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  1. Philokles

    Cricket 38: Ashes Openers Crash and Burns

    Leach has had two serious illnesses on the New Zealand and South Africa tours. Hopefully he will be well enough to return soon. Rashid has a chronic shoulder problem after playing through injury at the World Cup, which may well have ended his first class career. Ali asked for a break after he was dropped for one bad test. He’s a confidence player and that took a battering in the World Cup when he was dropped without doing too much wrong. He was asked to come back for SA but was not ready then, and will be asked again for SL.
  2. Philokles

    Football: Better Call Raul

    What an entitled dickhead. It’s one thing to rest your entire first team - though I don’t get the hurry to announce that before the date has even been set - but to not even bother turning up yourself, because you didn’t want a replay is just disrespectful. What better is he going to spend that evening doing? It comes across as a calculated fuck you to not just the FA Cup, but Shrewsbury and everyone else in English football who is not in the handful of clubs to have perpetual PL status assured.
  3. Philokles

    Football: Better Call Raul

    And people complained at Pogba taking independent medical advice.
  4. If you’re going to risk a fake punt on your own 30, surely you’ve got to go for the 4th & 1 at the opponent’s 20.
  5. Philokles

    The Witcher on Netflix 2: Man of steel and silver

    I hadn’t read the books or played the games and also found that the time jumps weren’t too hard to figure out. I realised Ciri was ahead of the others when Mousesack, I think, mentioned Stregobor’s purge as being long ago in episode 1. I wouldn’t necessarily have organised it that way - Yen’s character goes through so much change in her first 2 or 3 episodes in ‘real time’. I think her story would have worked better as a flashback after Geralt meets her. At least Geralt’s character remains relatively stable in the 30ish(?) years covered in the series. In regards to Ciri’s age, Geralt says he has been away for 12 years when returning to Cintra - so I don’t think they actually aged the character up when casting someone older. Unless Geralt has lost track of the years that does seem extreme as Freya Allen looks a lot older than 11 (IMDb says she’s 18).
  6. Philokles

    Football: Brendan has the last laugh

    Son is becoming quite the dirty player these days. Or he fancied Christmas off.
  7. Philokles

    Football: Brendan has the last laugh

    Just like how Solskjaer is going back to Molde.
  8. Philokles

    Football: Brendan has the last laugh

    I guess Ferguson was trying to leave a mark with an eye to the permanent job, but that just looks like horrible man-management. You shouldn’t be burning a £30m asset when you are only an interim. Not even like Kean played too horribly.
  9. Philokles

    UK Politics: Who Pays the Andyman?

    Fucking hell that is horrendous
  10. Philokles

    Football: Brendan has the last laugh

    All 16 qualifying sides from the big 5 leagues for the first time which is rather sad. Atalanta certainly rode their luck - I doubt many sides have got through with 7pts before. Shame that 90th minute collapse vs Shakhtar cost Dinamo Zagreb a place.
  11. Philokles

    Football: foreVAR confused

    These individual awards are always nonsense, based more on reputations than performances (the FIFPro World XI is the worst - Sergio Ramos 2019’s best RB?!?), but they would be a lot better if they decided whether they are for who has had the best year or who is the best player. Messi would easily win the latter, for his 13th straight year, and Van Dijk the former. Instead they try to balance both and it ends up a mess. It was the FA Cup 3rd round draw tonight - a Merseyside derby the pick of the fixtures. We drew West Ham which is personally brilliant, as it is my Dad’s side vs mine for the first time in about 15 years.
  12. Philokles

    Football: foreVAR confused

    Genuinely impressive of Club Brugge to have two players sent off celebrating a goal - the scorer got a second yellow for taking his shirt off and his teammate for kicking the corner flag over.
  13. Philokles

    Cricket 38: Ashes Openers Crash and Burns

    I saw earlier that he now has the second best dismissal rate amongst England players this year after Stokes. Buttler’s dismissal yesterday was rather interesting - he was caught by Santner who was still signing autographs in the crowd as Wagner began his run up, jumped the ad boards back onto the field and took the catch. I was under the impression that fielders weren’t allowed to move about once the run up has begun. Buttler didn’t seem aggrieved however, so I don’t think it had any real effect on the outcome.
  14. Philokles

    Football: foreVAR confused

    Baffling the Salah offside wasn’t reviewed and no replay has been shown since.
  15. Philokles

    Football: foreVAR confused

    Back to VAR not intervening for anything (other than offsides). About as clear a handball as your going to get.