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  1. You’ve been linked with Daniel Stendel in the British press. His Barnsley side were up there with Wilder’s Sheffield United and Wolves as the best sides I’ve seen at League One level in the last few years, and he was pretty harshly sacked at Hannover. Then again his time in Scotland didn’t exactly go to plan. The Rice and Soucek partnership worked really well at the base of midfield for West Ham. If they can drop Noble and build around those two - plus Haller and Antonio up front - then its the core of a decent side.
  2. No way should Wagner be surviving this. Schalke haven’t won a game since the first one of 2020! But you’re right that the issues go deeper, the club needs a clearout starting with Tönnies. Not much of a surprise to see Bremen hammer Köln when Timo Horn went on record saying he hoped Fortuna would go down. He could’ve made that Rashica goal look a little more convincing.
  3. Always knew Frank Lampard would secure more titles for Liverpool than Steven Gerrard.
  4. Who would have guessed taking a flight three hours before kick off when you haven’t played for months isn’t the best preparation.
  5. Why drive on public roads at all when your Dad’s estate is large enough to include multiple residences and some private woods? Some other questions I would like to have been asked: Why did your infected wife take your son to hospital instead of the niece you had driven all that way to be near? Why did you drive to pick them up when your eyesight was so impaired that several days later you still needed to go on a test drive? Does your wife drive? If so, shouldn’t she have driven instead if your vision was potentially impaired (unless she also has this vanishingly rare side effect).
  6. Oblak; Roberto Carlos, Maldini, VVD, Lahm; Aranguiz, Cazorla, De Bruyne; Messi, Mbappe, Kane I think that works. Quite something from the guy who went from Arsenal to Boro for the money then commuted up from London every day.
  7. As funny as cancelling the season now would be, the best option would be to resume where we’ve left off whenever it is safe to do. Then go straight into the next season with a one off format designed to finish in May, before holding the Euros in summer 2021.
  8. Mesut Özil suffers from racial discrimination inside the DFB. Thomas Müller says nothing. Bayern agree a partnership with a human rights abusing petrostate. Thomas Müller says nothing. Some Bayern fans put up a mildly offensive banner bruising a billionaire’s ego. Thomas Müller:
  9. Davies’ recovery speed is so useful in these high pressure games where the opponent sets up to counter. I can understand playing Kimmich at RB but would leave Pavard or Boateng out in that case. Six CL goals for Gnabry this season, all in London. Some lovely interplay with Lewandowski for his two tonight.
  10. I expect the punishment will be watered down beyond recognition by CAS, but that is quite the statement by UEFA. No doubt a bunch of clubs will use it to push for a super league if it stands.
  11. Leach has had two serious illnesses on the New Zealand and South Africa tours. Hopefully he will be well enough to return soon. Rashid has a chronic shoulder problem after playing through injury at the World Cup, which may well have ended his first class career. Ali asked for a break after he was dropped for one bad test. He’s a confidence player and that took a battering in the World Cup when he was dropped without doing too much wrong. He was asked to come back for SA but was not ready then, and will be asked again for SL.
  12. What an entitled dickhead. It’s one thing to rest your entire first team - though I don’t get the hurry to announce that before the date has even been set - but to not even bother turning up yourself, because you didn’t want a replay is just disrespectful. What better is he going to spend that evening doing? It comes across as a calculated fuck you to not just the FA Cup, but Shrewsbury and everyone else in English football who is not in the handful of clubs to have perpetual PL status assured.
  13. And people complained at Pogba taking independent medical advice.
  14. If you’re going to risk a fake punt on your own 30, surely you’ve got to go for the 4th & 1 at the opponent’s 20.
  15. I hadn’t read the books or played the games and also found that the time jumps weren’t too hard to figure out. I realised Ciri was ahead of the others when Mousesack, I think, mentioned Stregobor’s purge as being long ago in episode 1. I wouldn’t necessarily have organised it that way - Yen’s character goes through so much change in her first 2 or 3 episodes in ‘real time’. I think her story would have worked better as a flashback after Geralt meets her. At least Geralt’s character remains relatively stable in the 30ish(?) years covered in the series. In regards to Ciri’s age, Geralt says he has been away for 12 years when returning to Cintra - so I don’t think they actually aged the character up when casting someone older. Unless Geralt has lost track of the years that does seem extreme as Freya Allen looks a lot older than 11 (IMDb says she’s 18).
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