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  1. I mean, I'm pretty much used to Dem representatives praising Republicans, which is maddening enough, but a SCOTUS justice, at this point in time, about this justice... it's just maddening. But fear not, she also wrote in an op-ed that it might take 100 years, but the pendulum will swing back, or sth like that. Another nice issue of the Five Minute News Sunday Show - my phrase of the day: institutional capture - about civil rights, accountability, and potential emigration to Canada: https://fiveminute.news/video
  2. Ginni Thomas says she 'can't wait' to talk to Jan. 6 committee WASHINGTON, June 16 (Reuters) - Virginia "Ginni" Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, is eager to appear before the congressional committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol, she told the Daily Caller news website on Thursday. Thomas was responding to comments by the committee's chairman, Democrat Bennie Thompson, that suggested the panel would seek her testimony. "I can't wait to clear up misconceptions. I look forward to talking to them," Thomas told the Daily Caller. (...) "We look forward to her coming," Thompson said, adding that the committee had sent Thomas a letter. https://www.reuters.com/world/us/head-congress-jan-6-committee-says-time-invite-ginni-thomas-talk-2022-06-16 I'll believe it when I see it, Ginny.
  3. Well, I tend to believe a 3 decades federal prosecutor who says they could be determined as corrupt pardons. I myself know nothing about it.
  4. I think those pardons could be sturck down in court (even if they were not paid for), and then when it gets taken to SCOTUS... oh, nevermind.
  5. Oh, I didn't think his mind was muddled, just that he was extremely long-winded (and also very slow).
  6. Y'all do know that the price for having 'Darth Cheney on our side in this means she'll one day be your president, right? She's clearly playing the long game ... Good news: ETA: I just read that Judge Luttig is a stroke survivor, so now I feel terrible.
  7. And didn't he add a sentence to the ceremony, something like "Are there any objections?" While it sounds childish, it'a also like mob speak... "You know what happens iof you're not my friend anymore..."
  8. I think it's in part because he's a far-right Federalist dude and it pains him... This will lose them lots of viewers. Anyway, I washed my hair, fed the dog, and did the dishes. If it wasn't live, I'd set it to 1.75 speed. Also, you made me really hungry, @Zorral !
  9. Most of the conservatives haven't gone bonkers, they've just discovered how they can get majorities... well, not majorities really, but enough votes to "win". Per cnn, the Jan 6 committee has "invited" Ginni Thomas. I'm sure she'll happily oblige!
  10. No, they'd take some ofthe so-called moderate vote, and then when the Reps won, blame the Dems for being too left-wing, radical etc! Duh! Radical communist Biden! ETA: basically what the post above mine said
  11. I'm sure nothing can go wrong with this strategy. https://www.julesburgadvocate.com/2022/06/09/democrat-super-pacs-sinking-big-money-into-gop-primary/ Democrat Super PACs sinking big money into GOP primary Republican candidates that thus far have shown an inability to fundraise are getting support from the most unlikely of sources: Democrat Super PACs. (...) In theory, electing a more far-right candidate in the Republican primary could make it easier on Democrat Sen. Michael Bennet and Democrat Gov. Jared Polis in the statewide general election. ... The ads in the races are scheduled to run through June 28, Election Day in the Republican primary. Super PAC Democratic Colorado is believed to be dumping almost $800,000 into the Senate race, while another Super PAC, Colorado Information Network, is contributing almost $700,000 in the governor’s race. Meanwhile... "No Labels" a 501(c)4, has quietly raised over $50 mil this year to get its namesake on the ballot as a 3rd party in all 50 states in case there's a Trump/Biden rematch. So far they've made it on 5 states & have done polling on a Manchin/Murkowski ticket
  12. Oh my, I never thought Lucy would do this football thing again... I hone my English skills every day! Phrase of the day: Cornyn Con!
  13. Let's just say my expectations are low... Btw, according to the WP, more than 100 Republicans who've won their primaries support the Big Lie. PS: For Democrats (mostly), they're not bad at messaging wrt the hearings... PPS: I'd really like to know why today's meeting had to be postponed.
  14. Remember when Rep Loudermilk denied he was giving tours prior to Jan 6? Well, the committee released another video... Trigger warning: threatening language, mostly towards women Surveillance footage shows a tour led by Loudermilk to areas in the House Office Buildings, as well as the entrances to Capitol tunnels. Individuals on the tour photographed/recorded areas not typically of interest to tourists: hallways, staircases and security checkpoints.
  15. That spring chicken?! It's kind of sad that really young (or middle-aged) progressive figure comes to mind, at least for me.
  16. Apparently, Bernie was also on Meet the Press (ugh) recently. Something is afoot... I think he's flirting with running in 2024.
  17. Dems today: https://nitter.com/brycecovert/status/1536748066384007176 "Five progressive council members who voted against the budget because it increases NYPD funding while reducing the Department of Education were punished by the speaker by having discretionary public safety money taken away from their districts. What the actual fuck." ETA: Hmmm... The Jan 6th committee just released a new video, practically spelling it out: c-r-i-m-i-n-a-l: (For those who can't read on Twitter, try replacing 'twitter' with 'nitter'
  18. Interesting Jan 6 judge: McFadden asked prosecutor if it’s possible the Seefrieds might not have known what they were obstructing. Prosecutor: It doesn’t require a PhD in political science for Seefrieds to know what the mob was doing on Jan 6 McFadden asked what if Antifa were amid the mob .. would they be charged too?
  19. According to the group who targeted Cawthorne and now have Boebert on their minds, she's had two abortions. Considering her stance on abortion rights (and everything else), I'd be thrilled if that was what took her down.(Ofc they've embraced hypocrisy as a feature, not a bug, so who knows.) https://www.fireboebert.com/boebertabortions
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