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  1. I highly doubt it. Sansa has done absolutely nothing to open her third eye. Has no teachers and the books just aren't going to be long enough to go that way. Sansa has been set up since the early books to be the only Stark with political savvy. Shes learned from Cersei, Tyrion, The Tyrells, and Littlefinger first hand. Shes getting her real education now. Littlefinger is an absolute expert at the game. Each one of the kids are getting an education in their stories where we left off. Bran from The 3 eyed crow on to be a seer. Arya is learning to be a faceless assassin and Jon is learning how to lead men and bring people together who's only common bond may be desire to live. Dany is also learning how to rule and ride dragon. I think Nymrtia will remain with her pack and just like Arya be too wild to control like Bran does Summer. She really hasn't had any training on opening her 3rd eye. I think her gift in this story has been and will continue to blend in in plain sight. She was always mistaken for a dirty little boy not the Hands daughter. That helped her escape kings landing and make it Harrenhal. Now she is training to be a faceless assassin. It wouldn't be fair if Geurge gave her supreme warging or skin changing ability. Thats just my gut feeling. Bran loses his ability to walk but gains skin changing and green seer abilities. If George left him able and strong he would be like a living God. I think Arya had to give up on her bond with Nymeria because if she could warg like Bran she would be unstoppable. I feel like Sansa just got screwed. Her wolf was murdered and all she gets in return are lessons in lying and figuring out people's deepest desires.
  2. Can Thorne please die? Maybe the gift for Ramsey is Rickon? remember him?
  3. Had an idea where most of the show was going but was still holding my breath. Best episode is quite some time. The roose death was absolutely horrible though. How many more deaths like that are there going to be? it kinda takes the edge of the red wedding when 3 characters go like that in two weeks.
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