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    George hasn't explained what happened to the Whents during Robert's Rebellion and its aftermath, but Shella is described as "Lady Whent, last of her line, who dwelt with her ghosts in the cavernous vaults of Harrenhal" (AGOT Catelyn V). Edmure calls the banners (AGOT Eddard XI), so Harrenhal presumably sends a contingent west to Riverrun. Jaime is then victorious below the Golden Tooth and at Riverrun, capturing Edmure. Meanwhile, Tywin and Kevan lead a second host through the riverlands. With Riverrun besieged and without knowing that Robb is marching to the rescue, it's possible that a weary Shella simply decides to surrender Harrenhal when Tywin shows up.
  2. Nittanian

    World of Ice and Fire App Update

    On the Journeys map, Kevan Lannister's route with the ACOK filter has him travel from Harrenhal to Riverrun (Battle of the Fords) and then back east to Harrenhal and then south to King's Landing (Battle of the Blackwater). The route should instead have him travel south from Riverrun to the Blackwater Rush near Stoney Sept, then east to King's Landing.
  3. Yep. The views of the Starks and Kevan have already been mentioned, but Yandel writes, "The crowning of the Stark girl, who was by all reports a wild and boyish young thing with none of the Princess Elia's delicate beauty, could only have been meant to win the allegiance of Winterfell to Prince Rhaegar's cause, Symond Staunton suggested to the king."
  4. Nittanian

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Isn't "one of his dead brother's" wrong? Willem Lannister is captured in the Whispering Wood, but he is a son of the living Kevan. Tyrek is the son of the late Tygett Lannister, but Tyrek is still in King's Landing at this time. Tywin's other brother was Gerion, but he only had a bastard daughter, Joy Hill.
  5. Their strength is greater than fifty, however, since Lord Westerling was part of Jaime's host at the start of the war and was captured in the Whispering Wood.
  6. Nittanian

    Military Strengths and More!

    FYI, that excerpt is from the A Song of Ice and Fire Wiki (iceandfire.wikia.com), not A Wiki of Ice and Fire (which is affiliated with westeros.org).
  7. Nittanian

    Wiki Update

    Not sure if it's been mentioned yet, but italics display correctly in the Contents of an article (A Game of Thrones) but not in the subsection's header (A Game of Thrones).
  8. Nittanian

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Interesting, do you recall where/when he said that?
  9. Nittanian

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    I concur as well. Similar info was added to Jon Snow and Maekar I Targaryen.
  10. Nittanian

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    It seems that YD was killed by one of the spearwives, but I don't think we know which woman. While Rowan adamantly denies they are to blame for killing Little Walder, Theon is skeptical of their denials they killed the other men (She would never believe his denials, any more than he believed hers.).
  11. Nittanian

    Small Questions v. 10105

    The AFFC Appendix mentions Edmund Waxley, the Knight of Wickenden, which implies they are landed knights. Sansa's chapters mention a Lord Waxley, however. Most landed knights in the appendix have Ser as an honorific: Curiously, Edmund Waxley the Knight of Wickenden, and Bennard Brune, the Knight of Brownhollow, do not have Ser honorifics in the appendix. Lothor Brune tells Sansa that the Brunes of Brownhollow are a knightly family, at least. Perhaps Edmund is a lord who goes by "Knight of Wickenden" for prestige purposes (maybe he is a famous knight?), but we don't know for certain.
  12. As @Katerine459 said, there are indications that Sybell was in contact with Tywin but she had no knowledge of the Red Wedding. Amusingly, Jaime assumes that "joy" refers to his cousin, Joy Hill. In actuality, Tywin negotiated for Joy to wed a Frey when she is older. GRRM stated that ASOS would "resolve the question of Bran and the dagger". From what I can recall, the mystery is not mentioned in AFFC or ADWD. We have no evidence that love potions work or that one was administered to Robb. I personally dislike the idea since it removes Robb's agency and detracts from his own involvement in his downfall.
  13. It's mentioned in ASOS and AFFC. So Mr. Merchant travels to Essos, trades in spices, and brings back a maegi. Their son, a wealthy merchant, becomes the founder of House Spicer after he is ennobled by Lord Tytos Lannister (Tywin's father). Lord Spicer's daughter is Sybell Spicer, who weds the impoverished Lord Gawen Westerling.
  14. The Karstarks are given a reason in ACOK Bran II: Arnolf, the castellan of Karhold, has a sizable family, however, and in retrospect George could have had one of them appear. It's not mentioned in the books, but the Dustins might not show because Barbrey still holds a grudge from Robert's Rebellion. The Ryswells might not show out of sympathy for Barbrey (a Ryswell by birth), or maybe Lord Rickard is preoccupied with his squabbling sons. In ACOK Bran III, Meera says in public that she and her brother were sent to Winterfell to renew the oath. In ACOK Bran IV, however, the Reeds explain they were sent by Howland because of Jojen's dreams.
  15. Nittanian

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    "Members of the Night's Watch" can also be trimmed down if we know the member's order.