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  1. Ice Queen

    US Politics: Shutbound & Down

    And yet, the driving age is 16. IMO, lower the voting age and raise the driving age. My daughter got her permit just after she turned 16. Four months in and there was no way she was ready. Then she came down with mono, and I wouldn't allow her to drive until she was completely recovered, which was more than 18 months later. When she turned 18, she reapplied for her permit. The difference was night and day. She did a thousand times better on Day 1 than she did in 4 months of driving at 16. There was more maturity, more awareness of what was going on around her, and more appreciation for the fact that a car will kill you if not handled properly. That being said, these punks are not children. If they think they're mature enough to have a say in what a woman can and cannot do with her body (NOT), then they're old enough to be treated like adults.
  2. Ice Queen

    US Politics: Shutbound & Down

    We're also part of the Great Lakes Conference which includes western PA, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, western NY, Minnesota (and Ontario and Quebec). We have far more in common with those regions than we do the Northeast. Even Harrisburg thinks the state ends at the Susquehanna.
  3. Ice Queen

    U.S. Politics: Phantom of the Emergency

    I have absolutely no problem accepting that AOC and those like her are part of the party. We need the youthful energy and ideas for sure. But my issue with them as a whole is their inability to play the long game or think strategically. They want stuff right now, right this minute, and it simply doesn't work that way. Threatening to primary someone like Manchin (as an example) just demonstrates that. It's better to have someone who votes with us 60% of the time than someone who votes Republican 100% of the time. The left wing needs to learn that and accept it. I'm not saying "get in line" or anything like that, but if they want broad support among the rest of the Democrats (especially the old ones), there's only one way to do that: win some more seats. Only then will your agenda move forward. And attacking the moderates is NOT the way to go. Most people of both parties ARE moderate and do you know why? Because the center is where policy is made and shit gets done.
  4. Ice Queen

    U.S. Politics: Phantom of the Emergency

    I'm in that bubble with you. I was a Republican until 2004, when they went batshit insane with Iraq and showed their true colors regarding women and minorities. I was probably a Democrat before that, though. I voted for Bill Clinton twice and sat out 2000 because I couldn't stand either Bush or Gore. Right now I hate the GOP and everything it stands for, and they will NEVER get another vote from me as long as they continue down this road of bigotry, fearmongering, anti-democratism, grandstanding and obstruction. As far as I'm concerned, they're all traitors to everything we're supposed to stand for as a country, and they should be dealt with as such. The Democrats have a pretty big tent, but finding a place where we truly belong is difficult. I can't really say that I'm conservative on anything but guns, and that's only because I recognize that in some parts of the country, people are so poor that they still need to hunt for food. If they don't, they'll starve. The left wing of the party despises us. To them, moderates are "corporate Democrats", whatever that means. I've been in Twitter conversations with those folks, and they can't see the forest for the trees. "Primary Manchin!" they say. Are they nuts? There's no understanding that politics is local, and you run people who fit the district. West Virginia and western PA are not California or Seattle or New York.
  5. Ice Queen

    U.S. Politics: Phantom of the Emergency

    This is why we need a wall. $17 million worth of fentanyl seized at the Port of Philadelphia https://6abc.com/amp/$17-million-worth-of-fentanyl-seized-at-port-of-philadelphia/3690305/
  6. Ice Queen

    U.S. Politics: Oh Donnie Boy, the Feds are calling...

    In that case, our only hope is the military.
  7. Ice Queen

    Imagination and Society

    I can go along with that. I think that when Pilate asked him if he was King of the Jews, he wasn't kidding. IMO Christ, if he really existed, was a troublemaker who rebelled against the Romans. So why in the world would we celebrate that?
  8. Ice Queen

    Imagination and Society

    Then you agree that teaching kids that some guy died for our sins on a cross and was miraculously resurrected is infinitely more harmful, and a far more egregious lie, than Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. The point being that if you want to turn them into serious little adults without the psychologically beneficial aspects of childlike wonderment and imagination, you should go all the way and not let them believe in any mythology whatsoever.
  9. Ice Queen

    Imagination and Society

    I'll go one step further. People who have an issue with Santa, the Tooth Fairy, and all other ancient (read: pagan) traditions should also teach their children that Christmas is in no way a Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Christ. Christ himself is probably mythical and derived from a long line of rising and dying nature gods, which themselves are astronomical in nature. Christmas celebrates the winter solstice, when the sun stops its southward advancement and begins its nothward march to the summer solstice. (Incidentally, Epiphany is celebrated on January 6, which is perhelion in the old calendar...the 12 days of Christmas, the magi, etc.) Easter celebrates the equinox, and the Easter bunny, Easter eggs and all the trappings are pagan. Halloween is an ancient festival midway between the autumnal equinox and the solstice. Groundhog Day is also an ancient tradition that falls between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. Period, full stop. Santa Claus isn't the problem, but by all means let's at least be consistent. It never ceases to amaze me that Christians have no idea of the history of their own faith.
  10. I'm sure some Republicans are very fine people. People can be grudgingly forgiven for voting for him--they wouldn't be the first people to fall for his con. But to have watched this train wreck for the last two years and still support him OR any Republican? Not so fine after all.
  11. Well, you can make up your own mind, of course. I don't think there's a single good Republican left, but that's my opinion!
  12. Completely agree. But the "vote them out" really sticks in the craw sometimes. We have to wait YEARS to do that. Don't kid yourself about Kacich and don't let his grown up in the room persona fool you. He's a Tea Partier in sheep's clothing. Compared to Trump he's a saint, but that doesn't negate his policy stances. He is currently presiding over a horrific abortion debate which, if Kacich signs the legislation, will render Ohio a virtual prison for women.
  13. Absolutely correct. The case for Medicare For All or UHC just got that much stronger. Screw the Republicans. I've come to the conclusion that they're pure evil and the sooner we consign them to the dustbin of history the better off we'll all be. Run roughshod over them with a big "f you" and do what should have been done in the first place.
  14. I'm seeing a lot of "but you can't indict a sitting president" on Twitter. They know he's guilty as hell and that's their Get Out of Jail Free card. That's a policy, not a law, and there's absolutely nothing in the Constitution to prevent it. (If that's not true, let me know and I'll revise my position.) Pence has no such protection, and he was the first one to lawyer up. Trump is an un-indicted co-conspirator, and for all we know Mueller has already indicted him under seal. I say f*uck it--indict him and let the chips fall where they may.
  15. Ice Queen

    US Politics: A Feast for Crows

    I think the number of Senators from each state is set in stone and it's never going to change. The HoR is another story. When was the last time the number of representatives was increased? The early 20th century? The population has grown exponentially since then but there are still the same number of representatives.