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  1. Agreed. I think allyria and illyreo aren't who they claim to be. Not much in text to back this though.
  2. The dead can pass through a normal tunnel in the wall. The black gate sam passed through was enchanted that is why cold hands couldn't pass through there. I'm pretty sure Bloodraven Is controlling the elk they are riding. Im.not quite sure what is animating coldhands though but I suspect it is ice magic similar to what reanimated the beric.
  3. Sam Nice catch on the amount of times 1000 is used in the story. Could be of some significance. I think Bloodraven mentions seeing through 1000 eyes. I could be mistaken though
  4. I can agree with your argument on why Aemon had to leave the wall. I was just trying to point out that it was possible that he was. You are probably correct that he wasn't. I hope we get some reveal on what actually happened with the Nights King. It's something I'm very interested in.
  5. I can agree with your point about Jaime but I don't think she risked much taking Tyrion. War between the two houses was imminent. Ned still would have found out about the incest. Cersei was still going to have Robert killed. So I don't think anything would have changed but she may have sped things up.
  6. You raise a good point. Even if Theon remains a hostage his father might have gone to war. It seems like when Theon arrived home they were already planning on war. As it is noted by several characters that Balon had excepted the fact that Theon was lost to him and Asha was going to be his heir.
  7. Cat treating Theon and Jon with live makes absolutely no sense. Especially with Theon. Theon didn't arrive as a little helpless baby that perhaps she could learn to love. He isn't family of any kind. Hes the spawn of an enemy who her husband had to go to war with. She was distant as Theon describes her. She wasn't cruel. I think that fits the circumstances. I kinda agree with you on Jon but it could go either way. If Jon had appeared after Cat had a few more sons I think she would have been much more comfortable with having him around. The first time she and Ned are together he has his supposed bastard with him. So as far as she knows Ned has been with someone more than her. Perhaps loves Jon's mother more. This obviously made her very uneasy and although she shouldn't have she took her resentments out on him.
  8. I wouldn't use the word smart I guess. Maybe a dumb move that has worked out better than it should have.
  9. I see your point The idea would be to sue for peice. Trade hostages. It would be hard giving up and just heading home with so much lost. I do believe his banner men would have done his bidding but you have changed my mind. After Ned was killed the North wasn't going to pack up and head home.
  10. I think you are mistaken. Tywin knows before he returns to the capital.
  11. Yeah I can agree with that. But Peter has set her up to feel like that. Hes told her Lannisters killed Jon Arryn. He told her that the cats paws knife was Tyrions. Honestly though you really would have to be the biggest fool ever to give a killer your knife to use especially one so easily identified. Tyrion has unlimited money and there are all sorts of free riders traveling with the king. If he needed to buy steel it would be available. Plus Tyrion has absolutely no motive. What does he gain from Brans death? Nothing I can think of. The entire murder plot makes absolutely no sense. Normally Cat would see that but she trusts sweet pete her childhood friend almost 20 years ago.
  12. I highly doubt it. Sansa has done absolutely nothing to open her third eye. Has no teachers and the books just aren't going to be long enough to go that way. Sansa has been set up since the early books to be the only Stark with political savvy. Shes learned from Cersei, Tyrion, The Tyrells, and Littlefinger first hand. Shes getting her real education now. Littlefinger is an absolute expert at the game. Each one of the kids are getting an education in their stories where we left off. Bran from The 3 eyed crow on to be a seer. Arya is learning to be a faceless assassin and Jon is learning how to lead men and bring people together who's only common bond may be desire to live. Dany is also learning how to rule and ride dragon. I think Nymrtia will remain with her pack and just like Arya be too wild to control like Bran does Summer. She really hasn't had any training on opening her 3rd eye. I think her gift in this story has been and will continue to blend in in plain sight. She was always mistaken for a dirty little boy not the Hands daughter. That helped her escape kings landing and make it Harrenhal. Now she is training to be a faceless assassin. It wouldn't be fair if Geurge gave her supreme warging or skin changing ability. Thats just my gut feeling. Bran loses his ability to walk but gains skin changing and green seer abilities. If George left him able and strong he would be like a living God. I think Arya had to give up on her bond with Nymeria because if she could warg like Bran she would be unstoppable. I feel like Sansa just got screwed. Her wolf was murdered and all she gets in return are lessons in lying and figuring out people's deepest desires.
  13. This is really unexplainable for her character. She doesn't even trust her own sister but we are supposed to believe the little sweetheart Peter is going to be exactly the same and completely trustworthy. She warns Ned that Robert may have changed and Ned has seen Robert much more recently than shes seen sweet Peter. Not buying it. She also knows the city is full of vipers and the only way survive and thrive is kill the other players. Yet she thinks of the same little boy. Its impossible to be selling whores and scheming and spying for him not to be degraded at least to some extent.
  14. Ned does think about Jon's parents all the time. Every time he heard Lyanna screaming promise me Ned! He also asks himself if Rhaegar was ever the type of man to visit brothels when went with Littlefinger. He didn't think so. Ned doesn't have any contempt for the man who supposedly kidnapped and raped his sister who was promised to his bed byd Bobby B. If Rhaegar did kidnap her he was single handedly responsible for the rebellion occurring. Ned never thinks or says a bad word about Rhaegar. That's because Ned knew Lyanna loved him to and they ran away together to follow their hearts and escape their families. Even if you don't think Rhaegar is Jon's father you know Lyanna is his mother and shes making Ned promise to raise his as his own and keep him safe. Ned also decided that next time that he speaks to Jon hes going to tell him about his mother. Aemon left at Jon's command because he sees Stannis Rhollor zealot now and they he keeps hearing all the red god worshipers talking about the importance of Kings blood. They truly believe those burned leetches did something. Aemon having kings blood means he can't stay when the Watch is outnumbered by Stannis and his fanatics. His life would be in danger.Did Mances baby.know to much also? Because he left with them. I was.joking when I asked if Monster knew too much. I guess my question is what kind of clue? Whst would it pertain to? Are you thinking the real age of the watch or that it might allude to why numbers on paper from the 998 lord commanders Sam thinks there are?
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