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  1. Lady Dacey

    Which minor spin-off story would you like to see?

    I just want a whole book of short stories of Arya living in Braavos
  2. Lady Dacey

    The Myth of the Self-made Person

    Is there such a thing as being “self-made”? Ever?
  3. Lady Dacey

    Sex and stuff - How different is Dorne?

    Oh, yeah, me too, most definitely. But it isn’t, is it? If from now on we were to see a very different picture painted in the following books that would be an inconsistency, in my opinion, and thar in itself would disappoint me... also, I think there is room for a very interesting deconstruction of tropes to be built by the author. We first ever saw Dorne through the eyes of Aerys Oakheart, an outsider with his own preconceived notions about the place and its people (and in a sex-laden chapter!), so far I have a feeling like this was a literary choice to set the grounds to present a change of perspective along the narrative, from the outside to the inside... anyway, we have to wait and see.
  4. Lady Dacey

    Sex and stuff - How different is Dorne?

    Yeah, you and me agree on this topic lord Varys! We are on the same page. I hope further writing from GRRM proves us right, I’d be slightly disappointed otherwise. Can’t be sure though.
  5. Lady Dacey

    Sex and stuff - How different is Dorne?

    I think this is very relevant. It’s possible that the Dornish have a slightly different approach to sex than the rest of the seven kingdoms, something less hypocritical, and it’s cleat that the (high born) women have more agency there, but I’m on the camp that they are not that different really - it’s mostly Yandel being ethnocentric...
  6. Lady Dacey

    Sex and stuff - How different is Dorne?

    I think you overlook the fact that “The World of Ice and Fire” isn’t a absolutely reliable source of information. It is a book that exists within the world George R. R. Martin has created. It was written by a singular maester, under specific circumstance. My take is that Martin writes the way the rest of Westeros see Dorne much like the west sees the east in our world, as Edward Said has explored in his ground setting book Orientalism.
  7. Lady Dacey

    Why the constant haircuts?

    Along with a lot that has been brought up by others posters above, I feel like the frequent haircuts Arya gets point to a parallel that is drawn between her and Egg from the Dunk and Egg tales, who would later become king Aegon the Unlikely (Aegon V).
  8. Lady Dacey

    Did GRRM really say Meereen would end like Iraq?

    Yandel isn’t George : )
  9. Lady Dacey

    Did GRRM really say Meereen would end like Iraq?

    This makes as much sense as saying Africa, culturally, conquered Europe in the Modern Age. Did africans ‘teach’ europeans to be slavers?
  10. Lady Dacey

    The role of forgiveness

    YI don't understand why most posters seem to be operating with a binary reasoning that oposes "forgiveness" and "revenge" as a dicotomic choice. Asoiaf is way way above that. Please. Human interaction is complex. I wanted to point out a few things. Fist, I disagree with the OP in the statement "the only way it can work is to let the past go" when it comes to people working together to survive the threat of the Others. I mean yeah, of course I agree fighting a supernatural force must be a joint venture of the intire humanity - but I don't think people have to forgive each other to work together. People are capable of reason and strategy, and it's possible to make common cause with an enemy to face a bigger threat without "putting the past behind". Alliances can be momentary, tactic. And that's ok (maybe reading "On Contradiction and Practice" by Mao Zedong when I was nineteen left too strong an impression on me). Another thing I feel like I have to dispute is this notion that Arya is driven only by revenge and "too far gone" or "incapable of anything else". That is ludicrous. There are many arguments to be had around this subject, but I don't want to derail the OP. I'll just say that it is canon, it has been published and read by all of us how she comes to take the Hound away from her list after being his captive for a while - that is, we have textual proof that she can change her mind about the people on her list. That sets a precedent and informs us on her principles.
  11. That was an interesting read! Thank you for putting the time and effort to bring this theory to life in a concise and well written text. It's tenuous at best, but I would like it if it were true.
  12. Lady Dacey

    The North Remembers; The West Forgets: A Theory

    Hey there. I'm really quite confused by your posts... I mean I absolutely agree with the first underlined part and I believe most people in western countries in the 21st century do too. I hope so at least. It's the very common ground of the modern state, that three powers and etcetera. So I agree. But then there is this bolded part I truly don't understand. I mean, in your opinion, how are the Stars any different than their contemporary great houses in Westeros? I'm intrigued. Then there is the second underlined part which makes me wonder: who are you talking about? Seems to me anyone who "completely buys into chivalric romanticism" should not be taken seriously, doesn't matter what it is about. You really think that is the authour's intention? I see how this could be some reader's interpretation, but those are (very) disputable. Even if I were interested in a few characters, I wouldn't read books that I feel 'advocate' stuff like that, for real.
  13. Lady Dacey

    How common is incest?

    That is just plain wrong (and the whole point of the second article I brought up you obviously haven't read). You are making a lot of completely unfounded affirmations about how inheritance of phenotypes works in humans (they are really disturbing too, but also so far removed from reason it's easier not to be so appalled). It's never really clear in your comments when you are expressing your views on inheritance in the asoiaf universe or in the real world (read: genetics). I find that disconcerting because of the eugenic content in the statements you make, which, because I feel like I should be generous on the grounds that this is an online forum, I will call out as borderline racist.
  14. Lady Dacey

    How common is incest?

    Are you beeing sarcastic? I'm asking for real because it's difficult to pick up sarcasm in written speech, specially for non natives such as myself.
  15. Lady Dacey

    How common is incest?

    Not really sure here, but if I remember correctely, most careful historical accounts now agree Juana I de Castilla was probably never mad at all, but locked away under such pretense by her father and later by her son so that they could wield the power that was nominally hers.