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  1. Mlle. Zabzie

    First Quarter 2019 Reading

    I post so erratically here, but want to do better. I enjoy this thread because I get great reading ideas. Here is my current Q1 list, including what I am personally reading and what I am reading to my kids: Kids 1. Silver on the Tree - Susan Cooper 2. The Tale of Despereaux - Kate di Camillo 3. Serafina and the Black Cloak (current read) - Robert Beatty Me 1. Thin Air - Richard K. Morgan. I really enjoyed this, but I like Morgan's writing and always have. 2. The Mysterious Benedict Society - Trenton Lee Stewart. One of my daughters insisted that I read it. I really enjoyed it! 3. Big Ship at the Edge of the Universe - Alex White. Meh. It was interesting enough to finish, but didn't think it added much to my life. 4. Transcription - Kate Atkinson. Atkinson never disappoints. I loved this book (it's a thriller, and really well done). Currently reading: City of Brass; The Once and Future King
  2. Well, actually, Federal Government was already restricted by the 8th Amendment. But he has been convicted, so I believe he can still be fined proportionate to his crimes and be required to disgorge the proceeds of crimes as he has had his due process. So that's all right.
  3. BTW, have we discussed the outcome of Timbs v. Indiana? (Link to Slate article, if you click the case name - mainly used it because no paywall). This is actually huge. 9-0, explicit confirmation of incorporation of 8th Amendment and will hopefully start to check civil asset forfeiture.
  4. Would Mindy Kaling come in for Harris?
  5. No one is asking the important question: for the candidates who have not yet been assigned, who will spoof them on SNL? More seriously, all of this is waaaaaayyyyy premature. I do think the next few months will give those with the benefit of elected office a lot of huge (but potentially risky) ways to get more name recognition.
  6. Mlle. Zabzie

    Playing God: Mosquitoes Edition

    I want to eliminate malaria. I really do, but this seems like it would have SO MANY unintended consequences. Like, food web said what?
  7. Thank you both. I won't click the link then. These are important discussions to have, and I want folks to have them, and write about them, but definitely need to know what one is getting into!
  8. Hey - I had 30 week premies. Does this need a trigger warning? Because having been in a bunch of support groups, including some parents who lost their kids/had stillbirths, I don't want to open this unless I know what I'm getting into.
  9. Mlle. Zabzie

    Up in Smoke: Drug Legalization and Dealing

    Thanks! This is fascinating. For something so culturally pervasive, it seems pretty poorly understood, but certainly worth digging into more.
  10. Mlle. Zabzie

    Up in Smoke: Drug Legalization and Dealing

    I wish I had time to look into the data from different jurisdictions but I just don't. I do believe I have read articles specifically about Finland and Denmark suggesting that the rates of alcoholism were relatively high. I also have read recently that the issues in the UK were very similar to the US and far from "solved." I think it would be interesting to dig into the data for France, Italy, Spain and Portugal in particular (and regionally within Italy). I am guessing that we might find some interesting things. Also, how much do these studies have reporting bias? That is how do they control for cultural resistance to reporting the existence of alcoholism? How good are news articles at actually reporting on what is going on in different studies? I would wonder whether certain countries under report or have different definitions (so that jurisdictional comparisons are not apples to apples)? My knowledge is basically from news articles, and sadly I'm well aware how poor journalists can be about "details" like this.
  11. Mlle. Zabzie

    Up in Smoke: Drug Legalization and Dealing

    Completely agree - I am not advocating any particular sort of prohibition. I actually think that alcohol (and nicotine) need to be considered holistically with other addictive/mind altering substances in thinking about policy.
  12. Mlle. Zabzie

    Up in Smoke: Drug Legalization and Dealing

    I think this is an American fantasy. As mentioned upthread, there are plenty of European countries that have serious alcoholism issues. I'd include Nordic countries in the list of countries that struggle with the ones already mentioned.
  13. Mlle. Zabzie

    US Politics: The Accountability Problem

    Ken Griffin, the founder of Citadel, is the purchaser on that one.
  14. Mlle. Zabzie

    US Politics: The Accountability Problem

    Ok, fine, you got me. They fed me after midnight.
  15. Mlle. Zabzie

    US Politics: The Accountability Problem

    So @Mexal and I are unreal, and you're maybe a Cyborg?