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  1. See, this is why I never watch the recaps. They always ruin it by telling you exactly which plot points are going to come up. You’re probably right though, from my perspective it was just the annoying trope of ‘crew member should clearly just tell everyone they don’t feel right FFS’.
  2. I feel like I missed a meeting on why everyone cares about this Snyder cut. Why exactly do we think it’ll be significantly better?
  3. Just finished the second season. There was quite a bit about the time travel that didn’t quite make sense (I know it’s more a fun show than a serious time travel show, but I think it’s central enough to the plot that it merits mentioning these things):
  4. I’m enjoying Rebels, it’s a nice change of pace from the Clone Wars darting around the galaxy telling so many different stories. Plus it’s good to spend some time in the OT era. One thing that’s really bugging me though, and I know this is one of those things that people say “ah, Star Wars has always been like that, it’s fine” but that bugs me as it’s just basically saying “it’s an aspect that’s shit so it’s OK to keep being shit” ... fucking Stormtrooper aim. Pretty much every episode the crew survive a barrage of blaster fire at extremely close range. I could understand if they got lucky once in while, but they actually seem to factor it in to plans. They’ll plan to send Sabine in against a dozen bucket heads and know she’ll be fine. We’ve seen plenty of times that a single blaster hit can be lethal, even through armour. But they’ll have a corridor chase scene where they seem to be about 5 metres away, three of four Stormtroopers firing straight at them and they’ll actually turn to each other and converse while under fire. In the Clone Wars I didn’t mind it so much as there was typically a Jedi up front deflecting everything. That seems to be the primary advantage of a lightsaber, deflecting fire. But Kanan rarely does it to protect everyone else, if he’s there at all. Anyway. Not quite sure what Inquisitors are either. They seem to break the rule of two, and have been trained in the Force but don’t count as Sith? Cool lightsabers though.
  5. I think that was Omega particles from Voyager.
  6. I’ve been stuck in some boring jobs before, I kind of imagine that some semblance of an ‘official’ job title existed and he was technically just turning up to work everyday with fuck all to do. But as was mentioned, they really needed to show him doing something other than staring eyes forward at his desk. Maybe a Lester Freeman style miniature doll house hobby, or some sort of Desmond from Lost situation where he has to check the scanners every few hours to confirm that, nope, still no ships.
  7. It was widely agreed at the time that it was a lame attempt to suddenly catch up on a season and a half of character development, so that we cared when she died ... but nobody did. It wasn’t the same actress from Season 1 as she didn’t get on with the prosthetics, and I think that actress replaced her on the bridge as a different character? Or something like that? At least she finally got to proudly take her place as a background extra with no lines like the rest of the bridge.
  8. I can’t remember why now but I thought it wasn’t operational ... or was it that Pike chose not to use it? Maybe the technology has caught up and they can build a non-human navigational device.
  9. I really hope not, I can’t think why Burnham and crew would manage it if it eluded the best and brightest minds of civilisations a millennia more advanced. I’m much more interested in seeing a story of trying to rebuild the Federation. I’m still very curious to know what the limitations are of travel, if everyone’s just scared to use warp or if there’s some scarce resource that restricts it. Which I guess would inform exactly how you would go about rebuilding.
  10. I had such a weird reaction to that, in that I agree it was a bit dumb, but also caught myself getting a bit choked up. It was the way he seemed to genuinely think having someone to hang the flag was the best he could dream of, and never even considered getting a field commission. Ha! Nice catch on the hair. There’s a great side story to be told there of how Morn found himself in the future.
  11. I’m sure they are, I’m just trying to think of a way that even the most advanced UT could translate a specifically spelt out word such that a non-English speaker could punch it into a keyboard. Unless the locking mechanism accepts any word that means ‘sticky’ in any other language (but why make things less secure?).
  12. I’ll take your word for it, it didn’t seem particularly clear in the episode. It’ll be interesting to see if ‘the burn’ is actually relevant to the season or whether it’s just a contrivance to change things up. For some reason, I’m much more OK with the Federation having this inflicted upon them than I am them just collapsing. It’s a hurdle to be overcome, and there are still good people fighting for the ideal. We could use a little fleshing out of what exactly this guy and his dad and his grandad have been doing other than sitting at their desk for 100-120 years, but in principle I like the idea. Minor quibble: 930 years is an insanely long time, and everyone seems to be speaking the exact same English. Which of course, in 99.9% of episodes we can put down to a UT, unless someone, I don’t know, spells out their password. Did the Andorian and the Orion (I think Michael said?) and the Morn all understand his spelling of the word?
  13. I’m intrigued by the concept of a warp-less Federation, but I’m a bit confused as to what they were doing to get back to his sanctuary ... it looked pretty fast whatever it was. Did he mention slipstreaming earlier in the episode? How far was this planet?
  14. I’m wondering how much Lucas planned for the existence of the Clone Wars when he made RotS, I couldn’t shake the impression that without seeing CW, what does the fight with Grievous even mean? We don’t know who he is or what his significance to the war is, we’re just told that Obi Wan needs to go after him and that’ll end the war for some reason. Was this intentionally carving out a space for CW to explain? At least the kidnapping of the Emperor finishes off Dooku and provides an opportunity for the Emperor to flex his command of Anakin. But it feels like Grievous is the ‘Canto Bight’ of RotS without any backstory.
  15. This is why I’d never bothered with it until now (I think I’ve probably caught most of it in chunks, just never actually watched it from start to finish). My brain just fundamentally rejected the AotC Anakin as the real Anakin, so I didn’t care. Clone Wars has kinda welded Star Wars back together for me, I can embrace the PT era if not the movies themselves and enjoy it a lot more. I honestly think the PT might be the biggest gulf between quality of films and fame of director. How on Earth this guy has such a reputation and made something so bad is quite astonishing.
  16. They do, and I really meant it when I said that swapping Episode I and II with the Clone Wars is just an all round better prequel story. But at the same time, I and II have plots. They work as (bad) movies in their own right, whereas RotS is basically some action set pieces (saving Palpatine, then killing Greivous) and then a bunch of stuff that happens to Anakin. There’s nothing binding those things together, and I can’t really say that the film is ‘about’ any one thing other than fulfilling its role of putting pieces where they need to be for the OT.
  17. I finished out my chronological watch of Clone Wars with a RotS/S7:9-12 mega movie. It was fun splicing it together like that, although I’d say it’s the Clone Wars that benefits from seeing what else is going on, not the other way around. It doesn’t improve anything in RotS (maaaybe the the CW wonderful take on Order 66). I’m not sure I’d seen RotS all the way through. I don’t understand why it’s regarded as the best of the prequels ... it’s just chock full of iconic moments that had to happen, but none are executed well. The dialogue is just as bad (“my powers have doubled since we last met” / “from my point of view the Jedi are evil”), the performances much the same (maybe Ewan McGregor has relaxed into Obi Wan a little more and has more fun), and the lightsaber battles are pretty bad. Windu vs the Emperor? What the fuck? He brings three other Jedis who look like they’ve never held a saber and get slaughtered immediately, the Emperor seems to be challenging himself to pull a more ridiculous face every time he thrusts, and Windu looks like he’s out of breath the whole time. It’s really bad. It’s a damn tragedy to see the Clone Wars so carefully build up aspects of Anakin that could’ve been more interesting. His temper, his sympathy with a stronger military to end the war sooner, his respect for Moff Tarkin. They did what they could but ultimately, there’s no fixing RotS. Anakin is tempted by the power to save Padme, she’ll be dead in, what, a few months? Darth Plagueis is a legend, possibly an entire myth, but nah we’ll figure out this power by then I’m sure. He doesn’t seem in much of a hurry. Go and kill some younglings first you say? Sure, no problem. I mean I’m only here to save my wife, that’s the only motive this movie has given me, but sure! Kill some kids, sounds cool. I was way more engaged with Ahsoka and Rex, and Ahsoka / Maul is very comfortably the best lightsaber duel in the mega movie (possibly a contender for best ever). And the final scene of CW was way more poignant than anything in RotS, it was very well judged. CW has heart, while the movie just sleepwalks soullessly from one event to another. Anyway, onwards and upwards ... Solo, then Rebels.
  18. It really wasn’t, we knew nothing of the ultimate goals of the main sides involved. Didn’t strike me as a one season idea at all (though I haven’t seen it since it aired).
  19. It’s on Prime here, but I’m not sure if that means it’s also there in the US. Be warned, it’s unfinished, it was cancelled after Season 2.
  20. It didn’t. Due to the lockdown we had. I half agree with you I think, that higher numbers aren’t inherently the problem. I think the goal would be to find the perfect cruising speed to keep the R at 1 (even with the numbers we have now, so long as they don’t overwhelm the NHS), in some sort of combination which allows for maximum opening of the economy. It feels like we could possibly be circling a solution there, but what absolutely can’t happen is exponential growth. That has been a real danger these last few weeks, that we don’t have a handle on the figures.
  21. What other benefit are we looking for? That’s its sole purpose. As has been said in a few threads, there should be an alternative by now, but there isn’t, so we’re left with these restrictions as our only card to play. In a way, the fundamental equation hasn’t changed since the beginning: how many lives are worth X amount of economic benefit? And I’m not saying there’s an easy answer to that, it’s not just ‘lives’ regardless, but there’s no good option. We’re trying to find a least worst path.
  22. I know of no such equivalent list for pandemics. I can only think of testing at a scale far in excess of anything we’ve seen from any country, to the point where you can pretty much pull in for a quick test on your way to any destination. But if we’re not there, we’re not there. Speaking from the UK, I don’t see how we reverse the numbers without lockdown-like restrictions.
  23. My father in law has care 4 times a day in his home, and it’s different care workers on a rota going to dozens of other homes. He had a temperature the other day, which has now gone, but because we’d seen him recently his GP told us we need to isolate until he can get a negative test. So I have the following absurd situation; the care team don’t have a policy of administering Covid tests, but are continuing to visit (he’d be dead if they didn’t so we have no choice there). He can’t do the test himself, so I have to break the self isolating rules and go there, get fuel on the way, help him with the test and take it to a postbox. All while the care team, who wear masks and other protective clothing but ultimately have to help him on and off the toilet so are in very close contact, are in and out of dozens of other vulnerable peoples homes. Shielding sounds great on paper but this whole experience makes me realise it doesn’t survive contact with reality. We told the care team about the situation but the impression I got was that they’d long ago realised that there’s nothing they can do, they can’t stop visiting and they can’t isolate their entire staff every time someone has a temperature. I’m gonna try and find a petrol station that does pay at the pump, but even that I’m pretty sure isn’t allowed. No idea what I’m supposed to do to be honest.
  24. So, the original series looked a bit naff. Then when TNG and The Motion Picture rolled around, Roddenberry had this idea that it didn’t really look like that, it looked like this. Klingons had ridges, things looked generally less shit. You’ll see fans point to this as an example of how Trek has always been fluid, that it changes all the time. But then, crucially, this was abandoned. There were many examples of 90’s Trek reinforcing the old style (we see the bridge in Relics, obviously all of The Trouble with Tribbles) and from 1987 to 2005, we had a visually consistent universe that went to great lengths to make the TOS aesthetic fit. The entire production of Enterprise went into painstaking detail coming up with sets, props, costumes, ship design, that could believably evolve into what we see with Kirk and Spock. There’s a whole multi episode arc just to explain Klingon’s foreheads. Then Discovery just bulldozed over this whole concept. It shoehorned its way in to a period that literally no fan had ever requested as a setting, and destroyed the visual continuity that had been set up. I know it sounds like a petty hill to die on, but damn it I was fond of that continuity, and the option was wide open to just leave it alone. Set Discovery 20 years after Voyager and be done with it. So that’s my main beef with Discovery. The more common one is probably ‘thinky/explodey’. Old Trek was thinky, now it’s explodey.
  25. This is really hurting my experience I think. It’s very similar in some odd details, like having actors look very much like their counterparts when there’s no need to, wearing the same dungarees and stuff. Hopefully it diverges toward the end of the season.
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