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  1. I assume he’ll be appearing as a force ghost … so, you grow old, you turn to the dark side and end up looking like Sebastian Shaw, then you die and your force ghost is young again, but then your force ghost keeps aging? OK.
  2. Yea I remember this coming up before, hence why I was surprised the deaths were as low as 1.2%. So crudely speaking, the vaccine is 98.8% effective at preventing death?
  3. To be fair, there was a bit of a bump and then it levelled out more quickly than most thought it would. I’ve been following the figures pretty much daily since all this began and the last 2 months have been the dullest period, cases have just cruised at around 30,000 for a long time. I don’t really understand where this recent spike has come from, maybe just an accumulation of waning immunity and general easing of how worried people are. Half term should help us out a little, but we should probably focus more on booster roll out, which doesn’t seem to have anything like the momentum of the first doses earlier in the year.
  4. I’m doing a ‘best of’ list I found on Reddit, as I kept hearing people rave about it (and was curious as to what a good DC universe might look like); tore through Batman: The Animated Series, then Superman alongside The New Batman Adventures (don’t quite understand the name as it has the same opener as TAS), just now started Justice League.
  5. I can still never get over the mess DC managed to make of their continuity. Literally dropping two trailers the same day, one with a new Batman we’re all supposed to get excited about, the other with an old Batman we’re all supposed to get excited about. “Which one is the DCCU, with Ben Affleck?” one might earnestly ask; oh, it’s the one with the Batman from 1989. I’m not keen on the look of Pattinson’s Batman either, but then I’m currently watching the DCAU (90s/00s animated shows) and loving that Batman so, not really in the mood for something new.
  6. I enjoyed it too, and it made me realise that I’m not really here for the comedy. Lower Decks is still a slightly odd experiment in whether a universe can accommodate its own parody, whether the overlap between ‘funny’ and ‘plausibly Star Trek’ is big enough to merit a whole series. I really felt it last week on the Vulcan ship, where the dialogue had to carefully tread that line; the Vulcans can’t say “OMG I just can’t even with your outbursts right now” to T’Lyn’s reasonable suggestions, because Vulcans can’t talk like that, even if it’d be funnier. They need to still sound like Vulcans, because it’s Star Trek. In the first season, they forced that overlap a bit wider by making the Cerritos essentially a bad ship, with lower quality crew than we’re used to seeing, and fairly insubordinate crew members. Which I kinda got, as I just couldn’t see how else to be a parody and provide jokes week after week. But the second season, and particularly the finale, managed to dial that back (not entirely, I mean the Captain still forgot that there were crew members doing a space walk and abandoned them) and gave us essentially an animated, regular Star Trek show with some jokes as a bonus. And it felt really good to see a crew solving a problem with science instead of phasers. I’m really hoping Strange New Worlds manages to be that show too, after the disappointment of Discovery and Picard.
  7. Is it possible that these things are complicated enough that Brexit is neither 0% nor 100% responsible for any given issue?
  8. Peanut Butter Kit Kats are my current favourite chocolate bar, and have held that position for a fair while.
  9. Yea that is a bad bit of planning there. I guess we’ll get an episode next season where we know Gamorra and Tony will end up at Nidavellir at the end? Is there a show airing next week that they wanted to clear the decks for? I can’t think of any other reason to bump it.
  10. I do enjoy it, although ‘best of the New Trek’ is really a statement about the disappointing other series. It leans a little too heavily on the crew’s incompetence for my liking, but it is funny.
  11. Well your first paragraph is a perfect summary of my take on it too, so I guess we agree? The way some people are reporting it is as if he was asked ‘hey Boris, do you care about cancer outcomes and life expectancy?’ and he replied ‘Nevermind cancer outcomes, nevermind life expectancy’. Which isn’t what he’s saying.
  12. No, I’m saying he’s not stupid enough to say it in the context everyone’s trying to paint it as. It’s still a very poor choice of words, but it’s not the ‘ah see I told you he doesn’t care about people’ gotcha that some would like it to be.
  13. I can’t find the full quote, but is he not saying “on this topic of levelling up, the most important metric is wage growth, never mind cancer outcomes”? As in, they aren’t a good metric for levelling up? I don’t think he’s literally saying ‘don’t worry about cancer outcomes’, frankly he’s not that stupid. Possibly why it hasn’t made more of an impact. Can’t be sure though without seeing the longer clip.
  14. My out-of-universe explanation is that (not bothering spoilering cos it’s in the title) he’ll be appearing in She-Hulk and that brings the budget down a shit load, not CGing him in every scene.
  15. I used to be a delivery driver in my 20’s, and I enjoyed it, but I’ve been saying for about a decade that I’d be foolish to go back (or get higher class licenses) due to the prospect of self driving vehicles. The technology is already there, we could get a lorry from warehouse to warehouse in the UK today with no driver. Once that gets approved, and I’d be surprised if it was longer than five years time, I don’t see what prevents that spreading like wildfire through the larger companies. The cost benefit of buying the vehicle is immediately offset by sacking the driver. Whether that’s a factor for lorry drivers and why there’s a shortage, or whether it’s fully explained by other factors, I’m not sure.
  16. Yea this makes sense to me, stones don’t have any power in the quantum realm, hence Scott survives, hence the draw full of duff stones in what is theorised to be in the quantum realm. It could exist outside of every universe, or in the quantum realm of one. Says who? We know he can see through the multiverse, but can see into the quantum realm? If he can, can he go there? And even then, can he take Ultron there? I don’t see what evidence we have to assume any of that.
  17. Fair enough. Anyway, my original point was that there’s no reason to think that Uatu could just access the TVA as if it were any other universe.
  18. Did he? I assumed he used the time stone to bind his death into a loop that kept repeating until Dormammu got bored. But time was still normal there, and I guess he could’ve enacted the same plan in any other location. (It’s not entirely clear if the dark dimension counts as a universe, I suspect Doctor Strange 1 didn’t intend it as such but Multiverse of Madness might clear that up).
  19. The Multiverse is all the different universes where events have taken a different course, such as we’ve seen across the series. But time still seems to be a constant between them; time still flows in all of them as it does in ‘ours’. The TVA operates outside of the flow of time, possibly in its own timeless realm, or possibly in the quantum realm (which again, would be separate from the multiverse, presumably each universe has its own quantum realm). It’s possible that Kang is entirely aware of all these events, but because they don’t produce a rival Kang and don’t interfere with the ‘sacred’ timeline / universe, he doesn’t care. The exact difference between Loki’s timelines and What If’s multiverses hasn’t been made explicitly clear, they could be the same thing or they might not.
  20. The TVA realm and the multiverse are two different things? That’s all the explanation I need. Thought it was a great episode.
  21. Yea ‘beginning of Thor 1’ Thor didn’t seem particularly worthy either.
  22. Do they want to be talking about it though? Or has this been forced on them by Rosie Duffield’s comments? I assume the ideal path for any politician is ‘appear to be pro-trans rights but never get caught in an interview being asked directly if only women have cervixes’; it’s a lose-lose situation. Seems that Starmer is trying to put this to bed as quickly as possible and move onto other, vote-winning policies.
  23. Yea I reckon it’s just a giant coincidence, everyone just ran out at the same time.
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