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  1. It was the petals that are dead and black. Could she ask Ned to promise her? No. Cold hands was saying brother to a NW brother.
  2. A change from their normal irrational hatred of the Starks at least.
  3. These are not part of ASOIAF books. The books (1-5) that should be discussed here are mostly written around the Starks. Chapter 1= Starks. Last chapter = ?. I think Starks. I get that the Targs have the most pages in the overall saga. I think you would agree the Starks do play a Major role that 1991 can not stand.
  4. @frenin you cannot reason with this individual. They have really thick blinders on and interpret this story thru their hatred of GRRM, the Starks and everything not Tyrion. Thank you for taking the time to try and explain it to them, but unfortunately it was a waste of time. Even Ran has asked why 1991 is even reading this story.
  5. You sure have spent a lot of energy on your hatred of an imaginary family over the years! You do know GRRM wrote the story around them, right? Clearly you are calling the kettle black with your support of Tyrion (and the Lannisters). Thank you for your reason Lord Lannister. 1991 is a hate monger whom you cannot reason with. Every character has their place in GRRMs story. Enjoy it 1991 or don't, but know many see thru your irrational interpretation of GRRMs story.
  6. I did not say you can't did I? Just wondering why so many want to change the story. This. And fanfic is against the forum rules actually. Not to mention GRRM does not like it. Ran Posted April 22, 2007 The FAQ has been expanded somewhat on the topic of fan fiction, reiterating GRRM's dislike and expanding the board's policy against it. Not only is fan-fiction forbidden, but linking to fan fiction sites or to sites that are fan fiction indexes is similarly restricted.
  7. I took a few months off after trying to explain this to others here. Thanks for helping the cause!
  9. @John Suburbs And when my brother shot and paralyzed someone, even though we had shitty a childhood, I STILL BLAME HIM!
  10. Nope, she is evil. I think what we know of her, she would most definitely not have done nothing. I was made to sexually abuse a 6 year old girl when I was 6. I was beat by my parents. We were on food stamps. My dad is a drunk. I went to 7 elementary schools..... yet I have never been arrested and I do not do anything in my adult life to hurt anyone else. My kids are not spanked. I walk away from fights. Nice try though. People choose who they want to be. I am 42 now btw.
  11. Oh, I didn't know if you were stressed it is okay. In that case... No, you let her be and have all the girls that willing want to have sex with you. You do realize that you are defending a rapist right? Even if true, there are lots of things that happened in the past, like slavery, and I condemn slave holding characters as well. Agreed! Oh the poor poor criminals, murderers and rapists in the world. I disagree, lots of families have someone that is not a good person even though they grew up in the same situation and environment. 100% correct. Yup. Agreed! Absolutely!
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