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  1. The Wolves

    Do you like Feast and Dance?

    I liked Feast more than Dance because Sansa and Arya’s POVs. It was nice to see my favs be able to be safe(as safe as Sansa could be with a sleazy, perverted, evil, creep)and not constantly live in fear. I liked the Vale where Sansa was. I wouldn’t have minded Cersei’s POV but it got repetitive real fast. Brienne was also repetitive and I didn’t like to hear about the destruction in the Riverlands. Dance was alright. I liked reading about the North and Jon and Bran. Having Danny back was nice.
  2. That’s as bad as her going crazy. I just don’t want any scenario where Dany goes crazy or dies. She deserves better, so many characters do.
  3. Well, there goes the books for me. I don’t know why she must go crazy. All the women in the books go crazy and I’m sick of it.
  4. I haven’t watched this show since the first season but I did look up on line and got some details on the series finale. And I pray that GRRM doesn’t go this route, especially Dany’s. I don’t want her going mad at all nor Jon killing her. I hope the books end on a much satisfying ending than that ugly show.
  5. The Wolves

    Would Robert have been a better Lord than King?

    Robert still had no business being king. He KNEW he wasn’t fit for it and I’ll even go further and say Ned and Arryn knew also but overlooked it. They all should have done better for the people of Westeros.
  6. The Wolves

    Would Robert have been a better Lord than King?

    I doubt Cersei being a horrible person is the reason Robert was a horrible King and would have been just as horrible as a Lord. Robert was never suited to rule.
  7. The Wolves

    Avengers Endgame- SPOILERS II

    The constant attacks against Brie Larson is so disgusting. I loved Captain Marvel and was excited to see her movies and the character hopefully improve in the future, but I’m to the point where I wish Brie would quit the MCU. Im so sick of the misogyny and internalized misogyny regarding this character. The body shaming and hate videos for clicks is horrible. I’m just sick of it so much.
  8. The Wolves

    Avengers Endgame- SPOILERS II

    So, I wasn’t a big fan of this one(not because it was a bad movie but because I knew it was the end for my favorite characters and I’m not ready to let them go)I thought this movie was well written and clever. I LOVED the focus on the original 6 Avengers. I liked the focus on their pain and loss. I didn’t like the 5yr time jump or anyone’s ending in this movie. I just thought some of the changes were jarring and I don’t like huge changes. I liked Captain Marvel’s haircut and that final battle is until Tony’s :-( is my favorite scene in a movie ever. Again this movie was great but it wasn’t for me. The first Avengers will always be my favorite or the bunch.
  9. I think people are being unfair or underestimating Sansa. Yes she was rather naive, she didn’t seem to really grasp what being a queen is, but she is a quick learner and pretty astute when need be. Sansa is also able to grow as a person and could have grown into a remarkable queen. Sansa would make a great Queen she just doesn’t need a monster like Joffery as her king.
  10. The Wolves

    Robert's Kingsguard

    Do we know of any Northernmen or Ironborn is ho was ever a Kingsguard memeber?
  11. Tywin wouldn’t be able to keep Joffery in check, I think he even knew it that’s why in that chapter when Joffery called him out about about being afraid of Aerys that Tywin was visably shook. Joffery challenge Tywin and it scared Tywin because he saw that Joffery was uncontrollable. Tyrion had the right of it that Joffery would be another type of Mad King. Though I think with factors like Cersei, his corrupt, immoral, evil kingsguard and the monsterous Lannisters, plus the corruption of power, Joffery would have been on a whole other level than Aerys.
  12. The Wolves

    Make Mine Captain Marvel! (SPOILERS)

    I really loved this. I expected to like it but not love it. Brie did such a good job given what she had to work with. I agree with above that her character wasn’t as flushed out and we still don’t know much about Carol as a character. But I really love what we got of Carol Danvers. Lashana, Jackson, Law and Ben were all great. I liked the story and the interaction between all the characters. It was a great movie IMO. This is my favorite superhero orgin movie and a top fav of mine. I’m surprised that I came away loving this movie. So much has ruined this movie for me that I just wanted it to come and go as soon as possible but I’m going to get in as many viewings as possible before Endgame. For the sequel I hope it’s set in the present. With Disney getting the X-men back I think Rogue absorbing Carol’s powers and Carol dealing with that and becoming an alcoholic plus rediscovering herself would make a great sequel. I’m hoping that the Russos expend some on Carol’s character in Endgame. Also I don’t think Marvel/Feige will have a problem managing such a powerful character like Carol.
  13. Jon Arryn would be the better king because what would come after him is a billion times better than the monsters, blood, and hatred Tywin would have left behind as king.
  14. Question, but what exactly does Robert have to offer any woman as a husband, father to their children or anything besides his titles and lands?
  15. The Wolves

    Which minor houses do you want to see more of?

    Manderly, Dwayne, Royce and Hightower.