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  1. Arthur Peres

    Characters who deserve to DIE

    Roose Bolton Ramsey Snow Cersei Lannister Jaime Lannister Walter Frey "Black Walder" Stannis Baratheon Euro Greyjoy Victarion Greyjoy Aeron Greyjoy Asha Greyjoy Theon Greyjoy Petyr Baelish Varys Qyburn Bowen Marsh
  2. Arthur Peres

    Robert Screwed Up After The Greyjoy Rebellion

    He did punished House Connington though. he took part of their land "Robert Baratheon had completed the destruction of the griffins after the war. Cousin Ronald was permitted to retain his castle and his head, but he lost his lordship, thereafter being merely the Knight of Griffin’s Roost, and nine-tenths of his lands were taken from him and parceled out to neighbor lords who had supported Robert’s claim." Robert should have done something similar to Balon and named someone else to rule the IB.
  3. Arthur Peres

    Robert Screwed Up After The Greyjoy Rebellion

    Not really. Robert rebelled after the Targeryans "kidnap" his bride, killed his in laws and asked for his head. He had all the reasons and right for his rebellion. "The battle screamed about Lord Robert and Prince Rhaegar both, and by the will of the gods, or by chance-or perhaps by design-they met amidst the shallows of the ford. The two knights fought valiantly upon their destriers, according to all accounts. For despite his crimes, Prince Rhaegar was no coward" The masters even describe the Targeryans actions as a crime Balon did not have any of this reasons. He even went on to fight in Robert's name at the battle of the Mander. He rebel for nothing and payed the price. I do agree that Robert was soft on Balon, the very least he should have named another Ironborn as lord paramount instead of Balon and take part of his lands.
  4. There is also lord Merryweather, but would you consider them loyal to the Tyrells ? They were litereally in bed with Cersei Taena also revelead Senelle as a spy and once Cersei was imprisoned they flee from the city. Could this be the house as a whole or only Taena?
  5. I would put the Rowans in this group as well.
  6. I agree very much with this. Balon is a complete idiot. I agree, he even mentions Mance Ryder as a potention ally later on but... The north and the Iron Islands in theory are "independent" he does not have to protect any of them. Also, I don't think he was in any condition of sending help to the northems or to Balon anyway, and reconizing Balon would be the same of giving him half of the kingdom.
  7. I think this was more of a reference that the Tyrells keeped the siege at Storm's end even after KL fall, and only lift it when Eddard showed up with his army.
  8. Arthur Peres

    Best/Worst POV Storylines in Each Book

    Worst Game of Thrones - Sansa Clash of Kings - Daenerys Storm os Swords - Daenerys Feat for Crows - Aeron (even though he has the best chapter in the book) Dance With Dragons - Quentyn Best Game of Thrones - Eddard A Clash of Kings - Catelyn A Storm of Swords - Tyrion and Jon Snow Feast for Crows - Asha Dance with Dragons - Jon Snow and Davos
  9. Tywin mocked Balon proposition and said that it was better doing nothing because balon was idiot that alread had given then all that he could. Tywin even says that they should Balon suffer a northem winter and that the northems themselfs would kick him out of there. "King Balon’s longships are occupied for the nonce,” Lord Tywin said politely, “as are we. Greyjoy demands half the kingdom as the price of alliance, but what will he do to earn it? Fight the Starks? He is doing that already. Why should we pay for what he has given us for free?” “Balon Greyjoy thinks in terms of plunder, not rule. Let him enjoy an autumn crown and suffer a northern winter. He will give his subjects no cause to love him. Come spring, the northmen will have had a bellyful of krakens.” Mace also underestimate the Golden Company too much. "What victories has he ever won that we should fear him? He could have ended Robert's Rebellion at Stoney Sept. He failed. Just as the Golden Company has always failed. Some may rush to join them, aye. The realm is well rid of such fools." The way I see, Mace is about to bite something bigger than his mouth, and he will pay for it.
  10. I doubt that the Reach Lords want independence. The Reach seems to be the regeion that benefit the most out of the unification of Westeros. No more Ironborn raids, Stormlords, Westerlands wars also ceased and when they fought the dornish they had more allies, and now even that is out of picture.
  11. Mace is more greedy than competent. He wants his daughter to be queen, he turns his second son into a great lord, he wants himself and his friends in the small council and he still wants more. But at the same time he took Balon's offer about keeping the Iron lands and the North without too much thinking, he was ignored by several of his bannermen that sided with Stannis.
  12. I agree, but he had more than enough reasons to stab Mace in the back and haven't acted on it so far. If he came to change sides the Tyrells are screwed... he holds Margaery, her consins and the city. The only think they have against him is a sacred oath sweared by him... a guy that threatened his own son about becoming kinslayer. So yeah definitely not a good person by any means.
  13. It was before the Tyrells join the Lannisters, but at this point the Tyrells already had made clear that they wouldn't join Stannis, Loras and Randyll had just retreat back with part of their force instead of stay and swear alligiance to Stannis. Stannis later sends a mensager to the Tyrell camp and he got imprisoned, Tarly also killed any men that wanted to join Stannis, but the lords still stayed at Stannis's side.
  14. it was both Ser Cortnay Penrose ignored him, preferring to address Stannis. “This is a notable company. The great lords Estermont, Errol, and Varner. Ser Jon of the green-apple Fossoways and Ser Bryan of the red. Lord Caron and Ser Guyard of King Renly’s Rainbow Guard . . . and the puissant Lord Alester Florent of Brightwater, to be sure. Is that your Onion Knight I spy to the rear? Well met, Ser Davos. I fear I do not know the lady.”
  15. The Fossoway already have turned against the Tyrells once. Just because they have a marriage alliance, does not mean it will hold up. Lord Stannis himself was still on the march, but his vanguard had appeared two nights ago during the black of the moon. King’s Landing had woken to the sight of their tents and banners. They were five thousand, Sansa had heard, near as many as all the gold cloaks in the city. They flew the red or green apples of House Fossoway The Hightowers are offering their protection to Alekyne Florent, even thought Garlan is reading a army to take his land.