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  1. Please explain the sequitur? My point was that right's argument (which I have seen) that Dred Scott and Plessy were wrong and had to be overturned just like Roe would be overturned by Dobbs is intellectually dishonest? I think we agree?
  2. Before I share anything, let me say very, very, very clearly I am pro-choice. Ok, that out of the way, I do think it is worth pausing to note that there are important moral and ethical dimensions that we should all acknowledge, and be honest in admitting the ethical priorities that undergird our positions. I also think it is worth noting that there is a spectrum between the (bat $h*t crazy) "every sperm is sacred" crowd, and the (equally bat $h*t crazy) crowd that in fact claims to be morally ok with infanticide within some limited period after birth. So, there are a few sets of stakeholders that we need to think about here: Person carrying the unborn Father of the unborn (genetic and non-genetic if relevant) Unborn Broader family and community The rabidly anti-choice crowd ethically prioritizes the unborn, and, perhaps, a certain view of the broader family and community's interest in that unborn's potential. (I'd say the father, which is sometimes true, but that turns out to be pretty dang fraught in practice). They put the person carrying the unborn pretty low on the list of stakeholders that matter (and as one of those people, at least potentially, eff that noise). The rabidly pro-choice crowd ethically prioritizes the person carrying the unborn, and, perhaps a certain (different) view of the broader family and community's interest, and I think put the unborn pretty low on the priority list (but is that the right way to run an ethical society?). Not many people have an intellectually consistent view of the subject. This is because I think it is incredibly difficult to be both intellectually consistent and ethically responsible. I think the polling suggests that most people prioritize the person carrying the child's choice up to a certain point (usually "viability", whatever that means to them, health of the mother at any point, non-viable unborn, and in the case of bad act pregnancies (rape and incest)). At that point there tends to be a shift to prioritizing the unborn and other interests. And I'm not sure that is wrong. And also, the fundamental difference in what the broader family/community's interest is in the unborn drives a lot of the controversy. Is the unborn a "burden" on society that the person carrying should be able to decline? Instead is the unborn a potential "gift" to society that should not be squandered? And in either case there is then a second set of debates as to how society should support (with tax dollars or otherwise) both outcomes. I come out one of those intermediate doors - I do think that there is a point in an otherwise viable pregnancy where non-spontaneous abortion is unethical (though I'm queasy on the legality points). I'm still working out when that is - I know birth is an answer, and my own views are inalterably colored by the experience of micro premie children but also multiple pregnancy losses and friends and relatives who have terminated, and I know that other people come out other doors on this. And I also think society should do a better job a supporting all children and that it is sad that many who do seem to want to bring children into the world aren't willing to put their money where their votes are once the unborn is in the world as a person. But I'm trying to be honest enough to admit where I am and not just repeat talking points. And, NONE of this has anything to do with the actual Constitutional underpinnings of Roe (piss poor), and whether it matters after 50 years of "settled law" (I actually think precedent of this age should have meaning, and that comparing this to Dred Scott is at best intellectually dishonest as that case was not taking away a person's rights that existed, unless you want to be the asshole arguing that the slave owner's side of that equation). Ok, that's my piece. Blow me up now
  3. No, they wouldn't. That doesn't mean that another SC couldn't come to a different decision. But this one won't.
  4. There are not 5 votes on this SC for overturning Loving. I don't think there would even be 1. This is very, very obvious if you think about it for about 30 seconds.
  5. New Kitten Alert! Name is Fitz and he's about 8 weeks. He's black with darker black tabby stripes. He's ridiculous. Our resident ladies are...peeved. Clover (boss cat and the brains of the business) is merely annoyed. Katara (floofy adorable idiot) is big mad. Kitten is in spare room for now. We rotate him to other rooms and let the ladies in to sniff around from time to time....We are only on day 3, so plenty of time for everyone to settle in.
  6. We have been using IXL as a supplement and really they are doing the year AHEAD of the grade level on IXL. That is my son is in second grade and he is doing 3rd grade math. My daughters have leveled out of where IXL is helpful. We have enrolled them in courses through the CTY program at Johns Hopkins which has been going quite well. And on math, I had calculus in 12th grade, but in retrospect I wasn't really ready for it developmentally. I did fine, and I got a 4 on the AP test, but I didn't understand it the way I should have. So some of it is frontal lobe development and ability to process abstract thought. Anyhow, I am less fussed about when kids learn concepts and more interested in how well the concepts are understood.
  7. So the best app we have used is IXL. It is more traditional but really, really works.
  8. Come to NY! But one of our babysitters just recovered from covid. She got antivirals absolutely no problem. PA prescribed them on sight of positive test and they were delivered to her home same day. So that is totally do-able within the city. And Chats, UGH re the colleague.
  9. And this is actually the point and the real leverage they have over Florida. Also, it isn't clear to me whether Disney has a property right in their special status. They might. This may in fact be something of a taking. I don't see why they don't just call DeSantis' bluff and sue Florida.....
  10. I’m sorry, the DiCaprio joke WROTE ITSELF BUT NO ONE WROTE IT. I am disappointed in you all. Very disappointed.
  11. Please tell me you have a high-top. Please.
  12. Well, the giant money laundry aspect isn't entirely wrong for sure. Regulation would presumably help visibility though. It's hard to prosecute what you can't find.
  13. Sooner rather than later. Anecdotally I’ve seen a lot of RFIs running around about people wanting to tokenize otherwise (lightly) regulated products. This particular SEC will absolutely claim jurisdiction if something they already regulate (lightly) enters a block chain. That said, a better edifice is needed, including on the taxation side.
  14. Did she show when wet? Because at least my hair bounces when dry…. But I hear you.
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