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  1. I think he should have brought House Frey closer, maybe helped Walder make some advantageous marriages. Just so that way he could keep an eye on them. After their whole “being late” during Robert’s Rebellion, I think for any Lord that should be an issue. A Northern Lord would have most likely at least come with an a strong force and ask what happened, if not outright hang you for an oath breaker. the Riverlands are a quarrelsome bunch. I would have used Harrenhall as a far carrot for all the lords to be loyal. Especially because House Whent wasn’t going to outlive it’s current Lady, who was already elderly. And that would mean the best claimants to Harrenhall would be Hoster’s own Son or Daughters. And well, he had much higher aspirations for them, so Harrenhall was a nothing gift that would have empowered a House to be very much loyal to him.
  2. I'm giving it a 7 and that's me being generous. The beetle monologue was completely unneeded and did NOTHING to further Jaime/Tyrions relationship. I understand the metaphor they were getting at, but it just wasn't symbolic enough to garner a dialogue that could have been used for something WAY better. The fight scene I completely agree with Ran. The editing and stunt double work took away some of the needed ferocity. I wanted to see the anger on Oberyns face and the Mountain getting more and more annoyed. Instead they made it seem like Oberyn was concerned about playing to the crowd. And is it really that hard to make him scream "ELLIIIAAAA!!" as he stabs the Mountain?? The dialogue they are using to replace some of the most epic scenes in the series is laughable. Kinda like the "Only Cat" miss. Sansa as Maleficent made me giggle. However they are making LF look far too much under her control when we are two books ahead and she STILL doesn't seem near as confident as she does in the show now.
  3. Debating upon I want to re-read the series from Sansa's POV...

  4. Crackpot, Mr.Crackpot

  5. Re-reading the first book, the Eddard chapters seemed too short :/

  6. Laughing because I think I struck a chord with people by proving Edmure to be incompetent at times..

  7. Not really sure of what to make of all the Jon Snow nay Sayers out there.

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