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  1. I'm in a glass half full mood today - I'm taking this to mean there is continued strong interest in getting the shot in NYC. This is a GOOD THING. And I hope more comes our way ASAP, and that J&J and AZ come online soon. And maybe if there is extra elsewhere in the state it can be repurposed into NYC, but hopefully people in Buffalo and Rochester and Albany are also getting their shots.
  2. So, to move the conversation along a little bit: 1. Lifting of the COVID-19 travel ban, giant middle finger or giant infected middle finger to the Biden administration? Discuss. 2. Publishing the “1776 Report” on MLK Day (a federal holiday, no less), dog whistle or just, you know, whistle whistle? Discuss.
  3. It’s my other sister, who is currently unemployed. I’m thinking it was an Asymptomatic case relatively recently. She did have a PCR test right before Thanksgiving, and two tests right before Christmas and one in the week between Christmas and New Years, all negative (she keeps up to date on her tests because she is helping out a close friend who is receiving cancer treatments and her daughter goes to school live). However, she does see that friend and the friend’s husband (who is a firefighter, and so ... has a lot of contacts, but also can’t be around all the time when her friend has chemo, thus she is helping). SO, either asymptomatic in the period between Thanksgiving and the Christmas tests OR false positive.
  4. To clarify, I had extensive dental work done over the summer and into the fall. In fact I had my last cleaning 6 months ago. However, I’m sort of reevaluating things given the rise in cases and the new variant. I found out today that my (evil) sister has antibodies. She was REALLY sick a year ago (non flu - she thought it was just a wicked sinus infection), but hasn’t felt bad since. So either she had it a year ago and her antibodies have lasted longer than average, or she had an Asymptomatic case more recently. She’s very puzzled because she doesn’t know anyone who had it, and frankly has more contacts than I would be comfortable with.... This is such a weird virus.
  5. I have my 6 month dental cleaning scheduled for 1/27 in NYC. On the one hand I am rabid about dental health. On the other hand, not liking the infection trend. Decisions, decisions. I am going to HAVE to have an optometrist appointment in February. I need my yearly checkup to re-up my contact prescription and check my eye health more generally. This isn’t really “optional” given the state of my vision. Ugh.
  6. Fair point. Which, of course, begs the question of how best to calibrate a national minimum wage (or, if there should be one....)
  7. I generally agree with this, but I think there is a second question here: will a higher minimum wage inhibit marginal employment increases. I also suspect $15 will cause THAT much trouble, but I suspect that number (whatever it is) is lower than the number at which you start to see job loss. But I think the inquiry is an important one given current unemployment numbers.
  8. The person making the statement usually follows up with the example of the Athenian democracy and how our system is different...it’s the inevitable next step.
  9. Just drove my sister (a teacher, who is recovering from surgery) to get her jab. Sitting in the parking lot very excited for her.
  10. Called it! Super spreader relinquishment of power! It’s so on brand for 2021!
  11. Hmmm. At least in the states, I wouldn’t have thought there was enough vaccine out yet to explain this..... And I had thought we always thought we’d need shots from time to time?
  12. (I’ve never seen a single ep. Don’t plan on it. Really enjoying Ted Lasso right now though...)
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