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  1. Nittanian

    Question about the Red Wedidng

    The Greatjon, Patrek Mallister, and Marq Piper leave the hall for the bedding of Edmure and Roslin, so they are more easily overwhelmed and taken captive. The nobles remaining in the hall are massacred.
  2. Nittanian


    That seems to have happened with House Kenning of Kayce in the westerlands (founded by Herrock Kayce of Harlaw) and the people of Cape Kraken in the north.
  3. Nittanian


    Reaving has ebbed and flowed during ironborn history, even before the Iron Throne era. Large-scale reaving indeed stopped because of the Targaryens (with the historical exceptions of Dalton and Dagon Greyjoy). Ironborn sailors can still gain experience by reaving targets outside of Westeros, like pirates of the Stepstones and the Free Cities. While some ironborn want the Old Way to return, others like Rodrik and Asha think its time has passed. Lord Blacktyde has adopted the Faith of the Seven, and Lord Merlyn behaves more like a mainlander. The "good old days" are still spoken about fondly by some, but I wonder if it is a romanticized interpretation.
  4. FYI, he has briefly appeared a few times. AGOT Bran VI ACOK Arya VII
  5. IIRC, at Balticon George pronounced "Aeron" as a homophone of the given name "Aaron" (and he rhymed "Balon" with talon, also IIRC). I don't think George cares all that much about pronunciation in general, however (SSM).
  6. Nittanian

    Andals in the Reach

    AGOT Arya III AGOT Arya IV
  7. Nittanian

    Wealth and revenues of Westeros

    Indeed! I like the comparison to the Vikings of the British Isles.
  8. Nittanian

    Wealth and revenues of Westeros

    Tangential to this, in a recent map discussion over at /r/gameofthrones a few people insisted that George has stated the Iron Islands are inspired by Ireland. Would you happen to recall George ever mentioning that?
  9. Nittanian

    Alternate facts V2. The Second Coming.

    I would be cautious about equating "a thousand years" with "1,000 years", as GRRM often uses the phrase to simply mean "long ago" or "for a long time".
  10. Nittanian

    Maesters pre-Andal invasion.

    The dark physical characteristics of the Hoares aren't attributed to Andals. Priests of the Drowned God disliked that the Seven were making inroads to the isles, so they claimed the Hoares had been tainted by wedding Andals.
  11. Nittanian

    Why No Lord of the Causeway?

    George often uses it to simply mean "long ago" or "for a long time".
  12. Nittanian

    World of Ice and Fire App Update

    The Summer Isles entry states they are "south of Westeros and east of Valyria", but they are west of Valyria.
  13. Nittanian

    World of Ice and Fire App Update

    The entry for Torghen Flint says, "He comes to Castle Black to see Mance Rayder's execution and asks that the Watch give the Weeper to him if they catch him, as he had raided the Flint lands before, has raped three women of his family, and has blinded even more." ADWD Jon X states Torghen and Brandon Norrey come to CB for the wedding of Alys and Sigorn, however. Is it mentioned elsewhere that Torghen wanted to see Mance die?