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  1. Month 1 of the Northern Theater In between the magenta weddings. Which is right before Jaime seeing Jeyne leaving. Tywin clearly calls out the fugazi by referencing Renlys Ghost, Garlen. It was rather strange when Roose pressed Theon in saying m'lord like a peasent and not my lord like a Nym. But really, I like to stay grounded in my theories and the simplest explanation imo is despite Lady Dustins hopes, Roose is not Bobby Fischer. Its probable, idk how clear it is though. Yes Arya screams her name to the Kindly Man soon after arriving but if Cersei never stalled on her payments the rep would have no cause to go west. Im not following Idk I think its a more of a coincidence. That the FM take the Sealords life seriously is a strong sign imo that the faceless are not in charge of Braavos, unlike the bankers. Word, they can afford it I guess. The most obvious combatant who could use a blank check is Aerys' daughter. But I think disrespectful Cersei is a step up from mad Dany. Sure she frees slaves but shes also the mother of dragons and I guess thats all the Keyholders see. Really the entirety of Essos is heading to see Dany in adwd, and despite the confusing timelime, especially now that its Dany, someone shoulda made her an offer by now.
  2. Huh, so I was wrong. Especially about day 1. I got confused with the news Balon Greyjoy is dead and Theon Greyjoy is captured. Apparently Im also wrong about the month gaps between the three kings death, but I dont think so. Tyrions thoughts from the rw to the pw reads like days, also I dont think the kingsmoot was drawn out because why would any Greyjoy want that? And I think that Theon opened the gates of MC fairly quickly. But, whatevs They knew they never had Arya The timeline doesnt have much to say about the banker in kl, but Ceresi put all debts on hold around the time of the Declarant. That takes time from week 1 (although I guess its not within a week more or less though I still kinda think it is {time difference between Robb legitimizing Jon, cuz king balon had "no heir", and RWeve?} but we can call it month 1 give or take), when Aryas sleeping by her hound. First Lysa needs to die, then LF needs to not leave/vale lords assemble, so id say its month 3 or 4. So fArya, yea tots. Shes up north by then, maybe even married. But rArya, she was doing her Egg thing for a bit, for the sake of fuck it lets call it a couple months, while the trip to Braavos could be a month or two, so ok. So yea, the banker came to kl after arya was screaming her name and Jeyne was married and the NT was in full swing. I just dont see it, one of the main rules of assassins is you cant kill people you know, and r/farya appear to know everybody. Also the Iron Bank is scary but there plans appear to be coax Cersei and then hand her opponent a blank check. Which I dont think is a very good plan because Stannis isnt a good plan.
  3. Timeline huh? Ok... I dont have any kids but im busyish. And lazy lol. So idk how far im gonna go with this but thats why god made the edit button, or even a new post... Alright, did some digging, came back with something. Week 1. The curtains rise on the northern theater. Ight, now since Balon stumbled off screen its hard to pin point an exact date in the illusory calendar, but since we arent dealing with the iron island theater its irrelevant. What is relevant is on day 1 of Hugors calendar the news reached over seas that the Reaver is dead, and all claimants of the seastone leave the north. (Robb reads this news the day before he was murdered) Which brings us to the 2nd day, the RW. Day 1 was more like an intro, the play is now cast with Roose as lead and Frey vs Manderly as a distracting subplot. The next five days, give or take whatever, further actors and more plots will be put into place, before act 1 starts and the stage is set, at the end of the week, give or take whatever. -Joffrey has grown awful antagonistic and while Tywin plans a lesson, Tyrion expects death. His wife, consumed with grief, is in actuality planning her escape. Mere days after Balon fell from the bridge, Sansa is climbing down a secret ladder and into the theater. -fArya, a few days after the king was murdered approaches Jaime and Steelshanks and talks of old times, oh the fun on the kingsroad! After assuring Jaime that fun times were had she trots up north with Steelshanks into our lead actress, or lead understudy actress -Catelyns corpse wasnt good at holding up the dart board, and that smell! Shes thusly unceremoniously thrown like a fish into the river where it floated by a sleeping girl and a woken direwolf, before floating further and rising after some snow white shenanigans. (This is obviously more Riverland theater although Catelyn Starks name should appear in the northern program. Also idk when Beric kissed her, but Nymeria did kiss her days after Balon and Joffreys death, so I include Stonehearts appearance in the first week) -Stannis cant burn his nephew, but theres this eagle up north thats calling like kindling. Stannis departs DS for the North days after said events, bringing the jurisdiction of the Iron Throne to the wall and the north What a week! I thought I was busy. And although this week hasnt been fun for, well anybody, it really wasnt fun, just like the weeks before, for Theon. Enter left, the Prince. Roughly within one week of Victarion sailing to his brothers kingsmoot his castilian is hit with a poisoned arrow and Theon easily forces Moat Cailins surrender to Bolton, opening the flood gates to all actors, pros and amateurs alike Enter left, Roose. So yea, within a week the entire northern theater gets created, pretty much all actors are present and the stage is set. Wild stuff really. Never knew it till now, pretty sure im right tho. Ill try to get back to this stuff laterish too. It is helpful to understand the theater better. Eta. Ah damn, forgot Jon. Days before Robb was murdered he signed his will, legitimizing Jon. Although far from concrete itd be a fair assumption to conclude that Robbs lords who were to assist in the battle of MC arrived at the Neck within the week of Victarions departure of MC and Rooses entrance
  4. So you think Braavos was founded, or created, by the Faceless? They are monks. In a sense, just with more swords, and faces. All men must serve. But for sure, theres more at play here Ok, so all three beaches of govt. Money, murder, municipality. One house? The coin was old, but yea, side eyed with an eyebrow raise... Also the captain, one would think a private citizen, that took the coin recognized it in like a second and got all solemn and accommodating to the orphan beggar, so thats pretty odd ok but why? Do these 3 branches have checks and balances that the faceless want to diminish? How are they not all 3 branches, if they are the keyholders and debt collectors. Shouldnt the Sealord live die and be created by the Kindly Mans master? That sounds really cool and probable. Which one will be wearing the horseface?
  5. Cersei in agot was surprised Jeyne is rooming with Sansa. LF happily takes control of her. Cersei in acok tells Tyrion the word is Arya is theirs but in reality shes m.i.a. Tywin in asos, after dismissing Joff and Cersei, tells Tyrion that LF "found" Arya. Tyrions obviously peeved but his dad said it was a need to know thing, just like the recent RW. More then already? Word. But she doesnt know LF found Arya For sure, which would be a wild guess. Jeyne has no reason to know it was Petyr who set her up. Probably her husband. Who else knows besides Petyr and Tywin? And one of ems dead. Nah she was in KL, probably the one he hid Cat in. Jaime sees Jeyne leaving KL as he enters it, plus Lysa would never have allowed that anyway She certainly knows of the RW, Tyrion was too uncomfortable to give her any details, but when Petyr was prancing on the curses of Harrenhal Sansa said, "so give it to lord Frey". So theres definitely some knowledge and animosity there. Sansa was at court when Petyr became Lord of Harrenhal for his contributions at Blackwater. What contributions? Sansa couldn't see. So id be surprised if shes unable to connect the dots with the RW and Warden of the north, as the best contributions are often hidden. Even if it goes against her husbands, 2nd husband, subjects ties and even the Declarant with their paper swords. I just cant see it, Frey is cursed in the eyes of gods and men, Id jump on the titanic before that ship. Also in a very real sense their army is depleted and stretched thin and the ones that arent plotting to murder their brothers and cousins are getting strung up by outlaws. Not even Cerseis KL looks upon them favorably. Frey is fucked, but uptown Frey? The ones in the snow surrounded by northerners and Stannis? Like, Id rather ally with that army in slavers bay, with the stilts and chains. Granted Frey is not Bolton but the distinction is rapidly disappearing, not to mention Tommens LionStag flies above both camps, the same lionstag that has orders to arrest and bring to trial the suspected regicide fugitive, Sansa. Ahh, always an uglier fish. This is cornerstone of asoiaf stuff, though its hard to be uglier then a weasel, wildlings and ironborn give em a run for their money. Not to mention its always fun to smack Stannis around. There are many roads to Winterfell I wanna get back to Jeyne and Pete. So agot, Cerseis practically like, "whos crying, jeyne? Why is this person alive?" To which LF, fucking creep he is, says ill take the young girl. Anyone not named Sansa could have said anything and busy Cersei would say fine. So whyd he do it? Creep? Doubtful, he only loves Cat and she isnt even Sansa. So just, why not? A northern acorn in the pocket. Ok. But Jeyne was "trained". When and how? Straight hooker? Doubtful, Spider has ears everywhere. So just rape by Petes agents in guise? Probably. So when? Presumably right off the bat, although I guess that doesnt matter acok ends and Tywin and Petyr casually stroll into KL. Mid way asos, Tywins council reads the wolf pelt letter and leave sulking after Joff acts all Joffy. Tywin and his son remain so the conversation of Sansas rape can begin. Its an extravagant conversation involving 20 years from now usurping Boltons son by Petyrs Arya. Ok, so when? Obviously good moves not giving Jeyne to Tyrion because he was destined to fall, so immediately after Blackwater? All the fine scholars of Westeros knew Robb was destined to fall after Blackwater. Even Dontos the agent told Sansa, "its ya claim honey", so I think its safe to assume Petyr gave Tywin Jeyne after BW, when Petyr was simultaneously prepping to kidnap Sansa. Why? After BW and before RW Petyr planted a northern seed, one with startling connections to his on going and very alive scheme, Sansa. It cant be a coincidence, Petyr has long term plans for fArya that started most likely in acok although its possible but doubtful that it was in asos in between the 1st chapter and Petyr leaving to marry Lysa
  6. Word. In fact Jaime had his hands full (hand full, with his other hand) when Petyr found Arya, so he doesn't even know the name Poole, let alone Petyrs ploy. Honestly Bolton probably doesn't know it was Petyr either. Cersei... doesnt. She does know Petyr took control of Jeyne, but the fact thay shes Arya is lost on sweet Cersei. She must know Aryas a fake though and since shes got such a wonderful relationship with Sansa shed say and do anything to hurt her, but really the likelihood of Cersei finding out is small. Speaking of small, Mr. Sansa Stark totally knows Petyr is responsible for fArya. This could be Petyrs demise. Joffreys knife, the pigeon pie, kidnapping his wife, its positively a Cersei/Sansa friendship. If Tyrion wants to convince his wife shes better off not as Littlefingers daughter, this is some stellar ammo. Granted Sansa probably doesnt know the groove that makes Rams Rams, even if she heard the stories they could be dismissed as just stories. Roose and the RW could also be dismissed, but that takes some serious overshadowing. Manderly and Dustin can overlook it because the sword in their face cant, but Sansas safe from them and not an idiot. Roose oversaw the death of their mother and brother, how could Sansa not be worried (for lack of a better word) or at least anxious to see one member of her dead fam. Im in awe of LF. However I really try to run from any conspiracy theory that doesnt involve him or the spider yet there they are in a pizzeria basement. I mean I knew Bloodraven had propaganda on lock, but damn lol. Blackfyres grumkins and snarks arent the deepstate. Yea his fam had connections to the free city but hes not the Trident, hes the mockingbird. He plays them off each other, not by amassing the sublime strength of Braavos. The facts that he excels in assassinations and money handling is a coincidence, or a call back, but I dont think anything more then that. Nor do I see the ironbank in cahoots with the faceless, as the bank is just a bunch of rich dudes who're descended from slaves and the faceless guild is way older then those slaves and only went to Braavos because thats the best hiding spot. Having said that, fArya introducing herself as Arya to whatever face is on top of Mercy would be priceless
  7. When Sansa learns. She found out Lord Snow was elected so news does reach her. I have no doubt word of Arya Bolton will reach her ears soon. What Petyr will say have to say about this will be interesting. I mean, he must have realized giving Jeyne to Bolton would have drastic implications. So whyd he do it? Did he gain anything? (Quotes I hope are applicable but are taken out of context) Woah... I used to think it was Dany Cersei Sansa... But im pretty sure fArya is one of the three now. Like, Alaynes reborn as Sansa and immediately finds out her baby sisters alive and in duress. It will turn out duress doesnt begin to describe anything and instead of "always ruins everything Arya" its good ole bff Jeyne in the most despicable state, courtesy of papa Petyr. What the fuck is LF thinking? I think, despite Cerseis gratitude and Sansas wickedness, Ned really only fell because hes got the political skill of a cashew nut. But the Lady fiasco I think is where the sister conflict really boils at. There was a first date mentality and the physical effects of getting drunk for the first time as a preteen but Sansa wasnt manipulated any further then that. Sansa recognizes her manipulation at the hands of sweet Cersei, merciful Joff, friendly Tyrells and currently papa Petyr. However not once does she question that maybe Arya was 100% not in the wrong and completely free of any blame for Ladys death. This I think will later come into play
  8. I think anybody thats not named Janos Slynt had a good chance of bringing in Tormund and co, Jons terms werent that terrible and the alternative is fighting a war already decided or other problems. Plus more then just the freefolk took Jons deal We do see how free folk society works, its fuck you I dont feel like it, until theyre held at sword point. They follow power like any Varys riddle. They dont follow blood, let alone sister in law blood, as Jon reminds Stannis time and again. And they certainly dont follow the hereditary crowns consort as Jon again reminds us
  9. The difference is Nymeria was a queen who had the respect and commitment of all her peoples. Val is nothing, sister in law to the late king. Its like Jeyne Westerlings sister commanding the north, with all its inner politics in play. I never understood the fandoms Stannis like obsession that Val has any political bearing aside from being a spearwife with a pretty smile
  10. Lol Smart. Which brings us to another direction on your compass, the grey rat one, who may not actually be a power and may lose whatever power they dont have when Euron takes Oldtown. Yea I suppose thats true... I mean we see Stannis in twow needing maesters for said purpose For sure. RW prisoners to Roose is like Bran and Rickon to his son. The facade can end with just one word of honesty. If anything Greatjons testimony is worse for Roose then Rickons. Ramsay burnt Winterfell and Theon didnt? Oh well, never cared for the bastard anyway. But, Roose was the kingslayer/ringleader cant back out of that one. Good points. However Robbs will, although never seen by us, probably looks like Jon is legit and Sansas a dub. Therefore Jon is natrually the heir because hes got like 5 years on Bran. And as you say, Howland doesnt need Robbs will to know Jons king, although not lord of winterfell. (This is confusing) I think the lack of dead tadpoles draping Winterfells gates with the miller boys is a strong sign to Howland that yes the boys are alive but more importantly Boltons a liar and the enemy. Its hard to judge actions of mystery characters but if the laughing tree story is true, and Howland, then hes been to the isle and done his voodoo shit. His son also speaks with wisdom and sorrow since the cradle, and although he didnt know he was leaving his dad to go north, the dad probably knew he wasnt coming back. The winged wolf is unchained, hes uncatchable. Rickon being alive is swell too but without Wex hes a needle in a hay stack.
  11. Idk, ravens are a thing. Umber and co could phone ahead and meet up with their army through the Neck, as Reed is probably already in cahoots with Mallister and co, plus those Frogmen are so damn sneaky Yea I agree Rickon is such a standard to fight Aryas husband, being a boy, with a wolf. Plus all of a sudden Theons/Ramsays escapades get exposed and Ramsay would be declared a murderer while "Aryas" "brother" will be exposed as a liar. The lie is slain... Not that anyone believes the lie, Dustin Manderly etc, but they cant escape the facade. Rickon is their escape. Imo Ramsays only option would be to double down on his monstrosity and spread fear through in your face carnage, and slay Ricky and Shaggy.
  12. Ramsay signed the pink letter as trueborn heir of Winterfell. His sense of legality is expansive and his usurpation is perfected. Renly once commented that only maesters care about law, Ramsay seems to agree. But whenever these medieval claims get brought up I think of the play The Lion in Winter. The 1960s movie being 100 out of 10 with thanks to the legendary casting. Anyway, Henry II: The Vexin's mine. Philip II: By what authority? Henry II: It's got my troops all over it; that makes it mine.
  13. Hes not. These veteran lords should also be examined further. While Edmure is properly being escorted to prison I have doubts on the other captives. The most obvious ones to rescue Robbs inner circle is momma Stark, because shes there with an army. Many of these lords put their seal of approval on Robbs will so friction might commence when they ask Cat for Robbs hat for king Jon. Ramsay, although not lacking of any guile, feels most comfortable spreading fear. While his letter writing father is happy to put the blame of Winterfells sack on Theon, Rams is upset of the lack of recognition, or at the least a dothraki bell. So while I do see Ramsay murdering his father it will most likely be in such a horrific manner it will frighten his peers into submission or once again completely under wraps and Ramsays fingers will stay as clean as Petyrs. Ricky would be murdered asap if Bolton or their agents get their hands on him. Rickons claim supersedes his fictitious sister. (Its as if Lord Hornwood came back to life, or Walda delivers a healthy son) And although inheritance law regarding a traitorous family is ambiguous the fact of Rickons existence will slay the lie of Theons sack and the truth will unravel faster then Ramsays fear mongering can spread. Not that the truth is so wonderfully hidden. As @The hairy bear noted 600 Bolton soldiers know damn well who burnt Winterfell, they did, and although their fear could excuse their silence, they havent been silent at all, and have asked all Liddles and their mothers on the Kingroad if they know where a baby, cripple and two direwolves are. The great, err, good lords of the far north like Buckets seem more down to earth then your run of the mill Webbers, and although theyre doubtfully chill enough to talk to their subjects they almost certainly listen to them.... This is interesting stuff. The chances of Buckets thinking of Neds little boy while he raises arms for Neds little girl is pretty high imo.
  14. Word. Pack survives and all that. I think the Stark extended family may be the ones to really cement peace in the north. The hated brother in law, Imp Lannister, and the despised foster brother, Reek Greyjoy. No doubt. In terms of Lord Snow and his powerbase of crows, knights, wildlings, giants and skinchangers, Jeyne will be protected. Especially if she says Poole But Jons more then LC. Mallister and co swore to their king, sealed papers and all, that Jon is heir. Now I like Mallister and Vance and them, but to pretend theyre anything less then pissing contestants is shortsighted. All game of throne lords are just war mongers who play a murderous treacherous real cyvesse. And that Jeyne Poole piece looks damn threatening to the high lords of the King of the North and Trident, Jon Stark. Of course bringing up Jon Stark king of the Trident brings up his father, Rhaegar of the Trident. King Jon Targaryen should be able to check the scheming of the Riverlords, so that should be beneficial to stop the dance of direwolves, should. Probably not dragons lol Again, huge fan of Wyman. But that dude schemes and murders like what! A large breasted teenager who thinks like Cersei and talks like Littlefinger will not be the puppet that high lords relish installing. Also Greatjon as noted follows raw strength like Greywind, and perhaps Shaggydog, but Sansa cant compete with her siblings in that field.
  15. A drug pushing hand surgeon approves of Marwyn. New theory: Marwyn is a secret Matt Gaetz?
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