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  1. Nittanian

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Thanks, I'll keep it in mind!
  2. Nittanian

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    So instead of it would be better to this?
  3. Nittanian

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Quotes involving more than one <br> break aren't displaying correctly (in my Chrome Portable), with the final line lacking italics and not being aligned with the preceding lines. Examples include Moqorro & Tyrion speaking in the "Euron Greyjoy" article and Balon & Theon speaking in the "Balon Greyjoy" article. The ''Davos Seaworth" article has examples with Melisandre & Davos, Jared & Davos, and Cersei's small council.
  4. Nittanian

    Why did Walder send Stevron to war?

    "Ancient Lord Estermont" also accompanies Renly and then Stannis in ACOK.
  5. Nittanian

    No fleet at all after Brandon the Burner??

    FYI, Rodrik Cassel advises the Manderlys and Umbers to build a fleet to help deal with wildlings in ACOK. In AGOT Ned has Catelyn relay the message that Wyman is fortify White Harbor. Davos observes the stronger fortifications in ADWD.
  6. Nittanian

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Yep, v3.1_r5, but the stormlands chapter still states, "In 282 AC, at the ford of the Trident, Robert Baratheon slew Rhaegar Targaryen, Prince of Dragonstone, and shattered his host ...".
  7. Nittanian

    Small Questions v. 10105

    I just redownloaded my Kindle version from Amazon, but it still shows 282 for that excerpt. I checked my settings with Amazon and Automatic Book Updates are turned on. Has TWOIAF been updated for other formats but not yet with Amazon?
  8. Nittanian

    Yohn Royce was a fool

    The Corbrays are impoverished. And the Waynwoods are also in debt. I don't recall the Royces being poor, however.
  9. Nittanian

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Sounds good to me.
  10. Nittanian

    Is Jon older or younger than Robb?

    So Spake Martin:
  11. Sure there are, they just haven't been important enough thus far to have been included by GRRM on maps. When Catelyn approaches the crossroads inn in AGOT Catelyn V: While not related to this Twins/kingsroad discussion, Barrowton isn't mentioned in the text until ASOS and isn't shown on a map until AFFC.
  12. Nittanian

    Jaqen H'ghar's nonsense

    To be pedantic, "King in the North" and "Warden of the North" are capitalized, and the region is also capitalized in TWOIAF. Within the other publications, however, GRRM has used lower case for the region.
  13. Nittanian

    Military Strengths and More!

    Do you remember where that is mentioned? Sandor tells Sansa, "My grandfather lost a leg, so Lannister paid him for it with lands and a towerhouse".
  14. Nittanian

    Small Questions v. 10105

    The Blackwoods have a market town named Mudgrave.