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  1. Because their titles came from their ability to fight. Besides, it's really hard to die in a medieval war if you're wealthy enough to buy a good armour. Most lords are actualy much better warriors than the vast majority of peasants, considering that training to war is their foremost duty.
  2. The Hoare

    Why do the direwolves hate Tyrion?

    Just look at how he reacted after seeing Masha's corpse(the inn owner where Catelyn kidnapped him)
  3. The Hoare

    House Frey: Robb's Offer vs. Tywin's offer

    Robb's deal by far. Marriage into royal families is much more prestigious and proportionate much more influence than a lordly marriage and a castle.
  4. Not if she was in Westeros
  5. The Hoare

    Why do the direwolves hate Tyrion?

    Tyrion is selfish and wicked. Not really the kind of human you should trust. The wolves probably sensed it
  6. Half of his vassals(perharps even more) would abandon him and would start supporting Stannis. Stannis would probably end sitting in the Iron Throne. Daeneryes was far from Westeros, the Reach had no reason to support her. The Tyrells would lose Highgarden
  7. Not really. The Ottoman Empire was heavily dependet on slavery.
  8. The Hoare

    Targayens exile based on jacobites

    I've always thought that the Blackfyres were the jacobites of the story. This would imply that the Blackfyres were actualy the rightfull kings though