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  1. Riverrun isn't the capital of the Riverlands, just the seat of the ruling house at the beginning of the series. Traditionally Harrenhall would be more like a capital for the Riverlands, which is part of why Littlefinger gets named Lord Paramount for the region when he gets Harrenhal.
  2. What emphasis on living hand to mouth? The only really desperate Northern noble in the series was Jorah and that was only because his wife wouldn't stop spending. The others seem to get by okay. It's not the land of milk and honey, but they aren't starving either. Rustic, humble honor? That's hilarious. Where'd you get that? Most of Westeros would count as "rustic" and humble by the standards of houses like Lannister, Targaryen, Hightower, Tyrell, Martell, etc. Nobody said the southern ways are corrupt. Ned married a southerner, and built her a sept. You're accusing the characters of biases they don't necessarily have. Northerners and Starks have no more of a superiority complex than any other characters in the series do. Everyone always thinks their own way is the best way, it's human nature. The southerners judge the northerners too, and Dany's going to find all the Westerosi pretty darn strange when she gets to Westeros...except maybe the Northerners, since she's had Jorah with her. If you mean the Night's Watch as penal colony, that covers the whole of Westeros, not just the North. It happens to be in the North because that's the direction from which the Others were coming when the group was founded to protect the whole damn world. And it wasn't a penal colony at the beginning. It's devolved because after 8,000 years of course it would, and because GRRM needs the stakes to be high for the coming Icemageddon. He also doesn't like that straight good-guy thing so the idea of having robbers and worse saving the realm would appeal to him. Violent killers who chop peoples' heads off? You mean like they do in the south too? That's Ilyn Payne's entire job! Beheading is actually one of the better ways to go when you look at all the ways people can die in Westeros. It's usually quick. They've never been genocidal toward the Wildlings. If they were, the Wildlings would be extinct. Sacrificing people to trees is an unfounded theory based on one snippet of vision that Bran has of eons of history. It was more likely just an execution done near the weirwood trees. They're prone to keeping direwolves? Uh, not for a couple hundred years until this generation. And the Starks did not originate that custom. I don't see you complaining about Targaryens having dragons, which are far more dangerous and less fluffy. Your assessment of Northern lords is over-generalized and exaggerated. I don't recall any Northern lords threatening to kill their firstborn son if he didn't take the black because they were so disappointed that the kid liked to read and wasn't a great fighter. Nope. That was a southron lord. The current northerners are soft and cuddly compared to the ancient Kings of Winter. And they were probably no worse than the ancient Kings of the Rock, or the worst of the Targaryens. Stripped of the context of the Others, winter is still a big deal if it can last a decade. Even Dorne gets cold and food production is minimal if there is any. But winter is coming is not just about the weather or even just about the Others. Winter is coming is about all hard times and the fact that you need to be ready for them in advance if you want to survive. Winter is coming is not about just one thing, the same way the title of this series is not about just one thing according to the author. I think peopling Siberia was a necessary step in case the Others returned, in which case well done Mr. Stark. Brandon the Builder probably didn't even choose the location for his castle. The CotF may have told him "Build it here." Now you're just being silly. Why would they wander off and hold court elsewhere? Some people like northern climates. Some people like tradition and having roots in a community. And of course it would be entirely inconsistent with the medieval setting for people to just migrate around. No Westerosi houses in history just packed up and moved because they could. The Blackwoods are probably descended from the Warg King who was forced out of the North. The Manderlys used to live in the Reach but were forced out, and the Starks offered them lands and friendship. There are probably other examples but it's late and I'm tired.
  3. Something's come up and I don't think I can host just yet. But I will try to play in the next game!
  4. He's not a ranger. If you're going to mock, do it properly. And there is no one person who is going to save the realm. It's going to be a group effort.
  5. She didn't say Quentyn was a threat. She said not to trust any of them, probably because all of them had their own agendas, their own plans, their own ideas of what Dany should or would do. They were all going to play the man card and expected the woman to fall in line, with no regard to what she wants or needs. And Quentyn lied his way in, so there's that. Then when he finds out he can't go through with his plan he decides to steal one of her children. Yeah. Totally a guy Dany should trust. The Lion and Griffin were together when she mentioned them. She was basically giving a traffic report of men with ulterior motives who were headed in Dany's direction. The Mummer's Dragon (which fits whether he's Aegon or not) was also on his way to Dany at the time. But he didn't have to be with Quentyn. The Sun's Sun is a relative, and a young man who expects to marry her. The Mummer's Dragon is a possible relative (even if he's a Blackfyre), and a young man who expects to marry her. The other two pairings are of powerful men who expect Dany to fall in line with what they want. Victarion wants her for his wife, and to "steal" her from his brother. Moqorro seems to want her to save the world. JonCon wants her to marry Aegon and support his claim to the Iron Throne. And Tyrion wants to use her for revenge. It's also possible they were in age order, descending. Moqorro and Victarion are probably older than JonCon, and JonCon and Tyrion are both older than Quent and Aegon. She also mentioned the pale mare, which did show up, and the perfumed seneschal--and no one agrees on who that is so far. And she said to remember the Undying, likely because Euron has some Qartheen warlocks on his ship and he's after her too. It's not making her paranoid to warn Dany of who is coming, and that none of them have her best interests in mind. If I had a friend who could see that stuff for me, I'd have her on speed-dial. When Dany tells Quaithe to speak plainly about what she wants she says "To show you the way." Does Quaithe have her own agenda? Sure. But she wasn't wrong in her warnings to Dany.
  6. Well there's the fact that Catelyn was NOT hiding in a brothel. Littlefinger's men showed up where she was staying and took her to him. He arranged the brothel bit, and he did it to tweak Ned's nose. We're lacking a Littlefinger-like player involved in the Joanna/Tywin/Aerys triangle putting Joanna at Chataya's to irk Tywin. And Tywin would not have reacted any better to his wife in a brothel than Ned did, so I don't see him coming up with the idea. It's far more likely that Tywin thought Joanna was safe from Aerys' attentions once she married him. The tunnel was to bring female companionship to a Hand discretely, not to bring the Hand's wife in secret. It's not dishonorable for a man to sneak his own wife in to his bed.
  7. If you're talking about Cersei and Joffrey, the author has said that Joffrey is just a spoiled brat with too much power--he's not insane. In 300+ years of Targaryens in Westeros and on Dragonstone there is exactly ONE instance of a parent and child both being mad, and even that isn't rock solid as there's some debate whether Viserys was actually insane or just majorly screwed up by what happened in his life and not having the temperament and background to deal with any of it. Not sure what examples you're looking for given that the text doesn't give us any among actual, known, mad Targaryens. Tyrion clues are far more plentiful. Weak is in the eye of the beholder. And no, not every smart guy would want a dragon. Some very smart ones would not want that level of power, the possibility of beginning to abuse said power, or the responsibility if controlling a dragon. Again, GRRM said Joffrey is not mad. Tyrion never knew Aerys. He was a child when the Mad King was killed. All he knows about him are stories, and his line is more in keeping with what the future holds if nobody gets Joffrey under control. As for Cersei, power corrupts, and Tyrion was exaggerating to make a point. Cersei is not as bad as any of the three he mentioned...so far. Besides which lack of gentleness, lack of selflessness, and lack of wisdom are not exclusive to the Targaryens by any means. They ruled for almost 300 years and Cersei is not exercising the power of their throne. Comparisons are inevitable. That's the only thing that even comes close to an actual possible clue for Cersei having any Targ blood. Quite frankly, she's too stupid to fear it as she should. But there's no evidence that Aerys Targaryen was the only person in Planetos with pyromania. We simply don't know enough about wildfire's history to say for certain that it's a solid clue for Cersei. She wouldn't be the first power hungry maniac to be entranced by something powerful, destructive and seemingly magical (and admittedly in-universe actually magical). Not literal, no. Tyrion is Tywin in miniature, with a crappy upbringing. That's what Genna is saying. Tyrion is Tywin writ small, as they say. Words can have more meaning than the teller intended yes, but sometimes the curtains are just blue. Case in point: Genna says Jaime is more Tygett or Gerion, and last I knew no one was theorizing that Joanna slept with one or both of them. They are one potential way GRRM could clue us in to Targaryen ancestry. And sometimes the Targs who dream them go mad, or in the case of Aegon V's older brother become a drunk because he couldn't deal with the dreams. Known dragon dreamers: -Daenys the Dreamer -Daeron the Drunken -Daeron Blackfyre the Second -Maester Aemon -our Daenerys. There were probably others, but these are the ones for whom we have solid proof. Jon not having had one doesn't rule him out, but there are plenty of clues about his parentage (which point to Ned at least believing he's got dragonblood), whereas the theory that Aerys is the father of the Lannister twins is less-supported by the text. And hardly anyone ever gets into the possibility that one of the twins could be Aerys' but the other be Tywin's.
  8. Some of them weren't going to be convinced no matter what. The best communication skills in the world won't help you against people who are determined not to listen just because it's you doing the talking.
  9. I read that too fast and was thinking people were keeping cucumbers as pets.
  10. Are you guys allowing for the adrenline rush and heat of the moment that might keep some men from backing down in the midst of the fighting? Some will flee, sure, but others will go nuts and become even more dangerous to the enemy as a result. Yes, there would have been deserters after the ships blew up in the bay, but there would also have been a portion that decided to avenge their fellow-soldier's deaths and kill the bastards who exploded them. In battle, all bets are off, and normal behavior may not apply. Until the armies of the Reach show up they're winning (despite the whole navy on flambe bit), and Stannis is good to those who are loyal to him. Think of all the Lannister riches and holdings, and those of all of their bannermen that Good King Stannis will confiscate and give over to his men. Greed can be a powerful motivator too. Stannis' men also know that if they lose there's a good chance of ending up dead anyway because they've rebelled against the IT and the Lannisters are in charge. Why not continue to fight if they still have a shot because of superior numbers? I'm not saying it's entirely realistic, just that it's not quite as unrealistic as you're thinking. Back to the topic... He wasn't really acting Hand long enough to achieve anything meaningful, but he did succeed in rooting out who was the mole, by telling different stories to different members of the small council. Outplaying the players is no mean feat. Given enough time, I think he could have done more. I give him full credit on Myrcella's betrothal, because he couldn't have known it wasn't necessary to cozy up to Dorne. She was safe, she had a powerful marriage lined up, and it's not his fault things went badly later.
  11. Madness can occur in any family and GRRM has said that Joffrey was just a spoiled teeange boy who was given too much power and not enough restrictions. When Cersei and Jaime start having dragon dreams, or showing any actual Targaryen tendencies beyond incest, then there'll be a case for this. Jaime didn't cut Aerys' head off. If he had, I'd give more credence to that line of thinking. There is far more in the way of clues for Tyrion to have Targ blood than C&J: the deformity, the heterochromia, the preference for burned meat, the mixed black and white blond hair, the dragon obsession, the reading (admittedly that one's a stretch, but name one Lannister known for their love of the written word). Then there's the fact that GRRM added to the TWOIAF that Joanna went to KL for a celebration the year before Tyrion was born, while she had been at CR for three years when C&J were born. Yes, Tywin probably was the Hand of the Tunnel. And if Joanna was visiting him and found it, and where it lead, I wouldn't be surprised if she decided to get a little of her own back, resulting in Tyrion and in Tywin not knowing whether the kid was his, and blaming himself and his own whoring for killing Joanna--but projecting all of that onto Tyrion instead of dealing with it. Realistically though, all three are probably Tywin's. The potential clues are to throw us off, and maybe to cause interesting false ideas in the characters that color their interactions with one another.
  12. The Dothraki would be the noble savages. Emphasis on the savage part. The Kings of Winter stayed in Winterfell for reasons of magic, to do with the Others, most likely. The castle was probably built on the site of a major battle in the War for the Dawn. You know...where winter fell. The line "there must always be a Stark in Winterfell" is not just something they say. There's a reason why the Starks need to hold that castle, and things will go south (so to speak) if they don't. Granted none of the characters know this, but even Catelyn who wasn't born a Stark seems to sense that it's more than just words.
  13. If at all possible it's better to have an inland capital. Coastal capitals are too vulnerable to attacks by enemy navies and pirates. But Winterfell is not the "capital" of the North. None of the regions really has a capital, unless you count KL in the Crownlands. What they do have is the seat of each ruling family. In Dorne that switches between Sunspear and the Water Gardens, but the others are static. Capitals move around, but castles tend to stay where they are.
  14. Uh no. One comment is not a theory. A theory is organized, hopefully sensible, and text-supported. A comment can be an off-the-cuff hey-I-just-thought-of-something idea. No one expects a single comment to be as well laid out as an actual theory. A theory requires research to verify certain points. A comment can include something remembered wrong, or leave out something forgotten. It would be ridiculous to have the same standards for comments as for theories. My mind disagrees. The only thing that deserves a rude or sharp response would be something rude or sharp. One can disagree or point out a flaw without being rude or sharp. Posting a theory, sure. Discussing something in a thread? Not so much. Have you never remembered something wrong, or forgotten part of the text after reading it years ago? I've read the rules for posting and fact-checking is not listed as a requirement. Most people who are wrong don't know they are. They aren't deliberately misinforming anyone. And they deserve to be corrected, not "called out" as if they'd committed some sin. Part of the beauty of discussing things here is getting to bounce ideas off of people, sometimes people who remember the story better than you do, and finding out what works as a possibility and what doesn't. Why would you think anyone is deliberately trying to misinform anyone about a book series that isn't even finished? Particularly on a forum that is populated by avid fans of said series, who would be much more difficult to fool than your average chatroom crowd? It wasn't that you questioned her knowledge, it was the way you did it. You were condescending and rude, and that wasn't necessary. I've been away from the forums for a while but I seem to recall that a certain base level of civility used to be par for the course here. If things have changed in my absence, I'll apologize for being out-of-date.
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