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  1. the Other Wolf

    Could Dany conquer Dorne with a Dothraki horde?

    ^ this and finding enough fresh water to get across the deserts from castle to castle.
  2. the Other Wolf

    Would Tywin agree Son of Ice and Fire to take Casterly Rock?

    Only if Jamie could not. Nope. Why would Sansa and Tyrion's child be cruel? Tywin was not mad, so how does this make his grandchild mad? Your premise is also incorrect. Aerys did not rape Joanna and father Tyrion.
  3. the Other Wolf

    About the Coldhands =/= Benjen thing...

    Careful, as there is to be no mention of this here.
  4. Have you read the books? Because there is nothing in the text that you can definitively point to that proves any of this.
  5. the Other Wolf

    Fair Compensation for House Frey

    F'ing Frey sympathizers! At this point, all Frey's involved in the Red Wedding deserve a slow death. Mayhaps if they just went thru with the Tully wedding and continued their support they could have been paid off with a little coin.
  6. the Other Wolf

    Will the seasons be fixed

  7. the Other Wolf

    Will the seasons be fixed

    From the forum rules: "As the show goes out, we want to be clear on our policy regarding spoilers for the benefit of all users. We understand that developments in the TV show may or may not turn out to be relevant to the plot of future books. Accordingly, they may or may not be spoilers for future books. Our policy on this is precautionary and is an extension of our existing policy on show/book discussion. Discussion of the show should go in the show forums: this includes discussion of plot points from the series, and whether they tell us anything about the future direction of the books. At the same time we recognise that there are users who are not watching the series and prefer to remain unspoiled. This may or may not prove possible in the long run, but we prefer not to make it any harder. This means that no show spoilers of any kind should be posted in the book forums. No hints, no speculation, nothing. Any breach of that rule will result in a suspension: no excuses and no exceptions."
  8. the Other Wolf

    Just how many people knew about the incest?

    Welcome to the forum! But please read and follow the forum rules. This is book only, so no mention of the show is allowed. Thanks!
  9. the Other Wolf

    Cold-hearted Robb

    A commander of the Lannister army does not equal a couple girls, even if they are your little sisters. Robb got this one right.
  10. the Other Wolf

    Is the hound Sansa's 'new direwolf'?

    Not going to happen. There is no way Sandor accepts a kinghthood.
  11. the Other Wolf

    Is the hound Sansa's 'new direwolf'?

    So how would Sansa... Warging a direwolf is a lot easier than a human and with no idea that it is even possible how could Sansa do it? If Sandor is not dead I believe he will play a role with one or both of the Stark girls, but he will not be warged by them.
  12. "How will it all end? I hear people asking. The same ending as the show? Different? Well… yes. And no. And yes. And no. And yes. And no. And yes."
  13. Link please... He has only said what I have stated.
  14. Oh.... GRRM said Arya kills the NK? There is No Night King!!! But they are the same...
  15. They are different stories. You clearly have NO clue. All GRRM has said in regards to it ending the same is who sits the iron throne. I could then argue there is NO iron throne. Or maybe Bran does. Either way, THEY ARE DIFFERENT, read them and you will know for yourself.