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  1. I got to say, there is some really good stuff that isn’t “Nashville Radio” approved. But, on relationships, eh, music is such a secondary force for me. That’s what headphones are for. Husband and I have some overlap but then some very NOT overlap. Surprisingly not the thing that puts pressure on our marriage. Sadly not in the states. Relatively unknown concept here, so “credit me, baby” just doesn’t have the same ring. I mean, I guess if we were all traveling again, there’s a lot of fun to be had with non-recoverable VAT and transfers of going concerns.
  2. This is mild. Things really get dirty when they start talking about “deferred revenue” and, way worse, “embedded options.”
  3. I’m sorry-that just seems wrong. Mind you I think we get that Thursday, but I expect frosts up here until at least mid-May.
  4. Hey @Fragile Bird and @Chataya de Fleury, North Dakota is offering free vaccinations to Canadian truckers travelling from Manitoba. Only about 4,000 truckers seem to be eligible per the WSJ article I'm taking this from (pay wall so I'm not even bothering to link). The ND governor says it is a pilot and could be expanded to include energy workers from Saskatchewan traveling to the Bakken shale. I will be curious to see if other border states (including my own) start to roll out similar programs as vaccine uptake starts to wane.
  5. It’s a choice - it’s a service industry that is relationship-driven. My clients want to know that I’m there for them and have their backs and are willing to pay my (exorbitant) hourly rate for that access. It’s sort of kind of like concierge medicine, I guess, but if I make a mistake no one dies? I do like what I do - it’s usually fun, but I guess there’s a reason I’m married to another private practice lawyer.
  6. Try the lawyers (solicitor types). Crazy hours, erratic schedules, tend to lean more left wing than the basic finance types (at least in the states). One caveat, when you have your “days off”, they won’t. There are no “days off”. Time is literally money.
  7. Today I went and spent money for the second time this spring at a garden center (well, the same one - Isk - Pound Ridge Nursery is truly worth the trek for you). Anyhow, bought two hanging baskets and some other assorted flowers for pots on my patio, as well as Brussels sprouts and broccoli. I’ve sprayed the latter two up but good with BT. We shall see..... I also was bedazzled by the Burpee display on the inside. I bought lots of seeds....
  8. No!!!! Other moms took off their masks. I did not. I stayed because I am more than 2 weeks after my second shot, and I was wearing my N95, and it was WONDERFUL to sit and chat with people.
  9. I went to a mom’s event (outdoor rooftop) for my son’s class on Thursday. Everyone was vaccinated but one mom. She stated that she will not be vaccinated; nor will her son. My child will not be playing with her son. I hope the school decides to require vaccines for in-person once they are available for the age group. If everyone had been vaccinated I would have taken off my mask. As it was, N95 the whole time.
  10. I tried to check the “opt out” box by moving to the UES. Didn’t work. I forgot to buy the mandatory East Hamptons cottage and Palm Beach retreat. It’s too late now.
  11. Eh, foregone conclusion once I hit my 20th year in NYC.
  12. Soooo...my plan to bring the stylings of the Kievan Rus to public architecture will be foiled again?
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