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  1. When I went from Superman: The Animated Series to Justice League, I was gutted that Tim Daly didn’t still voice him anymore. But I know the new guy had fans to. Tim Daly was just perfect as both Clark and Superman for me.
  2. Much as I love the MCU, I just don’t think it’s capable of pulling off any actual in depth look into the blip. I’m certainly glad it happened, it was great to see something so seismic happen and Endgame was all the better for it. But the magnitude of losing 50% of the population is one thing; then coming back to a world that has had 5 years to adjust? Into houses that people have moved into? An entire global supply and demand now only equipped for half the numbers? It would completely cripple the world for decades, and the MCU just doesn’t really want to confront that.
  3. I have to say, as much as I’ve hated the Danny plot the last few episodes, I don’t mind the angle that he feels responsible for Shane and has been trying to live his life. I’m hoping they can just turn a corner with it now and stop moping around. But we need some stupid on the show! How about, a professional and intelligent NASA astronaut just fucks around up there without condoms? I mean that should be fine right?
  4. You know, that Celestial never bothered me … you get a lot of these “how come no one has mentioned X” stuff. I’m happy for these things to happen off camera. Ultimately, if it was on the news you’d be shocked, but then it wouldn’t really change your day to day life. Either that or, there’s plenty of wiggle room on the timeline for Phase 4. They could fairly easily say that Eternals is the most recent chronologically. Also, I think the Avengers currently operate out of a dead Celestials head in the comics? So that’d be cool.
  5. Also worth remembering the point of comparison with Phase 1 would be just before Avengers; at that point First Avenger and Thor didn’t create any major waves, RDJ was acknowledged as great as Tony Stark but Iron Man 1 or 2 were hardly threatening Dark Knight as the dominant superhero film of the age. Everyone was still confused as to why they’d remade Hulk so soon. It wasn’t until Phase 2 that things really started to snowball. So there’s definitely time. I just think they really need a benchmark team-up for a phase to work toward, phases 4 and 5 are the only two that don’t end with Avengers films. So Phase 4 has felt directionless so far. We’ve encountered the multiverse, and we’ve all assumed it’d have lasting effects on the MCU, but it hasn’t really. Both NWH and MoM were fairly self contained, and resolved themselves neatly enough. Hopefully The Marvels starts to pull on the thread of these Nega Band things / the Ten Rings and something starts to materialise there, and Quantumania starts to tie up Loki and the Multiverse a bit more. Then we can see a roadmap to where this is all going.
  6. The presenter fainted apparently. I’m hoping for Truss’s sake that she was headed toward her to see if she was alright at the end there, if not then that was hardly Reagan’s “missed me” moment for her.
  7. “Phases? Where we’re going we don’t need phases.” It is a bit odd how Feige said they weren’t really gonna stick to phases, and then outlined 4, 5 and 6.
  8. Time travel was the premise from the get go, and as time travel stories go, a catastrophe at a nuclear plant with some time-loopy attempts to stop it actually catalysing it? That’s pretty strong. That was a firm foundation for two seasons. Pretty much everything that happened in those two seasons worked off of that foundation. If you think what happened in season 3 was that coherent, then good for you. But I’ve directed you to the old thread where I think I explain my problems; there is nothing remotely that coherent about how entanglement, or duplicates, or special freezes, or magic tunnels, or existing-just-long-enough-to-fix-the-thing, work. I know it’s a cop out to say I can’t actually remember the details of why that is right now, because it would take hours and probably a whole rewatch to rediscover those conclusions. But there it is. Anyway, I don’t think a strong case has been made that the show has really resonated long after it ended. I was a huge, huge fan and I just haven’t really thought about it or seen it discussed since then. Maybe 1899 will raise Dark’s profile if it’s good, I hope it is and I hope it does.
  9. Does this mean an imminent trailer (like an official one) for Quantumania then?
  10. It’s impossible to respond when the show is so complicated. I had a look at some of my old Reddit posts and I literally can’t remember what the fuck I was talking about, and I don’t have the inclination to re-familiarise myself enough to re-explain. Something about a duplicate Martha that made no sense, and an awful lot of hand-waiving (someone “exploited the time freeze”, OK). I know there’s plenty of ‘Dark explained’ videos and posts out there, I read them all back in the day, and none of them adequately explain what quantum entanglement actually is (in Dark) and how it produced a second Martha. I’m not sure which specific plot devises are being discussed but it’s certainly conceivable to have a bad one that meets all your criteria. As @polishgenius said; super-convenient ones.
  11. Here’s where Season 3 drops, roughly, and the discussion starts. Best I can do is direct you there @Annara Snow
  12. I don’t have much to add objectively, but that’s not my experience with Dark at all. I don’t recall seeing anyone claim it was one of the great finales or anything like that. The subreddit was generally positive but with a lot of naysayers, and same on the thread here. Season 1 and 2 set the bar so high for complicated time travel plots that I had immense faith that the series would hang together when it was finished, but it really doesn’t. I could maybe understand how emotionally it made for a good ending, but there’s huge holes in how it wrapped up. But I guess you’d need to resurrect the thread to delve into that.
  13. Based on this tweet, it looks very much like “what if Norman Osborn was Peter’s mentor and not Tony” https://twitter.com/DWLundberg/status/1550575839615467520 But they weirdly stated it was set before Civil War…? I guess it could be an alternate civil war. Seem to have lost my ability to embed tweets.
  14. A whole bunch of news from the Marvel animation panel in this thread: https://twitter.com/MarvelGuides/status/1550556232355905536?s=20&t=_MjHhShSasZxNk2Fs40TBA Spider-Man: Freshman Year apparently NOT in the MCU however… (EDIT: can’t find a confirmation for this, possibly people are guessing based on discrepancies between this and the MCU, like him having a bunch of costumes? Also, Charlie Cox is Daredevil in it…)
  15. Eesh, that one really tested my faith in the show. The Stevens kids front and centre and they’re the worst thing about the show. Isn’t Jimmy supposed to be nearing 30 by now? And this story feels like it’s written for a 15 year old, doing bad shit cos a pretty girl smiled at him. So many stupid moments in this; how the fuck did they steal a statue? What there’s no cameras at the front of the main building? Thank god they had a badge so they could get to … that bit that Jimmy had to pass to get the badge in the first place. Ed clearly knew Danny was high, so maybe restrict his access to the drugs? Maybe don’t put him anywhere near anything critical, instead of saying “Hit me! Be a man!” What lesson is he hoping to leave Danny with there? And other guy knew Danny was a liability, should never have left him watching something so critical. This whole trope of ‘drug user empties another pill and looks at himself in the mirror’, there must have half a dozen of those same scenes by now. Contender for worst episode ever I think.
  16. Yea I find Truss the least personable of the bunch. She has that Corbyn-esque demeanour when she’s being interviewed, like she can’t quite conceal her disdain for the idea that she must answer questions in order to prove herself capable. ‘Prickly’ I believe was the term Mormont used. Starmer doesn’t have more charisma than most people but he has more than Truss. Then again, England does bloody love voting Tory for whatever reason.
  17. I guess in theory it’d be “we’re overwhelming white and male > we shouldn’t be if we were merit based > let’s be merit based > more diverse Tory party”. Or more crudely, they just tried to stop being racist/sexist. You don’t have to use positive discrimination to get diversity (though I’m not claiming that’s not possibly a factor in this case).
  18. Is it possible that briefly googling a phrase isn’t quite sufficient to declare it undercooked horseshit? Hmm. (FYI, try putting quotes around “EU breaks” to rule out articles mentioning the opposite)
  19. It’d be super weird if that’s why they were continuing the 90’s X-Men cartoon, so that they could shift that continuity in to the main MCU. You could possibly then focus on “new people from another universe” as a reason for people to be so hostile toward them more than their mutated genes. I still haven’t seen a great answer to this question we’ve been asking for years though. You can’t start from Day One of mutated genes because Xavier needs to set up a school and what not. But I also wouldn’t buy anti-mutant-prejudice in the current MCU at all, because on top of all the other mental shit that’s happened I just don’t see anyone caring. Aliens, super serum, witches … why would you single out ‘mutated genes’ as a reason to be wary of someone?
  20. The ‘naughtiest thing you’ve done’ question is so stupid. It’s basically a fuck you, here’s a question you can’t possibly answer. If you ran around in a field, everyone laughs at you. And anything above that starts to just sabotage yourself. Is there literally any answer once you’ve ruled out lame things, illegal things and things that make you sound like a dick? Honestly I don’t think ‘invaded a country’ is the worst answer given the situation.
  21. So, I was 11 in 1994* and wasn’t paying attention to the progress of gay rights in the US. Did the level of outrage seem about right here? It kinda felt overdone but I’m not sure. I know the military thing would be an issue, but it would’ve been nice to balance that with some segment of the population being happy for him. Maybe swap out a Danny scene… another classic from him. “Doesn’t think I’m cut out?! I’ll show him!” *destroys some equipment* *actually, I had a feeling that was too early for Supergrass - ‘Alright’, do we assume we’ve rolled around to July 1995? Did Kelly get sent the song from Earth?
  22. Here’s a comparison I never thought I’d make; I’m reminded of Iron Fist Season 2, in which a character with dissociative personality disorder has to learn to accommodate her two personas and try to balance both their needs. I think that would be the humane option; give them the ability to switch and essentially have a time share on the body (assuming PD’s attempt at remerging isn’t a goer). Really loved this season, and such a tense finale. I was hoping this had aired last year and the second season was imminent, sadly not the case. Also, @Heartofice I feel for you, I’ve done that before and not known I was watching a finale and it completely unbalances your perception of an episode. Apple TV does need a “1 of X” episode display. On the other hand, I’ve hugely appreciated that the still image they use for the next episode never spoils anything. Noticed that with For All Mankind as well.
  23. I’m not sure I can get on board with the logic of picking the worst person so as to maximum the chances of losing an election. I don’t see a Sunak - Starmer choice as remotely a given, and we’ll probably be stuck with Sunak for years and years then. It wasn’t a great interview though, he didn’t need to duck questions in quite the way he did. Everyone knows he’s rich, so you might as well acknowledge your privilege (maybe point out that he’s hardly the only candidate that’s never been poor) and then move to what you’ve done for these people (furlough, etc).
  24. It certainly existed, I think specifically the acronym was what Deadlines was referring to.
  25. Not sure if anyone watches TLDR videos, I find them quite handy for primers on stuff. They have a run down of the candidates here (8 hours old so still includes Zahawi and Hunt):
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