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  1. Hugorfonics

    On Janos Slynt

    Ok, So I assume thats why this was this tradition of decapitation, true justice, and not about getting a hard on like Sandor or the Ned. Ygrittes death would have been useless, just like that nw dude from the prologue, while Karstark was monumental. So, what of Slynt? So I think me you and Halfhand would all agree, Janos was a threat Word. However the fact remains Snow did have a mutiny and is now laying down dead in the snow. So what incidents should have been corrected to stop the ides of Marsh? Perhaps its all about defending the people on both sides of the wall or actually defending both sides of the wall. However Marsh as the lead conspirator makes as much sense to me as Wick. Janos did lead a conspiracy, and was then given 24 hours to pack his bags and tie some nots on his schemes. Its easy to dismiss his "many friends" because we hardly see them, but I stress, Janos' voting base was large and predominantly CB folk. Jons cool as snow, sure. But he misplays his hand. When he arrests Janos he is hoping Ser Alliser draws steel. So seemingly the plan was to kill Alliser and banish Janos, not the other way around. Janos wild out, sure. But, who doesn't? Jon tried to run away, the Old Bear seemed upset at Neds nw justice and like 90% of em go to Moles Town. Jons their commander sure, but not their king. So, hes not king. Im not sure how real the story of the nights king is, but the story remains. The LC was murdered by his men and business as usual followed. Theres precedence here, in contrast Jaime had to be pardoned and will be known as kingslayer for the rest of time. Like how much chaos? If Janos is chilling in the ice box like a bottle of gin, whos gonna wanna follow suit? There are other deterrents then murder. Or chaos like, Jons a warg who stole the election, all hail Slynt? I could see that more, but the thing about wargs is, they keep their wolf close (not Robb... ) Jon didnt because he let the wildling boar in, but that was later. Plus that Wun Wun business was very distracting. It was a delicate affair, but considering the long term consequences I have to say Jon was unwise
  2. Hugorfonics

    What are some significant differences between Robb and Jon?

    Not fan fic, more like crackpot. Of the understanding. That's a weird thing to say. What was the understanding/what role did Lady Westerling play? You say Robb married her their honor, I say it was for their kids (cat and jon must have done a number on Robb) But word, I agree. Jon has no "honor" as hes a man of the watch. Yea he totally killed Ygritte to save his seven kingdoms, which is contrast to Robb who made sure his wife was far from the carnage Seemingly. Jon wanted to kill Alliser as well, but he was smarter then Janos. I do think that, or, the main reason, but not the only one. I disagree. Karstarks crime was so ghastly it could not warrant a lesser sentence. Robbs no nw, he has honor which equates to his subjects of the north and riverlands, Karstark made a mockery of it. What kind of kingdom is Robb ruling here? If he spared Karstark itd be a slight on everything Robb related. Thats why its good to be the king, absolute ruler like the sun king. But Jons no king, there's no questioning his honor here. (For more Slynt stuff ima go to the other thread (in like an hour so something) but i do think hes relevant here as we explore the differences between Janos and Karstark or Jeyne and Ygritte)
  3. Hugorfonics

    What are some significant differences between Robb and Jon?

    At the least its close. So heres the results from the 3rd and 2nd to last vote So it looks like Janos is gaining popularity along with Yarwyck and Edd, all CB folk, obviously. The majority of Pyke and Mallisters votes are cast by Pyke and Mallister, not residents of CB So, in conclusion, numbers dont lie. Janos had a strong following in CB I mean, there was... Stabbed 4 times
  4. Hugorfonics

    What are some significant differences between Robb and Jon?

    Robb only slept with Jeyne because he was drugged. Otherwise hed zip up faster then Ned in a room with Ashara Dayne. He married her for the same reason Jons always depressed. This bastard issue is a real wedge in family bliss. I mean Cats boarderline Stoneheart with it and Neds as silent as a sister. Jon clearly has issues with it, and Robbs there growing up and witnessing all of it. Im pretty confident that he married her just in case hed father a child and would have to relive the family drama of his parents and half brother. Jon would totally do that to, if he wasn't a nw guy... But, he is, right? That in itself is their biggest difference I think. Robbs honor was the honor of his house and kingdom, where as Jons a man of the watch. Ok, without turning this into a Slynt thread (though I fear thats exactly what im doing) I must say Jon was over emotional, or at least not as wise as he should have been. Executing a popular officer (probably the most popular in CB) was not smart. Robb executed Karstark and a large amount of his army disappeared, Robb himself thought that this was his kingdom evaporating. (And Karstark deserved it, 100%, Janos only like 75% lol) Does Jon not read the paper? What about the obituary, Robb was murdered, as was Aerys before him (Robert too) sure these are kingslayers sent to the 7th level of hell but LCs are no king, in fact theres a history of mutiny in the NW to those who get too powerful. Ned taught his kids to look into their victims eyes, Jon did this with Ygritte and Robb with Karstark. When it was Slynts turn Jon must have seen the likeness of a murderer of children (which ironically is why he was sent to the wall to begin with), instead of an old enemy of his father or an aggravating subject demanding recount likes its Florida. Unless he saw (probably true) a plotter and a soon to be mutineer, in which case, good job Jon; No mutiny here at CB
  5. Hugorfonics

    The Mandalorian (Spoiler Thread)

    Lmao. Damn. My bad. Thanks
  6. Hugorfonics

    The Mandalorian (Spoiler Thread)

    Lando works for the remnants of the Empire? Or is at least on good terms with them? Are these dirty stormytrooper guys are the pre starter to the 1st order? Music is not star wars like But... 2 eps down, great fucking show so far
  7. Hugorfonics

    Robb lost his purpose and that's why he lost the War.

    Thats the question... Well one of them. The other question is, are the lives of his sister worth a kingdom? A child, even a princess can not be worth a whole kingdom. Robb is faced with hard choices, all kings are. Was Sansa worth trading for Jaime, yes. Worth his Kingdoms, no.
  8. Hugorfonics

    What type of music would the characters listen to?

    Petyr-2Pac. What would Littlefinger study if not Machiavelli? He may not have created the game, but hes perfected it. Fuck the world on repeat. Tywin-Biggy. Trying to be the next Frank White, cant get much more notorious. Cersei- Jay-Z. Some nice music to vibe while bathing with a noblemens wife, then theres the hype music to play while ruling, or just the classic headbangers to drown out the screams from Quyburns. Joffrey-50 Cent. Man was on top of the game. Some hardcore rhymes will put you in that vibe too, bring death to your enemies Stannis-Fat Joe. That gangsta shit. Music to grind your teeth too. Bran- Talib Kweli. That next level shit, music beyond our understanding. Arya- Styles P. The hardest out, undeniable. Cant get much more crazy or depressing then that. Davos- DMX. Living the childhood of a begger and the adolescents of a criminal. Life is a dark path, but they try to walk on the light side, often by basking in the goodness of God Tyrion-Lil Wayne. Hes short, hes funny and knows it, often laughing in between his thoughts. But Tyrion wont rock Tunechi because of his size nor his humor, but for the simple reason; Hes the G.O.A.T Eta. Ramsay-Eminem. Who else? Will the trueborn heir of Winterfell please stand up
  9. Nah, you wouldn't fare well in that argument. For however naive or stupid she was, shes not anymore. Its a complicated situation, but Sansas not in the dark. (Except for Tyrion being alive)
  10. Of course it is. Ned only went south because of Sansa, and Ned being Hand is the impetus. And his wife agrees, its all about Sansa
  11. Hugorfonics

    Why does Balon Greyjoy want to attack the North?

    Np Word I strongly disagree. The best soldier would be wearing some thick ass kevlar and a helmet the size of Renlys. If the kid can get the drop on him and kill him with a pistol, thats quite a shot. When I was a kid I played this game Dynasty Warriors (based off of Romance of three kingdoms) and I enjoyed killing like 800 people on a battlefield, but I recognized how silly it was, how can one man have such a high body count in a battle? Then I read the book. These are tall and strong lords on majestic horses, trained in martial arts and swordplay. They carry longswords heavy axes and halberds and they fight peasents. A lion vs rabbits. Its no different in medieval europe or asoiaf, except the martial arts part, Knights are tanks on the battlefield, and tank vs man is a hell of a fight. Like, how much did Jaime Lannisters armor cost? What about the sword Oathkeeper? Brienne would be dead as Dick without the magic sword. Rorge got Sandors armor and became indestructible to the smallfolk. Medieval warfare was all about the money
  12. Facts. I cant believe they didn't write it down! But the second biggest mistakes gotta be Ned as hand, however Ned was prepared to decline it. When Robert asked him to be Hand Ned knew his answer, but then Robert threw the curve ball. Sansa Cat told Ned that there's no way Ned can decline an invitation to the royal family, itd be suicide. She goes for a walk, a date with her betrothed. Bam! Nymeria + Joff= Aryas hatred for Lannister Tells Cersei Neds plan, well bye bye Ned. Stays in KL, well hello Robb. Chats with Margery, Loras in white and half burnt on Dragonstone. Marries Tyrion, all hail king Snow. I mean the girls playing in the fucking snow when Petyr goes for the swoop and Lysa for the dive. A little bird? Sansa Stark, you are the butterfly
  13. Hugorfonics

    Why does Balon Greyjoy want to attack the North?

    The thing is armed peasents is a temporary thing. Knights fight battles for a living while Lords war for a living. Glory is everything for them. Smallfolk get their share of glory too sure, but then they go home and marry their neighbors daughter. We see what real smallfolk glory is, Gendrys helmet, Pennys entertainment, Hot Pies baking. Normal shit. So, I reiterate, smallfolk like battle glory but for them to fight to the death over politics is contradictory to the the text. I suppose your right, I always he assumed he was smallfolk because he doesn't have a surname but you make a compelling case. Though what land did Cassel own? Although he does have a surname.
  14. Hugorfonics

    Why does Balon Greyjoy want to attack the North?

    Um... You seem awfully sure Yes its better to die with a purpose then frostbite. Unfortunately for smallfolk they dont get to make that decision. Only lords can wage war
  15. Hugorfonics

    Why does Balon Greyjoy want to attack the North?

    Of course he is. Hes a lord. For sure. Smallfolk are people too, some are scared of war while some love it, but none of them have a choice. But still the level of glory seeking is different, smallfolk may want glory over death but highborn seem to take glory over life. Like heres Jaimes thoughts on Steelshanks (a northerner) Theyre just simple people, not obsessed with the game like highborn