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  1. Lady Dacey

    Puns and Wordplay

    Is Martin familiar with Spanish language? I can't get over the Sansa/Sonsa/Zonza "pun". Zonza (Spanish) and sonsa (Portuguese) are adjectives with the same pronunciation and meaning, and could traditionally be translated as "silly" or "stupid". Controversely, the words have evolved since they first entered the iberic lexicon in the 17th century, and currently they are used to define people, usually females, who are deceivers, feigning apparent silliness to hide their true intentions under an aura of innocence. Every Brazilian reader I know describes Sansa as "sonsa". Even if it's unintentional, it works
  2. Lady Dacey

    Sorcerers and Swords

    I don't really understand swords at all, and I haven't read any of the novellas, so I'm not rellay qualified to talk about Darksister. I learned a lot with your OP though - thanks for that! It's very well written and organized One thing a know for certain though... I'm pretty sure Arya qualifies as a "sorcerer" in the same way Lord Bloodraven did. I mean she is a warg and a capable skinchanger, she's very connecetd to the Old Gods and she is very knowledgeable - she understands poisons, speaks many languages and she can pull mummery tricks. Those are her current skills, and she might yet learn to work glamours and even how to change her face FM-style. I can't see another character in the books that has that many "magical qualities". What does it take for a person to be called a sorcerer in Westeros, circa 300 A.C.? In fact she's such a good candidate for the sword I think GRRM might not give it to her just to mess with us.
  3. Lady Dacey

    Daenerys and how many languages she speaks

    I also love langagues and linguistics <3 here are some quotes to consider: Tyrion: In Pentos: So a cook in a manse Pentos is able to undertand some High Valyaria. Than in Volantis: Volantene is Probably farther away from Valyrian than Pentoshi then. Samwell: But a Bravoosi whore doesn't undertand High Valyrian, neither do the polemen. That might be Sam's fault, or it may mean Braavosi is quite distant from HV. That is more likely, we get the following from Arya: That is some time later: I guess I was wrong about "Ghiscari" being a lenguage in slavers bay: But it's not so clear. This is Tyrion about the slave action: And this is Quentyn: And here Missandei asserts the masters will be able to speak (High?) Valyrian in Astapor:
  4. Lady Dacey

    Daenerys and how many languages she speaks

    Don't forget Arya First we have to stablish the languages that exist in universe. We have, geographycally: - the Common Tongue (from Westeros) - Dothraki language (Dothraki sea) - Ghiscari (Slaver's bay) edited: Meereenese, a 'mongrel tongue' of Old Ghiscari and High Valyrian - Summer's Islands language - High Valyrian (from Old Valyria, it's pretty much a dead tongue, but most high borns in Westeros learn some of it, and probably the Targaeryans speak it among themselves, as Daenerys refers to it as her mother tongue. "Bastard Valyrian" works as a lingua franca in some situations) - Pentos, Braavos, Lys, Myr and Tyrosh and Volantis all have distinc languages derived from Valyrian. They are referred as different langagues in universe. While it's possible to infer there might be some sort of understanding between people who speak those languages, we must assume they are languages and not dialects. I think of it as Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and French for example, all coming from Latin (High Valyrian analog), and there are some quotes to support this claim. Many times Martin chooses not make clear which language the characters are using. When Daenerys holds court in Meereen, which language does she use? When she dines with the Green Grace, or talks to Daario? It's probably high or bastard Valyrian. She probably speaks to Barristan and Jorah in the common tongue. When Jorah has a negotiation with the Widow of the Waterfront Tyrion can follow the entire conversation, but we know he doesn't undertand a lot of Volantene (he could only grasp a few words of the red priest's preaching). It's not always clear what language characters are speaking. So, here we go: 1) Daenerys speaks High Valyrian (mother tongue) the Common Tongue and Dothraki 2) Missandei speaks a lot of lenguages. Let's assume Naathi (mother tongue), Ghiscari, High Valyrian, the Common Tongue 3) Jorah speaks the Common Tongue (mother tongue), Dothraki, Volantene or bastard Valyrian (he understands what the Benerro is preaching in Volantis) 4) Viserys speaks High Valyrian and the Common Tongue. Maybe bastard Valyrian. 5) who knows. Common Tongue and 'Volantene' for certain... 6) Arya speaks the Common Tongue (mother tongue), Bravoosi (as well as to pass for a native), 'pidgin harbor tongue', and she's been working on her High Valyrian (she started to learn in Westeros as most high borns) and learning the languages of Tyrosh and Myr as well.
  5. Lady Dacey

    Wow, I never noticed that v.16

    Is Aerys Oakhaert also a secret Targaeryan? What about Rhaegar Frey? I don't think names prove much...
  6. Lady Dacey

    Least favorite theory?

    I think that sums it up. It's sad how misogynistic our world still is.
  7. Lady Dacey

    Moon tea

    Oh, these are important questions that must indeed be addressed. In a way, moon tea is actually a plothole. It's a very convenient plot device that Martin came up with, but it's problematic because the image of it is very inconsistent. To you first questio, I absolutely agree with Shiera Blackwood: Moral attitude towards abortion probably also varies around the seven kingdoms. Where is that coming from? Not even Catelyn, who was living together with Lysa, realized her sister was pregnant... Arryn knew she could conceive because Hoster wanted him to know it. I thought it was pretty clear that he avoided other people knowing about his daughter having been pregnant. Agree This is the High Septon about Margeary: "She is not. Holy septas have examined her, and testify that her maidenhead is broken. She has drunk of moon tea, to murder the fruit of her fornications in her womb. An anointed knight has sworn upon his sword to having carnal knowledge of her and two of her three cousins. Others have lain with her as well, he says, and names many names of men both great and humble." I say moon tea is a plot device because it's referenced as an abortificent (by Cersei and Lysa and Hoster) as well as an mean to prevent a pregnancy akin to the regular pill (by Arianne) and to the morning after pill (by Asha). In fact, no substance known to us, natural or synthetic, can be used interchangeably in all three situations. Lysa had a provoked an abortion with moon tea, Arianne tells Arys Oakhaert "I've drunk my moon tea" before they have sex, to assure him there's no fear of making a bastard, and Asha brews and drinks moon tea after she has had sex. That's just impossible in real life...
  8. Lady Dacey

    Least favorite theory?

    If that were enough to call someone a psychopath than Ned, Robb, and Jon would all be psychopaths as well. They justify their killings, but they don't feel remorse. Arya does feel remorse about the killings she can't justify (the stable boy and the Bolton guard) and she justifies the killings she doesn't feel remorse about (Lorch's men, Daeron). You see Westeros has a very different code of morality than we do. Killing people is not frowned upon if you have a reason to do so. That's deeply disturbing, I agree, but it's how it works there. Ned murdering Gared is as disturbing to me as Arya killing Daeron. Ned doesn't feel joy in it, but neither does Arya. Neither of them are psychologically unsound because of those actions.
  9. Lady Dacey

    Was Robert doomed to fail from the start?

    Neither of them were interested in being together. I'm not saying "Cersei would have been a good wife for him if only he'd allow her!" or anything like that, I'm just saying a different wife would not make a different Robert. I mean I did say: Aside from not being able I think she wasn't interested in such. Still, there are always people saying "poor Robert he would never have fallen so deep if it weren't for being married to Cersei" and I just don't buy it. And I believe we have evidence enough that he was very much the same man at least since the rebellion.
  10. Lady Dacey

    Was Robert doomed to fail from the start?

    I have a real problem with this idea I've seen repeated frequently around internet. Cersei is vain, selfish, paranoid and even sadistic - true. But she at some point hoped for a loving marriage and Robert was always abusive and disrespectful towards her, before ever giving them a chance to develop a healthy relationship. I'm sure Cersei would never be able to have a healthy relationship with anyone, ever, but Robert wouldn't either... the whoring is not Cersei's fault at all. It's Robert's, and no woman could have stopped it. I mean, if that was the case, why not have a mistress? He didn't want a relationship. Here we learn that Cersei lied to Ned back in Game when she told him Robert "hadn't been in her" for years. He was still forceful towards her until the end of their marriage. There is also this interaction between Cersei and the Kettleblack: There's more: If a loving woman could have done anything for Robert he would have found one between the many he fucked - some of them were high born too. If he never took a mistress and always had a million lovers, there's nothing a different wife could have done.
  11. Lady Dacey

    Moments of Foreshadowing v.12

    Can't. Wait. I love it all the more because it's Arya. Wanna see her wolfshly demanding Boltons or Lannisters or Freys to yield.
  12. Lady Dacey

    Wow, I never noticed that v.16

    That was a very interesting read, I really appreciate it, thanks! If they are favorites of GRRM they're certainly worth getting to know. But I was actually hinting at this:
  13. Lady Dacey

    Wow, I never noticed that v.16

    Vance and Piper are two Riverlands houses, and their heirs frequently appear together during A Game of Thrones. Their names are Karyl and Marq. These houses are suspect of funding and working together with the Brotherhood Without Banners, an organization that's supposed to be dedicated to the protection of the smallfolk. Are their names a reference to a certain historical figure?
  14. Lady Dacey

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Precisely she's a complex character, that's all I'm saying. There are moments in her story we empathize with (everything about her relationship with Robert made me so uncomfortable, I truly felt bad for her). Not so for Ramsey, Gregor or Hoat for exemple. I didn't care that Hoat was served his own flash - it only made me see even more clearly how deeply disturbed Gregor was, but I never felt bad for Vargo for it, because the author doesn't create mechanisms for the readers to feel sorry for him on any level. Of course everyone's reading experience is unique.
  15. Lady Dacey

    Small Questions v. 10105

    She is crazy, but I don't think she compares with Ramsey or Ser Gregor Clegane