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  1. Word, like nuncle Aeron. Although he was physically drowning where as suicidal Theon is metaphorically drowning. Prophets love metaphors. I think the main guy to convert would be Stannis and then maybe some of his men will fall in line. Maybe. Not all and not Melisandre
  2. Asha meets lots of them, and there's enough of them to convince Stannis to burn the cannibals. I mean, they just took out Mance, they got muscle. What unified North? Bolton Manderly and Stannis are all in different camps. Of course he is, and does. I mean that's the whole point of Stannis, he doesn't compromise and he sees things through. It's not about calling the gods false, it's about burning them to a crisp. Perhaps this is Theons mission?
  3. Manderlys would be on the wrong side of the battle, so they wouldn't even be any help. But are the mountain clans and Karstark soldiers enough to outmatch Stannis' storm and florent folk? Not really sure what the numbers game looks like but it'll look different after the battle, and Stannis' core are pretty elite having fought in the two biggest battles (now three). It may be bloody and some more things may be put to the flame then an old tree, but when someone sacks a town, Id put my money on the sacker
  4. Historically kings have done a pretty bad job shutting up prophets. If Theon resurrects Bran it would be a miracle no shorter then Thoros and Catelyn. That's got practically the entire Riverlands unofficial army wearing red, I see a similar trend in Stannis' army (only the gods are reversed) When I speculate on Stannis vs Roose, I can't see Stannis winning for one reason, the weirwood. Stannis like hes done in Dragonstone and Stormsend will kill any god Rhloor is jealous of. (I'm at a cross if it's a big deal, I used to think Ice was special but now that it's not a thing I realize it was always just a piece of metal. Is the weirwood just a piece of wood? Probably not) But if Stannis chooses a new hawk, a three eyed hawk, well that'd put Stannis' entire northern campaign into a new light. Definitely
  5. That's without a doubt, and while speaking to Trees is pretty nifty, it's a bit cooler when the tree speaks back This is some real Damascus Road shit, except even scarier Yea my heart went to Theon in regards to Ned in acok, in adwd Ramsay nearly snapped it. Theon deserves more. A LC or king of Iron Born, defenders of the first men with three arrows vs the mad kings daughters children. It's all romantic and would construct a magnificent arc. But, I may have, and you and most of our fanbase, can forgive Theon for the millers children, but Bran won't. Not that Brans a vengeful Cersei like creature, but idk, this Theons road to Damascus, he sees the light (or doesn't? I'm not really comfortable with the story. Not Christian) so why's he justifying himself? Like deadass? This is the prophets takeaway? I think Theon needs a little more growing up to do, and should unlike Hodor but more like Aeron, accept his heinous past and fully dedicate himself (like fully submit, more hardcore then praying to Pyke five times a day) to the glory of God, basking in his skinchange (which is such a fucking depressing/beautiful arc) Nice pick up on Hodor not knowing his name and Ramsay referring to Theon as a dog!
  6. This is new to me too, but I've thought other similar things and making Theon Brans prophet fits nicely into my theories. First of all, let me just say this is great. Killing Bran only to bring him back to life is just fantastic. So Aeron and Meli, Thoros, maybe even the Sparrow they all deeply feel the presence of God, but Theons chatting with him, honestly it's not even a question of if Theons gonna be a prophet, it's what's he gonna do about it? Or really, what's Bran gonna do about, and what do Starks do? Skinchange. Summer was easier then the birds, puppies are naturally submissive and get trained to obey, that's why Hodor the loyal stableboy was possible to skinchange into. Now what on Brans green earth is more submissive then Reek? Yea so not only do I think Theons hearing the voice of Bran and will probably spread it, but it might be Bran directly speaking through Reek, more like an instrument then a human
  7. What do you want to read? Romeo O Romeo? Pete ain't like that. But the fact is he does react to the RW but like any other Sansa chapter he spits nothing but fire because the author is like that . "They have the Vale." "Oh, much of it, that's true. Not all, however. I am well loved in Gulltown, and have some lordly friends of mine own as well. Grafton, Lynderly, Lyonel Corbray . . . though I'll grant you, they are no match for the Lords Declarant. Still, where would you have us go, Alayne? Back to my mighty stronghold on the Fingers?" She had thought about that. "Joffrey gave you Harrenhal. You are lord in your own right there." "By title. I needed a great seat to marry Lysa, and the Lannisters were not about to grant me Casterly Rock." "Yes, but the castle is yours." "Ah, and what a castle it is. Cavernous halls and ruined towers, ghosts and draughts, ruinous to heat, impossible to garrison . . . and there's that small matter of a curse." "Curses are only in songs and stories." That seemed to amuse him. "Has someone made a song about Gregor Clegane dying of a poisoned spear thrust? Or about the sellsword before him, whose limbs Ser Gregor removed a joint at a time? That one took the castle from Ser Amory Lorch, who received it from Lord Tywin. A bear killed one, your dwarf the other. Lady Whent's died as well, I hear. Lothstons, Strongs, Harroways, Strongs . . . Harrenhal has withered every hand to touch it." user uploaded image "Then give it to Lord Frey." Petyr laughed. "Perhaps I shall. Or better still, to our sweet Cersei. Though I should not speak harshly of her, she is sending me some splendid tapestries. Isn't that kind of her?" The mention of the queen's name made her stiffen. "She's not kind. She scares me. If she should learn where I am—" "—I might have to remove her from the game sooner than I'd planned. Provided she does not remove herself first." Petyr teased her with a little smile. "In the game of thrones, even the humblest pieces can have wills of their own. Sometimes they refuse to make the moves you've planned for them. Mark that well, Alayne. It's a lesson that Cersei Lannister still has yet to learn
  8. But this isn't his first game, young Eddard had no problem with picking up his steel and crafting a better world. The strict Targaryen rules of succession meant nothing for him as he strived to end the madness of KL. Now his plan is to reject all assistance and give KL to Stannis. Ned liked to say Robert changed, it's probably true. But Ned changed as well. I think turning down Renly was one of his only correct decisions. I also think, despite Cerseis claim, that Sansa didn't really participate in the downfall of her father.
  9. 1. Yea maybe. Idk, Bolton gets a lot of flack because of their sigil, and the two lovely characters of asoiaf, but I don't really see them as the historical ultimate badguys. But mainly because of this quote which puts the whole North as suspect Anyway, in terms of military might, Karstark looks pretty strong too. 2. Lyannas promise is the poisoned tree. Ashara and Brandon is just the classic talking to your spouse about the love of your life, understandably uncomfortable. Idk Deep Geeks theory but if it has anything to do with Benjin and the birth of Jon, I don't think I want to lol. 3. In hindsight it's fun to paint Duskendale as treason, especially since (iirc) immediately after sending Glover and them he goes out wolf hunting which is pretty ominous to say the least. (But Gloves was all gung-ho, only wise commander Robb saw the whole campaign as ridiculous, after the fact) But it's not really practical since we see Roose talking to Jaime much later demanding assurances from KL, as if his minds not made up
  10. I was distracted yesterday, but the overall message is the same, I don't care what our universe thinks, they're wrong sometimes But we know better, besides Jon saw he was mentally unstable and Eddard seemed to agree. Later he yells at his wife, kills Lady, keeps his daughters in jeopardy, etc. Dude, I know you like Eddard, but the author clearly didn't make him a paragon of virtue Except he didn't, right, that's the reason for this discussion? Tyrion tells Young Griff that a king shouldn't trust anyone. What's the alternative with Glover? Ramsay doesn't conquer the north? Walder doesn't murder everyone? How does the fact that Roose is second in command affect his betrayal?
  11. They remind me of Doran but not as bad. But they definitely used their kids to further their political aspersions, with Arianna it's fine, just mental issues, with Quyntin less so. The Stark girls are somewhere in between Not the best grandfather. Davos was a good dad, until they died. I like Wyman too and I'm also thoroughly and suprisngly impressed with the guardianship of Griff and Bronn. But shout out to Mysha. You know, the human children, not the ones chained up in a dungeon
  12. I dislike Trump but I'm currently watching day 4 of the investigation and it seems like lots of people in our universe like Trump despite his clear cut atrociousness. Writer has him execute an innocent mentally unstable person in our first meeting. I definitely do not see him as a paragon of virtue. (Brienne and Davos are the goody two shoes) None of Cats business No, he got into that position because in Westeros the options are extremely limited so it's either Roose or Greatjon, who would have totally decimated half of the northern army the first day. (Probably Tyrion too though)
  13. We should be so lucky Nah, Wyman. No, he is not. Um... Can't hurt Well, Ned was a terrible ruler, father and human being so I think it's more practical to pick one of those options then suggesting the author wrote an impossibility Like Ashara? The stories of Brandon Stark? The regifting by Benjin? There's lots Cats in the dark about. I don't see the correlation, Roose murdered Robb with his own hand, not with half of Robbs army
  14. I think I was also then (in between s1 and 2) Idk, I'm kinda frustrated that like, theyre milking the fuck outta this, sure I am! I saw agot, I read those two encyclopedias, I plan on watching the new show where I already know the story just like I plan on watching the adventures of Jon Snow. I'm sure it'll be terrible, they all are. But asoiaf is amazing (dunk and eggs ok), obviously it'll be better when it's finished and detrimental when it's not, but I don't think that should take away from what's already written. I mean it's difficult to tell, but I'd bet reading (and re,re, reading) asoiaf changed my life, I think the points already been made. Although tbh I kinda think more and more what's the point about, well, here. Lol
  15. @frenin Word. Not sure Roose was Neds most powerful vassal, nor do I find it impossible for Jon to have been taught something and Robb not, although it is a suspect for sure. (Also not sure why Cat wouldn't be in the dark, she only seemed to get back into politics when Ned left) But it's totally possible Robb knew his dad's theory but that was pretty overshadowed by Old Nan's theory I don't understand this line of thinking anyway, Roose only reluctantly betrays Robb after his son conquered Robbs kingdom and his father in law guaranteed his death
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