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  1. OberynBlackfyre

    Connecting House Hightower/Dayne AKA The Dawn Empire mirrors

    well yeah as the whole "just beginning" means that Valyria was nowhere near full power. Like i believe it was a few thousand years before they even took on the Rhoynish
  2. OberynBlackfyre

    Connecting House Hightower/Dayne AKA The Dawn Empire mirrors

    that is my question as well. Because I kind of wonder if they were split, or if one entity was created to fight the other, and therefore it made disaster...and they both have to be kinda "eliminated". I think their power as a battery could be lessening though...like possibly this is the last of both the Ice Magic and the Fire Magics power so thats why they are both sending essentially all they can at each other. As for Valyria it definitely states that it was only the seeds of the empire sprouting when the Long Night was done, so essentially I think it rose because it was the dominant magic at the time.....but yet they still never went to Westeros proper, simply because i think they knew what was there
  3. OberynBlackfyre

    Connecting House Hightower/Dayne AKA The Dawn Empire mirrors

    thank you good sir!! I do admit I jumped off of a lot of what @LmL ha found and just kinda added and expanded on the Dawn Empire actions.
  4. OberynBlackfyre

    Connecting House Hightower/Dayne AKA The Dawn Empire mirrors

    oh yeah I mean I essentially think we agree on most parts, just differ more so about where these events actually started/ I think the Great Empire of Dawn, which was seated around where Assai/Shadowlands and the Grey Waste are now is essentially where the imbalance of Ice and Fire began. Thats why you have the Grey Waste being from the Ice catastrophe and Assai/Stygai being the fallout from the Fire side of the catastrophe. Then the remaining people that now had no inhabitable home left and possibly became the Valyrians, but some went even farther West with the First Men (possibly displaced because of the invading Dawnians taking over what turned into Valyria) and they then settled in Westeros
  5. OberynBlackfyre

    Connecting House Hightower/Dayne AKA The Dawn Empire mirrors

    I think this theory could possibly fit into @LmL theory of there being two swords. Dawn and Ice. One wielded by the Last Hero- Brandon the Builder possibly, and whoever the first Sword of the Morning was.
  6. OberynBlackfyre

    Connecting House Hightower/Dayne AKA The Dawn Empire mirrors

    Mmm there is total evidence that if not the White Walkers, than something similar was there. The Grey Wastes are known as a frigid dessert, and there is supposedly a town of Bloodless Men (very very pale) that made a city of human bones. That definitely sounds like the Others, or some FORM of them. Also the text is more in line with something happening in the ESSOS and being expelled into WESTEROS, rather than vice versa. Which is what I essentially point out in the theory.
  7. OberynBlackfyre

    Connecting House Hightower/Dayne AKA The Dawn Empire mirrors

    mmm I hear what you're saying but i don't think it contradicts what it says in TWOIAF. We know that "A" Long Night happened in The Great Empire of Dawn, then we know of "A" Long Night affecting Westeros. However as George even says Essos does NOT connect with Westeros. So why would the Long Night of the Dawn Emmpire affect Westeros? Especially in an area that came from the North......if it was from the Empire of the Dawn wouldn't it have to come from the East or West?
  8. OberynBlackfyre

    Connecting House Hightower/Dayne AKA The Dawn Empire mirrors

    I definitely think that there has been two Long Nights. The one that the Rhoynish experienced could have also been from the one that happened in Westeros, I would imagine. We don't get an exact date on how many thousands of years this occurred though. The only reason I kinda think it could could have been the one connected in Westeros is because the Valyrians came to power basically right after the Long Night in Westeros- so they could have known that the Ice Magic was vanquished or dormant if they caught wind about what happened with the Rhoyne.
  9. OberynBlackfyre

    Connecting House Hightower/Dayne AKA The Dawn Empire mirrors

    -To your first question about Asshai and has already been answered: actually many people believe Asshai could have been the capitol city of the Great Dawn Empire. I believe it was @LmL that first stated that the Great Empire of Dawn was HUUUGE, so therefore it would need a grandiose capital. Well, Asshai can fit Kings Landing, Qarth, and Volantis, and STILL HAVE ROOM FOR OLDTOWN. I mean Idk how much more immense it can get. It is also described as being there since the "Dawn of days" and will be there until "the end of days" -With the Lion of the Night and the Long Night im not trying to say they are somehow one in the same, but they are connected. I mean they both absolutely invoke Night....and Lion and Long are only one letter apart...
  10. Hello everyone, and hello any old friends that may remember me from my theorycrafting days of the past. Anyway, what brings me back to the board is my belief and interest with the "Great Empire of the Dawn being connected to House Dayne/Hightower" theories that have been put forth. I honestly think that the whole Dawn Empire basically gives us the history, or the majority of the history, that deals with the Long Night. I think it basically goes to show that ultimately Fire and Ice warring began at the beginning of known human civilization. From what we at least know, the Great Empire of the Dawn predates even the First Men being in Westeros. However I think there is proof that definitely shows how so far things have happened in PAIRS throughout history. Basically during the first "Long Night" it's not called the long night necessarily but known as when the Lion of the Night (Lion of the NIght an Long night somewhat sound similar) punished man for the supposed shame of the Maiden made of Light. This is the first time that we see a Night v Light deities that are paired with each other. I think this is ultimately what turned into R'hllor v the Great Other, especially since R'Hllorism started in Asshai, which many people believe is the capitol of what used to be the Dawn Empire. WELL, as the first Long Night that happened would have been what kicked off the whole ice v fire imbalance, then the Grey Waste is definitely the ice catastrophe, and whatever happened with Asshai and the Shadow is the result of the fire catastrophe. You now know that the "Heart of Darkness" now resides in these lands around Asshai, but what happens to the Heart if Winter which presumably would have also been there? Well you take these two warring elements far far away from each other.....and we know that even though the Dawn Empire spread super far and wide, the only remaining reminence being Yi Ti and Leng....sooo where did all those other people go, the survivors of the catastrophes that made their lands uninhabitable? Thus enter the First Men, and the Valyrians. you have a tide of people moving East. So lets say that some of them come to Valyria and see that its volcanic....a land that kind of like Asshai. And there definitely seems like the people who settled Asshai may have done so for its volcanic origins....as its also said that it may have been people from ASSHAI AKA THE DAWN EMPIRE THAT TAUGHT THE VALYRIANS ABOUT THE DRAGONS. So what if they set up a colony there knowing that in the future it could perhaps return them to their former selves......but ok they have to push out some people for it.....and then those people become the First Men of Westeros. Not only the First Men, but perhaps even some of the people from the Dawn Empire, especialy those wh are trying to take the Heart of Winter as far as possible. So they cross the narrow sea, those with the Heart of Winter going as far as they can North, the others who don't want to be a part of either power going as far west as possible. This would somewhat mirror the way House Targaryen came to Dragonstone along with the Celtigar and Velaryons. However then the power of the ICE goes erratic in the North. The Long Night comes again and cuts through the nations of the First Men. Until the family of that came from the Dawn Empire, what may now be House Hightower, finally intercede with perhaps knowledge they remember or find from when they fled the Dawn Empire. this of course would be a kind of "chosen family" like the Targaryens were. The girst Sword of the Morning is made as he wields Dawn and goes North. Where he finds the Last Hero, Brandon the Builder who has successfully made a pact with the Children of the Forest. With both of their knowledge and power combined, they cast down the Long Night, and build a Wall so no one can ever find the Heart of Winter and its power. Brandon the Builder creates the three eyed crow or becomes the first in the line of "Brandons" that guards House Stark, who will guard where Winterfell. The other Hero goes back home but wants to keep the sword and what happened in memory, especially calling back to the Dawn Empire, so he creates a House based on his sword, (which is mirrored later by Daemon Blackfyre doing to House Targaryen) and possibly even declares his bloodline royal. This suddenly puts him above everyone else around House Hightower, so this somewhat breaks ties. The Long Night is gone now and steeped in memory, but it changed Westeros. To where if you go to Essos, you find it changed much later but by the other element.....perhaps people who wanted the Heart of Darkness (fire) to come again, as remember there are heavy implications that Valyrians were taught dragoncraft by the Asshai'i- EVEN TO THIS DAY..... Valyria comes, creates the empire, but then ultimately gets destroyed and it changed Essos. The difference there being that you had a people that already possibly had magic in their blood, that could harness power. But it also appears that the Valyrians simply KNEW to stay away from Westeros. There is no record or anything pointing the Valyrian's even ever thinking of attempting to come to Westeros...why? Because they had prior knowledge about the power that lived there. They were content with Dragonstone where they could watch and trade but never be close enough to get noticed by the other power. Cites: -We only hear about the things being the "Heart Of" twice within the series. You see when Bran goes North and sees the curtain of LIGHT that he associates with the Heart of Winter....as when he sees the heart he doesn't describe it with other than fear..he never talks of darkness, though. -Then in the World Book you have the lands of Asshai being described as being the Heart of Darkness or Heart of Shadow. -This is interesting as both places have seemed extremely prejudiced and themed with them being the center for their proper magical element. It is said that dragons first came from Asshai, as did R'hllorism- so you have the two most powerful magic essences of fire coming from this place. As to where the Heart of Winter is obviously the home to White Walkers, possibly Ice Dragons and who knows what else. -The word Dawn is almost always associated with Long Night in the series. War of Dawn was how the Long Night 2 ended, Empire of Great DAWN is what began the Long Night's in the first place. It seems only appropriate that House DAYne, wielders of DAWN, who are sword of the MORNING- have to do with the Long Night as well. -House Hightower has a penchant for knowledge and sorcery.....while also having at least 3 members of the family being described with PROTOVALYRIAN appearances. It is also said that Ulthos Hightower (the progenitor of the House) took the DRAGON(s) out at Battle Isle....for someone to do this, especially at a time during the First Men....it could stand that he possibly had knowledge of dragons or a way to control/kill them. -It's possible that the progenitors of House Hightower could have even come with the very first wave of First Men or before. If Battle Isle was an outpost like Dragonstone was for Valyria, the Hightowers could have mirrored the Targaryens in getting out way ahead of any DOOM like situation. -We definitely see much of this falling into the "time is a cycle" theme, which Martin employs and eludes to very much so in the series and elsewhere. -Valyria was a smaller version of the Great Empire of Dawn, and only experienced the fire side of chaos and the Doom. Much like the Long Night 2 was probably only slightly what happened during the Great Empire of Dawn as well. It's tinfoil-y I know. But in many ways I feel like Martin kinda comes off that he has answered many of the questions people have asked within the content provided, people just need to piece them together.
  11. I agree. The funny thing about Cersei is that I think she would believe that she could control him the way she "controls" everyone else. And he could totally play into that, as he seems like a person who is generous and open handed, but hs gifts are always poison (as is heavily said/foreshadowed in Victarion's chapter) Plus I think after Cersei loses her kids in the books, she's just not going to care at all anymore. She my even see Euron's evil as "strength"
  12. Now at the end of Dance of Dragons, Cersei is at a place that could be seen as the weakest she has been, that is until we see what happens in the epilogue. But what we do know is: -Jaime has seemingly abandoned her. Him not coming to her aid is definitely I think a sign that Jaime has now left Cersei completely, especially since she could possibly die. He seems to have very little regard for her desperate note, and even burns it. -It has been foreshadowed that Cersei will marry again. For all her protesting against it and saying she doesn't need a man, she definitely relies on them to be used by her sexuality. Also her idea of what "strength" is, has been shown to be deeply and completely flawed. - GRRM has hinted that there will definitely be more weddings. -The Tyrells do not seem long for this world, especially if Cersei is at the helm of ruling House Lannister. With Jaime gone/Kingsguard, and Kevan dead-she is defacto ruler of the 7 Kingdoms and Casterly Rock. And now with Euron, I firmly believe that he knows Victarion will double cross him, and his endgame was never really to marry Daenerys so much as it was to get Daenerys to come to Westeros, so he can either kill or control the dragons. And it also seems that Euron simply wanted Victarion gone, so the quest could have been a ruse all along. However Euron being with a blonde, beautiful woman almost seems like he is making a prophecy, which is also compounded by: If House Tyrell does end up waging war against House Lannister then that would definitely not only leave Cersei desperate, but make an alliance with Euron be in her best interest. Not only does that protect the fleet from hitting the West, it means that she could actually BENEFIT from the Ironborn raiding Oldtown, the Arbor, etc. As well as creating a buffer between her and Dorne. Also---- Euron COULD be thinking of this already. Notice that he raids all along the Western shore....EXCEPT for anywhere in or near the West, when Lannisport is KNOWN to be a rich city.
  13. OberynBlackfyre

    How would you rate episode 408?

    I'm giving it a 7 and that's me being generous. The beetle monologue was completely unneeded and did NOTHING to further Jaime/Tyrions relationship. I understand the metaphor they were getting at, but it just wasn't symbolic enough to garner a dialogue that could have been used for something WAY better. The fight scene I completely agree with Ran. The editing and stunt double work took away some of the needed ferocity. I wanted to see the anger on Oberyns face and the Mountain getting more and more annoyed. Instead they made it seem like Oberyn was concerned about playing to the crowd. And is it really that hard to make him scream "ELLIIIAAAA!!" as he stabs the Mountain?? The dialogue they are using to replace some of the most epic scenes in the series is laughable. Kinda like the "Only Cat" miss. Sansa as Maleficent made me giggle. However they are making LF look far too much under her control when we are two books ahead and she STILL doesn't seem near as confident as she does in the show now.
  14. Debating upon I want to re-read the series from Sansa's POV...

  15. Crackpot, Mr.Crackpot