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  1. The extended version of Dr. Sleep is amazing. It leans on the Kurbubrick movie but I love how it does it.
  2. Even though this show isn't over, I miss it already. It kinda ended the moment Howard was shot, or after the time jump to Jimmy as the Saul we knew from Breaking Bad. The last few episodes have been good don't get me wrong. I just miss the happier times. The Toilet Buddies, the chicago sunroofs and squat cobblers.
  3. I didn't want to say anything before you started, but yeah. I can't believe Shane Black co-wrote it and directed and it turned out that bad. Are you aware of the alternate endings they wanted? I know continuity in both franchises, especially Alien, is all kinds of fucked, but what the hell.
  4. There's a sentence I bet you never thought you'd type. I also love how it seems that they don't actually stop Loki? He crucifies Iron Man, leaves, and then then Iron Man comes back to life and they sing Footloose and then it just sort of...ends.
  5. Apparently there's this church that puts on easter plays based on whatever the latest popular movie is. Makes Rodgers the musical look like Hamilton. I love how the other Avengers stand there while Tony is crucified.
  6. Maybe, after like 24 of those movies.
  7. I loved The Rescuers Down Under, it was on my list after Duck Tales. I may have to watch it myself now.
  8. As far as child abuse Futurama jokes go, I always preferred the one in the original finale "Is all the labor done by children? / not the whipping!" is also the only really good joke in that terrible Eye-Phone episode. They really knew how to mine humor from hurting children.
  9. My three year nephew won't even watch traditional animation. I tried to show him the Duck Tales movie from the 90's but if it's not computer generated he's basically like "wtf is this shit." I have watched more Paw Patrol than a grown man should ever be subjected to.
  10. That, or maybe something like Predators but they've cryogenically frozen Naru and some other warriors from throughout history? I dunno how the human characters would communicate, but I doubt they'd let that stop them.
  11. I watched the first three episodes and thought they were good. My only concern is each episode is an issue and there are apparently 75 issues, has netflix ever let a show run seven seasons? I suspect this needs to be Stranger Things popular to have a chance of finishing.
  12. I thought it was pretty good! Some of the CGI animals looked like shit though. Plus of course it lacked the body-mass of the original.
  13. Isn't he the dude who pretended to quit acting to become a rapper, but was really making a documentary? Does it still count as a vanity project if it's embarrassing?
  14. It took me a while to really start Birds of Prey because it opens with narration from Quinn and I find her voice SO ANNOYING. It's worth it for McGregor and Winstead though.
  15. It actually has two of the best closing scenes ever. The Chinese version is amazing in its own way.
  16. I actually kinda respect this move. Like people at Disney watched early versions of Rise of Skywalker and didn't have the guts / sense to do this.
  17. This was from last season, when Jeff first confronted him. He called Ed the vacuum guy but then changed his mind. Yeah, he knows. When Jeff first confronted Gene he's standing behind him. I think Jeff says something about how he told his buddy.
  18. Yeah, me neither. She was a fun character but I never would have thought to give her her own show. That and Echo are kinda puzzlers to me. Or everyone on the helicopter vanished? Though it still could have hit someone on the ground.
  19. To be fair I don't think they were planning the Agatha show when they wrote Wandavision. People just responded to the performance I guess and the decided to give her a show.
  20. It's definitely super weird that they sent him off with Luke and then just sent him back before the next episode had even aired.
  21. It didn't have to be either or. One line about how maybe they liked the instagram girl better when she as five years younger than them or something. Or better yet something about how say Kamala's brother was the only family member not snapped and his fiancee helped him get through that dark time. They didn't have to dwell on it. I'm fine with not every show mentioning it. It does create a lot of interesting story possibilities though so it'd be nice if they worked it into more character's backstories. Like somewhere I'd love to see a character who got blipped and came back to find out their spouse had moved on and remarried.
  22. I think he was just the first "outlier" she encountered. I don't think we're going to get a better explanation than "some people can resist it"
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