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  1. Simple, it would be a completely different story. If anyone cares to answer I would seriously like to know why so many waste their time on alternate story lines when there is already plenty to keep you busy that is canon. Not to mention, GRRM does not like nor condone fan fiction. Maybe "what if's" are just fan fiction disguised as questions in order to declare superiority over the genius of the author's original saga. Anyways.
  2. If you read all of their posts, it is more like a troll account.
  3. There is supposed to be ZERO references to the show in the BOOK ONLY forum.
  4. What if fan fiction was not allowed....oh wait it isn't.
  5. I apologize. I could have reacted to you questioning my knowledge of this better. I could have also stated it was a book only forum in order to help others understand the root of my post. Especially since it was bound to be moved. I thought highlighting the section referencing the show followed by my comment was pretty straight forward and not meant as veiled or passive aggressive.
  6. Clearly. I posted when this thread was in the book section. You know the section where we discuss the books only? I understand it was the book section. I also understand you took my statement to mean I don't understand pathways Bran could achieve becoming King. Then made the snarky comment asking if I understand now, like I am the person who lacked any understanding of where this was posted. So here we are. Do you now understand?
  7. What I, and it seems the website/moderators, think is this post did not belong in the book section. Do you understand now?
  8. What in the books leads you to think Bran will be King of the North or 7K?
  9. Since money can buy swords, I would say they are the strongest in the north. They aren't moving on the Bolton's due to hostages.
  10. Lots of trees on the west coast. It would not be too hard to fell some trees and then send the boat to collect and bring back to the Islands.
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