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  1. I agree. The funny thing about Cersei is that I think she would believe that she could control him the way she "controls" everyone else. And he could totally play into that, as he seems like a person who is generous and open handed, but hs gifts are always poison (as is heavily said/foreshadowed in Victarion's chapter) Plus I think after Cersei loses her kids in the books, she's just not going to care at all anymore. She my even see Euron's evil as "strength"
  2. Now at the end of Dance of Dragons, Cersei is at a place that could be seen as the weakest she has been, that is until we see what happens in the epilogue. But what we do know is: -Jaime has seemingly abandoned her. Him not coming to her aid is definitely I think a sign that Jaime has now left Cersei completely, especially since she could possibly die. He seems to have very little regard for her desperate note, and even burns it. -It has been foreshadowed that Cersei will marry again. For all her protesting against it and saying she doesn't need a man, she definitely relies on them to be used by her sexuality. Also her idea of what "strength" is, has been shown to be deeply and completely flawed. - GRRM has hinted that there will definitely be more weddings. -The Tyrells do not seem long for this world, especially if Cersei is at the helm of ruling House Lannister. With Jaime gone/Kingsguard, and Kevan dead-she is defacto ruler of the 7 Kingdoms and Casterly Rock. And now with Euron, I firmly believe that he knows Victarion will double cross him, and his endgame was never really to marry Daenerys so much as it was to get Daenerys to come to Westeros, so he can either kill or control the dragons. And it also seems that Euron simply wanted Victarion gone, so the quest could have been a ruse all along. However Euron being with a blonde, beautiful woman almost seems like he is making a prophecy, which is also compounded by: If House Tyrell does end up waging war against House Lannister then that would definitely not only leave Cersei desperate, but make an alliance with Euron be in her best interest. Not only does that protect the fleet from hitting the West, it means that she could actually BENEFIT from the Ironborn raiding Oldtown, the Arbor, etc. As well as creating a buffer between her and Dorne. Also---- Euron COULD be thinking of this already. Notice that he raids all along the Western shore....EXCEPT for anywhere in or near the West, when Lannisport is KNOWN to be a rich city.
  3. OberynBlackfyre

    How would you rate episode 408?

    I'm giving it a 7 and that's me being generous. The beetle monologue was completely unneeded and did NOTHING to further Jaime/Tyrions relationship. I understand the metaphor they were getting at, but it just wasn't symbolic enough to garner a dialogue that could have been used for something WAY better. The fight scene I completely agree with Ran. The editing and stunt double work took away some of the needed ferocity. I wanted to see the anger on Oberyns face and the Mountain getting more and more annoyed. Instead they made it seem like Oberyn was concerned about playing to the crowd. And is it really that hard to make him scream "ELLIIIAAAA!!" as he stabs the Mountain?? The dialogue they are using to replace some of the most epic scenes in the series is laughable. Kinda like the "Only Cat" miss. Sansa as Maleficent made me giggle. However they are making LF look far too much under her control when we are two books ahead and she STILL doesn't seem near as confident as she does in the show now.
  4. Debating upon I want to re-read the series from Sansa's POV...

  5. Crackpot, Mr.Crackpot

  6. Re-reading the first book, the Eddard chapters seemed too short :/

  7. Laughing because I think I struck a chord with people by proving Edmure to be incompetent at times..

  8. Not really sure of what to make of all the Jon Snow nay Sayers out there.