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  1. the Other Wolf

    Poll: Will Brienne Be A New Hound?

    In order to take on the persona and live out her days (or the war to come) as the Hound, NO. Is there a chance she pulls a "Ghost of Renly" move, maybe yes.
  2. the Other Wolf

    Do You Think Sam Will Forge His Chain?

    Maybe a link or two. Then when Oldtown is sacked, Sam saves some old books from the library and returns to the wall with them.
  3. the Other Wolf

    Poll. Is Bran ever leaving the cave?

  4. the Other Wolf

    Craster and the Others: Why?

    Welcome to the forum! A very similar thread was just started. Enjoy.
  5. the Other Wolf

    Poll: Is Sweetrobin the Son of Littlefinger?

    No. Yes, but Lysa does not know that. I would phrase it differently, it was not his "dying brain", he consciously knew he was dying and was trying to get the information out.
  6. the Other Wolf

    Crasters White Walker arrangement

    As far as I have observed, GRRM does not tell. The answer to your question would probably spoil his story before he is ready to give it away. With that said, this is a question that is leaps and bounds better than most that are asked on this forum.
  7. the Other Wolf

    Who is the 3EC?

    I lean towards not Bloodraven.
  8. the Other Wolf

    Please explain Ramsay and the Pink Letter.

    Ramsey could have used the seal and then someone else opened the letter and resealed the letter by smearing it with the same wax.
  9. the Other Wolf

    Poll: Is Jon Snow the son of a Dayne?

  10. the Other Wolf

    For the record... and posterity!

  11. the Other Wolf

    R+L=J v.165

    Interesting, but...
  12. the Other Wolf

    For the record... and posterity!

    Does anyone think they know who the man in the cave is?
  13. the Other Wolf

    Poll: Is Daario actually Euron?

    Its not just night vision, but being able to see below deck.
  14. the Other Wolf

    Poll: Is Daario actually Euron?

    Uhhhhh.... NO
  15. the Other Wolf

    Did Jon warg into Ghost unknowingly to find him?

    I think I have read a thread or two on this topic. Everytime I have a question I ask God, er I mean, Google; ASOIAF XXXXXXXXXX. XXXXXX=question You will end up here. Welcome to the forum.