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  1. Lord Darry is a kid of 8. All his brothers died in the Rebellion or were exiled with Dany and Viserys. Dany is not Cersei to hate a boy for a something that happened before he was born. The fact that they were punish shows what happened to the ones that picked the wrong side. Blackwood and Brackens fought at the same side during the War of the Five Kings, they both also took the side of Aegon I, unless you have a quote of one of them fighting on the loyalist side, I will stick with that they were rebels.
  2. Hoster and Catelyn do not have any contempt for the Blackswoods, Brackens, Whent, Piper or Vance, they do have it for the Freys for staying neutral until the last minute. The other ones were punished, with Darry losing half of it's lands for example.
  3. Neither of them come even close. Tywin got beat by Edmure with half his numbers .Stannis by his own admission is inferior to Robert and gets pissed with the comparison, Roose bolt hasn't won a single victory so far, Loras killed half of his men to take one castle and is bad mounted by his own allies, Tyrion, Jeor and Kevan do not lead a single battle, Jaime mocks his own resume in the Whitebook. honestly with those names being listesd I'm surprised Balon, Edmure or Sir Rodrik are not named...
  4. Just to complement the previous post, Harenhall probably the biggest castle in the series, acording with GRRM, a garrison of 300 is more than enough. source: https://www.westeros.org/Citadel/SSM/Entry/1160 Harrenhal is an immensely strong castle, and a garrison of three hundred is quite sizeable in medieval terms. Ser Amory =should= have been able to hold it. Lord Tywin likely thought that Roose Bolton might descend on the castle and besiege it, in which case Lorch could likely have held out for half a year or longer. The wild card here was Vargo Hoat changing sides. Also by the words of the author the Golden Tooth is a small castle, so logically his garrison would be much smaller. Most of this 4k survivors went to Oxcross, and were once again beaten, killed or scatered. The survivors are lead by Daven Lannister and only take the field much later, having time to reorganize, reagroup and he only has a less than 2k.
  5. Kinda yeah. I still belive in the author over you, look at the link. First; did Ser Forley Prester send any part of his 4000 men at the Golden Tooth to Ser Stafford Lannister at Oxcross, in order to augment his host? Or were they all kept at the Tooth by Prester? That's much too big a garrison for a small castle like the Tooth, so I expect that he sent many of them down to Ser Stafford. Blooded veterans to help train the raw green levies... of course, that didn't work out too well... Daven is the one leading the remainings after Oxcroos until the siege of RR and he asked for reinforcements to both Kevan and Jaime, if he had more men with him, he would bring them.
  6. Jaime's survivors joined with Stafford, and the survivors of oxcross are less than 2k as we seen then in the siege of Riverrun. https://www.westeros.org/Citadel/SSM/Entry/The_Tooth_and_the_Tyroshi and Tywin also has part on this, on both situations he is outmanuvered by Robb. First at the Greenfork he mistakes it for the whole army, sends words for Jaime about the location of Robb, that helped Jaime being caught with his briefs down. Tywin also got beat by a army half his size lead by Edmure, probably the second worst commander in the series. We don't see much propaganda about the Baratheons, we don't have a single song about the Rebellion, no tournament, Robert still cursed in Dorne, Mathis Rowan still takes the side of the Targs about the sack of KL, Renly openly bad mounth Stannis and the time Crester almost turned them into cannibals. The only drop of "propaganda" we have is "The Demon of the Trident", and is fact that Robert killed Rhaegar there. There were only four loyalists in the Riverlands, just like in the Stormlands, Hoster entered the war much later than Robert, only at the battle of the bells, and his army already had joined with Ned and Jon Arryn, while Robert was fighting in the south by himself, for a longer period.
  7. Maybe, I don't quite understand Westeros burocracy, but Stannis still has squires to take, pages, master of horses, master of arms and he named Davos a lord and knight, Cersei will want this kind of power.
  8. But he did grow older, and had the military education to analyse the info that was given to him, Stannis also kept him into his war council, so he is not clueless. He is a worthy source Tywin raises three armies, his own, Jaime and Stafford, 2 out of those three got wiped out. About Stannis, does not seems a better picture, losing 75% is a huge loss. Seems worthy enough for GRRM to mention. Robert had 4 vassals of note supporting the Mad King, Caferen, Fell, Grandison and Connington, the same amount of rebels that Hoster had, to get three of these four on his side he had to beat them all, to such a degree that he killed one of the lords and capture the other two. He lost some of his men, and he probably crushed most of theirs in Summerhall. The north being the bulk was a false memory of mine, saw this argument on this forum, and took is as a quote. My bad.
  9. Fair point, but this is the kind of behaviour that would make her more eager to kill him. Cersei is petty, spoiled and vindictive, . And I agree that Stannis would not be fooled and cucked like Robert, but I do belive Cersei would try to do it anyway, and that's what will got her or Stannis killed. He still a lord, he rules his castle, and Cersei is the kind of person that would want to take the lead, appointments, taxes, reform, she pushed names into Robert's KG, and his squires. Robert does seems to be the kind of douche to cuck his own brother. lol
  10. I think it would be worse than Robert, Stannis does not lust for Seysie because she has more hair on her face than him, this would not be the case with Cersei. Unlike Robert that was attractive on the start of the marriage, Stannis would be a huge turn off for someone that dreamed for Rhaegar and slept with Jaime. Stannis also has a dull personality, and does not drink, unlike Robert he would take matters into his own hands and not listen or give Cersei powers that she wants, wich would piss her even more, and probably wanted to kill him. Jaime would still be around, remember Stannis is in KL to serve his seat in the Small Council, and he is not dumb like Robert, if she try that affair (and she would) Stannis would execute her. The game would be who kills the other faster. The two of them have the potential to be the most disfunction marriage.
  11. For Tywin's criteria I agree, he checks everything that you said, but personality? Oh boy that's a great plot for dark comedy series. Wich spouse kills the other first.
  12. Benjen, Edmure, Lancel comes to mind, but what I really wanted to see is a dark comedy about nobody favorite couple, Stannis and Cersei.
  13. Then present us a better general in the series. So far no one came even close to the fat oaf. Age means nothing in nobility, Theon was in Robb's and Balon's war council, being an enemy also does not stop someone to see brilliant in generalship on the other side, as Tyrion says about Robb for example. You forgot that other battles happened, for example in the Dornish marches, and it cannot happen after Robert marched north. Robert having few men is not a living proof of bad generalship, his region has a lesser manpower than the others, he faced more rebel vassals than anyone else at the start, and he got involved in more battles than anyone else during the rebellion. Of course this will take a tool on his army. For contrast, Ned is the one involved in the least number of battles, his region was united and no one took the mad king side, and his region has the largest manpower of the rebels, no wonder the bulk of the rebels in the trident was made of northems. Don't know how you measure the fall in numbers without having said numbers, also compare Robert to Tywin that lost 2 thirds of his army in few months, Stannis that lost 9/10 of his army in a single battle and Robert comes off pretty impressive.
  14. Thank you. It's not hard to find the Van to be far ahead of the main army in the series. Stannis for example split his army in two when he moves against KL, and the Van arrived days ahead of the main army. Renly when hear of Stannis also moves with his Vanguard days ahead of the main army, Robert sended Ned ahead with the Van after the trident and arrived so late he didn't saw the sack of KL. We only have 4 mentions of Ashford in the books, the only info we have is Tarly killed lord Cafferen, Mace cousin died in the fighting, the battle was over before the main Tyrell army arrived, and Robert sucessufully retreated, no numbers, no movements, nothing. There is nothing that support this idea that Robert was caught by surprise.
  15. If you ask me to guess then it would be before Ashford and after Summerhall. or after the bells and before the trident.
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