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  1. there are very little things more public than crowing cerimony
  2. And they have to hide it. It's not legal. about the rest it's going on circles. You and I will never agree on the issue.
  3. The list of kings go by Viserys I > Aegon II > Aegon III Sure he was. Aegon II was crowed and is the presented and reconized as the monarch of the period, Rhaenyra is considered a "traitor that died a traitor's death for trying to usurp the crow of her brother."
  4. Yep, and their never became queen... Sure, it's not my opinion that count, but the ones of the lords that will abide by the results of said decision. Maegor was ignored, so was Viserys in the end. Their children would take the name of the spouse, and would not be present on the Stark family, we do not even have their names. Assuming they died is your opinion and not a fact. Arthos Stark also had sons but their are never presented and that branch was ignored in the Stark family tree.
  5. Jeyne became Lady after all her brothers died out and her father, No son was overlooked in her favor. And in her will she writed off a mad man and traitor and his decendants. Just like Cersei became Heir after Tyrion murdering Tywin, not a normal circustance. Viserys exclued Aegon without any giver reason, and this oblivious wold cause trouble. Unless you give one sucession out of Dorne were a daughter came before the son I will keep the idea that Jonnel came before the daughters of Alysanne.
  6. This is confusing... Are you arguing that Sansa was the heir of Cregan? I'll admit that, that is room for Sansa or Jonnel being the heir of Cregan, but Jonnel and Barthogan are cleary ahead of any of the daughters of Alyssane.
  7. Can you show me where is presented that the north still kept the Firstnight? as far as I know Roose killed the guy and ripped the tongue of the other to not let the story reach Ned. If Daemon outlive her, yes. This is the law. That's how it works, Laws that cause more trouble than solutions usually get revoked. Point in case, no one ever tried to push a BS like Viserys did. But Jaeharys decision, one that was made to avoid trouble and be sensible in a case of a blurred sucession still had weight and was repeated like happened when Aegon V became king. Everybody with half a brain would know that it would cause a major civil war. Viserys didn't hold a council to resolve this bloody mess, he just pushed the issue away and ignored the glaring incidents that happened on his face. The rivalry between Daemon and Otto, the rivalry between Rhaenyra and Alicent, the fight over dragons, the bastard allegations, Daemon mocking Aegon and Aemond, Criston Cole and Rhaenyra, that were so much incidents happening on his court that Patchface would take notice and reacted better. The Velaryons couldn't pull the same BS, because unlike Viserys Jaeharys called a council and resolved the matter, he just didn't brushed off and called quits and ignored every red flag for years. In once case we have a reasonable and responsible King (Jaeharys) that faced a real trouble (blurred sucession) and acted acordling with the issue and resolved the matter without bloodshed. In the other we have a moron for king (Viserys) with no real problem, creating one (blurring the sucession law) based only on hiw whim, creating a massive factionalism on his court that ended up with a major civil war that cripled his dynasty forever.
  8. Jonnel was the Lord and was his brother that succed him later. All the daughters of Alyssane were skiped in favor of the son of the third wife.
  9. And that change resulted in a major civil war that cripled his dynasty of their biggest asset...If he didn't play with laws and lifes thinks would be smooth. Of coure I am. Not all costumes are the same, some work fine, some bring problems. First night was a issue and caused more violence, The maester on the small council even talked about lords getting murder over the issue, and breaking the Kings peace, so of course it should be changed, it's not a matter of him, is a matter of necessity, like all laws should be made upon. We don't have such issue with the sucession. If Viserys was a responsable king as Jahearys he would never married after naming Rhaenyra his heir and only produced bastards without claim.
  10. Daughters still comes after a son. Look at Cregan Stark, sucession, he had 5 daughters with Alyssane, but his sucessor was his Jonnel, the son of the third wife.
  11. How do you imagine Cersei or Tywin's reaction if Robert disihenrited Joffrey ? Or how about Catelyn reaction to Ned siding Robb for Jon...? Or Lysa reaction to Jon Arryn setting aside Robert Arryn for Harry? No one would take this kind of mistreat of their children with a smile. The two laws have nothing to do with each other, one deals with a violence that everybody wanted to put a end to it. The other was messing up with a clear sucession for shits and gigles. You don't play with laws unless you want you country/realm/court to became a chaotic circus.
  12. The first born son is the first in line. The IT is not Dorne. Aegon was the legal heir.
  13. Arthur Peres

    Robb lost his purpose and that's why he lost the War.

    No. They are jumping the ship once the war is lost. Martin himself tell us: "What if" questions are impossible to answer with any certainty... knowing old Lord Walder's character, it is likely he would have searched for some way to disentangle himself from a losing cause sooner or later, but his desertion would likely have taken a less savage form. and is exactly what they were doing there.
  14. Arthur Peres

    Robb lost his purpose and that's why he lost the War.

    Even before the news arrive we have this: Ser Harys Haigh, who was a Frey on his mother’s side, nodded vigorously. “If Lord Tywin could defeat a seasoned man like Stannis Baratheon, what chance will our boy king have against him?” He looked round to his brothers and cousins for support, and several of them muttered agreement. “Someone must have the courage to say it,” Ser Hosteen said. “The war is lost. King Robb must be made to see that.” Roose Bolton studied him with pale eyes. “His Grace has defeated the Lannisters every time he has faced them in battle.” “He has lost the north,” insisted Hosteen Frey. “He has lost Winterfell! His brothers are dead . . .” ... “Stannis lost,” Ser Hosteen said bluntly. “Wishing it were otherwise will not make it so. King Robb must make his peace with the Lannisters. He must put off his crown and bend the knee, little as he may like it.”
  15. Arthur Peres

    Robb lost his purpose and that's why he lost the War.

    The freys were jumping ship before getting the knews of the marriage of Jeyne...