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  1. "Arguably" being the key word here. He could just as much be turning even worst and cutting ties with the last two relationships that he had, with Tyrion and Cersei. He shows no sign of regreat for his actions and openly mocks Lancel and his attempt of redemption.
  2. Jaime. He is too idiot to understand the consequences of his actions. He is too amoral, to be stoped by right and wrong, he has no compasion and is used to bloodshed. He is also too brave and has a tendency to fight instead of flee even in lost situations like it was at the Whispering Woods, and he was a great fighter.... So nothing conventional can stop him, only brute force and very few can manage that. Tyrion still has a weird moral code, and a twisted consience that limit him, even Cersei was against trowing Bran out of the window, but Jaime not only did it, he went on to mock the mother of the boy in her face...
  3. A little bit of both I would say. Jaime, Cersei are very narcissistic people that see themselfs as superior to others, Tywin's pride, acomplishments and blindness to their behaviour help to inflate it even more, they have done nothing, acomplished even less, and messed everything, but hide and take credit for big daddys feats. The fact that they both have gotten away with everything from Kingslaying to incest is other factor that probably makes the situation even worse. Jaime is on his 30's and more than half of the teens in the story are more mature than him. Tyrion would always have some problem and complex about his condition, everyone is always using it against him, so even if Tywin was caring it would be a issue, but Tywin takes a bad situation makes it even worse, and seeing the diference in the ways Tyrion is treated compared to Jaime is kind of surprising how he was even able to be friends with his elder brother, resentment and envy would be natural in such relationship.
  4. Jaime and Stannis are also funny. My favorites being And
  5. I see your point, but other than Tyrion getting revenge on Tywin we don't have any big climax for a revenge story, everyone fails or the target dies before. Joffrey is killed by the Tyrells, not by any of his victims. Jaime never gets revenge on Vargo Oath. Sandor never confronts Gregor. I doubt Brienne would have anything to do with Stannis falls, just like I doubt Theon would be the one to kill Ramsey. The Freys could just as easily destroy each other from a internal fighting for the sucession after Walder passes away. They could be dealed by Stoneheart, the Riverlords, even Daenerys at this point...
  6. Joffrey x Margeary at the very least they had a happy ending...
  7. We have Arys with only one chapter as POV and the Blackfish does play a relevant part in Feast if his story would continue. I don't know if it works well though, even after Whispering Woods, Tyrion keeps treating Robb like a little kid that he can manipulate around, and when his schims fails like rescuing Jaime, or Robb's surprises him like in Oxcross, we have no reaction of Tyrion, we get reactions and information through Catelyn and Sansa. Roose didn't think very high of him and Edmure also had to be reminded by Blackfish that he was speaking to his king.
  8. I would like to see it too, but not through Robb's Pov, but either from one of the minor lord of the westerlands, or from one of his commanders like Blackfish. We only see Robb through the eyes of his family, it would cool to see if the facade that he puts as King is effective in the eyes of people that do not know him, and what they thought of him.
  9. Yeah, in the tv show it made no sense because show Stannis is much less ambitious and petty and much more noble than the book Stannis, but if book Stannis burned Shireen to help agaist the boltons, I would not be surprised, and it would not be out of character, if I not mistaken is one of the "spoilers" that the show gave us about the books, like the Hodor revelation, so it will happen.
  10. I don't think it is far fetched at all, at least not for the Stannis in the books, the show version is much more noble than what we have in the books. Stannis pretty much let Robert to die, he let his parental figure and loyal servent Master Cressen be poisoned, he killed Renly himself and he was about to burn Edric alive, family means nothing to him, only his ambition for the throne.
  11. She will show the old prejudice she has against the houses that deposed her father, ignore the circustance, act arrogant towards him and feel grossed by the dwarf. Tyrion will win her over by telling how he killed Tywin and how much he knows his family and that he is their worst enemy, even more than herself and point to her lack of allys in Westeros and lack of knowloge.
  12. Well, the northems have just as much reason to hate her, as they have to hate Roose, that alliance is impossible after the previous backstabing, Robb gave them the best terms and showed goodwill by freeing Theon only to be spat on the face., The lords would not raise their arms against Roose without a clear leardership, that without a Stark it would not happen, Manderly will only do it if Davos can find Rickon for example, Robett Glover failed to recruit new men in white harbor, Karstark, Ryswell and Dustin are on Roose side with the Freys and IT supporting him outside of the north. The north also does not need to negotiate to take back the their lands, Ramsey already had tooked Moat Callin by the time of the Kingsmoot, the other areas controlled by the IB were not hard to take, like how easily they tooked Deepwood. Like Tywin said "Come spring, the northmen will have had a bellyful of krakens".
  13. Sad but true. The Greyjoy family seems to have an IQ average of 60... Still Euron and Theon at least for me, showed to be more clever than her.
  14. I don't see how can she be smarter than Theon. She made the very same mistake that he did, lacked the hindsight that he showed early on about the invasion of the north and does not have a sucess under her bell like he has with taking Winterfell with clever trick instead of brute force.
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