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  1. OberynBlackfyre

    How could Edmure prepare riverlands

    The Riverlands, as the World Book states, are kinda screwed in general because of their placement in Westeros. They don’t have any natural defenses other than the River, but even then that’s dubious and can change- not to mention can be forded easily at times. Riverrun is the only castle that has utilized the river enough to become pseudo impenetrable. Really what I think Edmure should have done was not fed into Tywins wants. He should have kept his army together and ceded land little by little and focused on evacuating rather than battling at the borders. He also should have coordinated with the Northern Lords and demanded that the Frey’s send levies at once. That way he could have let Riverrun go under siege with a strong army and wait for reinforcements.
  2. OberynBlackfyre

    Jaime as the Golden Lion

    So we know that much of Jaime’s redemption arc is based on the acts that we either see in book or that we here very early in the story. However- other than Bran, we find out that Jaime hasn’t ever really been that bad of a guy. Cocky, an asshole? Sure. But not devious or evil as say the Cleganes. Does anyone else wish we had seen more of Jaime’s antics and especially at least one or two fights with him at his prime, BEFORE being held captive and then getting maimed? Also one question has always lingered with me From conversations Tywin and introspection with Tyrion- we know that Tywin has always expected Jaime to be his heir. my question is how did Tywin think he was going to achieve this since Jaime was Kingsguard? And why didn’t he act upon it saaaay when Joffrey had become King? It seems strange for Tywin to get mad at Cersei for dismissing Barristan, when really she opened the door for what Tywin wanted
  3. OberynBlackfyre

    The search goes on for the Hooded Man

    I’d really like to believe that the answer to this is quite simpler. I believe the Hooded Man could be none other than Wyman Manderlys cousin, Ser Marlon Manderly- the captain of the House guard. Every person he has killed has made a huge step in the paranoia of the castle, which we know the Manderly’s are pushing towards. I don’t believe Wyman is actually thinking he will get out of this situation alive, so long as he can wait out until Davos returns, OR do as much damage to the Frey-Bolton North as he can. Which to be honest, with the killing of Small Walder Frey- that sparked enough of a conversation to end in bloodshed. By what the OP has stated, I think it fits absolutely into the facts already presented. -The Hooded Man aka Marlon Manderly doesn’t begin his killings until after everyone is within the castle. There may be a timeline that even proves more about the Manderlys in general. -He is someone that when he needs to, can move about the castle: either proving an ability for stealth on a Faceless Man level, or that he is known about the castle anyway. -Small Walder even stated he was seeing someone in the Manderly camp about a gambling debt. -The cream of the crop: his interaction with Theon. He hates Theon, but he doesn’t automatically kill him. Although we KNOW this person is a fervent and staunch Stark loyalist. However Marlon Manderly also probably knows that Theon did NOT actually kill the boys. I think this part is the largest piece of the puzzle, because why would someone who clearly wants to create dissent and who is a loyalist to the Starks NOT KILL THE PERSON WHO BETRAYED THEM THE MOST. At this point Theon is more threat alive than anything else, his death would cause so much derision it should be motive enough for the HM to kill him on site. Unless he knew that Theon was paying dearly for sins that he only half did.
  4. OberynBlackfyre

    How would you rate episode 408?

    I'm giving it a 7 and that's me being generous. The beetle monologue was completely unneeded and did NOTHING to further Jaime/Tyrions relationship. I understand the metaphor they were getting at, but it just wasn't symbolic enough to garner a dialogue that could have been used for something WAY better. The fight scene I completely agree with Ran. The editing and stunt double work took away some of the needed ferocity. I wanted to see the anger on Oberyns face and the Mountain getting more and more annoyed. Instead they made it seem like Oberyn was concerned about playing to the crowd. And is it really that hard to make him scream "ELLIIIAAAA!!" as he stabs the Mountain?? The dialogue they are using to replace some of the most epic scenes in the series is laughable. Kinda like the "Only Cat" miss. Sansa as Maleficent made me giggle. However they are making LF look far too much under her control when we are two books ahead and she STILL doesn't seem near as confident as she does in the show now.
  5. Debating upon I want to re-read the series from Sansa's POV...

  6. Crackpot, Mr.Crackpot

  7. Re-reading the first book, the Eddard chapters seemed too short :/

  8. Laughing because I think I struck a chord with people by proving Edmure to be incompetent at times..

  9. Not really sure of what to make of all the Jon Snow nay Sayers out there.