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  1. Mlle. Zabzie

    My Buddy CANCER FREE!!!!! Celebrate! and Thank you board!

    Congratulations! That is wonderful!
  2. Mlle. Zabzie

    How's Life thread

    I'm very sorry to hear this. And here is a fine place. I hope your father passes over easily. I know you are already feeling loss. *hugs*
  3. Mlle. Zabzie

    Careerchat III

    I would NOT worry about what your work experience looks like vis a vis law school. At all.
  4. I am not disagreeing with any of this. But I do think it is fair to be measured in considering all of this. Also, I have to say, if this is the straw that breaks your back on Kavanaugh you haven't been paying attention.
  5. Mlle. Zabzie

    My new daughter

  6. Yes - I was more saying if his eventual response is that he doesn't remember anything, he probably doesn't. Look I'm biased towards believing her. Because I know that is my bias, I am approaching the whole situation with healthy skepticism.
  7. Agree with this. Lie detector tests are utter junk science.
  8. I mean, in fairness, I am hard pressed to remember any party at all that I every attended as a teenager (I guess there was the one before I could drive where we got caught on the beltway behind a massive accident before the days of cell phones and my dad freaked the eff out and called the sheriff, but that's all I remember - nothing about the party at all). And, the parties I attended were pretty tame. We didn't drink. We didn't partake of any mind altering substances whatsoever. But I still don't remember them. (I was a giant nerd). So we're back to who is more credible ....
  9. OK that's just not true. In a great irony, the man who held the seat that Kavanaugh would take only had it because the previous nominee was Robert Bork (and there are others).
  10. Honestly, this isn't really a surprise. You bought a prepaid, non-exclusive, revocable, non-transferable (likely) sub-license to intellectual property. You just bought a different thing than when you bought a DVD, but you didn't think too hard about it.
  11. Actually, I think they were more concerned with his relationship with Judge Kozinski. That wasn't played up as much as it should have been, and he just denied that he ever really saw the awful emails, and everyone moved on. My own view is that on some level, it isn't as much what he did or didn't do 35 years ago in high school. Honestly, there is no way of knowing. But I do agree that as a Supreme Court nominee, he should be like Caesar's wife. Sadly, isn't always the standard (see, Thomas, Clarence). And the better question now is whether he is being truthful. And if she is more credible than he, then...well....
  12. Mlle. Zabzie

    Katrina at 13: A Backwards Timeline

    I have been to New Orleans. I love New Orleans. (To be clear, I never want to live in New Orleans. I don't belong and the city knows it. Lord knows how she would get me - I'm going to go with Alligator. Or maybe hippo.) I believe that cities are organisms that live and breathe and change and develop. But they can also get sick, and my third hand impression is that New Orleans got into a car wreck and instead of a trained doctor who knew the patient well, the city got a disinterested veterinary surgeon who flew in from another place to "try out something new." And of course, the patient suffered. *Hugs*
  13. Mlle. Zabzie

    Hugo Nominations and Awards - Onwards to 2019

    makes sense.
  14. Mlle. Zabzie

    Hugo Nominations and Awards - Onwards to 2019

    I really enjoyed Revenant Gun, and will probs nominate it long list but it is the weakest of the three - agree with that too. I have downloaded the new Becky Chambers - we shall see. Am enjoying the new Novik - Spinning Silver. I really like the way she writes. Jane Yolen has a collection of short stories coming out in October that I will probably read. Starless by Carey was fun, but not sure if it is nomination worthy (not particularly groundbreaking). Would nominate Gnomon by Harkaway if it is eligible.
  15. Mlle. Zabzie

    U.S. Politics: Covfefe Boys

    I'd like to speak up for horned owls everywhere, and particularly horned owls that have taken up amphetamines. You, sirrah, are out of line. Owls are dignified, SILENT fliers, who hoot important and weighty information in a dignified manner. Even if amped up.