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  1. Arthur Peres

    When was Theon supposed to go home?

    Why should they risk it ? Viserys acording to Barristan showed signs of being mad since early years. Rhaegar was mad, Aerys was madder and Viserys could be the maddest of them all. Robert needed the throne to be secure, otherwise, Viserys could very well go after him later on.
  2. Age comes for all. Tywin is old he is not as willing as a young lord, he already proved himself so he does not need to go out of his way, his bannermen are loyal, he is rulling over the biggest summer ever, he does not had any bigger crises to deal with, and he is rulling the Westerlands, from what we got to see Robb in AGoT through Bran, seems a very busy task. Tywin's biggesct concern during this period is to get Jaime out of KG and find him a bride, so his legacy would be secure.
  3. Arthur Peres

    Would Robert have been Happier in Stannis’ Position?

    I think Robert would still complain even if everything that he wanted came to happen. He took all pleasures of being king, lived the life the way he wanted, he spended money like no tomorow, went into tournaments, parties, hunting, fucked and drinked himself into a early grave, he traveled around the kingdom and enjoyed the biggest summer in Westerors history while he ignored any advice that went against he will and he never tooked any responsability for his kingship, he let Arryn rule for him. The only big problem of his life was Cersei, and even though she is the worst wife material ever, I don't see any other woman that would be happly married with Robert if his behaviour doesn't change. Even his allegedly children he ignored, he never spend time with his bastards.
  4. When Aegon V son refused to honor a betrothal with the daughter of Lyonel, the former started a small rebellion. If Cersei, Jaime and their children are caught, and executed, I don't see why Tywin would act any diferent. He was the guy that refused to make peace when he was already fighting the whole kingdom during the war of five kings. He left the KL when Aerys took Jaime as a KG, he started a war when Tyrion the son he hates was kidnaped, imagine his reaction when his heir is executed.
  5. Arthur Peres

    When was Theon supposed to go home?

    Theon would need some IB culture in him if he was going to be their lord when he returned, he was also allowed to still workship the drowed god.. At the very least his mom should be able to visit him, considering she went mad for depression, is surprising that she never did.
  6. Arthur Peres

    When was Theon supposed to go home?

    At this point Balon is already undermining him. Gave him the sea bitch of all ships, and unrelevant task that wouldn't acomplish him nothing, let Asha mocking him in the hall and put Aeron as a nanny to watch him even in small tasks.
  7. Arthur Peres

    When was Theon supposed to go home?

    He was gone for 8 years, no one knew him or how he was, and most of them didn't knew that he was comming, he also went there incognito without any kind of party or bodyguards. Balon even took the people that knew Theon and send them away, like Dagmer.
  8. Arthur Peres

    most tragic character

    Theon had a destiny that is worse than death, he saw everything that he hold dear to him striped or destroyed, and he is the cause of it. He was never a Stark and he was rejected by his family, he does not seems to belong anywhere. Even when he pulls of some major victory he is mocked by his sister and left to die, his father prayed for his death. Robb for me is more tragic than Catelyn, he was forced into a position too early, and Catelyn that should be his advicer pretty much left him alone, first staying closed doors with Bran and then by leaving for King's Landing, she also pretty much forces Jon out of winterfell in the moment that Robb may have needed him the most, and then started the war , he is forced into war, where he has to face the most ruthless lord in the kingdom and he wins... only to get his father executed, his family instead of helping him becomes a bigger trouble, with Edmure screwing everything up because of glory, Catelyn going nuts and releasing Jaime. His best friend as far as he knows killed his brothers and torched his castle, he belives Arya is dead. Even when he tries to marry for love he gets killed in the most brutal event in the books so far, and he may even had died twice.
  9. Arthur Peres

    When was Theon supposed to go home?

    If we are using Reek then I'm forced to agree with you. But Theon from CoK is the front runner.
  10. Arthur Peres

    When was Theon supposed to go home?

    I think Ned and Robert would have no problem letting Balon visit Theon. Now that you touched on the subject, it's weird that Theon's mother never showed up to see him. Balon pretty much saw him as good as dead, but Alannys went crazy.
  11. Arthur Peres

    When was Theon supposed to go home?

    I don't disagree with this. But I see Theon as the favorite, without Balon undermining him, Theon has a much easier time becoming Lord of Pyke, he is the front runner, leagues ahead of Asha and Victarion.
  12. Arthur Peres

    When was Theon supposed to go home?

    Balon knows that Theon is a problem for Asha, not the other way around. “I pray god that they killed him, so he cannot stand in Asha’s way.” Aeron himself refuses to follow Asha multiple times. “No woman will ever rule the ironborn, not even a woman such as Asha,” "Balon favored Asha, the child of his body, but a woman cannot rule the ironborn" There also multiple times that she is dicarted by other Ironborns. “Balon’s sons are dead,” Red Ralf Stonehouse had argued, “and Asha is a woman." “This girl forgets herself,” snarled Pinchface Jon Myre. “Balon let her believe she was a man.” “Balon’s sons are dead,” cried Ralf the Limper. “All I see is Balon’s little daughter!”
  13. Arthur Peres

    When was Theon supposed to go home?

    Asha is no real threat to Theon. Once he becomes Lord he can just marry her off like Euron did. Common folk also do not matter much. Once Theon becomes lord behaviour would change. Dagmar one of the best fighters in the island respected Theon even when Balon was undermining him. Sure, but in this scenario Theon is not the King of the Iron Island, but the lord of pyke. Theon was also the most cautions of the Greyjoys when it comes to Euron.
  14. Arthur Peres

    When was Theon supposed to go home?

    Only Aeron and Balon showed prejudice against Theon. With Balon dead Theon would be Lord and Aeron couldn't do anything about it. Victarion was willing to serve under Euron... He would sure serve Theon. Theon would have the Harlaw and he coul marry another big bannerman to get more support. Balon was the one that undermined Theon the most. Without him Theon would had a clear path.
  15. Arthur Peres

    Biggest Mistake Made by Robb

    Jeyne by far... Sending Theon looking for a alliance with IB is plausable, and this thing went too overblow on Robb. Ramsey invading Hornwood lands, being captured alive, Rodrik lefting Wintefell without garrison, Theon going against his orders and taking winterfell with 20 men, releasing Ramsey, faking Bran and Rickon's death, Bran and Rickon not going anywhere in the north to prove to be alive... the whole thing was a overblow impossible to predict, beyond everything possible. With Jeyne Robb knew what he was doing and knew that he would loose the Freys in a war where he already was outnumbered. There is no execuse for that.