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  1. This is what I believed as well, however it does not account for the fact that the First Men were NOT seafaring. That explained with the contemporary reports of the First Men being attacked by Ironborn that are basically described to have Valyrian aka Dragonsteel. “Black swords that drink the souls of the fallen” and the mention of Balon Blackskin, which as pointed out, the ONLY mention we have of Valyrian steel armor is of an Ironborn, and the only time we SEE Valyrian steel armor, is from an Ironborn. as to the black blood, i mention House Hoare specifically.
  2. Okey day, edited it out! Not that it changes it much, but I ty for the heads up!
  3. I think he should have brought House Frey closer, maybe helped Walder make some advantageous marriages. Just so that way he could keep an eye on them. After their whole “being late” during Robert’s Rebellion, I think for any Lord that should be an issue. A Northern Lord would have most likely at least come with an a strong force and ask what happened, if not outright hang you for an oath breaker. the Riverlands are a quarrelsome bunch. I would have used Harrenhall as a far carrot for all the lords to be loyal. Especially because House Whent wasn’t going to outlive it’s current Lady, who was already elderly. And that would mean the best claimants to Harrenhall would be Hoster’s own Son or Daughters. And well, he had much higher aspirations for them, so Harrenhall was a nothing gift that would have empowered a House to be very much loyal to him.
  4. So essentially, I think Hoster Tully should have understood what Walder Frey was about from this right here. I think House Tully absolutely underestimated House Frey because their somewhat pretentious judgments of House Frey being “upstarts”. Ultimately I think the Riverlands needs an extremely intelligent Lord/Lady. The Tully’s were honorable and dutiful, but their practicality and intellect were somewhat lacking. Catelyns inability to see how problematic it was to take Tyrion into custody kinda shows that she’s much more heart than head. I think if Hoster Tully had perhaps warded one of Frey’s sons or brought Walder closer into the family, Walter would have went for it and probably end up being closer to House Tully, but I do expect he would have wanted a marriage in the long run. Or perhaps he could have held the carrot of Harrenhall over Walder’s head. He knew that House Whent wasn’t exactly going anywhere, and that Catelyn or Edmure were the basically only people who could lay claim to it, he could have just gotten their ok and given it over to a son of House Frey, to kinda satiate their list for power, but also giving away something that doesn’t really give much value. Hoster seemed to not understand people, look at his relationship with the Blackfysh.
  5. Ok everyone, there really is no TL;DR here, so you may have to be ready for a long read here. The best I can shorten it to is I believe there could be a solid theory that the First Men/ COTF had encounters/wars with the Ironborn, and that could have been what triggered the first Long Night. First things first, we have to look at what we think the Others/White Walkers/White Mist actually ARE. From the show, we simply think of them as a symbology for death itself. However, in the actual books the White Walkers seem to essentially just be one of the Elder Races, same as the Children of the Forest, Giants, direwolves, etc. They also almost seem like a combination of first men, enhanced or changed by the magic of Children of the Forest. Sure, we see them use Necromancy- but we ALSO see Valyrians, R’Hllor, etc. also using blood magic that had to do with spirits and possible Necromancy. ***Now, we go on a tangent to a story that has A LOT of the story of Ice and Fire within it. I wouldn’t say ASOIAF is derivative of Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn- however there is a lot of the same story being told in homage to it. In this story, a first race of human men come to Osten Ard (the country in which the story is told in), however they learn to live with the Sithi, which are a tall pale type of magical beings, called “the fair folk”. It is not until a new race/culture of men the Rimmersmen, sail OUT OF THE WEST, that they decide to destroy the Sithi and bring war to the North, triggering a lot of magical and cultural issues, such as the vanishing of most the Sithi. The Rimmersmen are said to be fierce and carry weapons that are far above the level that the other men had, and the Sithi couldn’t even fight against with their “Witchwood” weapons. Now, we bring that back to A Song of Ice and Fire We know from the history of the First Men, that while they DID conquer large parts of Westeros, but that they actually came to an agreement in The Pact. Now, from our understanding this came before the Long Night, and before the Andals came to Westeros. So what exactly happened that could have triggered something like the Long Night? Enter The Ironborn: -we know from the World Book that the Ironborn were contemporary with the First Men, as many Maesters believe that they actually were First Men who had simply become sea faring. There are no other cases of First Men actually sailing -We are told stories like that of Balon Blackskin, that had skin dark and that could not be penetrated by any form of weapon. In this same space we see talk of them having “black swords that drank the souls of the slain” this is all very much evocative to Dragonsteel aka Valyrian steel weapons and armor, a few thousand years before Valyria was even a power -On Nagga’s Hill, there has been many theories about Nagga’s bones being the petrified or old parts of a boat that was made of Weirwood This makes sense as Sea Dragon Point is a place held by the Ironborn many times, and would have been the logical place for them to land in the North the first time. We also know that Sea Dragon Point is also one of the places in the North that still boasts many Weirwood Circles. Given that the Ironborn have legends of one of their heroes killing a “man eating white tree”, it fits that if there was a race of people on the Iron Islands who came to Westeros in the days of the First Men, they were not friendly to the Weirwoods and the Old Gods -The “Black Blood” found within the Ironborn is brought up many times, and the Iron Born do seem to have suspicious backgrounds concerning their origin. I and many others actually believe that they could have been those exiled who followed the Bloodstone Emperor from the Great Empire of Dawn, or perhaps they were simply refugees from that calamity. The reason we link them so much with the Bloodstone Emperor is because of the Seastone Chair, which is made out of an “oily black rock” this is interesting considering that the Bloodstone Emperor praised a “black rock that fell from the sky”. -There is also much to be said that there could have been people fleeing the Great Empire of the Dawn, from all sorts of different factions. You have the Ironborn in the North of the Sunset Sea, yet you also have the Daynes and Hightower’s in the Southern Sunset sea who also have strange Valyrian ties, like the sword Dawn, Valyrian in all features except the color and that it also predates Valyria, but also that both the Hightower’s and Daynes have Valyrian features, but are actually Houses that predate Valyria and even the Andals You also get strange fused black stone on the base of the Hightower, and the stories of dragons on a certain Battle Isle. the reason we look to the Ironborn starting the Long Night and the other proto Dawnians being absolved is due to certain dualities. The sword Dawn is evocative to Dawnbringer, which stopped the Long Night to where on the Iron islands there is a sword called Nightfall. The fused stone and magical yet noble demeanor of the House is very much adversarial to the bloodthirsty nature of the Ironborn and the daunting Seastone chair that is shaped in an eldritch fashion of a “kraken”, and is said to be oily to the touch. -This also mirrors much of what is already occurring. If the Ironborn had attacked Westeros, it is easy to believe they would have attacked the North, which is the stronghold of the Faith at the time, since the North had always been and still is the bastion of the Old Gods. The last time they did this is was that put House Stark in control of the North, this time is what brought down House Stark for the moment, and put the North into turmoil. -Did Aegon Targaryen know something about the Iron Born triggering something, or was that part of his worry? He attacks Westeros during the only time in History (at least from our knowledge at the moment) That the Ironborn had been able not only to move into Westeros, but hold the Riverlands for more than a generation. So much so that House Durrandon and the Stormlanders were more than close to losing their lands to Harren the Black. Not to mention, very much like the Bloodstone Emperor, Harren put Weirwood and some blood magic into the making of Harrenhall. What is strange, Aegon goes on to completely destroy the lines of the two “magical” bloodlines, which is House Gardener and House Hoare. - Finally, we get to Euron Greyjoy. We know that he is a HUGE allegory to the Bloodstone Emperor. He is trying to usurp the Amethyst Empress yet again, in the form of Daenerys, and trying to steal one or all her dragons Not only that, he is the one who brings in the first true blood magic item we see in the series, the Dragonhorn called Dragonbinder. And then, in the TWOW sample chapter called “The Forsaken”, we see Euron in something that the ONLY other time we have it referenced, is during the chapter of when the Ironborn is first introduced- a suit of Valyrian Steel armor. anyway you guys, this is long enough but essentially what I’m boiling down it is that it is possible that the Ironborn are linked to those who actually bring on the Long Night. And given the fact that the First Men and Children of the Forest were being raised by them, possibly with Ironborn who had dragon weapons and armor, the only thing that they could do was create the White Walkers as a weapon? Or call upon the White Walkers as a force of nature? Maybe we should stop thinking of the Others/White Walkers are a purely bad death force, and maybe the weapon to use against fighting the actual threat? We’ve seen fire in somewhat “benevolent” hands through Daenerys, but if we look closely at that the dragons and power of fire, if they even were used for any type of true bad leader, they could potentially be disastrous.
  6. So just as a premise, I have to say that I actually came to this theory because I was thinking of the size and power of the network that Illyrio and Varys have. Now I figured that while Varys and Illyrio have a good amount of resources (aka money/gold) and people (aka little birds), it doesn’t seem like it really includes any “leaders” other than Varys and Illyrio themselves. That while they have a lot of mid level spies, they can’t necessarily have anyone at any high levels. But then I realized two things: 1.) was that they had been in touch with the Golden Company, and had made some type of agreement with them. The Golden Company has mentioned their spy network numerous times, which is mostly built up of those sympathetic to the Blackfyre Rebellion. 2.) It is heavily believed that Young Griff aka Aegon is very probable to be a Blackfyre, and in relation to Illyrio or Varys, or Illyrio AND Varys. This would insinuate that since they were Blackfyre supporters (or family), they also must have been tapped into the Blackfyre Conspirator Network. the Blackfyre Network could absolutely be a complex and Planetos wide organization. Keep in mind that Maelys the Monstrous, the last Blackfyre male, was also being supported and allied by a group called The Ninepenny Kings. People from Tyrosh, and numerous pirate and sell sword fleets were part of this. Not to mention the fact that the Golden Company had frequented the Disputed Lands and had without a doubt tapped some agents there as well. So are Varys and Illyrio actually tapped into what could be the most complex spy network in Planetos? Maybe only rivaled with the Faceless Men, although they deal in death as to the Blackfyre Conspirators had to develop relationships and information so that they could mutually help themselves and the cause. How in depth is it in Westeros?
  7. I could agree to a Pentoshi syndicate, but not in this way necessarily. Pentos itself is not a slave city, so I’m pretty sure a magistrate would still be frowned upon if he included many others in something that would strictly have to do with slaving. with illyrio this definitely seems a little person, and quite frankly it’s pretty low scale considering that while it seems they have a lot of resources and “birds”, Illyrio and Varys are the two heads that are doing this whole operation. I really don’t agree with the theories that has Littlefinger as someone who is working for them, but that being said I do think they have many agents in various levels of power all over the realm. if illlyrio had Pentos more in hand, I don’t think he would have done things like put Young Griff away from him, he probably could have done much more and better for Daenerys, and Viserys.
  8. I think the Iron Islands are kind of like Vikings mixed with Privateers during the pirate age. They do some trading, but I’m sure they also do some pillaging/smuggling/pirating. Asha seems well traveled and the Iron Fleet lead by Victarion seem well maintained and we must believe they are purchasing wood from SOMEWHERE. They can’t just take it from the North because that would be an attack. I have a feeling they would pay the Iron Price when they would travel to mostly foreign lands. Maybe even the Wildlings, and of course the Summer Islanders. We know that Asha at least is pretty well traveled. I imagine they could rent out their ships since Iron Islanders are very, very good sailors and would probably provide good escort and security. However I do believe that Euron is actually going to get the Iron Fleet destroyed almost wholesale, and that is very much going to alter the Iron Islands. Since most of the men, ships, etc. all left, if they never come back that is going to hurt the life on the Iron Islands more than a bit. I do think eventually either Asha or Theon (read Haereg) will be Lord/Lady of the Iron Islands and may even be vassals under Winterfell.
  9. I'm giving it a 7 and that's me being generous. The beetle monologue was completely unneeded and did NOTHING to further Jaime/Tyrions relationship. I understand the metaphor they were getting at, but it just wasn't symbolic enough to garner a dialogue that could have been used for something WAY better. The fight scene I completely agree with Ran. The editing and stunt double work took away some of the needed ferocity. I wanted to see the anger on Oberyns face and the Mountain getting more and more annoyed. Instead they made it seem like Oberyn was concerned about playing to the crowd. And is it really that hard to make him scream "ELLIIIAAAA!!" as he stabs the Mountain?? The dialogue they are using to replace some of the most epic scenes in the series is laughable. Kinda like the "Only Cat" miss. Sansa as Maleficent made me giggle. However they are making LF look far too much under her control when we are two books ahead and she STILL doesn't seem near as confident as she does in the show now.
  10. Debating upon I want to re-read the series from Sansa's POV...

  11. Crackpot, Mr.Crackpot

  12. Re-reading the first book, the Eddard chapters seemed too short :/

  13. Laughing because I think I struck a chord with people by proving Edmure to be incompetent at times..

  14. Not really sure of what to make of all the Jon Snow nay Sayers out there.

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