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  1. I read that too fast and was thinking people were keeping cucumbers as pets.
  2. No links please. I'm doing my own version (for fun only, of course).
  3. Pretty Sansa's a curious Stark. And she sorrowf'lly sits in the park With a song on her mind And an escort behind As she ponders the loss of her bark.
  4. I'll keep this thread in mind when I get to AFFC in my re-read.
  5. Uh...what? There is no mention of Orys Baratheon having been a slave.
  6. Well, having been absent for so long, and never having played this game...I just thought it was very kind to include me.
  7. It is known! They had eight seasons to set that up. Nine years.
  8. Assuming he was trying to kill her and not trying to save her from someone else who was trying to kill her. Since we don't see what's going on (thank you, Arianne, for being focused on Arys and Hotah) we don't know for sure what happened. I get the idea of him trying to get in good with her father, but if he wants to marry the girl betraying her trust is not the best way to get her consent to the match. As ye olde snitch? I doubt it. Who would tell the stunt double? All she'd need to know is her cousin and the KG were going somewhere.
  9. I don't think the snitch had to know that necessarily. If Doran or Hotah knew the area well enough and knew the final destination, they could rather easily have worked out which route Arianne would take to get there. Hotah got ahead of them, which means he not only knew how to get to the right spot, but possibly how to get there via another route so they wouldn't see him go past them (or he just got up insanely early, which makes sense, plus a lone rider can go faster than a group, don't mind me, just thinking out loud here). S I still think it was Arys, but I'm okay with that being wrong. sweetsunray, you've laid out a decent case but I'm not convinced that's what happened. What about Tyene? If she and Arianne talked about a plan to crown Myrcella they might well have talked about different ways to go about it, potential routes to take, etc. And while Tyene was on house arrest she might have thought she could bargain for her freedom by telling Doran his daughter had a dangerous plan that could ruin everything. She could even have told Uncle Doran well in advance and he could have had Arianne watched a bit more closely, waiting to see if she actually would try it rather than condemning her based on Tyene's word alone.
  10. I checked out the link and am still a bit confused, but I'm guessing that's normal? I'm tickled that you thought to include me.
  11. Never played before and not sure I'm capable. Plus I've got Camp NaNoWriMo going right now so I'm trying not to get into too many other fun things and get uber-distracted from writing. If you run short of players, let me know, and I'll give it a shot.
  12. It's bad, but it could have been much worse. I've cycled through the stages of grief to acceptance.
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