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  1. The Wolves

    Make Mine Captain Marvel! (SPOILERS)

    I really loved this. I expected to like it but not love it. Brie did such a good job given what she had to work with. I agree with above that her character wasn’t as flushed out and we still don’t know much about Carol as a character. But I really love what we got of Carol Danvers. Lashana, Jackson, Law and Ben were all great. I liked the story and the interaction between all the characters. It was a great movie IMO. This is my favorite superhero orgin movie and a top fav of mine. I’m surprised that I came away loving this movie. So much has ruined this movie for me that I just wanted it to come and go as soon as possible but I’m going to get in as many viewings as possible before Endgame. For the sequel I hope it’s set in the present. With Disney getting the X-men back I think Rogue absorbing Carol’s powers and Carol dealing with that and becoming an alcoholic plus rediscovering herself would make a great sequel. I’m hoping that the Russos expend some on Carol’s character in Endgame. Also I don’t think Marvel/Feige will have a problem managing such a powerful character like Carol.
  2. Jon Arryn would be the better king because what would come after him is a billion times better than the monsters, blood, and hatred Tywin would have left behind as king.
  3. Question, but what exactly does Robert have to offer any woman as a husband, father to their children or anything besides his titles and lands?
  4. The Wolves

    Which minor houses do you want to see more of?

    Manderly, Dwayne, Royce and Hightower.
  5. No. Robert would have always been a horrible husband, person, father even without marrying Cersei. They just bought out the worst in each other and should have been locked up in the Stormlands at Storm’s End making each other miserable and away from the millions of innocents lives they ruined. Also Robert is responsible for his own actions. He is responsible for how he reacts in situations. Cersei being a horrible person did not turn Robert into the scum he has been most of his life.
  6. What about Rhaella, didn’t she not want to marry Aerys?
  7. The Wolves

    How powerful are the Royces?

    After the Arryns they are the most powerful house in the Vale. Plus they have some ties and history with the Starks. They also seem to wield some power in the Vale.
  8. Aerys kept Tywin as Hand because he was efficient and did a good job which made Aerys look good. Tywin only stayed for the power and self importance he got from being the second most powerful man in the kingdom. Plus he wanted his daughter to be a king and to be part of the royal family.
  9. His good(find me what good he did)does not outweigh his rapes and murders of the hundreds(probably thousands)of innocents. Tywin being a good Hand does not erase his gang rape of a 14yr old girl, nor the rape and murders of Elia, her children and King Landings sack nor the complete and brutal destruction of the Reynes and Tarbecks. Tywin is a monster wearing human skin.
  10. I hope you’re trolling. Tywin had babies murdered and women raped on his order. He is a monster and anyone who thinks Tywin is a hero is out their gawd damn mind.
  11. The Wolves

    The North does not need the Other Regions

    What good would the rest of Westeros be for the North in their current environment? The Southeronmen and Ironborn are barely making it (with the Northernmen’s help)in autumn conditions in the north what help will they be during the winter?
  12. I see people saying that the north needs help from the other regions, especially during winter. But the north has existed without help from the other regions for thousands of years and if I’m not mistaken only once in 300 years did any Westeros king help the north during their winters.
  13. I don’t blame Rhaegar as much as I blame Aerys and Jon. Every single great Lord that called their banners, from Arryn, Robert, Ned, Tully all had more power IMO than a Prince. Aerys and all the lords who went to war are more responsible for the war than Rhaegar. Rhaegar shares a lot of blame also.
  14. Before the rebellion no, after it was all said and done than yes Ned, Jon, and Robert can be said to be the villains of the rebellion. Ned is my favorite ASOIAF character and one of my all time favs. But I side eye him and everyone who put Robert Baratheon on that ugly chair when that wasn’t the main objective during the rebellion.
  15. Probably survivors guilt or that Brandon being the eldest was groomed for the position.