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  1. Is this indicating that the Farwynds of the Lonely Light are the founding branch of the family? Right now, the wiki has House Farwynd (for the Sealskin Point branch) and House Farwynd of the Lonely Light (for the western branch). We could follow the House Flint example and move the current "House Farwynd" to "House Farwynd of Sealskin Point".
  2. Other pages are loading and saving fine, but I'm not able to preview any edits for "Varys". On different computers and browsers I'm seeing this error message:
  3. When saving edits this week, I have sometimes received a "500 Internal Server Error" message stating: The edits have been saving despite the error message, fortunately, and the error message isn't appearing every time.
  4. Nittanian

    Board Issues 4

    Same 431 message for me with desktop Chrome but not mobile Safari
  5. Ser Bartimus also follows the old gods. He was rewarded with the Wolf's Den for having saved Wyman's life at the Trident, though we don't know if he was already a knight by then.
  6. I'm thinking that #2 is correct as well. Regarding the Farwyds, the Damphair thinks, The Map of the Iron Islands in TWOIAF has "Sealskin Point" written above the northern shore of Great Wyk. Do we think this is referring to the large peninsula making up the north of the isle, or the smaller peninsula jutting from its northwest? The latter makes more sense to me considering Aeron's thoughts. Also, which would be preferred as a location map for places in the Iron Islands? https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/File:Location_map_Iron_Islands.svg - includes the Lonely Light, but has fewer details https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/File:Iron_Islands.jpg - greater detail, but lacks the Lonely Light and has some misspellings
  7. Other instances of Unsullied using longer spears:
  8. That makes sense, thanks! Regarding Bear Island, Yandel writes: @Ran, does this mean the island's status was resolved diplomatically ("with words") or should it be "with swords" (thus resolved militarily)?
  9. Yandel writes, "More historical proof exists for the war between the Kings of Winter and the Barrow Kings to their south, who styled themselves the Kings of the First Men and claimed supremacy over all First Men everywhere, even the Starks themselves." We currently have separate articles for "Barrow King" and "King of the First Men". Since they cover the same topic and the latter is essentially a stub, we could just have "King of the First Men" redirect to "Barrow King".
  10. Also regarding Brandon the Builder, his article uses the monarch infobox and lists him as as a King of Winter. His descendants were the Kings of Winter, but is he himself ever referred to as a king?
  11. The founder of House Stark is currently at "Brandon Stark (Builder)", but has GRRM ever called him by that name? From what I can tell, he's referred to as "Bran the Builder" or "Brandon the Builder". Lann is at "Lann the Clever" instead of "Lann Lannister", for instance, and Durran is at "Durran Godsgrief" instead of "Durran Durrandon (Godsgrief)". Also, we should mention the "Age of the Hundred Kingdoms" in the "Timeline of major events", right?
  12. https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Years_before_Aegon's_Conquest This page lists the prominent deaths from Aegon's Conquest with 2 BC, but do we know they all occurred in that year? TWOIAF and FAB explain: While events earlier in the Conquest (like the burning of Harrenhal, for instance) most likely occurred in 2 BC, would it be better to give a range like 2 BC-1 AC for relevant articles if we don't know for certain?
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