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  1. Ok let's not expand in the books. I had read them a long time ago and is very hard to recall details.
  2. But the question is not what they would do, but how they would perceive themselves, as ordinary people? Because as @Hodor's Dragon said:
  3. Madness is not the case though... Many messiahs in this world are voted and well-respected exactly for their ability to drive wars and expand their country. And are respected not only by their voters but also from their opponents who may blame them but in short don't condemn them to death.
  4. In fact we don't know what they would do. But generally I don't understand what you are saying. Did she ever hide that she wants her home back? She didn't pretend anything, all of these things happened to her on the way and she had to make decisions to protect what she built. Neither she was delusional. The slaves did love her back to Essos and were even quite upset seeing Tyrion closing a deal with the Slave Masters. How was she supposed to get the throne by sitting and having tea with the Harpies?
  5. I honestly hope so.
  6. No, nobody will diagnose you until you start kicking the puppy. And by the way even in our times many political leaders are committing atrocities against other countries and cover their crimes and imperialistic views by saying that they are supposed to be the saviors, doing it for humanity, to eradicate a big threat and bla..bla..bla.. We all know it and we have seen it. But they are voted by their citizens again as loving or necessary leaders, have great political campaigns, and nobody calls them mad.
  7. Yes but no one else has dragons, comes from a special Targ dynasty, is unburnt and managed to create an entire army from nothing (with the exception of Jon). What if they had all of these?
  8. Probably got a PR team and told them to shut up Better late than never. Or just decided to pack the money, take holidays on an exotic island and never look back. All I can think of is that they will be probably somewhere out there laughing their ass out that this soap opera fantasy cross mix did made them for the rest of their lives.
  9. Seriously? When they open their mouths they only do it worst... I am so glad that for once they left the audience alone.
  10. I didn't even click on it, thanks but I will pass.
  11. Ah now you moved the time line when she moved to Westeros... Anyway our opinions are very far part and need to go. Another time.
  12. ?????? What do you mean? She plays the character, not I. Where am I supposed to get information?
  13. No, I think that the show portrayed Dany as good until the finale because that's how they had wanted it. That's why Emilia was shocked by the twist. Because they never added to her performance any cues. they went for surprise. Honestly, she doesn't know what actions Dany does? Actors are supposed to be the ones reading their characters motives and reasons and understand their character. This is not just script reading. Oh yes and why would anyone believe the fan theories at that time? They all saw Azor Ahai, Nissa-Nissa, Bran as the Night King etc, Arya as the Valonquar ect. What happened to these crazy predictions?
  14. Yes sure she didn't know her role, but you and other people it knew it beforehand. ok.