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  1. 30 year fixed is standard here. It is completely wild. Basically feeds and supports an active hedging market lmao.
  2. This. And really listen. That’s the important thing. That means hearing what he is trying to say and asking questions about how he feels about things not telling him what to do. If you feel like you must do SOMETHING, I suggest practical advice - I.e., how to lawyer up, where there are resources on custody issues, etc. etc.
  3. You know, that’s kind of why I want to go back and read book 1 now having finished book 3, because I expect there is stuff in book 1 that, in retrospect, will be important to book 4.
  4. I had totally forgotten that explanation. Of course our man John is a totally unreliable narrator, but this felt real-ish? I think I need to reread all three back to back. And if the end of this is a psych ward in a private hospital somewhere out of Wellington I'm going to be super super ticked.
  5. Ulysses. That’s where. And, well, um, see prior.
  6. A few more things from me: On the lyctors, in stream of consciousness Also:
  7. I have to say, I'm not used to being the angel on anyone's shoulder, but you are right, that would probably have been a DIRECT QUOTE. I might have followed up with "abundant, low value, cost/benefit analysis, have some coffee or tea or whatever and go to bed. Alone."
  8. Though I’ve been known to down some moose tracks, and I do love a chocolate dip from Dairy Queen (is that actually ice cream? I don’t know - I usually regret having one, but at the time I love it), cake does not inflict head pain. The Ice Cream Headache is a thing and it doesn’t occur with cake. #teamcake
  9. Hah! That’s amazing. Thanks for sharing. Linkage to conspiracy theories? I love a fictional conspiracy.
  10. More rabbit hole stuff (I love a puzzle):
  11. Honestly, it’s mallomar season so that’s all I’m doing these days. But still. Cake. Cake is versatile and delicious. And, there is such a thing as bad ice cream. Not just fro yo, which is, in fact trash as earlier stipulated, but like bad ice cream. Good ice cream is good to be fair.
  12. Cake. Not even a question. Fluffy, buttery, can eat in all weathers, and does not cause gastrointestinal issues for the lactose intolerant. Fondant icing is trash though.
  13. I have gone down the rabbit hole on the biblical parts of this one (just like I did with Greek drama in previous…)
  14. I have lots of thoughts, but completely non-spoiler, you can pull out your friendly [Gideon] Bible and note that the John verses are thematically correct. I’ll note that the first John verse (20:8) for instance is “Then the other disciple, who had reached the tomb first, also went in; he saw and believed.” The second (5:20) is “For the Father loves the Son and shows him all that he himself is doing. He will show him even greater things to do than this, and you will all be amazed.” The third (15:23) is “Whoever hates me hates my father also”…..
  15. He would enjoy that too much. Frankly, probably already does (but not at Canterbury - it’s tainted). Has also probably said something about ridding Rome of a turbulent pope. Mere speculation. There is a joke somewhere about St. So and So a Brexit, but I don’t have the mental energy to complete.
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