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  1. He could do a lot... He could travel from Dragon Stone to the North and tell Ned what he knew, and deal with the Lannisters at Winterfell (away from their zone of Power). He could told Robert and give him a chance. He could and should stay at Robert's side and helped Ned instead of running away from the city, not responding to the summoning and waiting for his king to die. All this talk of duty and rights is just a mask to hide his personal ambition, he wanted to be king, and for that he let his older brother to die and killed the younger.
  2. He also knew/suspected the incest, suspected the plot that killed Jon Arryn, and still left the capital without warning Robert, started to arm himself for war and waited until his brother was killed to claim the throne with no more proof than he had at the start of his investigation.
  3. After Barristan saving Aerys at Duskendale, I don't see him being replaced. Even Aerys must know that Barristan was loyal to a fault, if treat your savior like that, what would inspire the next idiot to take his place?
  4. I'm a little bit curious about how your opinion changed, and what was the argument that did it. Do you mind sharing?
  5. Talking for myself here, my views on Stannis really changed after reading some debates, that happened on this forum. Before I saw Stannis as a prick, but a man that was fighting for what I perceived as a just cause. But then... I don't remember who was exactly pointed it out (I think it was Lord Varys) that Stannis sat on the information about the twincest and waited until Robert and Eddard to die, and only then he acted, with no more proof than he had at the start. From there my opinion on him changed a lot. His actions like the murder of Renly and the williness to sacrifice Edric became even worse and ugly, his petty rants now have a completly diferent tone on me, not just frustration, but ambition driven. So do you guys have anything that it's similar? A opinion that this forum changed, or a topic you didn't though much, but someone helped you make a clear opinion on the situation ?
  6. Most of mine are already dead... Robb, Ned, Oberyn, Tywin... I don't see anything too bad with Arya... Euron... well is easier to say what is not wrong with him... Davos I think is loyal to the wrong man.
  7. sorry, my bad. It just that everyone made the same point and there is not a single laugh reaction so far.
  8. And how does Renly profit from it? As far as I care, Stannis being the rightfull king is as good as Aerys II or Viserys III being the rightfull king(probably worst since he can't even prove his case). It means nothing
  9. Don't know why anyone would think that giving up the crown for Stannis would be a good idea. Stannis is a unpopular man that would break his biggest alliance(Tyrells), and gain him nothing, without alliances of his own, with a weird religion that would turn more people against him. The only thing Renly needed to do was to move out of his ass, and take the city, he cleary was capable of it, since Stannis with 1/4 of his men almost did it, from there he can plan his next move the way he wants... he can use soo many tools to bring Robb into the fold without a fight... (helping him to go north with the Redwyne fleet, or attacking Balon, Sansa, Ice, Joffrey's head, and so on).
  10. Stannis dry humor at his best. Best insult and call out on Jaime. Renly being a savage Blackfish combo on Jaime, one after another also deserves a mention, and the joke at the end is a clever one.
  11. Not even close. Even if we blame most of the things of the marrieage in Robert, he is not even close to the too 10 worst characters in the series. Jaime, The slave masters, Roose, Tywin, Gregor, Euron, Ramsey, Vargo Hoat, Aerys, Cersei, Joffrey, Littlefinger, Stannis, have done much worse than Robert. Even Theon can be argued that he is/was a worse person than Robert. Robert, never used torture, humiliation, slavery, he didn't order murders of kids, he showed regreat for his actions. - Most of the nobles in the series are arrogant/proud. Even Daenerys, Jon and Robb have this problem. - Not really, Robert died in peace beliving he trusted the world to the most capable, honored and loyal man in the realm. He did it because he cared about the realm. Otherwise he might just pull a Aegon IV and legitimaze his bastards and mess everything up.Robert also cared about his family, he gave both brothers a strong castle and Edric Storm remembers him fondly. - This is his biggest sin, and does not even come close to Cersei that not only killed babies but also sold their mothers to slavery because of pride. - and he tried to revoke such order and confessed to be wrong.
  12. superficial charm> check, Sansa is the main victm of this. high intelligence> not check poor judgment and failure to learn from experience> super check, Cersei is probably the biggest example of poor judment from the books, she also failed to learn from experience as she kept making one enemy after another, the biggest example is she allowing the faith to take arms again ignoring all precendents. pathological egocentricity >check, she sees herself as capable, and has a sense of grandiose. and incapacity for love > debatable, the only person I get the feeling she loved was Joffrey, the moment Jaime questioned her she sends him away, she was not loyal to him, he was just her "yes ma'am". She is incapable of emphaty as she mocked Lady Stokeworth that was a rape victim, lack of remorse or shame> check, Cersei never show regret over the horrible things she did. impulsivity >check, going after Arya after the incident in Darry was a very stupid decision, drived only by her impulsivity. grandiose sense of self-worth > super check, There is a need to debate this(2) ? pathological lying> check, you can say it for necessity, but she was the one that putted herself in such situation. manipulative behavior>check, she uses Jaime, Lancel, Kettleblack brothers, Sansa are all prove of this poor self-control> check, she and jaime having sex at Winterfell is proof of this, promiscuous sexual behavior> check, queen of whores speaks for itself. juvenile delinquency and criminal versatility> check. was a murder before 10, sell woman to slavery, kidnaping, torture and the list goes on.
  13. Let's see what makes a psycho then: Psychopathy is characterized by diagnostic features such as superficial charm, high intelligence, poor judgment and failure to learn from experience, pathological egocentricity and incapacity for love, lack of remorse or shame, impulsivity, grandiose sense of self-worth, pathological lying, manipulative behavior, poor self-control, promiscuous sexual behavior, juvenile delinquency, and criminal versatility, among others source: https://www.psychiatrictimes.com/view/hidden-suffering-psychopath Cersei checks on most, if not everything that is listed there.
  14. Cersei does not rule in her own name, she is a regent, and was a consort before it. The fact that she failed to realize her position is just another point against her. both Cersei and Rhaenyra failures were not because of their gender, they completly screwed up and turned to population of KL against them, failed to support their ally, and let internal fight cripple their power base, they both were idiots that messed up the sucession line by poping up bastards trying to pass them as legit, so on and on. They failures has nothing to do with gender, just incompetence. Rhaenyra was prepared and raised as heir, and still messed up. Aegon III and Aegon V were not raised as such and did a much better job. No amount of preparations would be enough to make Cersei someone capable, we are in her head and the process of her making a decision is completly twisted and drived by ego. One point is conected to the other. Roose has no morals, but he know when to act, Ramsey on the other hand is like Cersei, a mindless beast that sees everything around him as a insult and goes way over the top to compensate for their status (bastard/woman). Aegon IV as a idiot that he was, still didn't piss of half the kingdom against him. Cersei made Renly feels to threatned by her that he rebelled, she and her bastards turned the Starks and Stannis against her, her actions against the Tyrells only served to erode even more her rule, and there is also the situation with the Iron bank, and her stupid plot to get Tristan killed... she directly pissed off the North, Dorne, Stomlands, Reach and the Iron bank, this is on her, and nobody else.
  15. We also have queens that ruled besides her husbands and were capable enough. The biggest examples are probably Viseny, Alyssa Velaryon and Alysanne. Cersei is just a awful ruler, her mistakes have little to do with her gender.
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