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    UK Politics: Who Pays the Andyman?

    My constituency’s previous election result was 37,000 to Tories, 9000 Labour, 6000 Lib Dem. I’m torn to be honest, I would vote Labour all things being equal but maybe I give the Greens the infinitesimally tiny bragging rights to a ‘yea but if it was proportionally represented’ line for after the election. Difficult to feel that excited to be honest.
  2. DaveSumm

    Rick and Morty Season 3

    No, it wasn't an April Fools joke. It was real and I watched it. And it was awesome. Everything I'd hoped for. (The only thread I could find was archived....)
  3. DaveSumm

    The Simpsons+

    I haven’t watched, but my understanding is that they’ve stuck with the zoomed in widescreen version instead of 4:3, they’ve been doing that on Sky for years and it looks awful. It’d be such a shame if we can’t ever watch classic Simpsons as we remember it.
  4. Plus, you know, this... https://www.indiewire.com/2019/04/kevin-feige-long-time-x-men-marvel-cinematic-universe-1202057131/
  5. Can someone explain to me exactly what’s so ‘dangerous’ about Corbyn being Prime Minister? Between the Conservatives banging that drum constantly (the Tories really do know how to bang a very simplistic drum, over and over and over again) and the ex-Labour MP’s calling on the public to vote for Johnson, it’s really gonna stick with a lot of voters. It bugs me that there’s this imaginary line being laid down separating ‘policies’ and ‘dangerousness’; sure, Johnson might flog the NHS, but Corbyn would be truly dangerous. I’m not a huge fan of Corbyn but the Tories are, have been, will be, dangerous. I don’t see anything in Corbyn’s ideologies that would scar the country any worse (or anywhere near as bad) as Tory policy.
  6. To be fair, the actual quote is “if you want to understand everything” ... as in, every last bit of it. I highly doubt they’ll abandon the tried and tested method of making the films entirely comprehensible and coherent by themselves. Plus, the way they announced them all at once made it sound overwhelming but they’re quite spaced out. Not to dredge up an old debate on Endgame, but the part that annoyed me was the Loki series; if Loki really is the one who escaped with the Tesseract and he’s wandering round the same universe, that fairly seriously undermines Endgame. It means the Avengers wantonly disrupted several parallel universes and left them much, much worse off to save their own universe. That’ll bug the crap out of me. I’m not even a big fan of the character, he was OK but I don’t think there’s much more to explore that hasn’t been done in the half dozen films he’s been in.
  7. The creators announced another Netflix series they’re working on.
  8. DaveSumm

    Board games!

    I play this game too infrequently I think, maybe every month or two. Somebody usually bosses it due to a mistake by the other player, although it’s still enjoyable. You just need to be really up on the tactical side to not get left behind. I think if we played more often we’d see closer games ... but, Gloomhaven still looms very large over my gaming time, and they’ve finally got Brass: Birmingham back in stock most places. Played three incredibly close games so far, really enjoying it.
  9. Awesome news obviously, I’m a little concerned at the universe-hopping ... I really hope we don’t end up with a situation where Holland appears in a Venom movie, and Song just want people to assume Venom is in the MCU. I wonder if that was part of the negotiating? Sony wanted it but Marvel didn’t want the messy confusion of ‘what’s in the MCU’? I could be OK with a parallel universe thing, kinda like Supergirl is in the Arrow-multi-verse, but not the Arrow-universe.
  10. DaveSumm

    Star Trek: Picard

    I’m doing a Voyager re-watch currently, I’ve got into the habit of rating each episode out of 10 with my girlfriend after we watch them. I find it quite healthy to try and praise stuff about an episode when it deserves it, it seems so much harder than negative points. Season 1 wasn’t so bad, we’re about 10 episode into Season 2 and I’m praying for something interesting ... even a really bad one just so we stop handing out 5/6/7s all the time. It never seems to be as bad as TNG’s lows, but man it’s just so flat a lot of the time. I kinda respect that they tried to give each cast member something to do (especially in light of seasons 4/5/6/7 when it becomes the Seven / Janeway / Doctor show), but there’s just too many duds in there. Paris hasn’t really been fleshed out beyond ‘womaniser’ yet, Neelix is still jealous pretty much every episode, Kim ... cannot act, bless him. The episode where he wakes up in San Francisco in another reality, he’s home, great! But oh no, someone went in his place! And Paris is a mess ... quite a rollercoaster for an actor. Garrett Wang goes for ‘completely neutral face the whole episode’. I’ve been looking for a rewatch blog but I can’t find much, for DS9 there was Keith deCandido’s on tor.com, nothing for Voyager though. @Werthead you haven’t ever tackled it have you?
  11. DaveSumm

    The Simulation hypothesis

    Sorry, I wasn’t really talking to you specifically after the first paragraph. I wondered how people could think of the whole hypothesis as moot. Yep, totally agree. Well, if Einstein’s hypothesis was correct and the need for logical simplicity leaves no room for choices in creating a universe, then there is only one type of universe to be created. There are no experiments to be run, you either create the one and only universe or you don’t (with the caveat that the people within it discover science and thus confirm it to be logically consistent). I’m not saying I think that’s true (and I don’t think Einstein was either) but it would certainly inform the discussion of what type of realities one could simulate, and therefore what probabilities we can attach to the prospect of our simulated universe matching the ‘real’ one.
  12. DaveSumm

    The Simulation hypothesis

    As was mentioned before, surely your logic here is that if we live in a simulation, then the Bostrom reasoning is faulty ... if we don’t, then it isn’t. So we’re left with Bostrom’s probabilities, or 100%. I don’t follow your reasoning with regard to Christianity either, Christianity makes very specific claims about the world. The simulation hypothesis is the mother of all non-specific claims; the ‘parent universe’ it postulates could have any one of a practically infinite number of physical laws, as you’ve stated. (As an aside, I agree that aspect isn’t focused on enough, I don’t see why this reality has any shot at being the one that replicates the real universe, far more likely to be an experimental tweak ... if we had the capability, wouldn’t that be the more interesting experiment? There’s an interesting discussion to be had about how feasible that is, how many possible laws of physics there are - I forget the exact Einstein quote, something like “what I’m really interested in is whether the need for logical simplicity leaves any room at all for the laws of physics, or whether God simply set the universe running in the only way it could.”) I’m surprised so many people call this moot. It’s a hard science view, for sure, if it has no testable hypothesis, and ultimately changes nothing. But aren’t you curious? Wouldn’t you want to know if you were starring in the Truman show? Another aspect I’ve often thought of; there are two components to the possibility of this being true, a) that our reality isn’t ‘real’, and b) that someone created this reality. Now b) is certainly significant, and something I’d be interested in knowing. But I think a) doesn’t really mean anything. We can’t help but think of our reality as being spread out on a grand stage, that the physical distances involved could only occur on such a stage. But all these qualities are just facts, the same as information stored on a computer. The fact that our brains process these things as being a ‘reality’ doesn’t point to the existence of one, at least not one that is taking up all this space. I’m finding it hard to explain, but in as much as ‘simulation’ means ‘not really big like we thought, actually running on a smaller thing’, I don’t think that has any meaning. I don’t think there’s such a thing as an unsimulated reality, by that definition.
  13. Would any of these arguments be any worse than the current predicament? If someone can’t understand a two part question, I’d invite them to stay at home. Personally, it’d be nice to think that the question could be Remain or Leave With Deal (i.e continue to negotiate a deal and extend the date as required), seeing as we already ruled out a No Deal with Benn’s bill. That may well lead to an infinite Brexit but at least this way, whoever the Prime Minister is could say ‘yep, still negotiating’ every now and then and free up a hell of a lot more time for governing. It shuts the Remainers up, it shuts the No-Deal-ers up.
  14. DaveSumm

    Succession Season 2 - Full Spoilers

    I love this show, you’re right though I don’t see a great deal of discussion about it. On paper I don’t normally go for shows with no likeable characters, but this is just so masterfully done. Each sibling has their own unique awfulness, a fledgling personality that’s crushed between their conflicting feelings of utter hatred and devout worship for their Dad. I keep catching myself feeling sorry for Ken this season, then suddenly realising he’s an awful, awful human being.
  15. Haven’t seen this mentioned so maybe this isn’t on the cards, but would Sony not do a film with Holland where they don’t really mention MCU properties, but also don’t do anything to imply that it isn’t still the MCU? And then he bumps into Venom, and maybe sets up some Sinister Six stuff, thus Sony have stealthily got their characters in (what a lot of general audience members would assume is) the MCU? That’d be shit. Agents of SHIELD style sorta-in-sorta-out, yuck.
  16. DaveSumm

    Best Sitcom Episodes Ever

    I think if I had to pick a Simpsons episode, Homer skipping church is just a joy from start to finish. ”Is that....?” The penny: “Mmm hmmm....” ”I found ... A PENNY!”
  17. Comprising Senlin Ascends, The Arm of the Sphinx, The Hod King and an upcoming fourth and concluding book. I could’ve sworn there was a more recent thread but the only one I could find was archived? Anyway, I finally finished The Hod King and it’s easily on par with the first two. It has a more unusual structure in that it covers the same period of time three times over from different points of view, and each of the three ‘endings’ are very much worthy of being a book ending. It can be a little jarring going from one climax to the slow pace of the next section, but it’s worth it. So much happens here that I didn’t expect, particularly the concluding chapters of the first section. It seems every book is designed to make you think the series will be about one thing, only for the next to wrong foot you. This is comfortably my favourite series since reading aSoIaF, I can’t wait for the fourth book.
  18. I follow the Dark subreddit, and it’s mostly “could x be y’s parent/child?”. I’m actually hoping they dial it back for the third season, although I doubt I’ll get my wish. I love Dark, but I don’t find it all that clever to just gradually reveal crazy time travel lineages. This is why I didn’t care for Predestination, it’s really obvious from the outset that it’s gonna contain twists, the only question is how far they’ll go with it. It’s also why I don’t think Dark will hold up all that well on multiple rewatches. Second rewatch? Sure. (Check out the scene where Elisabeth kisses her mother goodbye at school in the first season, they knew about that part 100%.) But so many scenes are only good for what revelations there are about the plot, I can’t think of any scenes that are great simply because the acting and writing is great. Not that they’re bad, but does Dark have a root beer from DS9 conversation? A ‘fuck fuck fuck’ scene like the Wire? Once we’ve seen the third season and we know everything, and we’ve rewatched to check out all the clues, I don’t think there’s much there that will keep me coming back.
  19. DaveSumm

    Netflix's The OA: Part II

    It seems integral to Netflix now, but I do wonder why they decided to always drop 100% of a series at once. Surely releasing a 12-13 episode series weekly guarantees at least 3 months subscription from a viewer of that show? And slightly reduces the gap between seasons?
  20. DaveSumm

    Netflix's The OA: Part II

    People always rush to blame the network, but they’re just companies like any other. They have to make money, and we can assume the ratings for season 2 were poor. We can’t expect charity from them to keep making our favourite things. I am really disappointed after the season 2 finale (hopefully the end sees the light of day, maybe a comic book or whatever) but my instinct is always “it’s a shame nobody watched this” rather than “Netflix are stupid”.
  21. I’ll always remember Alistair Campbell on Question Time asked about why the Tories are so successful: because they’re ruthless bastards. They had a very clear talking point between 2010 and 2016: the debt we inherited, the debt we inherited, the debt we inherited. Meanwhile, Labour memorably ummed and arred their way through those years and essentially conceded the point (do yourself a favour and look up UK debt between 2010 and 2016 under Cameron). Their new mantra, and it’s one that cuts through all the party infighting quite effectively, is that a Prime Minister Corbyn would destroy the universe. And you know what? It’ll fucking work. People will have some vague sense that it’s irresponsible to vote Labour and stick with the party who are ‘good at governing’. Eventually there will be a general election and Boris will win it.
  22. DaveSumm

    Star Trek: Picard

    Speaking of the JJ verse, did anyone see this? https://comicbook.com/startrek/2019/07/22/star-trek-quentin-tarantino-chris-pine-kelvin-timeline/ It’s ... kinda weird to see this little regard for what’s actually going on in Star Trek.
  23. DaveSumm

    MCUniverse: Phase Four and Beyond(er) **maybe spoilers**

    We know Portman can act, so I’m hoping Waititi can do something with her.
  24. DaveSumm

    Board games!

    Just reporting in to declare that I have played literally nothing but Gloomhaven since my last post. Played 17 times in three weeks. (It’s awesome).
  25. That’s awesome, I’ve been thinking the same thing that you need two dimensions of time to properly discuss this stuff. One dimension of the regular time (53/86/19) and one to make sense of the idea of ‘subsequent’ loops/cycles. To be subsequent, it has to come after, but it obviously isn’t chronologically ‘after’. I’m rewatching the first season, at first I thought they’d just stopped bothering with the lights flickering / birds dying effects of the cave. But in episode 3 Hannah and Ulrich sit at the bus stop in 86 and say “maybe it’s the apocalypse”. It’s possible that Clausen causes the apocalypse by opening the barrel, but it’s repercussions are felt in the ‘immediate’ meta-afterwards if you will, i.e, at the beginning of the cycle in each time frame. So in linear time, that day at the bus stop is in November 86, but in meta-time, it’s the day after the apocalypse. The birds are seen with with white specks on them which was seen at Chernobyl, but I’m not sure if that’s implying this apocalypse or possibly the effects of actual Chernobyl travelling through from 86.