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  1. He deserved it and may he burn in his seven hells.
  2. Her chapters got really redundant and boring really fast. I was done with the crazy after one chapter. Jaime chapters also bores me. All the Lannisters have very narcissistic chapters and since I hate them all(excluding Tyrion but he annoys me)I dislike their chapters.
  3. The Wolves

    Let’s get some things off our chests

    He killed the king then sat on that ugly throne smiling all while his father and fellow Westernmen raped, murdered, and terrorized the innocent men, women and children of Kings Landing. As a Kingsguard Jaime should have protected the royal family. He should have went to Elia and her children after murdering the king. All Jaime did was sit on the throne smiling while Elia was brutally raped and her and her children so unfairly murdered. Yeah, it is his fault he didn’t protect them. His excuse that he didn’t know that Tywin would do that is just bullshit. Jaime didn’t save Kings Landing because of the people, we see that he doesn’t give a damn about Kings Landing through his chapters and actions.
  4. The Wolves

    Let’s get some things off our chests

    Jaime Lannister is a monster. I think people give him a pass because of his witty dialogue and they hate Cersei more. He’s actually worse than Cersei because he has more agency than she has ever had and is more sane than her. He is the cause of Elia, Rhaenys and Aegon’s deaths. He should in no way be applauded for killing Aerys because any Kingsguard would have done it and Jaime only did it because his life and fellow Westernmens’ were in danger. I hope his death is brutal and meaningless. As a Targaryen and Martell fan I have a very petty side that laughs at the death, betrayal and destruction that has befallen the houses that rose up and betrayed House Targaryen. The unnecessary and cruel deaths of Elia, Rhaenys and Aegon will always make me side with the Targs. House Baratheon deserves its destruction. They had no business taking the throne. I hope the Lannisters goes extinct.
  5. The Wolves

    Genderbending ASOIAF characters

    Where are we getting the idea that a female Jon Snow would be sent to the Silent Sisters or fall for Theon Greyjoy? First off, a female Jon Snow worships the Old Gods not the Seven. Second, I’m pretty sure that a female Jon Snow would dislike and distrust Theon Greyjoy as much as Jon Snow would. also I think female Jon Snow would go to Essos and make her destiny there. Female Jon Snow would not stay in the North and marry some lesser lord.
  6. The Wolves

    Avengers: Infinity War - SPOILERS THREAD

    I loved this. My emotions were all over the place during the film and my Marvel characters were so badass. Thor was definitely MVP and his intro to Wakanda is probably my all time favorite theatre experience(my stomach almost jumped out my throat)I thought this movie was visually beautiful. Marvel has been bringing the visuals in their movies lately and I love it. I loved all the locations we went to in such a short time. Tony and Peter with the Guardians was so awesome. Thor, Rocket and Groot were so cool. And Wakanda was everything. There is so much that I loved about this movie. I was glad that that the original Avengers were left standing but I was also curious on how Thanos decided which half to leave destroy and which half to keep alive. Ill definitely be seeing this again in theaters(which is very rare for me but I loved it that much)
  7. The Wolves

    FIRE AND BLOOD Volume 1

    I love my Targaryens so I’ll pick this up. Still waiting on my “Winter Is Coming” history of the Starks and north and TWOW.
  8. The Wolves

    Unpopular Opinions?

    There is nothing creepy about Jon and Arya’s relationship from Jon’s side at all. If I’m not mistaken Jon comparing Ygritte and Arya’s bodies was how small they were(there was nothing sexual about that scene at all)and Ygritte happens to remind Jon of Aya. A lot of people’s romantic partners have qualities or something that reminded them of siblings, cousins or even parents. Jon and Arya have the best sibling relationship in the books, I hate how people try to turn every sibling relationship in the books incestuous in this fandom. Jon does care about Sansa. He thinks of her often and would have risked just as much for Sansa as Arya.
  9. The Wolves

    Which is your favourite Westerosi House and why?

    Stark. Their history, region, castle, and people are what I love the most in these books. They are the best humans in the series also. Targaryen is the most interesting house in the series and they have their problems, I love this house. They are only second to the Starks but I love them so much.
  10. The Wolves

    Black Panther Spoiler Topic -- because someone had to do it

    It’s Killmonger and you’re right that he was the embodiment of radicalism(someone said that he approached the situation like an “American”)but I found myself agreeing with him most of the time. And yes Nakia was the voice of reason, they were on opposite sides of the same spectrum though.
  11. The Wolves

    Black Panther Spoiler Topic -- because someone had to do it

    I loved this movie so much. T’Challa was great and Shuri was wow!! Also I’m in love with the Dora Malajie, just wow. But I LOVED MBJ’s character Killmonger. He was definitely the standout. This movie was more different than every other Marvel movie cause it played more like a drama than a superhero movie IMO. Very rarely do I sympathize with villains or understand their motives but I got Erik. As a African American I got him in so many ways. I understood when he asked the Wakandans where were they when others that looked like them were being oppressed(and still are) I loved when he said “Can you believe that? A kid from Oakland running around believing in fairy tales” it made me tear up. I liked how the movie showed the disconnect between Africans and African Americans. I really sympathized with Killmonger never knowing Wakanda and how he was called an outsider by them even though he spoke the language, knew their culture and had the royal blood. But he was just a kid from Oakland. I actually found myself agreeing with Killmonger a few times even though he went about it totally wrong. And the conversation between Killmonger and his father just broke my heart. Especially when his father asked where were the tears for him and the little boy offered no tears ~sniff~ But Wakanda left him behind and just like the others in Kenya, Ghana, and so many more around the world Wakanda left them so I understood his pain, anger and trauma. This movie had one of the most powerful lines I’ve ever heard, when Killmonger said “Bury me in the ocean with my ancestors, who jumped from ships because they knew death was better than bondage” ~sniff~ Such a fantastic movie, one of the greats.
  12. The Wolves

    Unpopular Opinions?

    Besides Tyrion she’s also the smartest(that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t sometimes make stupid decisions)
  13. The Wolves

    Do you think Balon's plan had merit?

    But how was the Ironborn going to survive the Northern winters? Yes the Iron Islands get harsh winters but nothing like the North. They don’t have the means, equipment or knowledge to survive that environment. Asha is ADWD was barely surviving a Northern autumn and thought the Northmen winter equipment odd. Balon’s plan was stupid, short sighted, and dangerous. He lost men for land he and his wouldn’t have been able to keep come winter.
  14. I don’t think people forgot about Blade[\b], it’s just that we have social media to be loud about the movie and plus like you said Black Panther[\b] is African culture celebrated in a positive light with a predominantly black cast so it’s getting so much hype.
  15. The Wolves

    Did Tywin have to kill Rheagar's children

    So what if Arryn was Hand, the Vale and his bannermen didn’t seem to have benefited from Arryn being Hand. In AGOT we see no Vale men except Littlefinger who has any position of power in Robert’s court. Like I said, Robert’s allies during the war didn’t have a place in his court nor afforded one. Robert is constantly called generous and forgiving, there is nothing in the books that suggest that he held a grudge against anyone not a Targaryen. He visited the Reach many times(and I’m sure Highgarden)he had his brother marry their bannermen, and another brother took a Tyrell as a Square. Robert had no issues with the Tyrells and they didn’t fear him. Arryn was not scared of Tywin(where did this ridiculous idea come from?)if anything Tywin and House Lannister’s actions were an indication on what would befall whoever allied themselves with them. Jon Arryn was stupid when he thought he was being smart. Arryn only suggested Cersei cause Lyanna died. If Lyanna had not died what reward would Tywin have gotten for lying the dead bodies of babies at Robert’s feet? Robert could get to any of the houses in Westeros, he didn’t care that they sided with the Targaryens. Again Robert is called forgiving and generous he just didn’t care. There is nothing in the books that suggest that Robert had any feelings of revenge towards the houses that sided with the Targaryens. Nor did he care about Dorne in any way. Tywin didn’t have to murder a 3yr old, a baby and a woman, he did it cause he is evil no other reason. Tywin’s thought process is gross, inhumane, and evil.