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  1. Arthur Peres

    Best and Worst Marriages in Westeros

    Worst : Robert and Cersei. Best: Eddard and Catelyn
  2. Arthur Peres

    What made Stannis suspicious?

    After thinking about it and reading this topic I find more surprising how Robert didn't know... Eddard after a few mounths was able to find out, Stannis knew about it, LF Pycelle and Varys knew, Jon Arryn found out. Cersei and Jaime cleary weren't caution about it.
  3. Arthur Peres

    Smarter robb not underestimate frey

    Robb even pissed of at Edmure did not want to undermine his uncle and most powerfull vassal in front of his lords. A Frey bride works for Edmure, the Freys are the strongest bannermen of the Riverlands, is a match that makes sense. Jeyne on the other hand was a soiled Lady of a lesser house that pleage fealty to the enemy. Robb should just bed and keep her as his mistress if he realy liked her. He onwed her nothing. Marrying Jeyne is a top 5 dumb moves in the series. He had nothing to gain and everything to lose.
  4. Arthur Peres

    Smarter robb not underestimate frey

    Edmure send Roose to take the castle. Roose was just acting as was ordered him.
  5. Arthur Peres

    Loyal Houses

    “There are ways through the Neck that are not on any map, Uncle. Ways known only to the crannogmen - narrow trails between the bogs, and wet roads through the reeds that only boats can follow.”
  6. Arthur Peres

    Loyal Houses

    Robb was safe when he had his army, he got killed the moment he hang his sword in the wall and trusted bread and salt for his security. And the paths aroud moat Caillin are small, and Robb's plan rellied most on the element of surprise. Moat Caillin is also easier take from the south but not too easy. Before Ramsey arrive with Reek the Iron borns were able to push back the Dustin and the Ryswell. Surrouding the castle and taking it from both sides was the smart move.
  7. Arthur Peres

    What if’s?

    My favorite part of the books is the war of the five kings, so I like pretty much any what if that drags it on. Robb and Balon Joining forces, Stannis winning at blackwater, Renly surviving, Aegon VI landing earlier and so on.
  8. Arthur Peres

    Marriage Roulette Round 2

    Doran's plan for revenge is great! eat healthful food, sleep early and well, try not to worry to much, and with a little bit of luck you will outlive all your enemies./irony off Now seriously, the guy was so narrow minded in his awful plan that he was inable to take his chance in the war of the 5 kings to gain his revenge or push for any power grab manuver. Anyone but Joffrey winning would be in his favor. He even got a free hostage and refused to use it....
  9. Arthur Peres

    Marriage Roulette Round 2

    Edmure would be a good match... They age are close, he is kind, and he was able to become close with Roslin, a girl from the family that stole his seat and murdered his family.
  10. I was just thinking that would be a good way to avoid a potential sucession crisis. Makes no sense to marry another Lannister that is very far away in the line. In that case I agree with you that marrying a bannerman would be better.
  11. Is Jaime still on the Kingsguard? If yes, then Tyrion is the heir, Tywin and Cersei would never acept that. They would find a way to pull Tyrion out of the sucession line. With Tyrion out Cersei is the next heir and Lancel after her. Marriage between cousins are not out of the ordinary in Westeros. Tywin already considers the Lannister a tier above everyone else, Marrying Cersei to Lancel would also avoid a potential sucession crises, uniffying 2 branchs of the Lannister family and they would still have Martyn and Willem to marry to their bannerman. If Jaime is out of the KG and is the heir, then Cersei would be married off to one of the great houses. Elbert Arryn would be my first bet.
  12. Arthur Peres

    What are the ASOIAF characters' boggarts?

    Arianne : King Quentyn Aeron: King Euron Theon: Ramsey(if wasn't before now it is for sure)
  13. Arthur Peres

    Why do people dislike Stannis?

    "a good act does not wash out the bad nor a bad the good" By Stannis standarts what should he suffer? I see sacrificing Edric more like ambition than duty or sacrifice. Stannis showed no love for his brothers, his distant to his wife and his daughter, he's far from a family person. He was ambitious, he tell says that Renly stole Storm's End, he tell Catelyn that Ned stole his position. He is very ambitious and kind of a hypocrite.
  14. Arthur Peres

    Why do people dislike Stannis?

    Even if this is true he still would have burned Edric Storm if wasn't for Davos. If he wasn't a kinslayer already he was willing to become one.
  15. Arthur Peres

    Why do people dislike Stannis?

    Talking only for me here. Stannis in ACoK comes out as a cynical, arrogant, ambitious, ruthless resentful prick that keep pushing the narrative that he never wished the throne but is his right and duty. We see him talking that Ned "stole" his position when he became the Hand of the King, he talks like it was his right even though he run away from KL. He killed his own brother and was willing to burn his nephew because he wanted to be king, even Roberts death could be put on him since he never tried to warn him after Jon Arryn death. He threaten Catelyn to deal with Robb when she tries to make peace between the brothers, he refuses to even be greatful to Eddard when he lifted the siege, in the prologue he refuses to even try to make any alliances with Lysa in the Vale, he comes out of it like he is impossible to reason with. Before Stannis march to save the Wall his character is pretty much unlikeble.