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  1. Yes. Robert is a shit husband, but no one could deal with Cersei. She cheated on him on the wedding day, refused to bed him, aborted his son, made no attempt to make the marriage work, keep cheating him, denied Robert to even see his daughter and threat her, even tough she hated him she sold one of his lovers in slavery and killed her babies. I doubt Robert would be a loyal husband, but without Cersei he wouldn't be a fat depressed drunk that he become.
  2. Arthur Peres

    Was Robb more Tully or Stark?

    Brienne lied to Jaime about Sandor having kidnaped Sansa.
  3. Arthur Peres

    Was Robb more Tully or Stark?

    I don't think such think as a standart Stark or a standart Tully. What Robert, Stannis and Renly have in common? What Doran, Oberyn and Arianne have in common? What about Lisa, Catelyn and Edmure?
  4. Arthur Peres

    Why did nobody try to curb Joffrey?

    He had no bound with his "father", he cared nothig for his brother and sister, he had no friend of his age, no pet animals, the only bond he had was with Cersei and this is worse than no bonding at all. He had no conexion to his family, no friends, his position as prince heir made him untochable by common folks, he was spoiled, cruel and anti-social. He was a psycho from the start. I doubt anyone could change him. Roose or Tywin may teach him how to hide it, but he already does that when needed.
  5. Arthur Peres

    Robb Stark

    So you agree of me that Robb not being married is not strange right?
  6. Yes I am. One of the reasons why I discarded Jonos Bracken was because of hindsight, otherwise he would be the clear winner. But with hindsight once Renly get's killed Robb will probably be butchered by Tarly once he would probably want's to join Stannis. Balon and Theon also never considered the Golden Tooth as a big barrier that would stop Robb, they even took for granted that the castle would fall. GRRM himself says that the castle is small. "That's much too big a garrison for a small castle like the Tooth, " And the Lannister camp let's cleat that they can march on Casterly Rock. "What can we do? Jaime’s host is all slaughtered or taken or put to flight, and the Starks and the Tullys sit squarely across our line of supply. We are cut off from the west! They can march on Casterly Rock if they so choose, and what’s to stop them? My lords, we are beaten. We must sue for peace.” And as I mentioned Robb does not need to stay put on CR. He can raise hell on the westerlands like he did. As long as he draw Tywin out of Harenhall he can put his canon plan into action but without Edmure to ruin it and with a much bigger army to fight Tywin if needed.
  7. In Tywin's army we already see signs of rable: "the vanguard was made up of the sweepings of the west: mounted archers in leather jerkins, a swarming mass of undisciplined freeriders and sellswords, fieldhands on plow horses armed with scythes and their fathers’ rusted swords, half-trained boys from the stews of Lannisport. . ." Tyrion description of Stafford's army is not very powerfull either. "His host was raw—apprentice boys, miners, field hands, fisherfolk, the sweepings of Lannisport." I doubt Tywin could draw any signifcant reinforcements in the west. Once Robb draw Tywin out of HH, he had the superiority in numbers and in quality. Also Robb does not need to stay only in CR, if he realizes he can't take it, he can always pillage the lands around and capture other castles like he did in canon. How much damage could he make? Good point, but he is the best man to defend the land, he plays safe and diferent from Edmure he won't spread his army trying to defend every smallfolk. If Robb raises hell in the west, is Tywin that looks weak and Roose will have no reason to jump ship. Just his presence would be enough for Tywin know that he can't jus rampage the Riverlands freely like Robb did in the West. In HH Tywin can retreat back to the castle and stay safe. If the fight happens in the West Robb can even choose the field where it will happen. Tywin rushed back to the Westerlands after Robb early sucess in the canon, I don't see him ignoring his own castle under treat.
  8. Robb's forces wouldn't be scattered around, because the Riverlords are not spread like Edmure wanted. They are together with Robb in the west, If he could draw Tywin to the Westerlands with 6k imagine what he could do with at the very least 20k, and not having Edmure there to stop him. Also the Riverlands still have Roose and his 10k to defend then. Tywin is not that free. Grey wind can help a lot setting up ambushes like the WW or Oxcross, but in battle he is just a good moral boost. Tywin is safe in HH, even if he is beaten he can always withdraw safe to HH. They have to lure him out of there, sieging CR does that.
  9. Arthur Peres

    Robb Stark

    Brandon and Catelyn would get married in the early 20, so did Cersei and Robert. Robb still young. He still had a time and Ned and Catelyn would probably let him choose his bride as long as it was a suitable candidate. Edmure, Asha, Arianne, Wyllas, Oberyn, Renly, are all older than him and not even betrothed.
  10. Blackfish was very much against this. He let's clear that marching on Harenhall is what Tywin wants. Marq Piper had the best idea, if they put CR under siege they will force Tywin out of HH and they can face him in the field with numerical superiority.
  11. I would choose Marq Piper. This is what Robb did later, invading the Westerlands destroying the army of Stafford, but acting right after that he is not too weak to siege Lannisport or Casterly Rock, he can openly challenge Tywin in the field and also the Riverlords do not take heavy damage fighting the Lannisters own their own because Edmure pressured to let them defend their lands. Is also a much higher blow to Tywin's prestige if you can actually siege and take CR. And acting imideatly after beating the Lannisters might be enough to show Balon how weak defended the Westerlands are. Do not declare KITN, let Tywin Renly and Stannis fight for KL, if any of the baratheon brothers win bend the knee. If Tywin came to battle keep him busy until someone takes KL. Bracken propose is also a good one. Is the safer bet. but knowing that Renly will get shadow baby later on just put them openly to be betrayed by the Tyrells when LF comes. Stevron propose is pretty much impossible to work, no one there agreed with that, and it could also mean letting Tywin win the war, and swallowing their pride, also, with knowloge of future this would be bad once the Tyrells join the Lannister camp. Tytos Blackwood has the worst idea, since it means doing what Tywin's want.
  12. Arthur Peres

    Does Roose love Ramsay ?

    Roose may have loved Domeric, but he cleary hates Ramsay. "don't make me rue the day I raped your mother".
  13. Arthur Peres

    Why do people love Dany?

    Karstark wasn't an ally at that point, he set up his men to loot and pillage the riverlands, he killed Robb soldiers and hostage, he just like Ramsey commited high treason, he also put other northem prisoners in a bad situation since the Lannisters could retaliate. The mistake was to not use him as hostage, but Robb was never pragmatic, and this mistake would not change anything. And I also had this problem with Jon.
  14. Arthur Peres

    Why do people love Dany?

    You are comparing the situation before the books starts. If you comparing childhood than yes she sufered more, but by the time the books started she together with Tyrion is the luckyiest character. As I pointed out earlier characters went out of they way to help her. She could have died poisoned if wasn't for Jorah, she could have been killed by the blood riders if wasn't for Jorah, in Qarth she was saved by Iliryo sending her his ships, Daario betrayed his captain and joined her, Selmy travaled over a sea to saved her, and in Dance she was saved by Drogo. Only Tyrion comes close to Daenerys luck. Don't know how this prove that he is lucky... he got betrayed by two of his bannerman, his aunt ignored him, his uncle screwed his plans, his mother started the war, left him to babysit his brothers, than released his biggest hostage...twice, the idiot he proposed a alliance declared war on him, his best friend went out his way to f him over, Winterfell one of the most defensive castles falls to 30 dudes, and this is just the tip of the iceberg... Dolorous Edd would feel lucky compared to this.
  15. Arthur Peres

    Why do people love Dany?

    The thing that left me bored with Dany's story is that from the begining was clear that she was going to westeros and fight for her bithright. So every big conflict that she had after the death of Khal Drogo was an "yawn" for me... It never felt like she was truly in danger. I had a similar feeling with Jon, to be honest.