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  1. Bumping, because I have lots of free time now
  2. Benjen has been seen in Moscow watching a soccer worldcup game
  3. Is Benjen making a trip through the US? He has now been spotted on a beach on Honolulu, Hawai. Sipping a cocktail in a nice beach restaurant.
  4. Haven't been on the board for a month, because I was super busy, but I have a bit of free time right now. The weather is nice and Fire and Blood is only 5 months away
  5. Yes, Star Wars Fans here do that as well
  6. I would have liked to join that celebration. 4th of May is actually Rememberance Day over here.
  7. Nice! Is your birthday in November? I should pre-order the book on Amazon and hope that they send it in time. The bookstores that sell English language books over here often don't have them on the release date. Sometimes it takes weeks or month because they have "new" releases in the store.
  8. Benjen was seen in L.A. walking along the Walk of Fame and looking for a star with his name on.
  9. Should we bump for Fire and Blood now? We could have an actual countdown
  10. Benjen was seen in Florence, Italy. Doing some sightseeing and looking at beautiful buildings.
  11. Did you transfer your migraine to me? I have it now and it's also a beautiful day here
  12. Hope you have the possibility to go there at one point. I only live around 30 minutes away from a beach, but I rarely manage to go there. That sounds fun. I'd love to see that.
  13. I actually had to google him. It's now relatively warm here. Around 25 degrees celsius.
  14. Benjen has been spotted in Nice, France. Strolling along the beach
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