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  1. Nittanian

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Jeyne will be appear in the prologue, but not necessarily be the POV. https://www.reddit.com/r/asoiaf/comments/2m3evm/spoilers_all_prologue_confirmed_by_grrm_for_winds/
  2. Nittanian

    Fate of Olyvar Frey

    You're thinking of Elmar, who is already serving as Roose's squire before the fall of Harrenhal. Olyvar was Robb's squire. Rather than terrified, Elmar seems dutiful to me when Roose dines with the famous Kingslayer in ASOS Jaime V. Similarly, "Nan" is silent when Roose meets with the Freys in ACOK Arya X. I doubt Roose would have torn out the tongue of Walder's youngest son without the text mentioning it. Elmar is mentioned in the ADWD appendix but not in Theon's chapters, so if he didn't go north maybe he remained at the Twins when Roose stops there en route to Moat Cailin.
  3. Nittanian

    Biggest Mistake Made by Robb

  4. Nittanian

    Uploading new character image

    When you're uploading a file (https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Special:Upload), include the relevant category in the Summary section. If you're uploading a picture of Ned and want it to be in https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Category:Images_of_Eddard_Stark, for instance, make sure your newly-uploaded file has [[Category:Images of Eddard Stark]]. If you didn't include the category in the Summary when you uploaded it, you can add it later as an edit. Wikipedia has some detail about Categorization here.
  5. Nittanian

    Small Questions v. 10105

    It's a name in our world already. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dayne
  6. Nittanian

    Did Roose actually think Ramsay was dead

    It appears that the Frey boy (Little Walder, I presume) returned to Winterfell with most of the search party.
  7. Nittanian

    Did Roose actually think Ramsay was dead

    Ramsay also could have been informed of his father's wedding to Walda Frey when he returned to the Dreadfort from Winterfell. We don't know if Ramsay had time to send a raven south to Harrenhal and await a response, or if he left immediately with the garrison because of Rodrik's army approaching Winterfell.
  8. Nittanian

    Time comparison (Mostly for the North) Updated.

    That is what Godric says. Just with Oldtown, for instance, the city was sacked by Qhored the Cruel, Samwell the Starfire, and Gyles the Woe, so the Citadel's records might have been disrupted during that century. Otho II subsequently built strong walls to protect the city, but George could always write about later times when Oldtown was threatened. We also know very little about the Citadel's history; maybe there were doctrinal disputes between factions of maesters, maybe maesters came into conflict with the Faith at the Starry Sept, etc.
  9. Nittanian

    Time comparison (Mostly for the North) Updated.

    The ancient sword of Qyle Corbray and Robar Royce is different from Lyn Corbray's Lady Forlorn (described as dark "smoke-grey steel" and thus presumably Valyrian steel), right? Like the Starks with two swords named Ice?
  10. Nittanian

    Ned Stark and Roose Bolton

    You're right, it was before Robb split his army at the Twins.
  11. Nittanian

    Negative image of bastards

    The app says Domeric died at the Dreadfort, which seems in line with ADWD Reek III.
  12. Nittanian

    Military Strengths-2 and More!

    FYI, cobblestones are observed in AGOT Arya V and ADWD Cersei II, and cobblestones were used to bludgeon Luthor Largent (TPATQ) and Aron Santagar (ACOK Tyrion IX).
  13. Nittanian

    Negative image of bastards

    Also, Ygritte has a negative reaction to hearing Jon's name.
  14. Nittanian

    Blackwood or Bracken?

    Blackwood, although I agree with @LindsayLohan.
  15. Nittanian

    Military Strengths-2 and More!

    Also, Guardians of Order has the following Designer's Note: Accuracy of Numbers at the start of the book.