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  1. Oo, I must have hit a nerve. I really hope the Tulsi thing is a rumor just like the Bloomberg/Hillary thing. I hope he is not that stupid. I'm not helping any? Fair enough. Neither are they and they're acting like goons. Did you see what they did to Joe Biden? Keep it classy, Bernie bots. If we elect him we'll just be trading one cult for another. No thank you. I'll vote for him, and then spend the next 4 years making him a one termer.
  2. They won't. Bernie is willing to burn down the Democratic Party, just like Trump did the GOP, if he doesn't get the nomination. I for one am sick and tired already of my party being held hostage to these goons. They are just like Trumpers--there's no reasoning with them and they can't see the forest for the trees. I saw on Twitter this morning that Sanders might nominate Tulsi Gabbard as VP. Like I needed another reason to suspect he's in cahoots with the Russians. One destroyer per party--he's no more a Democrat than Trump is a Republican. If he does nominate Gabbard we will absolutely hand Trump the election and it's sayonara United States of America. When this is all over we should do what the Republicans should have done to the Tea Party: banish the left to the fringes or force them to start their own party. They are blind and ignorant and short-sighted and we don't have time for their childishness and selfishness. They need to grow up and deal in reality. I used to think there was room in the tent for them, but no more. They are holding us hostage to their adolescent whims and Bernie does nothing to put them straight. Why? Because he, too, is a narcissist. That's not to say I'm not sympathetic to some of their positions. I am. But Bernie is a demagogue just like Trump and he is not the person to deliver that message. That being said, I would pull the lever for Bloomberg. Anyone who thinks he's as bad as Trump is an ideological fool. This is not a policy election. It's about getting rid of Trump. They Bernie bots are either with that or they're not.
  3. You do realize that when Trump says he's not leaving and drops anvil sized hints about 3rd terms, and when Pence blatantly says that Pelosi may well be the last Speaker of the House for a very long time...they're not kidding? You do know that, right?
  4. I have no idea. But SOMEONE is going to have to do it. DC police? The military? Edit: NVM. Tywin answered that pretty well.
  5. Then We the People storm the Bastille and he'll go out just like the Romanovs. Before anyone gets their hackles up, I hope that doesn't happen. But if he refuses to leave and the Secret Service doesn't do its job and remove him, then there's really no other option.
  6. Democrats will never forgive Jeff Flake for Kavanaugh.
  7. Ours isn't till April so the field should be winnowed pretty good by then. The pragmatic part of me says Biden. We need someone who doesn't need on the job training and can hit the ground running on Day 1, someone who can start to repair the damage done with our allies. Nobody knows foreign policy better than Biden. Nobody. He'll surround himself with smart, dedicated people. I would love to vote for Warren--I just like her. But nothing--NOTHING--is more important right now than getting rid of Trump. Policy can wait. I cannot vote for Bernie. I'm sympathetic to some of his positions, but another cult of personality is something we don't need. His "supporters" are just like Trumpers and he does nothing to rein them in. Bloomberg is actually growing on me. He knows Trump personally, knows his weaknesses, and can beat him at his own game. He's vastly more wealthy than Trump and it's a joy to watch him put the knifebin and twist it every chance he gets. He's also said he'll flood the airwaves no matter who the nominee is, and I can get behind that. Too bad he doesn't just buy Fox News...
  8. Especially in this part of the world. My (Democrat) rep made sure one of his campaign ads showed him shooting a gun.
  9. Those redneck cowards will piss their pants and run home to mama when (not if) the left starts shooting back. They're all talk.
  10. It means the Emperor is going to dissolve that body permanently.
  11. I don't either. The oldest Gen Xers will be 55 this year if you can believe that. But lumping in 45 year olds with senior citizens? Our "whatever" attitude has kept us relatively sane. We just sit back and watch the boomers and the millenials go at it and pop the popcorn.
  12. Hi there! No. I'd prefer a harness. If you teach them young enough they take right to it. Older cats can be taught to use one, but it takes some work.
  13. Nah, she's found her forever home and she knows it. It will just take her a few days to get acclimated and settle into your routine. ☺ Good luck!
  14. This is the craziest game I've ever seen. Andy Reid is going to get his ring.
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