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  1. Impbread

    King Tommen

    Of old age!
  2. Impbread

    Wow small things that could be huge

    ASoS, Epilogue “Not murder.” His voice was shrill. “It was vengeance, we had a right to our vengeance. It was war. Aegon, we called him Jinglebell, a poor lackwit never hurt anyone, Lady Stark cut his throat. We lost half a hundred men in the camps. Ser Garse Goodbrook, Kyra’s husband, and Ser Tytos, Jared’s son . . . someone smashed his head in with an axe . . . Stark’s direwolf killed four of our wolfhounds and tore the kennelmaster’s arm off his shoulder, even after we’d filled him full of quarrels . . . ” “So you sewed his head on Robb Stark’s neck after both o’ them were dead,” said yellow cloak. “My father did that. All I did was drink. You wouldn’t kill a man for drinking.” Merrett remembered something then, something that might be the saving of him. “They say Lord Beric always gives a man a trial, that he won’t kill a man unless something’s proved against him. You can’t prove anything against me. The Red Wedding was my father’s work, and Ryman’s and Lord Bolton’s. Lothar rigged the tents to collapse and put the crossbowmen in the gallery with the musicians, Bastard Walder led the attack on the camps . . . they’re the ones you want, not me, I only drank some wine . . . you have no witness.” “As it happens, you’re wrong there.” The singer turned to the hooded woman. “Milady?”
  3. Impbread

    Wow small things that could be huge

    Thank you!
  4. Impbread

    Wow small things that could be huge

    yes it is. I believe that it is in a prologue where one of the Freys tries to save his life by explaining that he had nothing to do with it. I will find it and get back to you later today.
  5. Impbread

    Wow small things that could be huge

    It is cannon.
  6. Impbread

    Great Houses - Valyrian Steel Sword Names?

    it would be called "Mayhaps".
  7. Impbread

    Harwin is the Hooded man

    Agreed. For the reasons you stated i do not believe that it could be Harwin. I have never liked the Theon Durden idea either. This is also something I would like to be true so that the Ned's bones can be laid to rest as they should be.
  8. Impbread

    The Stannis Plan and why he wrote the Pink Letter.

    Well if Stannis did write the letter all he accomplished was getting Jon killed. He would have to know that was something that could happen if Jon left the watch and broke his vows. Do you think that he would risk that? Jon is on board with the FF entering the realm and he knows that Jon understands that the Others are the real enemy. Plus his family is in Jon's care. The next Lord commander may not be sympathetic to Stannis' cause. That is why I dont believe that he would roll the dice.He does not need Jon at Winterfell to win the North to his cause and he states that. He can win them over by battle. Although he would love Jon to become lord of Winterfell he knows that its not his only option. I can not wait for the next book to finally get an answer to this.
  9. Impbread

    The Stannis Plan and why he wrote the Pink Letter.

    Fair point. He may know that it is Mance and not told anyone yet, Stating that if he gets his bride and Reek back they he will not trouble him. Why else would Jon give them back if everyone else already knows that he already let Mance go after breaking his oath? probably correct.
  10. Impbread

    The Stannis Plan and why he wrote the Pink Letter.

    Ramsey wrote the letter. I hate to admit it but he did. I wanted Stannis to be the author but the more i think on it the more it makes sense that Ramsey wrote it. He is basically telling John that he will not tell the North that Mance is still alive if he sends the people he has asked for to him. He wont tell the North about Mance and Jon wont tell that she is not Arya. Kinda making a deal. I do love your theory though. I do believe that Ramsey thinks that Stannis is dead. He def. is not though he still has some story left i think.
  11. Impbread

    What was wrong with Maegor’s private’s?

    I feel like he was a cursed wretched creature. The gods did not want him to reproduce?
  12. Impbread

    Why was Harrenhal built?

    Close source of fresh water, fish, and weirwood.
  13. Impbread

    Thoros and his flaming sword~Melisandre and magic

    I think he is using Beric's blood. Although there is nothing in the text to tell us. There is no wild fire that we no of so that is my assumption. If you read Thoros' description (not sure which chapter dont have the books right here) he does look like hes kind of haggard. He lost a ton of weight. He claims that living in the woods and off of the land trimmed him down but i think that maybe giving Beric the last kiss may have worn him down some.
  14. Impbread

    Biggest Mistake Made by Robb

    Said the same thing a few posts up. It blows my mind that Robb knows that all the previous Kings of Winter/North had their wolves and he still fights against his inner warg. If he were to embrace if he would most likely still be alive.