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  1. "He's been eating rats," said the second boy. "Look." The first boy laughed. "He has. That's funny." LoL. I think so too. It's disgusting, but funny disgusting, not disgusting disgusting. "One of the captives was always begging food," Rafford admitted, "so Ser said to give him roast goat. The Qohorik didn't have much meat on him, though. Ser took his hands and feet first, then his arms and legs." "The fat bugger got most, m'lord," Shitmouth offered, "but Ser, he said to see that all the captives had a taste. And Hoat too, his own self. That whoreson 'ud slobber when we fed him, and the grease'd run down into that skinny beard o' his."
  2. One more try? That's a believable sentence. Two princes seals should mean something for an honorable Prince like Doran
  3. That's not a real war though, and we're discussing all of asoiaf @Thandros made some good cases here, (about lots of stuff) but to reiterate, we call it the Napoleonic war with hindsight, but back in the day they might call like the Egyptian expedition the Napoleonic war, which is really misleading What revolutionary wars? Latin America in the early 19th? Europe in 1849? They're all different. Similar, true, but different wars. And then there's the 7 year war, as @Thandros said, that's fun. So in American grade school we learned of our origin story war, it's called the French and Indian War, because that's all we care about lol. So in conclusion, Starks and Greyjoys wouldn't call it the war of 5, they'd call it independence or something It's not a different theater man, it's Westeros. And what does South America have to do with anything? Simon Bolivar led practically the entire continent in revolution, it was the theater. Beric was leading the charge during the climax of the war No, but if the nazis won in 56 I'd reevaluate But their message and subjects will be Why not? Ironborn are the only group of Westerosi to historically occupy another kingdom. Plus there's really no chance the trio is making it out the north unscathed It's extremely convoluted, with holes. (Sansa and Jeyne are friends) also the timings not that off, late asos and early adwd could be less then a month The first chapter Tywin is in in asos has him plotting the rw The gate breakers are on one side, the battle on the other. Hours pass, the gate doesn't brake. Therefore we can summarize that the gate breakers failed I recommend citing the specific quote Its stated that Tyrion won Blackwater He knew Pete would win them over They're commanders of KL resistance forces, just cuz Jacelyn was murdered doesn't mean everyone was Even a broken clock is right twice a day I was joking... buuut, if they're not human then they're a dumb beast lol
  4. There's only so much blame to go around though, he knows he sent Quentyn, a boy he hardly knows, down the dragons gullet. Like, what's the surprise? His wife could have told him this would happen, if she hadn't left him already for these poor fathering type shenanigans It'd be interesting if Doran goes ape over Quentyn though, especially because it's in such contrast to the Red Viper who Doran was kind of a father too (a much older brother/guardian) But I'm pretty convinced that Doran, Tatters and Barristans govt (hopefully with Dany) will join together before striking at Westeros
  5. Gregors land is like a half a tower, but no. Kg hold no lands, like outlaws. I'm sure he suspected. They all kinda know So, they're the like same person. Except one can eat the other. He's a monster, nauseating to talk to let alone look at, but he refuses to live in the shadows. He also acknowledges the absurdity of his world and laughs at it. Meeting himself is too much. It is a two way street, Tyrion can't stand Joffreys dog either. Speaking of Joff, he's no help in the liking Tyrion department, Sansa either on account of him being madly in love with her. But I'd say it fundamentaly boils down to pretty much everyone hates Tyrion and Sandor pretty much hates everyone so there you go
  6. Yeah, a knights oath means something. Plus before Quentyn died he told Tatters that even if he dies Doran will honor their agreement, then they notarized it with their princely seals. (Lol Barris memory, she totally laughed in his face) It'll be interesting when they hear about Aegon for sure, but still, those two have seen dragons and only a fool would bet against them There's nothing to forgive though. Like Quentyns uncle before him, he was not murdered. He has every reason to be sad and angry, but only at himself. For being an absent father and expecting his son to accomplish an impossibility.
  7. It won't be a simple letter. If all goes to plan then the two dornish knights that accompanied Quentyn will be the ones to tell Doran that Quentyn died on his own accord, and that he has to invade Pentos on behalf of Dany. That's believable, they're his sons friends and knights at that. Doran shouldn't wild out. He thought his brothers scheme stupid and when he died, because Oberyn tweaked the scheme, he shrugged it off as an inevitability, I expect him to shrug this death off too, as they're kinda similar
  8. They miss out on the consort, true. But they still will be the first ones to come in contact with Danys govt in Pentos, so that's something of an alliance.
  9. Seems far fetched and convoluted Because he sowed lots of future trouble by his actions That wasn't a real war though, it's just what some contemporaries called it because they didn't know the full story. Like how Balon and Renly didn't share a title or how Mance, who played a huge role, isn't included But within the month princess Sansa escapes Tywins clutches all but guaranteeing Robbs war will continue He didn't flee, he's continuing his war on a different front The castle, no doubt. But the countryside is so hostile and only growing in their hostility that they're a breath away from full fledged rebellion. Thanks to Tywin's monsters, Beric and Catelyn Which is disastrous for Tywin's govt. He had a rare opportunity, I can't think of another Hand who was invited to an ironborn alliance, it's a shame he didn't utilize But the trio of tywin roose and walder planned all this before she escaped But because of the RW the trio's name is now the worst in the north. It's such half ass politics. Adding more beef to the pot, but refusing to stir. But the gates didn't fall. Obviously things were going terribly and Tyrion was desperate but still, he was the guy leading forces that weren't on fire. Wiki is unfortunately no good It looked like that was probable when Tyrion went out but it didn't happen. Stannis' main force didn't cross the bay when they got attacked by the reinforcements (thanks to Tyrion destroying the bridge), so whatever forces were on the correct side that were attacking said gates, lost. The mob too, lost. Of course he did, he sent Petyr to win Tyrells allegiance when Renly died No. He, like always, chased the first shiny object he saw. He tried to trap Robb in the west not knowing that'd be his guaranteed doom but couldn't even defend his home because Edmure beat his Mountain. I assume he got a raven from Petyr, saying something along the lines of "Dude march!" And Tywin, being his daughters father, said "ok gimme, 5 min. Don't move without me!" Nevertheless they came. I'm sure it was in the Imps mind. Bronn was out there, a couple KG too. Tyrions wildlings make an appearance a day or two later, Tyrions fall or Joffreys retreat didn't spell the ending. It's all politics. Tysha wasn't the only reason. His arrest and disinheritance played huge roles. That's like saying Robb died because he was an asshole to his fiance Thats not how I read him. He was a jealous friend of a mad tyrant so sought to create his own mad tyranny. His aim was always to shine glory upon Tywin. His sons, daughter, siblings, and grandkids, be damned. His thirst for glory and belief of his untouchability only made everyone in Westeros hate him and within a year of his death his band-aids on the cancer of Tywins 7k's began to unravel I think he was a petty man with a petty death, who's ruthlessness is often seen as brilliance but is actually just Cersei like brutality. A real lion, a dumb wild beast
  10. Well, he's not filling out a tuxedo lol, but if his mission was to form an alliance with Dany then he succeeded
  11. He crowned himself twice Did he? He lived longer then Robb and Balon, not sure if that constitutes as winning. Certainly not losing lol. I just think the wars at halftime and Tywin gave the enemy lots to be pissed off at They're shortsighted and go against other plans though. Like how can Jeyne and Sansa can both be lady of winterfell? How do you expect the ironborn and wildlings to be allies if you don't talk to em? Thats his son. All Tywin did at Blackwater was ride past Tyrions possibly dying body and declare himself protector of the city (protector. smh. I just can't with this guy. He sacked KL and now wants to be called protector lmao) Tyrion won BW, Stannis didn't even cross the bay, let alone brake any gate when his Tyrell reinforcements came, reinforcements that Tyrion specifically ordered and expected Smart enough to not get murdered? Not really lol
  12. I dont understand the consensus, Quentyn succeeded and won Merreens support. Doran, Dany and the Tattered Prince are allied against Pentos
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