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  1. Something about DeSantis is so reminiscent of Nixon to me.
  2. Exactly this. Chataya and I come out different doors on what should happen from a policy perspective, but I know we both agree that it is very important to understand that “health insurance” is, for most people, really a misnomer. That is, insurance is classically for “risk” - health care in the modern era is a certainty, not a risk. (This is also true for things like the ACA - which has a slightly more insurance flavor but really gets people access to the TPA bulk pricing etc. for routine matters). I think that the current system is completely convoluted and effed up. For most people with employer provided plans, your best bet is to get the highest deductible, lowest premium option and couple that with a Health Savings Account in an amount that covers your deductible. You want to pay the very lowest amount you can if you think that you will really be using the product to access bulk bought routine care. You usually get a couple of “well visits” (that your premium funds, functionally), and pay any sick visits with pre tax dollars out of pocket. There is a way to convert your unused HSA dollars into the equivalent of a 401K (basically and investment account that grows without tax to use on healthcare when you are old). Most people do not do this because how the pieces fit together is utterly opaque and makes absolutely zero sense (similarly things like needing referrals, doctor networks, etc. - just nonsense). Most people also still get so-so care (unless they are basically paying out of pocket). I am under no illusions about this country. I don’t think we ever end up with single provider, and frankly at best we will have a hybrid single payer. UK-like model like the closest model that would have political legs in my lifetime. But what we have now is bad for sure.
  3. Now I’ve got some serious Taylor Swift on the brain. Also, apparently he thinks I’m Chats’ liburuhl friend, and presumably a bad influence. I’m one of the two (in the BEST POSSIBLE WAY), and he ain’t met y’all. And Chataya can and will do WAY WAY BETTER and will find someone who understands her goddess like powers.
  4. I come out a different door than you do. We need to be doing everything we possibly can to keep kids in schools. The data are overwhelming that virtual is absolutely no substitute and that the harm to kids - including a recent study showing the huge learning and behavioral gaps coming out of Belgium (which shut down less that most parts of the US). And in the US public schools provide many, many, more social services than in lots of other parts of the world. I’ve spent a fair bit of time discussing this with my sister, who is a public school administrator (and classroom teacher if needed for subbing) in the school system of a small city. She thinks it is perfectly apparently what the right answer is, and she certainly has convinced me that this point, the public health balance is in favor of schools being open unless we are facing the zombie apocalypse (and we’re not, to be clear). I acknowledge that NYC private schools are requiring testing to come back (took my son this morning; daughters are testing on their first day back from break). I’m actually not sure that is the right answer. NYC Private schools are doing whole population tests once a week and for re-entry. It’s incredibly expensive, and I’m not sure it’s a good allocation of testing resources, especially as most NYC private schools are vaccine- and mask-required and are also going to require boosters (inevitably). (I’m also not sure it is a good use of private school resources from a fiduciary perspective - my guess is that we’ll be at sampling soon and then it will fall away).
  5. My daughters will be at 6 months right at about their 12th birthday. I'm really interested to see what the guidance looks like for them. Do they get a new series of full doses? Do they get one full dose at that time?
  6. I felt that in the adrenaline scene you need a real Uma Thurman, and Fozzy Bear administering the shot.
  7. Yeah it’s a close call. I went with Agnes because of her later fame on Bewitched.
  8. Watching Great British Baking Show, eating bad baked Alaska inspired by same. Going to bed early.
  9. Pulp Fiction, keep Uma Thurman Citizen Kane, keep Agnes Morehead Gaslight, keep Angela Lansbury
  10. Yes but you love a worst case scenario. You really should have been a lawyer
  11. I considered “Giving ‘Dead Week’ a New Meaning”, but I thought that was both too bleak and probably inaccurate.
  12. I have to say I would probably send a strongly worded letter to the uberlube people as this seems like a pretty obvious design flaw in their packaging.
  13. I like what I’m hearing about the UK system, frankly. However, the idea that could actually happen here is laughable. Maybe certain states? Of course where the test kits are coming from is also mysterious. Mind you, there are private clinics where you can still go in NYC and have a timed appointment for a PCR at $250-$350 a pop. Results back in 4 hours. Hah hah hah. Hah hah hah. Hahahahahahahahah. Sorry. Got distracted with hysterical laughter there for a second. On mask mandates, I think they probably make sense (currently) for places like schools and workplaces. For places like restaurants they were always performative and are especially performative for this variant.
  14. I don’t think that was @rotting sea cow’s point. I think their point was that many people have unrealistic expectations as to what the measures will accomplish. At least to me that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take the measures. We should! But we can have disagreements as to what sorts of compulsions the state should impose in respect of the measures. We all have lines. I don’t support going full China though it might have been effective (and might still be effective if we all did it). I do support mask mandates in public places. I do support vaccination requirements to access certain kinds of public accommodations. Other people have other lines. And I also know that plenty of people are willing to spout off on the internet and then quietly attend a party with 20 of their nearest and dearest for their own mental health. Anyhow, we are in the part of this where there are cost benefit trade offs, including with respect to externalities, and frankly our various governments are doing a piss poor job of communicating that they are making these trade offs, what these trade offs mean, and why they are making them.
  15. Ain’t this all kinda human? Life kinda sucks right now. Like seriously sucks. It’s going to be a really, really $h*tty month or so in most places where boarders live. And that’s true if you are vaccinated, unvaccinated, boosted, immune compromised or some kind of immune superperson. Life just gonna suck. And we are all looking for a pattern or a resolution or something to explain the massive suckitude. But honestly, there are too many things and too many collective failures. So a few things: 1. No need to be unkind. 2. Actually every need to be kind. FaceTime a friend. If you are vaccinated and boosted and have access to a rapid test, meet up with a friend or family member you care about. In each case, make sure the person knows how meaningful they are to you. 3. Take care of yourself. Get outside if you can. Mask up if that makes sense where you are, and maybe that is a better way to see people you care about. 4. Self denial for its own sake isn’t a virtue. 5. If you get covid be kind to yourself. You are actually quite likely to get covid in many parts of the world right now. That doesn’t make you a bad person. And if you can’t have a pristine isolation scenario, yeah, that’s real life. Do the best you can.
  16. 1. I have had good luck at Walmart.com. It has been my most reliable source - earlier this month I was able to get Binax now for $14/2 test kit. Everything is obviously backed up now. 2. You are absolutely 1,000% right. The number of people I know right now with asymptomatic infections in NYC is staggering. They tested because they were notified of an exposure, and then boom, found out they were positive. They would have had NO IDEA that they were a carrier without a test. On the one hand, this shows that Omicron (because it is very likely to be omicron) is incredibly contagious. It also shows that vaccines do, in fact work! (This is a highly vaccinated, self-selecting subset). But if we had good access to testing, I bet a bunch more positives would pop up. 3. This is why I am thinking absent a full PRC-style lockdown, I do not see how we do anything at this point, at least in major metro areas, other than tap the brakes a little, and frankly, I think it’s probably too late to tap the brakes, at least in NYC. It’s going to be a bad two weeks. That’s not giving up - it’s just facing facts.
  17. Kind of agree? Again, my sister (vaxed and boosted) just had an asymptomatic bout with Covid….But I think the point of the article is threefold (1) someone is sharing that getting vaxed and boosted does not guarantee smooth sailing (but imagine what it would be without the immune help), (2) it allows the writer to process their bad experience and (3) it is popular because it feeds into people’s anxiety management strategies. Anyhow, wrong thread for it, given the audience, but go get vaccinated, or if you are already vaccinated, go get boosted. Wear your mask. Try to find rapid tests and use them wisely. Invest in a limited number of high value social interactions, with appropriate precautions, assuming you are otherwise healthy, if and as necessary for your mental health.
  18. So I've been thinking a little bit more about the new CDC guidelines. FIRST, the full guidance is incredibly confusing. My sister got her friend who is a real-live epidemiologist to explain them to her and the explanation was passed on to me, and it is still confusing, though I sort of get it now (different rules for different statuses, involves masking for different number of days, etc.) SECOND, the shortening of the quarantine for asymptomatic people is, in fact, largely performative. That is, people who are asymptomatic are, by definition, without symptoms, and unless they happen to have access to a test and do test regularly, they have NO IDEA that they have COVID, and so are presumably running around doing their daily thing. Thus, the guidance really just applies to industries with real testing protocols and that do require in-person staff.... For the rest of us that have no testing requirements in our lives, the longer isolation, etc. periods almost DISCOURAGE testing because of life disruptions. So I definitely see the angle of "it's just to get the peons back to work", but I also think there is a bit of a balance between encouraging as much testing as possible and getting people to actually comply. THIRD, this reemphasizes the importance of masking and vaccination. Again, there are a LOT of asymptomatic people out there. My sister has had asymptomatic COVID twice now - she tests often because she helps out a friend with stage 4 cancer a lot (the friend's husband is a NYC firefighter - he got his engine to vaccinate solely because they love the friend; he's petrified of bringing it home, and anyhow, my sister has to help out a lot because he ends up having to isolate a lot). She is vaccinated and boosted. The only reason she knows is because she is testing so often. Most people wouldn't even know. FOURTH, policy makers have not communicated what the end game here is. In March of 2020, it was 14 days to stop the spread. And then 2 months to flatten the curve. And then, "just hold on for vaccines". And now it's "?". That's not a great way to get people behind you to comply. Again, the message is probably frankly similar to April of 2020, but I think the political and social will to actually isolate and lock down is frankly non-existent. Isolation is incredibly mentally and physically draining and hard. And we need to acknowledge that harm as well. And so even in the midst of a huge outbreak that is going to be incredibly tragic, there does need to be clearer messaging of what we are trying to accomplish and why, and why that goal is worth the harm caused by restrictions. That is wholly missing as far as I can tell.
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