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  1. Right, so as soon as Eastwatch heard of Mances attack Pyke sent Janos, Alliser and all those other fine people to take command of CB. Only later does Stannis and Eastwatches main garrison arrive He was. Still sad how his life turned out and ended, piece of trash he was
  2. Sometime in clash id imagine. Maybe before Blackwater since Tywin might have pardoned. Ranger, as he led the Eastwatch crows to CB and subsequently took command of the battle So im not entertaining?
  3. Is it that time already? Howd i do? I live to serve Ok, so, thats not me. I love Starks. Jons cool too. So! The resistance that Jon tried to snuff out, um, it wasn't. Jon was murdered by his brothers, who were also coincidentally Janos' brothers. Most of Castle Black was behind Slynt in the election. So Janos' "many friends" actually existed. These friends watched Janos Slynt become a marty to Jons "tyranny". Conclusion, I disagree. From a pragmatic/ not getting ides of marshed point of view Jon obviously fucked up
  4. Idk how 2011 is recent... Better then the 60s or whenever the hell Joe Namath was, but still... Dark times. Theres some SSM in the long ago days (or recently if yould like) in 2011ish, they ask GRRM if he'll finish twow before the Jets win a Superbowl. He laughed and said yes! .... Lol fucking Jets. Getting rid of Adams just because he costs a fortune and was miserable. Like how does Winds still have a better shot? Its 2020. Hysterical. As for Gmen, this the 0-2 team's year. Even if Saquon has no ACL or Shepard has no whatever, Engram cant catch and Dany fumbles at the drop of a Dime. But its all good. Cuz Freeman aint a free agent! Get to writing George! He did a good job of convincing the world hes not from there
  5. Why does Aemon get a pass for trying to abandon Sam?
  6. Ive got nothing but love for Westeros bards. Nothin but love. I also see the brothers of the wall as the tragic slaves they are, destined to serve a weeping wall. Any man who seeks his own destiny, fights the fate that his oppressive government demands, is cool by my definition. And if hes got bars, gods bless Whatd he do? Allow a dying man to die? (Who wanted to serve Dany btw, mad illegal for a crow) I felt bad for Sam and the other two, but not enough to vilify Daeron. I truly thought his death was one of the great tragedies of asoiaf, but im glad it happend. Any and every step Arya takes to the dark side is a blessing
  7. Lol cant miss that one. Its my nuncles birthday. Same year and everything. Hes one of the frustrated decade waiting fans that can come across as a morbid hater. So i ask, "Nuncle (sometimes I call him nuncle) are you planning on dying? " He smiles and says no. So i got faith in the years ahead for my nuncle and GRRM. Cool picture. But Nagga should be like 10x the size
  8. Lady had a grey cloak. Cersei looks good in red. Shed probably only wear it as pajamas No. Hed only kill Lady
  9. The night is dark and full of terror. Danys not special The Targaryen kind I suppose. Talking to Quaithe, jumping into pyres. Now, for the sake of clarity, Im not fully sold on Aerys insanity, we all know Targs can be crazy I mean burning KL so you can be reborn as a lizard is fucking crazy... But so is walking into fire. Which turned out to be greatness So, in conclusion, I guess the definition ill be using is Westeros' public perception. Which is the same perception that Grumkins are in the woodpile But they can just skinchange into a dragon, or even into a human
  10. Nah, its madness. . If she was not her father's daughter, who was she? . Thats why she has visions like John Fiddler on the roof, or has controversial theories about what fire actually does . You are my queen, my sword is yours, but do not ask me to stand aside as you climb on Drogo's pyre. I will not watch you burn." "Is that what you fear?" Well, aside from Jon the warg with his professor X like powers, or Bran with his Dr Manhattan thing going, plus Arya and her whole array of magic movements. Yes, Dany got nukes. But it aint the 40s anymore. Lots of people got em, winter is coming. You can find WMDs in the bottom of a cereal box these days. To the op. Nobody? Dany will be as convinced of the dragons sanity as she was when she watched 163 men get crucified
  11. 1. Shewolves We were promised, plus reading about the kid's ancestors seems like a must. After all, Winter is coming 2. Puppeteer She's gotta come back. Let Duncan have more fun then pocketing a lock. But it is asoiaf so it shouldnt stay too fun. Maybe something ironic, and shes really too tall? 3. Aegons coronation and Dunks cloak. I feel like D&E should remain the knight and squire story, like affcs Beauty and the Pod or asos' Hound and Arya. Therefore I dont want to see Summerhall or the reign of Egg, I want to learn asoiaf history in asoiaf, because they give the best delivery, plus i like a sense of a ambiguity. Facts Facts! (The 3rds my favorite)
  12. Word, or Sam's kid Yea lords have the power to disinehrit, at least kings and princes do like Robb and Doran (Arianne thought) but the beauty of asshole lord fathers will, is he aint there to enforce it Well, you know the second sons and such will. Maybe a cousin or two Welcome to Westeros Meaningless. Rickard never named Ned heir nor did Viserys name Dany Um, ok. 3+3 1/2=6 or 7
  13. I dont see the correlation Like Gendry? The whole world knows Tyrion as the son of lord Tywin and the lady Joanna. I think 6 or 7. And you dont need will when you have a wolf, nor a voice when you have a bite. Arianne had to manipulate Ser Arys. Good luck with the Shaggydog
  14. Yea he does . What do you miss, Halfman?" Jaime, thought Tyrion. Shae. Tysha. My wife, I miss my wife, the wife I hardly knew. . Tyrions got two wives, like Aegon the Dragon. Neither marriage was ever set aside . Do I need to remind you that a marriage that has not been consummated can be set aside?" "By the High Septon or a Council of Faith.
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