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  1. Just tie that hair up! fArya would never RIDE A HORSE with her hair loose about her shoulders!!
  2. Loose hair. No 'respectable' woman ever wore her hair down before the '60s, and yet GRRM would have us believe they have ways to make locks look shiny in Westeros 299 AC.
  3. Beautifully (and synthetically) put. And isn't that true about our world also?
  4. Mourning Star, congrats! This is well written and thought provoking! Ygritte does tell Jon that Craster is the son a man of the Night’s Watch, and I’ve always wondered how that could be relevant. You provide quite a theory! Aemon’s son! My oh my. Maybe. I like the way you explore ravens as metaphor for men. Of course, Aemon does it in the text, but you expanded on it beautifully. The Night’s Watchmen, their preferences and their unique predicates; the two birds fighting for a choice piece as a stand in for Robert and Rhaegar; the connection between Mormont’s raven and Ned Stark. And Gilly singing “a nonsense song” to Aemon the babe and putting Aemon the old man to sleep, just a few words after he references his own sisters singing to their children… In the light of everything you brought up, what a catch! I’m excited. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, but I’m thinking: how could this, if true, be of consequence to the story? You think Melissandre will kill Monster at Castle Black and some magic will work because he’s got Targ blood in him? But how would the characters come to such knowledge in-universe? Or do you believe this it just for the reader to pick up on?
  5. Lollys deserves much better. You're just being mean.
  6. I recommend psychoanalysis to deal with such conflicting feelings. It has helped me quite a lot.
  7. But thats is precisely what she doesn't want! Why would you inflict such a destiny on her?
  8. Onions! I'm joking, but also not joking. Smuggling probably is widespread and Davos was one amongst many untill he took the onions to Storm's End. We don't really know that, and the way Lord Marderly talks (not only to Davos, but since ACOK) really has me believing he taxes every bit of goods that come to the North through White Harbor.
  9. @Maharbbal this really should be in the general forum, it would definitely draw much more attention there, and your spectulations deal with the story itself and not the overarching universe of Planetos.
  10. We know, and Tyrion does too. Tywin says as much to Tyrion when they are discussing the matter. Tywin wants the North as close to himself as possible, and having the rightful hair be his grandson is the best he can get.
  11. Tyrion makes explicit in his POV chapters what he expects from that match.
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