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  1. Nightwish

    I don’t get the “Love is the Death of Duty”

    Actually I don’t find any virtue or feeling or value that is not lethal or doesn’t end up in death or doom in game of thrones, which for me is also ridiculous. As I wrote in another post there is nothing that can stand as a moral teaching. Love kills you... honor kills you... Duty kills you... revenge kills you... innoncence kills you... betrayal kills you... royalty kills you... whatever the motive it doesn’t matter. Everything ends up in nihilism. So for me it doesn’t matter what he tries to suggest. I dont take it seriously enough to analyze any of that stuff.
  2. Nightwish

    The Ending Was very conventional

    John’s character is so badly written. I don’t even know where to start but now that some time has passed after the end you can see his character dragging so much after his resurrection. Instead of becoming a man of his own mind he is constantly manipulated by others. A second wheel. Like his usefulness as a character is only to serve his sisters, the men in the North and much later Tyrion. He is emptied of true narrative and meaningful dialogues. Fails to understand the world around him, acts cowardly assasinating a woman who trusts him without speaking his mind against her actions, and then happily leaves for the wall to live as a monk the rest of his life, actually thanking the people that used him for their own means. What a pathetic ending for a supposed hero or the prince who was promised. Led so many people to their deaths with stupid decisions and then goes to live free in total ignorance. This is not about Jon but for the writing of Jon who turns from a promised prince to an ignorant fool with minus understanding of the world around him. The writers made it so you can’t really approach any character without feeling disgusted by what they become and ending up bashing them.
  3. HBO should write somewhere the fans opinion of this disaster they called ending... they wouldn’t dare of course but none of their summaries or posts or articles make sense anymore for people to even pay attention.
  4. Nightwish

    Why didn't Jon simply refuse to accept banishment?

    More simply because that was his character all along with no ambition for power. He was elected king of the north by accident, then the revelation of his identity comes and promises to Dany he doesn’t want to make a use out of it. He is honest at least about it, I think he accepts his “punishment” as a way to break free from all the toxic environment and also to redeem himself for taking a life. Kind of...
  5. Nightwish

    Arya the Explorer

    It doesn’t matter. She has plot armor.
  6. moral lessons; the south kills you the north kills you love kills you duty kills you honor kills you the roof kills you your relatives kill you your friends kill you greed kills you poverty kills you the bad guys kill you the good guys kill you so go and live in a cave with the wildlings and have a king for a tree so you can survive your lasting days after everyone you loved is dead from the things above. Or assign yourself to the faceless God next door... Practical... and most of all realistic.
  7. Taking time to reflect on the story after the great storm has passed, I think it’s a bad story in overall, not just the execution, perhaps DD could have worked it better from the narrative point of view but since all the major plots are the same, for me at least it was a bad story with a very anticlimatic ending, wasted characters, meaningless dramatization. It left a very unpleasant and bitter taste, and it’s not even believable since the end comes from another dimension.
  8. Nightwish

    What was the purpose of Jon Snow?

    The character is a disappointment specially for the fans that were expecting the weight of Jon’s revelation to be critical for the WW, but it seemed it only served to doom Dany. Honestly I think he had been overestimated as a character by the fans (unfortunately). And so his legacy, didn’t mean a thing other than being popular and confusing the fans into a pseudo debate about him being the rightful air. There was no rightful air after all since Bran was to sit on the throne. Complete idiotic story. It could be him or anyone in his shoes, even Dany falling for Jamie would do the job. Lol.
  9. I agree with you. Irrelevant to the discussion, yet somehow in topic, I have come to feel disgust of this show or story or whatever as it literally has nothing good to say about human nature. The good guys turn to bad guys and that that’s all folks. Thanks for watching.
  10. Nightwish


    But I remember that Jon didn’t want to fight, at that point he wanted to move south but Ramsey’s letter came and Sansa used the argument they had to save Rickon?
  11. Nightwish

    The aftermatch of the decision made by D&D

    Not on the expense of the script and the narrative. Since they couldn’t succeed in script as they did with visuals, they should try balance it. I wouldn’t mind. For example the first season and up to 4 were far better in narrative and still the quality was excellent.
  12. With no conditions to be able to interfere. So he did gave them the ok to write a fan fiction out of it.
  13. Doesn’t Tyrion mentions at the council when they elect Bran that this was also Dany’s wish? I don’t remember the exact line but it seemed she wanted to be monarch and after her death to be a kind of council that would elect their rulers. As she did with Mereen.
  14. Nightwish

    Why Did the Show Turn on Jon?

    What convience Sansa? Killing The mother of Dragons proved to be easier, more time efficient and far less dangerous for his mental health. It also came with free tickets for the forgotten ice lands of the wild north. Miss such an opportunity?
  15. That’s a very nice narrative and a fresh approach. Without having the time to disagree because I believe that script writers were never thoughtful, just followed Martins outline and did a mess with her narrative aiming for shock, I really appreciate the effort.