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  1. For sure Well if she ever lands she can get questioned, but if shes anything like her sister she wont say much
  2. Sounds Dunkish in sworn sword. But for sure theres lot or knights, most as Sandor notes are not obsessed with righteousness and justice and are just not trying to get murdered by Tywin. Like the Frey knights. Word. Perhaps I went to much describing the legality of it instead of highlighting the mumbo jumbo. Point being, I see Westeros law as murky with lots of leeway, which isnt to say theres no laws just that the real high lords can do anything short of crowning yourself and they probably have a good case on why its legal. (And even Robb Balon Euron Aegon Dany and Stannis all claim the crown as legal. Not Renly though which is pretty funny) I dont think so. I cant even think of a great lord judging another great lords family. The judgments in my mind are like Tarly in affc, or Targaryen in Hedge Knight. Neither are what we're talking about. Its probable that in the 300 years past this is unprecedented But war isnt the worst outcome in the 7k, theyre just pissing contests after all. There are riders, ravens. Robb finds out whats happening south so hes not completely dependent on Catelyns information Catelyn is Brans mother, it is her place. Now legally? No,I guess not. But Ned never said " no matter what", and even if he did, Tyrions incarnation is to good to pass by. The triggering of the war was when Tywin sent Gregor to the Riverlands. Did Tyrions abduction convince Tywin, sure! But thats not the only reason. Lady, Neds Job, Dragonspawn, Kingslayer. The war is on the horizon no matter what, which means Arya and Sansa are in danger no matter what, bottom line, you take the free chip. I mean, if both Tyrion and Jamie were in Robbs custody Tywin probably would have sued for peace. I dont believe Catelyn wanted a rushed trial, nor did she want Tyrion to die in the sky cells. This was the work of Lysa who knew damn well that she was helping pit Stark against Lannister and its Iron Throne. Even Tywin and Keaven wanted Tyrion to have witnesses in his kangaroo court, thats closer to what I expect Cat wanted. Ok, if the mission was prevent war, she failed. But if the mission was to find justice for Bran, well she failed that too, but certainly not for lack of trying.
  3. Id think theyd apprehend the suspect and take him to a lord. Probably both strangers. They cant really just ignore the scarred grieving mother, what kinda knight isu that? Nah, mine. Lots of slang and not clear. Basically Ser Rodrik did a knights duty by arresting Tyrion. I guess. Idk about legally binding, thats kinda heavy. She changed her mind, decided Winterfell is unobtainable and thought of combining her lannister prisoner with Lysas Lannister linked crime. She probably knew this beforehand though and just lied when she said Winterfell The high lords dont need their noble super powers to condemn other high lords though. All they need is the truth and evidence and the law will prevail under a just trial. Hopefully lol. For sure, its all murky. How should she protect Bran? More so then Rodrik Robb or Greywind? Hold his hand some more, yell at Jon again? Yea I know the quote but to me its just foolish Ned hiding his wife in the snow. Why? Its never been taken. Plus to attack, the enemy must pass through Hosters land (if you keep your Reek close) He knows that. One of my favorite quotes from thou shall not kill children Ned. To paraphrase, "why isnt Theon under Ice?" Which as Cat notes, and I agree with her, since I know Balon. You dont need to keep your reek close Theres more important things. Like Tyrion. If war starts youll want a hostage, albeit a small one. If a trial happens youll want a defendant. Theres no reason to tuck tail and run away before the lion has a chance to roar.
  4. I think after Lysas package arrived Cat sensed the sky could fall. Before that though the realm looked stable and the hand job wouldnt be so hard, but I could see Ned ominous To be Hand, which Ned was against as soon as Robert left KL, probably less then 5% of the population would object to. But to marry their daughter to the crown prince id say none. Definitely not, but to pivot "legally exempt Lannister" until later, what if its a stranger asking them to arrest some strangers son? Ight, ima go basic, while also mostly pivoting again but now on Lysa. Ok, theres that knight, Rodrik. Like Duncan the Tall hes responsible for defending the weak and justice and yada yada yada. Im pretty sure that if one of those yadas entails kicking a prince then bagging an imp cant be to many yadas away Why not the Vale? Is the Eyrie and its Arryn overlords not known for honor and justice? As our suspect in question bluntly asks This is not obvious to me. The Conciliator existed, this isnt north of the wall. In The Sworn Sword we see that lords and there pissing contests is the norm while the king stepping in is not to be expected (granted its a chequy lion not the lion but still) Alright, pivots over. Now despite Tywins insistence, Jaimes golden armor and whatever the fuck goes on in Cerseis mind; Lannister is not above the law. They may think that, but thats fine as long as law abiding knights and lords do their duty. Course! The barbaric sunset kingdoms have been drenched in blood for millennials. Thats uh how justice gets done No he wouldnt, your correct that hed run to Robert like the last time a king annoyed him. But his wife was following other legal options, the only feasible option that could have her son and brother in laws injustice rectified, that are totally available to a court of high lords, ladies and knights X miles away from KL. With or without Tyrion? Cuz with wouldnt work and without is letting the monster roam, allowing fear to cow your sons attacker free. And then theres the real reason why Cat went to Lysa; Bran fell and a knifeman came... but kids alive still, and hes like, almost 7? The fucking hand was murdered. The great lord of the east, who toppled the dragons 300 year grip on its 7 kingdoms. The mans a legend, and murdered. Heavy heavy crime, Cat needed to know what Lysa was afraid to write in code. Lannister is not above the law. What information? That Lannisters lie? Itd be good to hear again, but the gods gave Catelyn a different path which I cant see anybody with a sliver of authority not taking. Lol for sure, but now looking back, any trial with Jaime and Bran present in the same room would be uh interesting. I think the wildlings attack, distracted the conversation. Oh, no Tyrion in all his culture and polite manners demands to know if or if not Petyr had taken Cats virginity Lol, fuckin imp. I dont think itd matter. Varys not disagreeing with Petyr was a strong sign that hes telling the truth. That is another curious scene of enemies briefly working together, I wonder what the other was thinking then.
  5. Theres a large diffrence between motherly and the disgusting behavior of Catelyn
  6. For sure, although the real blame is again on Lysa and Petyr for killing/lying about Jon. But, anyway, Im not sure it was guaranteed to be a mistake. Eddard wasnt destined to fail and as you say refusing Sansas hand could lead to a split with the kings grace. He says the above in connection with Jon Arryn's death, but I think his views are similar in the case of the accusation against Tyrion. So quickly, minor detail, Tyrions arrest was met with all legal mumbo jumbo Hosters knights and men at arms are responsible for policing the land, so if they seize someone its because thats their job description, serving their good lords and king. All justice flows from the king (My god I love trying to understand Eddard) Ok, so right off the bat thats bull, unless all justice for noblemen/ not deserters? This also creates discrepancies since Eddard himself was marked for death by his king, so then he made a new king. I digress, point being theres some leeway for the high lords, let alone Hands. And honestly, like the last king, justice is not in the kings interest. To hell with her reasons, to hell with justice. Should we be suprised? The king is compromised I believe Cat did the only thing she was capable of doing, Tyrion basically acknowledges the same. Taking him to KL would clearly not have had a positive outcome. It is her duty to gome home and protect her sons as a mother and as a wife. To me this falls under the keep the gentle sex in safe territory, honorable, chivalrous and mad chauvinistic. Robb did it too, eventually. It drove her mad, (not like LSH mad lol) like Cersei and other powerful women in asoiaf she doesnt understand why a capable woman shouldn't play the game herself. This is a very good point. And while the North has like never been attacked and Theons still in the yard, war comes to her homeland Riverland. Like her freed prisoner, she rolled the dice, even loaded them. Look shit turned ugly, yea. It didnt help that Tywins ready to scrap over a song let alone a son and that son refuses to be cordial for a second. But its Lysa, the other compromised. How it shoulda been was Tyrions given decent accommodations based on his birth, or any number of modern laws, and Petyr and Jaime go to the Vale where a law abiding lady and a not insane, though still slickly boy lord, unravel the halfassed lie of catspaw. That coulda happened, who knows, maybe Joffrey would have been found guilty and the absolute worst king westeros has seen since that stark fucked an other wouldn't have ascended.
  7. Nice! Thats such a good catch! (Catelyn clutching Brans hand while Robb and Rickon make pop-tarts for dinner) Petyr teaches Sansa that the best lies are what you want to hear Cat wants to believe in the worst, she wants justice for her son and her sister. So Petyr says, "sure!" Id also like to mention that Petyrs not some random dude at the water cooler, hes a lord of the small council, prestige, and accompanied by the kings very own lord of secrets. The fact that Spiderman, the master or whisperers, didnt object to anything adds heavy credence to knifegate. Now did Petyr expect Cat to apprehend Tyrion, like within the month? Outlook does not look good. Westeros is big while Tyrion is small. Does Petyr even know hes pissing off the edge of the world, course not because thats ridiculous. But Tyrions ridiculous and waddles up to Cats table grinning like an idiot. I mean come on! Who would make small talk? The kings chancellors just little fingered this little attempted murderer on her son, hes getting knocked. Like, why the hell not, there are laws. And honestly, its now or never. Call them the old gods or the new, grumkins or snarks, but the accused is in her neighborhood with her fathers men and her husbands knight and her sisters house down the block. Family Duty Honor. Little guy aint have a chance. (That Lysa commits more treason then a Blackryre isnt helpful) What would Ned do? Probably fetch a block.
  8. I thought Columbus hit both, or if not North then Central, which is still North. But yea, hilarious. Im also partial (obviously) to the United States of America which like the 7 Kingdoms is more of a description then a name. The Sunset Kingdoms is a dope name.
  9. Idk. One of the major similarities between these two warlords was there ability to merge their house with the state, thusly combining internal and external into one. (Tywin fills KL with Lannisters and when Joff weds hes draped in crimson. Cao literaly moves the capital to his house) Cao caos resume, is like, hundred of thousands killed, millions ruled and tens of thousands of miles under his sandals. Oh, one more thing. He lost. Now despite the disdain I have for Tywin military, politically and personally, he did not lose. (I wouldnt say he won. But he clearly didnt lose.) Tywins enemies, Rhegar, Robert and Robb all dead in large thanks to Tywin. But Caos enemies Sun Quan and Liu Bei are as alive as they were at Red Cliffs, and after Cao dies are 5 minutes removed from declaring themselves emperors.
  10. A spasm of pain twisted his face. "Do you mean to make me beg, bitch? Do it! The gift of mercy . . . avenge your little Michael . . . " "Mycah." . Lol . The daughter of a wise. Who saved a raider, shed her families treasure and created a king
  11. Word. He took Raventree Still these momentarily gains isnt the same as conquering, as every castle falls back into rebel hands within months. Cao Cao on the other hand conquered land that (for the most part) stayed relatively calm for like 100 years
  12. Petyt told Dontos to be a Florian to Sansas Jonquil, so Petyr definitely understands the power of words and stories. Ok, our hero, whos no hero but a satan in flesh, started off as a boy (whos father took him to the local soothsayer and heard an amazingly outlandish future) and when this satan boy became a young man... He acted in romance, honor, and all around morality earning a reputation of a fool who puts his own life down for right vs wrong. (Cao cao attempts an assassination on Dong Zhuo while Petyr duels Brandon for Cats hand) This preliminary Mendge Littlfinger move is so out of character for our two now anti heroes. Another startling comparison
  13. True. Thats like, a couple of hundred square miles. Maybe a thousand? Word. He shoulda led his navy though, instead of giving Victarion is very own Huang Gai escapade. Huh, got red cliffed. Thats pretty cao caoish So like, Harrenhall and Riverrun? I guess, Jaime loses whatever he took around Riverrun very quickly. Then Gregor dutifully hands over his Hall of Kings to Tywin, who proceeds to give it to his turncloak goat. Better then a butcher. Cao would hire a butcher if he had talent though. And for all the hype that Tywin the commander gets all I see is a Sima Yi, scared to fight the underwhelming army. (Not that Sima Yi didnt win the gameOthrones or anything) I just see the two warlords too differently, Cao liked to laugh and write poetry, can you imagine Tywin writing poetry? If anything Tywins like Cao Cao just less cool in almost all aspects
  14. Dong was on his way to his coronation, or so he thought. He may not have been emperor, but he basically was. Not really. Sun Jian went south with his seal, where liu biao does murder him but its not full scale war. Cao fights with the alliance instead of putting Tao Qians cities to the sword. Liu Bei too is part of the alliance. The Yuan brothers are working together, etc Yuan Shao and Gongsan Zan do go to war but its not resolved till years later Once Cao takes the emperor business as usual stops, but before things arent much worse then the yellow turbans or the 10 eunuchs Lol so 3/5th of china? Give or take a riverland Theres no Cao Rens or Xiahou Yuans, true. But that rags to riches story is too prevalent to overlook imo. Especially since their rags when compared to Yuan and Lannister, not like 99% of the smallfolk population Whatd Tywin conquer? Jaime conquered the Riverlands, under Tommen. Hmm. Both are nasty commanders, whos victory is the definition of legendary. Brave, loyal with bouts of anger. But while Jon is the wisest in whatever room hes in, Zhou Yus unfortunately not. Jealous, petty and, most importantly, does not see the larger threat... Actually maybe thats exactly what he saw lol. (Cao is Mance while Others are Zhuge Liang) not bad... (Zhou Gongjin is my favorite character in rotk btw, above Cao Mengde, Zhang Yide and Wei Yan, they do my mans so dirty. I dont even think they give his style lol) Nah. Great wall is older. Well, the first few stones are. Word Builder was Stark. I was just joking. But honestly, wall to the north. Roughly the size of Han China. Theres lots of War of Roses, mainly Sansa Warwick. But Liu Bei Dany is too on point to be a coincidence imo. Those Dothraki Bloodriders, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei hes a large eared villain. Honor because of politics... And now we're cynical as Cao Cao lol. When I first read asoiaf I was really sour on Ned. After watching 2010s 3Kingdoms I was sour on Liu Bei. After reading rotk, I decided Ned wasnt that bad lol. I think Liu Bei knows what others think is right and wrong while Dany does what she thinks is best. Which sounds bad but in practice its probably more moral then Liu Beis campaigns
  15. Aerys has some Dong qualities, i am a big believer in the Lu Bu kingslayer parallel. Not only are they clear kingslayers (remember when liu bei told cao cao to adopt lu bu, cuz it works so well lol) but their also brash, plan there schemes over women and are arguably the greatest warrior, um, ever. (If we ignore Zhao Yun and Sandor and them) But shit doesnt pop off when Aerys croaks, not like Robert. A fat drunk unceremoniously threw away tradition and entered the capitol while his dogs committed barbarism. (Yuan shao and Cao Cao slaughtered the eunuchs/ non bearded men. Dragonspawn) The lord achieved the impossible and is a foot note for the heroes who follow, because his wife (concubine) decided to murder him. Cao and Tywin looks good at first too. Being Hand for like, ever, and having his own family on the dragons throne. But that, and his ruthlessness is where the similarities stop. Whatd Cao conquer? Lots. Tywin? Little. Whats Tywins noble blood like? The noblest. Caos? Less. Now im not saying Petyrs gonna conquer china, from like the great wall to dorne, but id get out the way. Littlefinger imo has the right amount of nobility blood to be Mengde. Their also beyond brilliant, shrewd, calculating, and move with such ease that they seem to be playing a different game then their opponents. Plus that chaos line in affc, good thing I handle chaos so well ( or something). Thats straight out Cao Caos mouth. Young Wolf/Little conqueror, son of one of the noblest, famous and phenomenal warriors/commanders of their time, had no father before he turned 20. Murdered. (Not just a famous dad but a famous family. Descended from like a THOUSAND YEAR old legend who totally existed cuz he wrote a book/built a wall thats still in use [sun tzu] but the likelihood theyre related...) But his uncles alive, mothers brother in the south is under attack. Our hero goes south and in ridiculous time carved himself a kingdom. Alas this unparalleled war leader was murdered before he reached adult hood, however his younger sibling takes control and their merit ascends them to the heavens. The dragon. (Dont tell me GRRM never read rotk lol) A few hundred years ago the land was ruled by multiple kings, thats when the first dragon came. (Liu Bang. Very cool dude) A few hundred years go by and your Wang Mangs and Blackfyres didnt leave the land the way they found it. All can see, the age of the dragon is done. But the blood still flows in the scion. A poor one, bordering on random hobo. This dragon knows right and wrong though, knows its land needs help and knows it belongs to the dragon. Thanks in help to their blood of their blood, fearsome warriors who in all religion and ceremony vowed to walk the same path, achieve great victories and die the same day as their sibling, the dragon conquered vast land and saved many from doom. Though the scions greatest contribution besides its benevolence is waking the dragon. Zhuge Liang is Drogon, theres no way around that. (and that spouse record! Idk who I feel worse for, Drogo dying by his wifes decision or Liu Beis wife dying by her husbands. Then theres Hizdar with a sword at his throat and Sun Shangxiang with a sword in her bed! Just uh fyi, dont marry a dragon.)
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