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  1. Could be, but I always suspected it was just because Borroq had a familiar that was a prey from Ghost's point of view
  2. I think this would make the books too childish
  3. Only two books and a hundred arc to finish. I think Meeren's arc is the worst. How can Daenerys sail to Westeros while there's so many plots in Essos?
  4. Balon's strategy made sense. His fault was political. He should've accepted Joffrey's claim and asked for lands in the North as a reward. Robb lost the war when he betrayed the Freys. He would never be able to conquer the North back without Lannister support.
  5. 40k is in a entirely new level. It's not possible to compare the two. I don't think these TVtrope entries are correct at all either. Abaddon isn't some mindless villain whose sole purpose is to kill people
  6. I don't think so. They have higher living standards as slaves than as freemen
  7. The nobility's profession is war. They're supposed to train and equip soldiers even in times of peace, and knights own their own horses.
  8. This really depends on what GRRM intends to do in the situation. It's said that it takes a long time to build a host in the North(remember how the North only joined the Dance with Dragons when the war was basicaly over?) and yet Robb created one in what, half a year? And this including levies from distant lands like Bear Island and Karhold. I suppose Tywin's strenght wasnt much greater than during the RR. Living on a pile of gold allows you to buy provisions and equipments for a large host in a short time.
  9. I suppose this only applies to the lowest strata of slaves, not the learned and skilled. We've seem that some of these slaves even petitioned to be sold to slavery again.
  10. Magic is really just a highly ritualised prayer. Magicians asking gods, spirits, demons or whatever to help them. If magic works but there's no god, then who's answering the sorcerer's prayers?
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