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  1. moral lessons; the south kills you the north kills you love kills you duty kills you honor kills you the roof kills you your relatives kill you your friends kill you greed kills you poverty kills you the bad guys kill you the good guys kill you so go and live in a cave with the wildlings and have a king for a tree so you can survive your lasting days after everyone you loved is dead from the things above. Or assign yourself to the faceless God next door... Practical... and most of all realistic.
  2. The king Beyond the wall...who may never return because Greyworm who is miles away said so and his tree brother became King in his place so he can enforce Greyworm’s punishment? “He must know Sam, you must tell him” But now it seems he had already packed his luggage for the throne two seasons back and had bought to Jon a nice new coat for the harsh winter i still can’t get over these nonsense.
  3. Serve as exhile punishment? And why can’t John return, who will punish him Bran? And how does Greyworm know that Jon will execute his service? Bran will send him ravens? Can this seriously be what Martin wrote?
  4. I guess Jon is so dumb because his supposed to be the good guy?
  5. Season 8 is : undo the NK . undo Jamie undo Dany undo Jon undo...undo... OMG! What a crap we watched!!
  6. So true...I was a patient one, staying away from forums, saying its just a TV show, they have restriction in time, they have specific budget...next season they will manage it, they will close the plot holes, it will be better, this year there was no next season.
  7. I believe that they wanted to give something to all the Starks. So Bran had to be King, then Sansa Queen, Arya sails away and that leaves Jon going North. With what excuse? Ah killing the Queen (also emotional drama ). So to make Arya actually do something they gave her the NK. That's how I believe it goes...
  8. Of course, she had to turn evil and die So Sansa can be queen and Bran take the throne. Why? Well because...they are the heroes. Perhaps this is a story about a story which doesn’t even recognize its own heroes.
  9. Yes exactly, is not suprising that it has no meaning at all in the end, since any potential meaning is sacrificed so that Starks get rewards. Rewards that were not even earned as the script presents them. John moves to the North to make room for Sansa and Bran to take positions of status, and Arya goes west. So conveniently put that the rest of the characters in the council had to spit democracy in the face and declare that they couldn’t live without a king for Westeros. Hello, 8 seasons of wars were not capable of teaching them something? But if they accept it how will Bran become King and Sansa Queen? There goes the meaning down the drain. Of course the North must stay independent so Sansa can be Queen. Now for the rest of the characters that didn’t make it up to here, it doesn’t matter. Since the main characters can’t bring meaning apparently nothing could.
  10. No, it was actually about the Starks, all other stories could be changed, cut and it wouldn't make a difference.
  11. Actually I hate the idea that the whole series was around the Stark children and nothing more. It could have potentially grown into something bigger but no, that's it. Now the ending doesn't need to make any meaning, as long as all Stark family get what they wanted.
  12. Tyrion is still alive so he could give a happy ending to Bran. Bran then is to make Sansa Queen and Arya free to follow her path (good riddance). And Jon is alive because he is also a Stark who killed the Queen and put his brothers and sisters in power. They are the happy end of the story - and this is it from the start: even Dany was nothing more than an antagonist to their path. Apparently we lost a bit the focus (the Stark children) because there were multiple arcs and characters, but at the end is apparent that the World OF Ice and Fire just revolved around them and all the rest was just a story. Any story would do actually because this is not about meaning, just a happy end fairytale for the Stark Family. And GOT became overrated in this sense, had nothing to offer than the adventures of the Stark Family.
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