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  1. If you think about it, Jon has been dealt a bad hand in life since the day he was born. He was destined to be miserable. But he was happy to see Ghost at least!
  2. 10 stars! a lot of people hate to question themselves. Tyrion included!. ( I know what i just said will not please everyone) Yes, I guarantee you ticked off a lot people with your comment! And your English is better than a lot of native English speaking people.
  3. The idea was to stop the fighting. I think there was a better chance of a longer lasting peace if they were united. and the Iron Born were nearly obliterated, so they need to regain their strength before being independent would be a good option for them. Because he is no longer a nothern man. He lost his identity as Brandon Stark when he became the 3ER. He is the memory of all of Westeros, which presumably makes him neutral. Yes, there comes a point when it is not plausible to effectively have one ruler over such a large geographical area. Like Rome had to stop pushing the boundaries of its empire because it became untenable. It wasn't about Sansa and her brother. She was representing the interests of the North. This was nothing new. It has been a recurring theme for at least 2 seasons, so why are people so surprised by it? (You may ask why they would have a problem with Bran; they don't necessarily. They have a problem with bending the knee to any southern ruler.) He committed the crime in Kings Landing, therefore it fell under the jurisdiction of the king in KL. That was plainly stated. Being sent to the wall was a life sentence-a compromise between executing him and pardoning him.
  4. Tyrion NEVER said Dany was always evil, didn't even imply it. He said "where ever she (Dany) went, evil men died", and that's why people like Jorah, Varys, Selmy and he supported her in the first place. They supported her vision for Westeros. But she became arrogant and obsessed with taking the Iron Throne and that's when her character really started its descent (although there were hints all along the way.) Anyway, I felt the purpose of Tyrion's "speech" (for the viewers) was to kind of summarize Dany's character arc, not to make viewers feel guilty. I felt sorry for her. I don't think Dany's character can be boiled down to simply good or bad. She was a complex character who had both good and bad in her, just like most of the rest of the characters on the show. She did a lot of good in Essos, and even in Westeros she was a force for positive change. The problem was she had a warped idea of what an acceptable level of sacrifice was to achieve her goals. But I haven't heard anyone say that her later actions negated her earlier actions.
  5. I just did a quick search, and half the article titles say yes, and half say no. I didn't open any of them to see which are most recent and from what source. Hopefully he's too busy finishing the books to watch tv!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. SansaJonRule

    Were you expecting something different?

    I didn't see how they could possibly wrap it up in 90 min so I was pleasantly surprised! It's the only episode that didn't feel rushed to me. (Well,on second thought, I thought the battle episode was just about right. How much more of that battle did we really need to see?) Season 8, on the whole, even though it was rushed, was still better than season 7, I agree whole-heartedly. In the finale there were several very poignant and heart wrenching scenes, and I like that kind of stuff. I cried a lot. And even though by season 7 I didn't like Dany much anymore, I still hated seeing her die, esp at the hands of the man she loved. I hated seeing Jon have to make that decision, but it was consistent with who he has always been. Small council banter wasn't so much cheesy as it was just not fitting in this episode. In prior seasons, it would have been humorous. IMO.
  7. That makes sense, if he really is finishing writing the series.
  8. I see where you're coming from regarding Bran's role in the Battle of Winterfell, but I disagree. Bran's invaluable knowledge was that the NK would be coming for him personally and he therefore needed to be the bait to lure the NK where they had a better chance of killing him. Regarding him warging into Viseryion, I think that would have opened up a whole new can of worms. One, there is no precedence for a 3ER warging into an undead creature. The undead are the NK's domain. Secondly, if he did, then everyone would have wondered why he didn't do it sooner and prevent the NK using Viseryion to destroy The Wall. The ending montage was great, especially considering how rushed the last two seasons were. I hate it when they leave you wondering what happened to everyone. Best part was John being greeted by Ghost. I wonder if we will hear Martin's opinion of the final season?
  9. Actually, I think that was the only fair and sensible way to handle it. Dany's supporters want him executed, Dany's opposition wants him pardoned and freed. The deed was done there in Kings Landing, so it falls under the king's jurisdiction and his punishment ended up being a compromise between the two (Tyrion's as well). And if you recall, that suggestion was made before Bran was chosen as king. (Bran, who no longer considers himself a Stark because he is the Three Eyed Raven. His loyalty is to the realm, not any one house or faction.) I also liked that neither Tyrion nor Jon got off scott free. They both were basically given life sentences. I know a lot of people will say they got off too easy, but they were both prepared to pay the price for what they did because they knew it was the right thing to do for the future of Westeros. Similar to Jaime when he killed the Mad King. Although he wasn't legally punished, he had to endure a life sentence of being the "Kingslayer" for something he did for the good of the realm. I loved it when Tyrion threw away his Hand badge, all the while never taking his eyes off Dany. Peter Dinklage is such a great actor, and he's got very expressive, cool looking eyes. He can say so much with just his eyes.
  10. SansaJonRule

    WHEEL OF TIME tv show: Go on,tug my braid!

    Channeling I think would be easy with today's CGI. Ribbons of light (different color for each aspect of the power) actually weaving into different patterns and a glowing nimbus around whoever is channeling so we know who it is. I would imagine facial expressions and seeing and hearing through their eyes could relay their feelings when filled with the power, but there is also dialogue in the books that touches on how it feels, perhaps they can expand on that. That I think will be more difficult than channeling. But sooooo cool.
  11. Sure, cuz there are no real world or "Westerosi world" precedents for an inexperienced teenager to become king. And why are you so hung up on the fact that he is crippled? I've already stated what unique qualifications Bran has, so I won't repeat that here. And again, the old way wasn't working, so they're trying a new way. To say feudal monarchy has been totally thrown out the window when they've only changed one aspect of it is ludicrous. There is much more to feudal monarchy than just how kings are chosen, and that is all still intact. Plus, although this is inspired by medieval Europe, it's not. It's a fictional world of Jordan's making so to expect everything to follow medieval European feudalism exactly limits the creativity of the author. I was not comparing Dany to Cersei. Of course Cersei was an evil tyrant who needed to be overthrown and executed. I was evaluating Dany based mainly on her own merits, but also that of her ancestors. It was not all good times when the Targaryens ruled. Have you forgotten their civil war? How many of them were crazy? There's a reason for the saying "every time a Targaryen is born the gods flip a coin". Her father burned people alive! And now that's Dany's method of execution. Just because I wouldn't want Cersei as queen doesn't mean I'd want Dany either. And she was a foreign invader in the eyes of the Westerosi. She never lived there; they didn't know her from Eve. And talk about inspiring loyalty? You don't inspire loyalty by demanding people bend the knee or die. That's inspiring fear. No, I can't say his reign would immediately be a disaster. That's just your opinion. He's inexperienced, but he has knowledge no one else has, and he has advisors. Every good king has good advisors and listens to them. Only time can tell what his reign would be. Realism? You mean with the dragons, a woman who can't be harmed by fire, priestesses who raise people from the dead, malevolent ice monsters and zombies, assassins who can wear other people's faces, etc. You mean that level of realism. It's a fantasy series. If it's not realistic enough for you, I would suggest you give up on fantasy. You and I are clearly gonna have to agree to disagree.
  12. Season 6 was the one I skipped and just read the episode summaries online (I watched it on Netflix). I hated the flash sideways crap. So, I've seen at least 3 people list Black Sails as a favorite. It's a show I've considered watching. Is the whole series really good?
  13. I felt it was quite fulfilling and interesting. I loved Tyrion and Jon's conversation in Tyrion's cell, and his explanation of how Dany got to where she was and why she needed to be stopped. Best part of the episode. That and Tyrion facing Dany and throwing away his hand pin. A few things I would have changed, like having Jon tell Dany he loved her and was sorry as she died. Even though she brought it on herself, I felt very sorry for her. Imagine dying knowing that the man/(woman) you love is the one who killed you. I would NOT have put Bronn on the small council, and I would left out all the small council banter. It was out of place in this episode. I would have just had them begin the meeting so we knew who was what (although except for Bronn it was obvious), and cut away.
  14. Yes, inspiring loyalty is extremely important. Not having that ability is a stumbling block but not insurmountable. My point is there are ways to inspire loyalty other than being charismatic. Bran already has the loyalty of all the major houses in Westeros due simply to his being the best person to be made king. She was unloved because she was a foreign Targaryen invader who came to Westeros with her dragons and her armies demanding everyone bend the knee to her for no more reason than because she was the daughter of an evil king whom they hated. Not to mention they remember what happened the last time a Targaryen invaded with his dragons (something Dany was counting on). If that happened in the real world (and it has), how would you react? Thrown out the window is an overstatement, but yes, they took the first step in abolishing feudal monarchy by changing the way succession to the throne is determined. So now the power balance between king and nobles has changed, but that's all. The rest of feudalism is still alive and well. If you were a Dany fan, I would think you would appreciate this particular development because the abuses of power in the feudal system is part of the wheel Dany wanted to break!