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  1. No. Jaime uses the conflict vows as a excuse for his poor behaviour and his nasty nature. Jaime never had any intention of keeping his oaths, they don't matter, only his wishes. He swore a vow of celibacy to keep fucking Cersei. Even the death of Aerys, Jaime only killed him because he wanted to kill him, not because he needed or wanted to defend the smallfolk, so much so, that he kept the wild fire plot a secret and the lives of those people are still in danger. Jon is the complete oposite of Jaime. He wants to keep his vows, he cares about them and he tries to do the right thing even when it goes against his wishes. Jaime is a awful man, that behaves like a child trowing a tantrum because of the mean stares because he killed a king. Jon is a kid, forced to act like a man, that hold his tantrums inside him, and received mean stares for being a bastard, but unlike Jaime, he learned to let it go. When Tyrion was imprisoned, Jaime broke all his vows and confronted the hand of the king, broke the kings peace leading an army to rescue his brother. When Robb went to war, Jon first action was also to broke his vows, but unlike Jaime he returned to the wall even when he had the risk of being executed for desertion. They are polar oposites. Jaime is the white knight that has a black heart. Jon is a black brother with a pure soul.
  2. Aerys II, Aegon IV, Maegor, Viserys I and Aegon II are the top 5 worst, the order might change depending on how to judge them. Viserys I took the realm during a period of peace after the great Jaeharys, made everything in his power to set up a civil war. Ignored precendents, costumes and laws. Ignored clear signs of factionalism like the kids mangling each other and a KG killing the "best friend" of the princess's husband in a tourney. Raised at least 3 psychos as his kids. Gave dragons to both sides, gave simbols of power to both sides. Let people that had no intention (and they told him that) to hold his will. Just because his reing was peacefull does not make him good or decent, Aerys II also had a great reing when Tywin was in charge. Maegor was cruel beyond reason, failed to sire a heir, almost detroyed his own dynasty killing 2 of his nephews, pissed off the realm with his pointless brutality, was murdered by his own court and nobody missed him. Aegon IV just like Viserys I. He set up a huge civil war, he either complained about a unfaitfull wife or spread humors against his legit heir that heavily undermined him. Legitimazing all of his bastards was beyond foolish. His invasion of Dorne by all acounts was pathetic. Aerys II has to be the worst... He managed to piss off Tywin with his petty intrigues, then he pissed the Starks, Baratheons and Arryns with his foolish actions, went on to piss off the Martells by using Elia as a hostage, started a civil war that ended his dynasty, that before him was very secured. Aegon II ruled only during a civil war, but showed himself a incapable leader, he was cruel, impatient, and dumb, just like his sister.
  3. You can see it that way. I don't see them going to favor a daughter against a son when the previous council made the decision in favor of the male line. It's a risk, but I find it unlikely. The two great councils made, the one that choose Viserys and the one that choose Aegon V were clear majorities. About the rest we will never agree.
  4. So when I agree with you in one point I make no sense? good, seems like not even you agree with your point. I think you mean Daemon was a dragonrider right? Take him away when he isn't near his dragon... it's not like he lives on top of the beast. It had plenty of reasons to send Daemon to the wall, the abuse of the people of KL by the goldcloaks under his supervision. Or the death of the "Bronze bitch", or deserting and trying to carve up his own failed kingdom in the stepstones. Viserys seems worry about Daemon until he isn't. He never takes action against the man. Changing the whole sucession because of that was the wrong move and the results speaks for themselfs. Ironic that such a tragedy would be a blessing... Rhaenyra, Aegon, Aemond, Daeron, Helaena, all survived. Avoid a sucession war? like the one that happened... like the one Jaeharys avoided by calling a council and letting the vast majority resolve the question. Pretty much the same situation, confusing sucession that needed to be clarified or could lead to a war with dragons involved. Yes, one is Jaeharys, the best king to sit on the IT and unifying that mess, solved everything, lead to peace and prosperity. The other is Viserys one of the worst kings, that set up a civil war that ended the biggest asset of his dynasty. The council let clear that the Velaryons would not receive any support around the Kingdom and that their cause was lost. The Hightowers did received plenty of support, and their cause was very much possible. A great council with a great majority going for either Rhaenyra (unlikely) or Aegon II (the most probably outcome) would solve that. Instead Viserys let Otto to hold his will, going against his own blood and tradition in Aegon... I wonder what could go wrong?
  5. Sounds familiar... Greens vs Blacks ring a bell ?. Jaeharys was right, Viserys was wrong. If Viserys wanted Daemon out of the sucession he should send him to the wall, or kept trying to sire another son, or called a council like Jaeharys did. yes.
  6. For changing the most sensible topic in a feudal society on petty whims. Jaeharys when did that, was after a great council with all nobles chosing, not imposing his will on them. Viserys should have learned from that. Most of the Blacks fought only after being promised rewards. Cregan only moved after being promised a match, Greyjoys were moved by the promised of looting. None cared for Viserys to a point the people that did swore the oath like Grover Tully wanted to support Aegon.
  7. He can and he should be blamed. It was very clear the factions forming even using colors, the kids destroying each other in the yard, even the KG was splitting and taking sides. He ignored all that, pushed aside anything that could lead to peace, gave dragons to both sides, kept people that were against the will with the responsability of holding it, and kept messing around making everything worse. It's not a acident that even after the Greens lost, Aegon still counted as the king during that mess. Nobody cared for what Viserys wanted because he did not care about others either.
  8. Nothing too radical. A daughter in the majority of the cases comes before a brother. But only in Dorne a daughter comes before a son. He had the chance to marry Rhaenyra and Aegon and ignored it. That simple change would solve everything, and it was offered to him and as a moron he rejected.
  9. He was young and had plenty of years to sire a heir, like he did it in the end. When he insisted on going against, precendent, law, tradition, the advice of his hand and kept ignoring the kids mangling each other in the yard. He own hand was cleary against that will, told him numerous times to change it, several other people did the same. Rhaenyra was choosen to kept Daemon away from the throne, then she married him... and Viserys ignored that. The man lacked common sense, he caused the problems and ignored any council that could solve that.
  10. The problem is that he did touch it. The guy kept changing the most sensible topic about feudal nobility. Sucession. He had no problems in his reing but he made sure that his sucessor would have plenty... a true moron. If wasn't for Joffrey he might be the dumbest person to ever sit on the IT.
  11. She may be learning, but she lacks common sense just as much as her father. Her kingsmoot plan, is probably the worst of all that was presented, and Victarion's idea was to keep fighting a losing war...
  12. Robb would outmanuver Tywin once again, and stop Tywin to reach KL. Mace could still rescue the city but would not move alone. There is a point to be made that Mace was close to the city at Tumbler's Falls but Tyrion never got word of that, neither Mace let the supplies reach the starving city and only moved against Stannis when Tywin was present. Even after Blackwater, with the war cleary won, Tywin and Tyrion were afraid that the Tyrells might change sides and support Robb if they are not treated right. Robb would win his war, the problem starts with what he would do next? Take the Tyrells into his reign? take the IT despite not having any claim to it? seems out of character. Tyrion, Lancel, Cersei and Joffrey would die in KL. Roose would turn Jaime back to Robb. Stannis would not remain King for long either. Littlefinger can't tolerate Stannis as king and would move the Vale to opose him. The Tyrells cleary hate too much, and I don't see Tywin been a nice vassal to him when he killed his grandchild and daughter, the IB are in open rebellion, and Stannis does not have the touch or the sense to treat with Robb. It's just a question of who they would replace him with... My guess is they would seek for Daenerys.
  13. Blaze of Glory - Bon Jovi fits Oberyn Martell Kerosene - Miranda Lambert works well for Cersei. On the oposite end The worst song to go for Bloodraven that I can think of is "Forever Young- Alphaville"
  14. Cersei and Robert Marriage can do a full concert, I'm sure others can help, but here goes a few suggestions : White Wedding - Billy Idol > "Hey little sister, what have you done, Hey little sister who's the only one. Hey little sister who's your superman. Hey little sister who's the one you want. Hey little sister, shotgun!" I still havent found what I'm looking for - U2 > Title Take it on the run - REO Speedwagon > "heard from a friend who, heard from a friend who, heard from another you've been messing around." What's love got to do with it - Tina Turner> Title No Woman No Cry - Bobby Marley > Title Grounds for Divorce - Elbow
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