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  1. Great! I come back after like 5 months to see another Jon hate thread! How original!
  2. Or a certain Caranthir Ar-Feiniel.
  3. Again, I hope it didn't insulted you or anything like that.
  4. How this can be done? Westeros doesn't have paternity tests yet.
  5. I do agree that Bran will be the ultimate ruler but in a more mystical and deity-like sense. Jon will protect humanity as the normal King and Bran will be something like a God or divine protector.
  6. Then she will lose. If Aegon was beaten and lost one dragon and one Queen, Dany's dragons will not have luck.
  7. It's not up to her. She lost Dorne. Her needs means less than nothing now.
  8. I agree with this part. He is going to try and steal her. Beric is dead Corvo. Beric is dead.
  9. He isn't from Starfall and I don't think that someone who attacks young children is legendary enough for Dawn.
  10. They were past tense. Now they are outlaws.
  11. I wouldn't think that being an outlaw is good enough for Dawn.
  12. Since not all Daynes knights take up Dawn and only the Sword of the Morning can wield her he has time to prove himself.
  13. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So why did you kill Jon Snow? GEORGE R.R. MARTIN: Oh, you think he’s dead, do you?
  14. It's very possible yes. If Lyanna was pregnant for two years.
  15. Dany lost Dorne when she refused Quentyn. They will support FAegon since he is the only one who can repay them for their support. As for Dany invading Dorne, since Dorne was able not only to fight Aegon and kill one of his dragons along with one of his Queens Dany has no luck. She should learn a lesson from her family's history and stay out of Dorne.
  16. In Fire and Blood, we have learned about several Royal Progress around Westeros mostly made by Jaehaerys and Brienne mentioned that Renly had his own Lord's progress to mark his coming of age. If other Great Lords in Westeros made a lord's progress across their domains, or even outside of them, which places do you think that they would visit? Where would Lord of Casterly Rock would had traveled to? Or which castles Lord Stark would had visited?
  17. Emilia Clarke. Most of her acting involved her moving her eyebrows.
  18. True, a girl could take Dorne and the boy whatever else. But let's say that the Lady's father in law had Tywin's ego. That would create havoc. I could even see him not allowing the child's change of surname.
  19. I am disappointed because she supposed to look more mature she is almost 100 years old. For example Eva Green, my go to fancast for Ashara, would had been an excellent Yennefer.
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