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  1. Just started reading Troy: Lord of the Silver Bow by David Gemmell. I really like Greek stories with the gods and goddesses but I feel their stories were always brutal especially the Trojan war. But I have heard nothing but good things about this series so I will give it a try.
  2. Westeros and the world of ice and fire that GRRM created is a very ableist world. Tyrion is a monster and twisted creature because of his physical disabilities. Plus he doesn’t fit their ideas of beauty. Tywin and others don’t help their perception either because his own family hate and abuse him. TWOIAF is a very hateful world especially to ones like Tyrion.
  3. I can’t with this year. This one hurts so much, I’m heartbroken. I loved all his roles and he played so many iconic ones. As a huge Marvel fan I thought he played T’Challa/Black Panther perfectly. I m so sad that we won’t get to see what else he was going to do as an actor. I remember a few months ago that he looked really thin and people were so cruel about his appearance. We all need to remember that no one knows the battles people are fighting so be remember that. I'm glad for all characters Chadwick bought to life for us. Hopefully he is at peace now and can rest from a 4yr long fight.
  4. What I wouldn’t have given to read about Dany unleashing her dragons on these monsters and lighting them up.
  5. Just because someone does one evil doesn’t justify doing another evil. And all Rhaegar did was take a girl(we don’t even know the whole story yet)his punishment didn’t fit his crime. Aerys was mad who should have been put down earlier in life or his power taken away. Aerys and Rhaegar made their mistakes but theirs is NOTHING compared to the fact that Jon Arryn and Robert Baratheon stood in the middle of thousands of dead innocent women, children, and men who were raped, brutalized, and other horrors and rewarded their murderers. As the new King and Hand, Elia, her children and the citizens of Kings Landing deserved justice which they never saw. It’s karma that these two monsters were murdered and their legacy ended in corruption, death, blood, and war.
  6. Because people like Jon Arryn and Robert Baratheon are horrible people who is as corrupt and not good men. I always hated the rebels because of this. I side eye them too because they rewarded the rapist and murderers of innocent women, babies, children and men.
  7. People are overthinking this. Ned would panic at first but he could easily explain Jon’s looks by saying his mother was a silver-blond haired, purple eyed woman. Ned could do exactly what he did and no one would be the wiser. Also people in Westeros are stupid so it would be easy to explain away Jon’s looks by saying that Ned slept with someone of Valyrian descent. Ned also got lucky that Jon looked liked him/Starks.
  8. Mankind’s survival has no chance with the likes of the Boltons around or in power.
  9. 1. Aegon, but I do wish the outcome was 9 Kong’s for the 9 kingdoms. 2. Dorne, they were right and badass against their fight of the Targs. 3. Aenys, Maegor was evil. 4. Targaryens always. 5. Rhaenys 6. The Blacks 7. Daeron 8. Targaryens 9. Loyalist 10. Robb Stark 11. Night Watch 12. Stannis 13. Dany 14. Asha 15. Dany.
  10. What qualities is required in a ruler? What would make Ned, Tywin, Robert, Stannis, etc the best one to rule?
  11. From what I have read about him, I can appreciate him because he was a bookworm and wanted to possibly overthrow Aerys(the only person that wanted to do right by the realm regarding his mad father/king) and he is most likely Jon’s bio dad so he gets points I’m a Targaryen fan so I am biased towards Rhaegar. But we don’t know a lot about him so I can put him in the okay pile for now. I will say that his biggest offense so far was towards Elia.
  12. Same I was happy that monster got his. Also that guy who stabbed Rhaenys, Rhaegar’s daughter. Him crying like a little bitch while getting feed to a bear was so very good.
  13. Sorry if the topic has already been done. I want to know what is everyone’s favorite part of the series is. What do you like best about the series, it’s history, world build, the great houses, the characters, etc..? I like it’s history mostly especially the houses. Houses Stark and Targaryen interest me the most. I especially like to read about many of the Stark rulers like Theon Stark, Jon Stark, Bran the Builder. I like reading about Valyria and love the air of mystery it has in the books after the Doom. I think the Riverlands have the most diverse and interesting houses. I love to read about the Blackwood and Bracken feud. I also think that the Manderlys and Peaks also have a really interesting feud. The North, Dorne, and Vale are my favorite places because they have such interesting histories. I like reading about Casterly Rock and think the Lannisters have had some interesting people from their family. Im not a fan of the intrigues of Kings Landing(Except when the Targaryens are involved) I do like reading about the inter fighting in the great houses between the great families. What are some of y’alls favorite part of the series?
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