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  1. He might like to watch her with the Phillie Phanatic.
  2. That's a great suggestion. I turned off the motion blur but didn't see if I had that option. Thanks.
  3. I generally don't play sports games, so I have no frame of reference. A round on Call of Duty felt the same. The best way to describe it is eye strain, a touch of nausea and dizziness. Hearing that you got used to it kind of puts me at ease.
  4. So I just got a PS5 and I set it up last night. After one game of Madden 22 I realized I was getting motion sickness. It has never happened on PS4 or Switch or anything else. Has anyone else expressed that? And do you eventually get used to it?
  5. This week's episode was really good. My favorite so far..
  6. Is anyone having trouble accessing the league via a laptop/desktop?
  7. Holy fuck, Johnny is like Bojack!
  8. I would have preferred Sebastián Stan as Luke over that I think.
  9. How do I explain this? A Beskar helmet is, on a certain level, a kind of "mustache," in that it's a specific facial accessory. So, it's kind of like a hat on a hat?
  10. The last few seasons haven't been great besides the most recent one. Some things I liked but the continous story each season wasn't great. The rest is great.
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