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  1. I do not think we can infer such precise mesurement just from from the comments regarding the Ghost's height and Arya's own. Actually, I think we should take most numbers presented to us by POVs with a grain of salt. They are 'guesstimates', at best. And when they come from a child's POV they're even less realiable. The thing is, if Arya is 4 feet tall in ASOS, she had to be even shorter, if only by a little, in Clash, right? Feet confuse me to no end so I'll stick to metric. 4 feet tall is around 1,20m. This is my son's height, he is a tall six-year-old. In Clash, Arya V, just before Arya and Gendry are captured by the mountain's men, we get this passage: That would make Gendry only about 1,50m. You think so? That does not add up, not at all. Gendry is constantly said to be tall and strong for his age. He has a beard 'thick as and black briar' in Clash, which means he's at least in puberty already. Does it make sense for him to be only 5 feet tall? I'd say not at all. That is not to say that the difference between them is indeed one foot and therefore Arya must be over four feet tall in Clash already, it's only to point out that these numbers don't mean much as it is. They are there only to give us a vague notion of size, not to be a true mesure of a character's height. Maybe Arya is indeed four feet tall and Gendry is taller than her by much more than one foot. Maybe the Ghost of High Heart is under three feet and Arya but Arya is taller than her by more than a foot. We can't know for certain. I do not think Arya actually used a stadiometer to gauge her own height or no one else's, not the Ghost of Hight Heart's nor Gendry's. What we can say for certain, I believe, is that Arya's height is below average for her age and sex. This does not seem to be connected to undernourishment, as she's presented that way when we first meet her in Winterfell. It might have been aggravated due to malnourishment, but due to her age and the amount of time she goes without good food (not long stretches) it's more likely she'll undergo wasting (low weight for height) rather than stunting (low height for age). I'm speaking from a real-world standpoint, of course. Maybe GRRM does not care for that. I on the other hand deal with classifying children according to the WHO's weight-for-age curve on a daily basis. My guess is Arya would be around -1 z-score in the height-for-age graph (i.e. the lowest 15th percentile, meaning 85% of all kids her age and sex are taller than her). That would make her, at age 9, around 126cm (median is 132cm). At 11 she would be 137cm (median is 145cm). Of course a girl's height before she hits puberty does not have to have a huge impact in her adult stature. We can safely say 9yo Arya has not yet started puberty, as she can pass for a boy. Puberty is a process, not an event, and for girls it begins months or even years before menarche. Puberty in girls is regarded as 'started' when breast develpment initiates. This usually coincides with a 'growth spurt', not as dramatic as boy's, but relevant nonetheless - about 8 cm per year is what is expected in the years leading up to menarche. This is probably what Arya is experiencing when she says her legs are growing as the blind girl in Braavos. It's common to grow at least 5 to 7cm after menarche, but than again we should take into account that undernourishment and low bodyfat will considerably delay menarche, giving a girl's body more time to grow in height in the meantime. Another thing to consider is that girls who have halthy but early menache grow even more after they first start cycling. There are a lot of variables in reaching one's genetic potential when it comes to stature. Ok i'm rambling. Sorry for that. I am sure Arya has a light build and is not the tallest of the bunch, but she does not stand out to me as a particularly short person, not like Rohanne Webber was for exemple. She is problably below average, but not by much. People don't usually call atention to her height, only to her built (she is not 'tiny' or 'short' in other people's description, only 'skinny' and 'small'.). I do believe she ate a much better fare as Roose Bolton's cupbearer then and Weese's underling, but I have to point out it it simply absurd (not to say borderline disrespectiful) to state that forced labour and malnourishment makes anyone stronger. Just look at true historical events when people were put under such circunstances and see what happened to them. Arya makes it clear that stealing from the kitchens is not a habit (that is why she is so tempted) and she often goes to bed hungry. Other than that, her diet is specially poor in protein, which is a really big deal for kids. Even if she was getting a decent amount of calories (which she didn't) the low-protein meals she ate severely prohibits the synthesis of new tissues in the body, be it muscle or anything else.
  2. Just tie that hair up! fArya would never RIDE A HORSE with her hair loose about her shoulders!!
  3. Loose hair. No 'respectable' woman ever wore her hair down before the '60s, and yet GRRM would have us believe they have ways to make locks look shiny in Westeros 299 AC.
  4. I really recommend the documentary film Ex-Paje. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7754564/ It's a beautiful piece about a very sad situation, and what it pictures unfortunately contradicts the statements I quoted above. While I'm not convinced Melissandre will be successful in her converting efforts, this is not the reason why.
  5. I'm late into the thread, and haven't read it through (it's really long, I think I'm on page 7 now) so maybe it's been mentioned before and I haven't gotten around to it... Ever since the episode aired I've had this notion that D&D went for Jon (whom they named Aegon for who knows what reason..) killing Daenerys because they knew in the books Aegon VI Targaryen would, if that makes sense? Not the while 'noble' (cof, cof) reason behind the killing, but the whole "knife to the gut while embracing", maybe it could go down like that for (f)Aegon and Daenerys... I don't love it, but let's wait and see I guess.
  6. @sweetsunray what a fucking awesome catch with hair and heir!!! It does explain why George's eununchs are bald (though I suspect Varys' head could be shaved). You got me thinking about Aegon V. His hair is shaved again and again in his youth, but it does insist on growing back in. His hairline is not receeding, but his hair betrays his purpuse to keep his Targaryen identity hidden. I think this could parallel with him ending up with heirs that refuse to do as he bids them, perhaps?
  7. Is Martin familiar with Spanish language? I can't get over the Sansa/Sonsa/Zonza "pun". Zonza (Spanish) and sonsa (Portuguese) are adjectives with the same pronunciation and meaning, and could traditionally be translated as "silly" or "stupid". Controversely, the words have evolved since they first entered the iberic lexicon in the 17th century, and currently they are used to define people, usually females, who are deceivers, feigning apparent silliness to hide their true intentions under an aura of innocence. Every Brazilian reader I know describes Sansa as "sonsa". Even if it's unintentional, it works
  8. She's developed a lot of skills and I really appreciate her character. She's an impressive young woman and she's had an incredibly interesting story arc. I just believe she is still being played by Petyr Baelish - who is a master of the art by the way. She hasn't seen through him yet (though I can see she might be getting there). She doesn't trust Baelish and want to flea, which is great, but she does think "Littlefinger" is the mask and "Petyr Baelish" (her friend and savior) is who he really is. For the record, it was Mace's idea to name Loras to the kings guard. Littlefinger never so much as suggested it. And it's not like it's bad for him to have a son in the kingsguard at all. The source of his idea were the songs he heard, and the fact that he knew there was a vacant position, and the practical difficulty of finding bride and land for his third son who is gay. All of which are true things. I believe we are led to think the same is true for Sansa's idea of the tourney. It was her idea! It's just an idea that was very convenient for Baelish...
  9. I'm asserting Sansa had the idea for a tourney because Littlefinger wanted to throw a tourney and gave her all the right clues to come up with such a notion. I do not believe he has currupted her morality, whatever that means, but I believe she cannot see through his manipulation, just like Mace Tyrell didn't.
  10. I didn't read the whole thread (it's more than thirty pages long!) but has this been mentioned: while we did see some development in the last chapters of AFFC, and Sansa seems to be getting more savy about politics, I believe this quote is proof that Sansa is still totally clueless about Littlefinger's modus operanti and she's still totally a pawn in his game. This is just how Petyr Baelish works... he's even told Sansa before and she's still falling for it.
  11. I posted this in another thread, but I believe it belongs here. We get this interacting as soon as Dany agrees to marry Hizdhar: As soon as I read this I thought of Arabian Nights, where Sheherazade tricks her husband into not killing her for a thousand and one nights. The original Arabic title of "Arabian Nights" is actually "one thousand and one nights". The protagonist is the bride and queen Shererazade, the daughter of the Vizier who volunteers to marry a man she does not love and who's been killing a bride a day for the past three years (a queen puts her people before her own desires, the sons of the harpy have been murdering freedmen each night...). She is to be executed the night after the wedding but can trick him into keeping her alive, and utimately gains an oficial pardon from her husband and gets to live ("I know you will forgive me"). Whats most striking is the meaning of the name of the protagonist in the original story. From Wikipedia: "The earliest forms of Scheherazade's name in Arabic sources include Shirazad (شيرازاد Šīrāzād) in Masudi, and Shahrazad (شهرازاد Šahrāzād) in Ibn al-Nadim, the latter meaning in New Persian "the person whose realm/dominion (شهر šahr) is free (آزادāzād)"." sound like the breaker of chains? I'm of a mind to think Martin choose to place these words ("we'll have a thousand nights") coming from Hizdhar lips to make an allusion to Arabian Nights.
  12. @weirwood eyes I loved all your comments throughout this thread! I'm also a breastfeeding counselor too!!
  13. Just wanna say I read through the whole thread and really enjoyed all the analysis and discussion! I never cared for Sandor/Sansa as a couple, I always saw him just as a figure of her imagination, playing a part on her personal development from girl to young woman, but now you've got me hoping a few more interactions between the two. I wouldn't go as far as hoping for a marriage, but I definetely abandoned the idea I had that their story was over on page already. Arya and Gendry always stood out for me as a possible romantic couple, I think it's obvious they have strong feelings for each other but don't acknowledge it (Arya) or don't know how to act about it (Gendry). The articles about those two in the thread are a delight to read, but I got the impression they were "speaking to the converts". I'd love to go through a chronological re-read of their chapters to highlight how Martin gives us so many hints of their underlying feelings, even if some readers choose to overlook them.
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