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  1. The Wolves

    Lady Stoneheart's Purpose in ASOIAF

    It’s vengeance
  2. I hope you don’t draw the show characters or use their likeness in your drawings. The best drawings have been in the world book, the anniversary books and Fire&Blood. I like when people draw these characters from their own ideas of them and the book description.
  3. Tywin kept Gregor around because he did what many men would not or should not, like rape, torture innocents, and murder of children. It’s not rocket science to see that those were Gregor’s only assets to Tywin. And yes Tywin is evil along with Gregor.
  4. Because Tywin and the Lannisters’ word mean shit. Tywin has no honor and his word means nothing. Plus Gregor is a monster and Tywin being another monster needs him to do the hands on evil that he continually unleashes on others.
  5. The Wolves

    Pros and Cons of 9 Kingdoms

    I am in favor of Westeros breaking back into smaller kingdoms. I know there were many wars fought during the time of separation but I think I would like it better as separate. I also wouldn’t mind the great houses keeping their power. The Iron Throne is too much and should be burned to the ground.
  6. The Wolves

    Drastic or unforgivable acts

    Everything Tywin has done has been unforgivable and his associates. The Boltons, the Freys. Jaime pushing Bran, him and Cersei recklessly putting their children in danger. Robert dehumanizing Elia, Aegon, and Rhaenys’ deaths and some others.
  7. The Wolves

    If you could change the events of one chapter

    Ned would have stayed North and refused Robert’s offer of being his Hand. Also this is before the events in AGOT but Elia, Aegon and Rhaenys would have gone to Dorne instead of King’s Landing when they left Dragonstone.
  8. The Wolves

    Robb’s War Was The Most Just Of Them All.

    What exactly was Robb supposed to do in that situation? Correct me if I’m wrong because I haven’t read the books in a while, but Robb never knew the situation of the Others. The only time I remember him hearing about them is by Old Nan and everyone thought they were just that, stories. I know the Night Watch man Ned beheaded at the beginning was talking gibberish and couldn’t be understood. And when Mormont sent out the letters to the Kings I don’t think it was said that Robb ever got his. I know the Night Watch men went before the Throne and Lannisters and told them what was happening and he was laughed out of Kings Landing. Stannis’ letter was like lost among a bunch and I’m sure Greyjoy threw his out. Why was it on a 16yr old boy to give up and go home while his family, and people were unfairly raped, murdered and kidnapped? What was wrong with him trying to help the Riverlands from the likes of Tywin, Gregor, Keven, etc... ? Why didn’t Tywin sit down with Robb and offer his condolences and try to end the war? Why don’t Stannis try to talk with Robb instead of threatening his life? This is a 16yr old boy who was under strain and stress from all sides who could have easily been led to put aside his crown before the point of no return. But instead of talking with him he is threatened, attacked, and unjustly killed because a bunch of grown men couldn’t sit with a boy and end a war but Robb is the biggest pretender who had no cause for his fight? If Robb had asked for justice for his father in exchange for his knee than what would the Lannisters give him? Would they have given him Sansa or Arya? What about Ice? Would they have reigned in their rapping, burning, and murdering of the Riverlands? Would they have given him justice for the murder of the Northern men? Would Stannis have let Robb just go home and prepare for winter if Robb bent the knee to him or had him continue a war in his name? Also remember Robb was going home. He was going North where he would have heard of the Wildlings, Others, the murder of Mormont. He would have been able to contact Jon(because Jon had just go back around the time Robb would have gotten North)and been told what he saw beyond the Wall. He could have that moment where he said I have to protect the North and prepared them. He could have focused on winter and had defenses but he didn’t because before he could go home and possibly do all this because he was murdered. It’s not Robb’s fault that he didn’t get to prepare and fight the Others for the North. He WAS going home.
  9. The Wolves

    Robb’s War Was The Most Just Of Them All.

    It’s a great cause because the Lannisters are monsters and the people were not safe to be ruled by them. Robb, Riverlands, Ironborn, smallfolk and whoever else had every right to want to be ruled by their own lords. I’m all for Westeros breaking into 9 kingdoms being ruled by whoever. I don’t see anything great with them becoming one kingdom anyways. Correct me if I’m wrong but the Ironborn were forced to stop killing, raping, plundering, and stealing. They suffered under the Targaryens because they didn’t want to stop doing all the bad things when they could have found better ways for food and resources.
  10. The Wolves

    Robb’s War Was The Most Just Of Them All.

    The North has always been fine without the South. For thousands of years before the Targaryens came 300yrs ago the North fought them all and won. They were the only region that was never conquered by the Andals. They fought the Ironborn for years and years and took back their land. They fought invaders from the sea, Andals and Ironborn alike and won. They can build ships fast because they have access to vast amounts of wood. Why do you consider the North so backwards? It’s a harsh vast land that doesn’t have the resources that the Reach or the Riverlands have. They get the worst of winter. They have resources like fur and wood to trade. They have music and tourneys but why should they care about silks and jewels when they have to prepare for deadly winters and fight Wildlings and rebellion? When has the South benefited the North besides giving them food that one time that we know of? And attacking anywhere in the North during winter is stupid.
  11. The Wolves

    Robb’s War Was The Most Just Of Them All.

    Stannis’ cause was not just. He wanted power. And the Baratheon reign was built on the murder of babies and stealing the throne from the rightful rulers(The Targaryens)Plus he stood by and knowingly let his King and brothers be murdered to claim the ugly chair.
  12. The Wolves

    What do people think about Rhaegar?

    The great Lords didn’t care that Aerys was mad. As long as it didn’t touch their kingdoms than Aerys could do what he wanted, and he did until he pissed off a bunch of Lords. There is no evidence that the Lords at the Harrenhal tourney was trying to meet in secret to take down Aerys. This is just speculation that hasn’t been confirmed.
  13. They all had their reasons for the wars that they fought but I think Robb out of them all had the most just reason. He out of all of them cared about his people more than Stannis, Greyjoy, and certainly the Lannisters. He didn’t always make the best decisions on what’s best for his people or Kingdom(who does all the time?)but I honestly think he really cared. He didn’t do it for the ugly chair, or more power or because of his greed or his right. He did start off trying to help his father and uncle and countrymen. But I think he really wanted to help his people in the end.
  14. The Wolves

    What do people think about Rhaegar?

    He was the only one that saw Aerys as a unstable king and wanted to do something about it for the good of the people. I think he wanted to do right by Westeros’ people and for that I like him.
  15. The Wolves

    Was Robert's Rebellion justified ?

    Why should innocent Targaryen women and children and the realm by extension suffer because of Aerys and Rhaegar’s mistakes? Someone explain to me why Elia, Rhaenys, Aegon, Rhaella, Viserys and Daenerys all suffered because they were Targaryens? And honestly fuck this Robert’s rebellion. It took the deaths of nobles for these powerful men to act. While Aerys spent years acting crazy and being a threat they sat back and did nothing. We don’t know how Aegon would have turned out as king(I would bet money that he would be a better king than any of the Baratheons)but he was a child and could have been shaped to be great one with the right mentors. The rebellion wasn’t even about disposing of the Targaryen throne. And please don’t mention that ugly show. The Baratheons are done, half of them are dead, the other half are bastards who are getting murdered and the royal ones are incest Lannisters bastards. The Baratheons don’t even control the throne, Robert was murdered by his wife for the throne, Stannis killed Renly for the throne and left Robert surrounded by Lannisters for the throne. The Baratheons are tethering on extinction because of the throne, it has come back to bite them.