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  1. No, there was nothing official but it kind of felt like they did.
  2. Holy fuck, Johnny is like Bojack!
  3. They're not fucking around. I wish the Yankees would get off their asses and improve the rotation and not even like the Padres have.
  4. I think that deal is almost done. The Dodgers and Padres are going to be fun to watch next year.
  5. The NL West needs to buckle up, the Padres traded for Blake Snell.
  6. I would have preferred Sebastián Stan as Luke over that I think.
  7. How do I explain this? A Beskar helmet is, on a certain level, a kind of "mustache," in that it's a specific facial accessory. So, it's kind of like a hat on a hat?
  8. RE: #2 I think they're sending her to the TNG era, I imagine she rebuilds Section 31 and serves as above someone like Sloan.
  9. Yup....I didn't notice it the first time around.
  10. Did anyone else catch the little foreshadowing of Soldier Boy?
  11. Holy fuck.......what the hell was that?
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