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  1. Aerys certanly insulted them when he used Elia as a hostage, but what I mean was that they were initially insulted by Rhaegar actions and his affair with Lyanna.
  2. I agree. Dorne being supportive of the Targeryans is a very odd ball. The Martells have much more reason to want independence than any other faction. 1- On this generation they have been severly insulted by both Targeryans and Baratheon alike, Rhaegar's affair with Lyanna, and Aerys using Elia as hostages, and Robert's refusal to bring those responsables for the murder to justice. 2- They do not have any real ties with the Seven Kingdoms, they have a cleary geography border, no marriage that ties them to another region, they have a history of indenpendence far greater than any other regions, and they already proved that they can withstand the whole might of the Iron Throne, even when they had dragons. 3- In this weird world that blood feud goes on for centuries if not thousand on years, they complete ignore they bad past with the Valyrians and dragons and decide to throw their lot with them. 4- The whole targ restoration, with the marriage between Viserys and Arianne, seems too risk, considering that Doran rejected much safer bets like Renly during the war of the five kings.
  3. It cleary was, taken as a insult. "But it's not entirely correct that the Martells stayed out of the war. Rhaegar had Dornish troops with him on the Trident, under the command of Prince Lewyn of the Kingsguard. However, the Dornishmen did not support him as strongly as they might have, in part because of anger at his treatment of Elia, in part because of Prince Doran's innate caution." https://www.westeros.org/Citadel/SSM/Entry/The_Baratheon_Brothers/
  4. Which is a pointless effort as he still plotting to support a Targeryan to the throne, and he will need to fight and win a war to make it happen.
  5. Well Doran is weak, pathetic and useless, just imagine what mayhem Oberyn would have done at the end of AGoT or at the start of ACoK, if he was the prince of Dorne... It was the moment that the Lannisters were more vulnerable.
  6. Tywin was lucky to die without seeing this,,, imagine if he had stayed in a situation like Hoster Tully, incapable to rule, forced to watch their sucessor f#ck everything that he worked for.
  7. He spelled them from the castle after using the lord son as hostage, and if it wasn't enough he send men to kill Blackfish, after he was on the run...
  8. One name that hasn't been mentioned yet it's Lancel Lannister, Lancel cleary takes the blame for the affair with Cersei and killing Robert, he seems himself as a coward, and genuinely seems to feel remorse over it, he went into a new path looking for religion and his restitution also is on the way as he seems to care for the smallfolk and unlike Jaime he does not get stuck into hating Cersei, he goes and moves on, he confess everything to Jaime but never shifts the blame or points a finger at anyone other than himself.
  9. If these four "R" are steps, Jaime hasn't even tooked the first one. Jaime still hasn't realized what his affair with Cersei did to the realm, he still tells Ilyn Payne about sleeping with Cersei in a boastfull tone, he still blame the KG vows for his failures even though he never intended to keep them, Jaime only feels resentment and indignation, but he does not look on the mirror. Step 1 Realization of the Sin Jaime still shifting the blame, pushing it into Cersei. Step 2 Remorse Jaime does seems to have some sense of guilty on him, as he is looking for a redemption and restoring his honor, but weird enough he does not mention of what he feels guilty for, it's not the affair or the murder of Aerys, maybe his betryal of Tyrion or like his dreams he seems remorse over not protecting Rhaegar's children. Step 3 Restitution This is where it gets really ugly, Jaime does the opposite, he goes to Riverrun, breaks his vows to Catelyn, take arms against her family agains and keeps pushing more injustice against them, by helping the Freys to kick Blackfish out of Riverrun, he later even send men to kill Bryden Tully, all that while he uses Edmure as hostage and threatned to kill his baby. If anything Jaime is doing the oposite. Step 4 Redirection - Jaime is going into a new direction, he is cutting his path from Cersei, but since he still refusing responsability, he keeps inforcing injustice on his past victims and the guilty he feels only gets ignored, I don't see this new path as redemption, he could be very well forcing and speeding up his damnation.
  10. Robb can't win no matter what he do, if the other players actions do not change. The biggest mistakes Robb did that helped his ruin were picking Roose as commander of the second army and sending Theon back to Balon. Even if he does not do that he is doomed if the other behave the same, Ramsey will still start a mess in the north, Balon would still invade the north, Renly would sit on his hand and die without doing anything, Stannis will get crushed at Blackwater and from that Robb is trapped in the Riverlands fighting a army 3 times his size with IB reaving the north holding the Moat and stopping his return. For Robb to win he need other players to take diferent actions, Renly moving against KL, Stannis marching against Mace before going for the city, Dorne going rogue, Tywin havinga heart attack, The Vale joining Robb or also going solo, but something needs to change.
  11. Yes, and as Lady of the Rock he wanted her there in the Westerlands, he also did not wanted her as regent, Tommen is part of the reason sure, but as Kevan himself says He regarded her as a poor ruler, poor mother, and that her place was in Casterly Rock, away from the capital. The whole conversation is Kevan jabbing her one quote after the other, showing how inept her is.
  12. Well other than the Starks, we know that some lines went through the female line. In our world the dynasty changes after that like Capeto> Valois> Burbon, but in Westeros they seems to adopt the name of the big family Joffrey Lannister was born Joffrey Lydden, but adopted his wife's name and the name was passed foward. Garth X only had daughters and the line continued through a distand cousin that probably had to adopt the name. When the northem ask to resolve the hornwood sucession, Hellmart offered to change his hame to Hornwood and become it's lord. We also Harry the heir being born with another family name, but it's more than willing to change his name to Arryn and is using the simbols of the house. The exception to this seems to be House Baratheon.
  13. Even then, we still have Kevan and Jaime trying and failing at working together with her... Kevan even go so far to say that he wants her out of KL, because she only causes trouble.
  14. I don't belive this is possible, Cersei couldn't work with Tyrion nor with Kevan, or Jaime. She would/will antagonize everyone that isn't her "yes ma'am". The only one that could subimit her to his will is Tywin, she is not a team player, and she is too vain, her dislike for Tyrion would always make her unreliable, untrustworthy and a problem, look how she plots against the Tyrells for no reason at all.
  15. To be fair Polish Commonwealth ended by external factors and invasion of foreings from 4 diferent sides, Sweeden, Russia, Prussia and Austria, Westerors is on the verge o breaking after 2 civil wars in a roll and rushing fast to a third one... Westeros kind of looks worse.
  16. ok... suddenly not getting a final to the story does not sound so bad.
  17. Is that confirmed? I thought it was just a abomination and non sense of season 8
  18. But Roose did acknowledge the title, and Robb as his king. “A strong castle, and well garrisoned, but His Grace shall have it, if I must kill every living soul within to make it so.” “His Grace King Robb is wed.” Bolton spit a prune pit into his hand and put it aside. “To a Westerling of the Crag. I am told her name is Jeyne. No doubt you know her, ser. Her father is your father’s bannerman.”
  19. Ramsey and Euron are fighting for the position. Ramsey is a rapist, abuser, torturer, kinslayer, lying worm. Euron is also a rapist, abuser, tortured, kinslayer, lying worm with a god complex.
  20. I think she was born rotten, and her enviroment pushed the worst in her, turning her in this evil creature. She was already a murder at the age of 10, and before that she tormented and hurted baby Tyrion and ... would not be surprised if she killed/tortured animals at the age of 6
  21. Stannis dry humor is good, but Edd takes by miles ahead. My favorite is
  22. Lord Darry is a kid of 8. All his brothers died in the Rebellion or were exiled with Dany and Viserys. Dany is not Cersei to hate a boy for a something that happened before he was born. The fact that they were punish shows what happened to the ones that picked the wrong side. Blackwood and Brackens fought at the same side during the War of the Five Kings, they both also took the side of Aegon I, unless you have a quote of one of them fighting on the loyalist side, I will stick with that they were rebels.
  23. Hoster and Catelyn do not have any contempt for the Blackswoods, Brackens, Whent, Piper or Vance, they do have it for the Freys for staying neutral until the last minute. The other ones were punished, with Darry losing half of it's lands for example.
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