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  1. Hugorfonics

    Strongest Lannister Vassal

    Yea, thats true. Though it doesn't make much sense that hed be under keaven and over the "great lords" (though certainly not in the following bunch, smallfolk and Lothor) So, Ad(d)am, what's the deal? Marbrand is a child friend of Jaime, I guess he was like a page in CR or something. Jaime becomes a squire at like 11 or 12 so Tyrion would be even smaller, but Tyrion and Marbrand exchanged a pleasent back and forth which makes me think theyre well acquainted. Did Addam ever leave CR? Or has he always been following Tywin? And what about Marbrands father? If he was a "great lord" like the other 3 id think his name would be in the story Ps. I found this about Brax Makes me think of Frey (a riverland house) trying to join houses with Lannister (the western overlord) Its almost the same situation here, for all we know its the second son who was looking for Lysas hand
  2. Hugorfonics

    Seeing the bigger bigger picture.

    The Citadel gives of this vibe of science for sure, but the two main things I associate the citadel with, ravens and the glass candles, are firmly in the realm of magic. Although, theyre not, well, kinda lol. (You guys may be on to something) the glass candles, undoubtedly magical, are now studied with science ,but "all" studies have remained inconclusive. While ravens who used to speak have now become gentrified and mostly lost to the world of magic The alchemists are kinda on the opposite spectrum then. Where as the maesters use science to learn about magic the alchemists use magic to understand science. This conversation is confusing because of the ambiguity of the words. Is medicine, penmanship and animal husbandry all science? Is wildfire and warging both magic? Interesting
  3. Hugorfonics

    Strongest Lannister Vassal

    I assumed Marbrand was a strong house, but I guess theyre just in the story because of Addam
  4. Hugorfonics

    Seeing the bigger bigger picture.

    Where is science a theme in asoiaf?
  5. Hugorfonics

    Seeing the bigger bigger picture.

    Lolz. I usually dislike sarcastic response to heartfelt posts, but this is just hilarious An anti war story, sure. But theres lots of underlining themes, loyalty vs greed I think are the big ones. The thing is even 5 books deep, the ending is still far and mysterious. Like Star Wars for example, Id say its a story of redemption. Though IV and V hardly touched on the issue it was the stand out theme in VI which to me made it the stand out theme in the saga. So in conclusion, wait for winds lol
  6. Hugorfonics

    Wow, I never noticed that. Vol. 18

    "Thank you, my lord of Lannister." He pulled off his glove and offered his bare hand. "Friend." Tyrion found himself oddly touched. "Most of my kin are bastards," he said with a wry smile, "but you're the first I've had to friend." He pulled a glove off with his teeth and clasped Snow by the hand, flesh against flesh. Is that Tyrion low key telling Jon about Cersei and Jaimes kids? Or does he know something about Cersei and Jaimes father?
  7. Hugorfonics

    Ben(jen) Kenobi

    He was raised by his uncle and aunt, while Ben watched from afar.
  8. Yo, my mans, thats not the way the law works. Robert named Joffrey his heir, he wasn't, its Stannis. Rickard names Brandon his heir, with both dead the north legally went to Ned. Ive been given you precedents (often in quotes) to back up my statement. Can you please do the same to disprove mine? No, but its a lord disinheriting his heir so I thought itd be somewhat applicable Please explain to me, with citations, why your second paragraph is incorrect and id also like citations from the first one. Eh. Very slightly comparable. There are only 7 kg, while enough grey rats to start a plague. If anything the NW orders are more comparable (very strict) or Dothraki Bloodriders (also strict lol) Criston Cole was no meer sellsword. Obviously he has own crazy youth and origin story, but thats a very rare occasion. Jaime was one of the 10 most entitled children in his country, and the rumor that Jaime is only in the KG for Aerys to slight Tywin is not without substance. Think of Dunk paying his respect to the killer of Pennytrees firsy squire. The man is unbelievably grateful. Class structure is a thing, in real life and in asoiaf, and Jaime was born in the .1% Would I guarantee Jaime wouldn't rise to a palce of honor if he wasnt Lannister? No, but I wouldn't bet on it. (Or any character really. Dunks not the only greatful man, Davos and that guard of the mountain or something that Petyr made in affc ring a bell) Good question! Idk. I doubt itll come up, I think Robbs Will will be brought up a different way. But maybe, Jon declined Winterfell for the old gods (that was my take at least) not for Sansa, then again he didnt know of Robbs will... Firstly, who cares? That medival warfare we talked about, it makes sure that public opinion means zero. Like the attempt rape of Sansa by half of KL, vs Sandor and a big sword. Secondly, he gets around; I like you well enough, ugly little whoreson that you are . . . but if I fight your battle, I lose either way. Either the Mountain spills my guts, or I kill him and lose Stokeworth. Lemore emerged on deck with the prince in tow. When she saw Tyrion, she rushed across the deck to hug him. "The Mother is merciful. We have prayed for you, Hugor." "Thank you, my lord of Lannister." He pulled off his glove and offered his bare hand. "Friend." Tyrion found himself oddly touched. "Most of my kin are bastards," he said with a wry smile, "but you're the first I've had to friend." He pulled a glove off with his teeth and clasped Snow by the hand, flesh against flesh.
  9. Hugorfonics

    Cool ASOIAF knowledge and trivia for a quiz

    Iv re-read enough for a lifetime lol. Poor Edmure, man had no choice. He was a prisoner untill Robb freed him, then Robb sat in Hosters chair while Bracken Blackwood and Mallister made Robb king. What choice did Edmure have? In fact, most things with Robbs kingdom is confusing. He tried to give Balon a crown and lamented that he didnt send Sansa to the Reach. So who knows what he wanted to be king of Well thats the thing, King Robert wanted Jaime to be warden of the east, not Lord Robert. So I assume these titles arent automatically hereditary. I disagree, but that may just be my ironborn pride talking lol
  10. True. So lets assume the will does both. Now lets not assume about Jon. Would he accept Robbs will? (Which btw we're totally disregarding with Jaime) Maybe not, NW serve for life up until Robbs will, will the old bear and Jon be cool with that? Let's assume Robb assumes maybe. Thats why Sansa must be disinherited, to make some Royces day. Just a man, like you, who studys asoiaf. We decipher the laws with the precedents available to us. When dealing with "green land" laws we have all 7 kingdoms of Westeros, save the iron islands, for the past 300 years(give or take sometimes) and their noble inhabitants. The laws we have deciphered have been Robbs will, Stannis' resolve of the law and Randylls scheme of disinheriting Sam. The precedents that are unavailable to us are dwarves or other "freaks" being barred from ruling or KG being dismissed (until very recently) for the sake of inheritance Tywins heir will only come into fruition with Tywin dead. Tywin may ignore stuff when hes alive, but deceased, the whole world can ignore him. Im not disagreeing that Tywin cant do whatever the fuck he wants; Just that making the executive decision to do nothing will not nullify Tyrions birthright The boy wonder is the (2nd) greatest thing to happen to Gotham. But despite his obvious skill hed be nothing without Bruce Wayne's money. Think Rorge. He was a nobody, probably good with a sword but you wouldn't think so standing next to Jaqen. Then he got Sandors helmet and made the Riverlands bleed. Its all in the armor, welcome to medival warfare. Again, I dont mean to sell Jaime short, just saying that his skill (well, not anymore) with the sword is akin to Tyrions with a scheme Probably. Theyre an awful lot. Honestly I can't see Edmure being a bad (guy) father. But the rest of the lords, sure. Huh? acok, he rules the city properly and fights (some people think its silly that a dwarf could kill men at arms in Blackwater, but even a dwarf in Lannister armor is worth considerably more then a smallfolk man at arms, classic medival warfare). He does this so well that he inspires loyalty and defended the gate (to start with) from Stannis when brave men like Sandor couldn't. Except for Bronn, Shagga, Timmit, Chella, Brown Ben, etc The biggest (maybe only) is that Tywin never named him heir. Plots and schemes only work for the plotters and schemers, not for the silent and procrastinators
  11. Hugorfonics

    Cool ASOIAF knowledge and trivia for a quiz

    Both of those talked about the King of the Isles Not true. Neither became a kingdom. Both were given a lord to rule over them, Tully and Greyjoy Also not true. Greyjoy is an equal to Tully. Some lords like Stark Lannister and Arryn are often given the title of Warden as well as lord. But Greyjoy and Tully are usually not Wardens. Aegon did conquer 7 kingdoms, If yould like, as Dorne was never taken. The Riverlands just dont historically exhibit the strength that their Westerosi neighbors yield. Even in the war of 5 the Tullys were vassels to Stark like Mormont or Vance. Joff wore his mothers sigil next to his fathers, Stark did not
  12. Dude, we've been over this. 1. KG cant hold lands 2. Robb has to physically disinherit Sansa Lol what? What is this a Sansa story? Such trivialities dont matter Natural talents to weaponry? He was trained by some of the greatest warriors ever and wears a suit of armor that costs a castle. Jaime only became KG because of his father, im not saying hes totally without merit just not anymore then Tyrion. Tyrions prooven himself knowledgeable to Aemon and Haldon. He did a great job of acting as Hand and saved KL from Stannis. Thats never been a thing. If it was im sure Tyrion would have known about it
  13. Yea, sure. What do you think they saw themselves as? Yea man. And Robb did something about it. Tywin and these Targs didnt. Name one character thats not true for
  14. Cersei came up with the concept. Regents cant make KG, only kings like Joff can Robert could have invented the concept. He didnt. He also could have invented breastplate stretchers. But in that scene Tywin tells Tyrion why, its for his whoring and Joanna. Theres no mention of threatening Tommen or Tytos in a negative light Joff did that. Jon told Arya she could do it to. Thats not the same as abandoning your fathers name.
  15. No dude. Everyone knows the law Just like Aegon has a better claim then Dany and Sansa had a better claim then Jon. Its funny because the last horse that hed want to win was the one he fueled with the most ambition