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  1. If anyone needs a closer make me an offer.
  2. First off welcome. Second, Aussies are awesome, I have never met one that I haven't thought was great. My favorites are Ser Jorah, His Grace King Stannis and Dolorous Edd Tollett. I feel like I can relate to all of them a little but. You should read The Hedge Night, The Sworn Sword and The Mystery Knight if you haven't already done so. They are prequel novellas that take place 85 or so years before A Game of Thrones. Welcome to you as well. I started with the series too. I just finished reading the series for the third time in a year. It's an addiction.
  3. I was wondering if Xaro needs to show up because he killed the rest of the 13. But more to the point, I agree with you on the departures, since you can't show internal monologue on TV you need some of them and for time constraints and so forth.
  4. I thought last night's episode was way too big a deviation from the books. I HATED the new Mountain. His appearence got seared into my mind after the way they introduced him last season and re-casting the role ruins that for me. I had the feeling that "Talisa" was actually Jeyne Westerling last night just confirmed it for me. I didn't like the way Jaime shanked Alton Lannister in the cage because as others have said it makes his redemption more difficult. I understand Dany's stuff had to get spiced up for TV but I wonder if what took place last night is going to affect how Strong Belwas and Ser Barristan the Bold find their way to her. And I am worried about how the House of the Undying will be handled. On a lighter note my mother who doesn't watch at all saw a couple of Dany's scenes and announced that she hates her character. And I'm not going to hide the fact that I kind of like the softer Tywin Lannister.
  5. The way he repeats it over again reminds me of how the Red Viper repeats "Her Name was Elia of Dorne!"
  6. Inigo Montoya vs. The Six Fingered Man equals Oberyn Martell vs. The Mountain
  7. The Watch reminds me less of the Knight's Templar (Warrior's Sons) and more like the French Foreign Legion.
  8. My potential reference/homage isn't as academic as the ones on this page but here I go. I just passed the part in ACOK in the Sept where Sansa is praying with the rest of Kings Landing she prays for Sandor Clegane by asking the Mother to "Save him if you can, and gentle the rage inside him." He is driven by rage just like the Hulk and is being persued by Brienne of Tarth in the role of the investigative reporter. That in turn made me the think of the grave digger on the Quiet Isle who may or not be the aforementioned Hound. Together these things remind me of the opening sequence of the Incredible Hulk. I think the Hound wants to let Westeros go on thinking he's dead until he can control the raging spirit that dwells within him.
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