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  1. What's wrong with looking like Gambit? I'm only going from web images, but his face sure looks right, just the hat is wrong. Ugh, I hate the marriage knives. They just sound so far fetched, like nothing nobody in their right mind would ever wear--certainly original! At least to my knowledge. That's one thing about WoT that bugs me. EVERYBODY from a given country wears the same style clothes, or hair, or something, more so than you would ever see in real life. But then, it's not real life, it's fantasy, and that's why we read it!
  2. Yes, that would be a good way to expand Moiraine's role. He starts to trust her while they are in the Aiel Waste after she gives him an oath of obedience, so maybe he can confine in her a little bit and her response can be sympathetic but "we do what we must". Then Min can be his confidante later. The only thing is, in the books he keeps this stuff all to himself as much as possible, so if it's more than occasional, it will feel too far from the books.
  3. I really hope that as Rand goes through his various stages, they are able to depict his feelings of loneliness and isolation, and his self loathing, not just how others see him. I believe it shows that he never truly loses himself, and of course, adds so much depth to his character. Last night I read the part in LoC when he meets Bode and the other Two Rivers girls in the inn in Camelyn. He ends up scaring them half to death to prove to them he is the DR. He thinks to himself that it is for the best, but he wishes they could have talked about home just a little longer. It made my heart ache for him. It occurred to me a few days ago that Amazon has more riding on the first season of WoT than just the success of this series. Since it will air first, it could have a huge impact on attracting viewers to their Middle Earth series. If they do it well, people will be more enthusiastic about ME, if not, then ME might possibly be a flop just because viewers don't think they can do the show justice. I wish they were airing Middle Earth first, because I think that will be a much easier series to do well.
  4. I'm on my third read, currently on LoC and I was just thinking that last night. Let's get this over with already! Unforturnately I don't think that happens until book 8. Jordan did have an unfortunate habit of describing certain things the same way ad nauseum, like Lan's face--all hard planes and angles. That's the kind of stuff that we fortunately won't have to put up with in a visual medium. Yes I for one am very much looking forward to all those pretty dresses! They better have a big costuming budget! I loved Egwene ferreting out the BA sisters.
  5. Even with condensing the story arcs, Moiraine's character arc would have to be expanded to only be dead for one season. And that means coming up with a new story arc for her that's not in the book. Not that I'm against that; I want more Moiraine! Maybe they don't kill off Moiraine and Lanfear at all. But I'm having trouble thinking of other Aes Sedai's activities that could be given to Moiraine instead, that would fit her personality. The first time I read ToM and MoL, her return did seem a bit anti-climatic, but the second time I really felt Rand's joy and relief. Her death weighed heavier on him than anyone else's. Plus, I like that she after devoting 20+ years to searching for and guiding the DR, she gets to find some happiness with Thom like a normal woman. I enjoyed the circus myself. But yeah, I could do without the Shaido, except for the fact they give Galina her due. They would have to come up with a different adventure for Faile and Perrin then. Someone suggested a while back that Faile be captured by Masema instead. Although I really loved his idea of adding forkroot to the the water supply so none of the Shaido Wise Ones could channel. Yes! No resurrections of the Forsaken except where absolutely necessary! After a while, a when a Forsaken got killed, I thought "big deal, they'll just get resurrected. Good point about the Green Man. Was that the stasis box?
  6. As I thought about it after I posted that, your explanation is what came to mind. Oh the quotation marks on the toolbar, right? I've used them before, but forgot all about them! Thank you!
  7. The way you describe her, she would be perfect for Pevara!
  8. The men being gentled would probably say so. BTW, does anyone know if there is a way to add an additional quote when editing a comment? It never works for me--always creates a new post.
  9. Where did you read that? I admit the 13 is not in the Companion or on the wiki. To the best of my memory it is always said that 13 are needed. I've just finished FoH, so admittedly if that is mentioned in the next 9 books I could easily have forgotten. It does make for an interesting parallel though.
  10. Yes, thirteen is a "bad luck" number. It also corresponds to the number of Aes Sedai needed to gentle a male channeler, and the number of Aes Sedai and mydraal needed to turn someone to the dark lord against their will. Another consideration is four of them are killed by the end of TDR, which would only be the second season of the TV show. Aginor, Balthamael and Belal will be insignificant and can basically be cast as "extras" for all practical purposes. Then three more are crossed off in TFoH. That's 7 in five books out of 14. And I think it's important to have them gradually killed off because it helps demonstrate Rand's growth in his use of the OP, and gives us a sense that Rand is making progress against them.
  11. I agree. We seem to get only short glimpses of most of them. The Forsaken are legendary evil people who are used to scare children into behaving, and they all know Lews Therin from the AoL.At the same time, they can't wait until near the end to start killing them all off. I think that would frustrate the viewers. Are you saying Messana should pretend to be Alviarin, (in which case Alviarian would be a prisoner somewhere or dead)? Because obviously she has to be someone that Elaida would know well enough to think she can trust to be her keeper. I can see how on one hand that would make her defeat by Egwene more satisfying, but on the other hand, doesn't she keep a low profile, assuming an identity that is easily overlooked? In that respect, it is a greater success on Egwene's part to ferret her out. If they follow the books, Lanfear gets crossed toward the end of FoH, so that would only be presumably 2 1/2 seasons. Truthfully Lanfear annoys me so that suits me just fine. But if they put off Lanfear's death, they would presumably but off Moiraine's death which IMO would be great. I just finished rereading Fires of Heaven and I feel so sad at the prospect of no Moiraine for SEVEN books! And with a big name like Rosamun Pike, I can definitely see them keeping her around longer. The only ones I recall being mentioned are Siuan and Moiraine, and only in passing. But why out and proud? Did you not read New Spring? I believe that is the book where it explains that novices and accepted find comfort in pillow friends because of the stress and loneliness they endure during their training. (They are pretty much cut off from the world, and that includes men.) Most of them end the behavior when they are raised to Aes Sedai. Apparently you haven't heard that Rafe Judkins said there are going to be "pillow friends" out the wazoo if you are concerned about it. I think it's stupid because other than Greens, most are too busy being "Aes Sedai" to even have romantic relationships. So it injects two aspects into the Aes Sedai that are not presented that way in the books. I know it's politically correct and they want to garner as much positive media coverage as possible, but it's also untrue to the source material for that to get much attention and bottom line is it does not enhance the story. I think it would be better to show some of the nobles and commoners in the towns arm and arm or canoodling with a member of the same sex in the more liberal countries (to emphasize cultural differences between the countries).
  12. I know Adeleas is not near as big a character as Cadsuane, but I thought she had more than what you say. She was very prominent among the sisters in Camelyn who are dealing with the Kin. She'd be great as Elaida, but Elaida (and Verin) will both appear beginning in season 1 and Thompson is currently doing "Prime Time" for Amazon. Production could overlap.
  13. That's what I thought at first, but there have been a couple other suggestions for Cadsuane that are even better. Meryl Streep for one, and I can't remember who the other is. And I would like to see Thompson play an Aes Sedai whose character is more multi faceted. Don't get me wrong, Cadsuane is all kinds of awesome, but her personality is STERN, and that 's pretty much it IIRC. Adeleas is a Brown, and they're known for being kind of spacey, but Moiraine notes that she possesses much of a Green's personality as well. I think Adeleas is more suited to Thompson's talents, the greatest of which IMO is her facial expressions. Of course all this is mute since she is doing "Prime Time" I haven't watched "Prime Time" yet, but I love her even in the previews! Has anyone seen it? My favorite Emma Thompson movie is "Much Ado about Nothing". LOVE it! I wonder if even one of the actors/actresses we want will end up in the show. Not likely. Nyaneave was your fantasy? You liked controlling, bad tempered women when you were in your 30s? I thought of that. The customs would have to be "aged up" a little bit too. I think they could age them up just 2-3 years and it would still work. It would just make the Two Rivers more like 19th century Europe and America than medieval. And it would make casting easier. The biggest problem is that if the show runs 8 years or so (which probably means 10 years in terms of production time), and the books only cover 3 years, so at the end the youngsters would be about 7 years older than their characters. But that's not insurmountable. No offense to those of you in this age group, but early to mid-twenties are not fully grown adults. Physically, but not mentally ad emotionally. They are still quite young. That is backed up by scientific evidence as well as observation.
  14. I think it's a shame Emma Thompson is already doing a series. I love her and I think she'd be a great Aes Sedai, like Vandene or Adelas.