Sansa that after the BotB when they were standing under the weirwood tree. Did you forget that scene? Booty call? Did you not see the way they were looking at each other in earlier scenes? Why do you feel the Rhaegar and Lyanna flasbacks needed to be longer? It was enough to explain Jon's legitimate parentage. That was it's purpose. Emilia is much better as when she is being tender hearted than trying to be a badass. I think Lena Heady's facial expressions are great, but I have always hated the way she talks, but I have never been able to describe it. Chewing is perfect! What was Jon supposed to do? He had to be true to his nature, esp after Cersei just said that she knew Ned Stark’s son would keep his word. It also set up Tyrion’s need to talk to Cersei privately. A lot of people on here complain when there is a lot of conversation, but do they think a story as complex as this can be accomplished with mostly action?
  7. SansaJonRule

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 706?

    There is another very good interpretation of what is going on with the sisters in 'Why Did Arya Give the Dagger to Sansa'. Have you seen it? It runs more in line with where I was heading. I would be happy for either scenario to play out, just as long as the Stark kids stick together in the end.
  8. SansaJonRule

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 706?

    LOL!!! I love my husband, but I can tell ya, sometimes I don't like him! I'm still pulling for Arya and all of House Stark!
  9. SansaJonRule

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 706?

    Wow, you would make a good Sherlock Holmes (the robert downey jr one). I did consider a spy listening outside the door (the handmaid), but the fact that Sansa looked shaken to her core is what made me dismiss the idea of them plotting together (I was actually expecting that). But, you are right, just being reminded of what Arya is capable of would be enough to scare anyone. I did interpret Arya handing the dagger over to Sansa as a reassuring or reconciliatory gesture, but as in "I believe you, I don't mistrust you anymore", believing that their earlier argument was real and then Arya was taunting Sansa to see how she would react first. Your theory is very good, and I hope you are right! I want to like Arya again, for one thing.
  10. SansaJonRule

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 706?

    I didn't think she was more concerned about Jon, there was just nothing she could do for Viseyrion, but she could do something for Jon.
  11. SansaJonRule

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 706?

    I considered that seriously, but if they're in cahoots, why the private threat to cut off Sansa's face? I can quite possibly see Arya plotting that on her own though, now that she does seem to believe Sansa about the letter (even though she called he stupid for it).
  12. SansaJonRule

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 706?

    She didn't cry when Drogo and her baby died either, did she? You could see the pain in her face and eyes, a look I don't think I've seen on her face before. Still not saying she's a great actress.
  13. SansaJonRule

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 706?

    I beg to differ. I've seen them do it plenty of times!