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  1. Nittanian

    Small Questions v. 10106

    Petyr uses a dagger while eating pomegranates at the "Drearfort" in ASOS. It's unknown if this is the Valyrian steel blade from AGOT. If it is, Sansa might not recognize it as being special since Jaime describes it as being plain in ACOK.
  2. It would be tough for me to exclude Harrenhal; I would use the Whents (or Strongs or Lothstons) instead of the Pipers. The Hoares came from Orkmont (Orkwood is a house). With the Martells, you could just call them the Sunspear Unbroken (likewise the Yronwoods could be the Yronwood Bloodroyal).
  3. Nittanian

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    That makes sense to me as well. Regarding the Stormcrows, they might have multiple imagery, like Stannis using both the fiery heart and the standard Baratheon stag during the battle beneath the Wall.
  4. Nittanian

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Hmm, I can see both sides. It would seem unnecessary for small trees like Qoren's, but could be useful for larger trees like Daemon Targaryen. Separately, should "drowned men" refer generally to the acolytes of the Drowned God's priests, or just to the Damphair's followers? AFFC and ADWD have only mentioned them in relation to Aeron, but IIRC he is also the only priest we've met in ASOIAF. TWOIAF mentions Maester Kirth's collection of ironborn legends, Songs the Drowned Men Sing.
  5. Nittanian

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Looks great, excellent job! Regarding articles which have been moved, it's more important to fix "double redirects" than it is to update links within other articles. That can be done, of course, but it shouldn't necessarily be a priority. Also, articles should be moved using the "Move" option which preserves edit history, rather than copy-and-pasting into a new article. Do you have an example handy for comparison?
  6. My kindle version v3.1_r7 has "When Septon Barth passed away in his sleep in 99 AC ..."
  7. Nittanian

    Small Questions v. 10106

    Castles have household guards and urban settlements have their city/town watch, but standing armies don't exist in Westeros. The Free Cities often hire free companies of sellswords. SSM: The Starks, for instance, can call upon holdfasts in the vicinity of Winterfell. If they need more men, they ask their vassal lords to raise their own levies.
  8. Nittanian

    A Faithful Knight in Winterfell

    Hugh of the Vale, a new-made knight, refuses to speak with Jory, whom he considers less prestigious. Jory's uncle Rodrik is a knight (does he accept the Seven, or still follow the old gods like Bartimus?), but Jory's late father Martyn has not been called a knight (unlike Ser Mark Ryswell, who also died at the tower of joy). Jory, Alyn, Harwin, and Sandor all compete in the Hand's tourney, with Alyn the only one mentioned as wanting to become a knight. Sandor also participated in the tourney on Joffrey's name day (before the books begin). Brienne participates in the tourney at Bitterbridge.
  9. Nittanian

    A Faithful Knight in Winterfell

    Dagmer Cleftjaw is the master-at-arms of Pyke.
  10. Nittanian

    A Faithful Knight in Winterfell

    It's not Theon using his status to ask for a squire, it's the Botleys requiring that he take a mute bastard off their hands in return for a horse. The Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, who is not necessarily a knight, has squires (for instance, Jon Snow to Jeor Mormont, and then Satin to Jon Snow). We don't know if Bartimus was already a knight before Robert's Rebellion, but he received the Wolf's Den for having saved Lord Wyman at the Trident. I just mentioned him and the queen's men as examples of knights that follow other religions beside the Faith. The High Septon might consider them heretics, however. This So Spake Martin is a fan's recollection from 2006 SDCC:
  11. Nittanian

    A Faithful Knight in Winterfell

    Another example of a squire to a non-knight is Wex Pyke, who serves Theon Greyjoy. Back in 2001, George explained: The brotherhood without banners, the so-called knights of the hollow hill, worship R'hllor (although the outlaws' knighthood would probably be scoffed at by high society). Even though the queen's men in Stannis's service now worship R'hllor instead of the Seven, their knighthood is still recognized. Bartimus is a northern knight who still believes in the old gods. Regarding tourneys, George has said:
  12. Also, do we know the proper spelling of his given name? "The Short, Sad Reign of Aegon II" and "The Hour of the Wolf" use Olyver, while "The Hooded Hand" uses Olyvar.
  13. Nittanian

    The house with the red door and the lemon tree

    Rolling Stone:
  14. Nittanian

    Small Questions v. 10105

    @Rhaenys_Targaryen, since this is a large thread, can you start a new one?
  15. Nittanian

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Rather than ordinals, maybe we should rename them to Vulture King (Aenys I), Vulture King (Jaehaerys I), Vulture King (Dance of the Dragons), Vulture King (Daeron II), etc.?