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  1. Isn't there a huge demand for workers in this field right now?
  2. Let's not make every international tread thread about the USA. Frankly, it's not that interesting.
  3. Can you prove that it isn't a rational decision for many of those living on subsidies? Quite often it earns you less if you take any random job than taking the meagre government handouts.
  4. This post came right on time for me to push the order button for my Audi (which is btw the cheapest sensible option for me) I would rather have taken the 500€ pay rise though. All things considered, I break even compared with my old salary and have to make do with a smaller car with a shorter range and lower speed. Though I guess getting a shiny new car every 3 years is something? It does pay off if I drive around a lot though. Not sure that's a good thing. Can I go to Italy in an eCar and how long does it take? TLDR; you only need to be jealous if you like shiny things.
  5. It’s nothing new. They play for that for…decades? I don’t think it will ever happen and also think the security council in its current form needs to be abolished anyway.
  6. At least that's an avenue out left to them.
  7. Can you explain how you jumped from the quoted article to Sweden is becoming unbearable?
  8. Luckily we don't have gas heating. But so far the heating stays off. But we usually never start before October. My office is never heated and I also have issues working with cold hands. I have one of those massage and heating things you can put on the chair. That kind of works with the small inconvenience of having one of those massage nubs in a slightly awkward place. Add to that a generous supply of hot water and it becomes quite okay. The main source of heat are the two big screens in front of my nose anyway. If I need some extra heat, I can just close my eyes and lean forward for that awesome kissed by the sun feeling.
  9. Thailand is actually a good sample for a working democracy. Their king has basically ditched the country and elects to live most of the year in Germany, a democratic state. (okay in Bavaria, but even they are nominally a democracy)
  10. I think that would be a really stupid mistake. They would draw a line into the sand and Ukraine will definitely step over it. Then they will run out options.
  11. I don't know. There are right now *a lot* of polish names writing absolut bollocks on Twitter too. I guess they are drunk on their government doing at least something right for a change. Of course now that they felt the need to back Orban, the moment is gone aniway...
  12. They maybe can train first with the hundreds of other river deltas.
  13. Pure anecdotical from personal talk. They don't give a shit. The government basically has a bargain with them. Improve our lot and make some of us rich and we leave you alone. Unfortunately Xi Jin ping is actually a bad leader and let's this bargain slip.
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