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  1. I'm pretty sure that's intentionally. Even my wife, who's from Beijing basically can't go to China right now because it would waste too much time to be allowed in. They are even harder on foreign nationals at the same time they are starting to blame foreignerers, foreign companies etc for basically everything including spreading covid. They are building a narrative now.
  2. Yeah, they are still refreshingly naive after all those years. What did they do this time?
  3. To which affect did it effect you? (Or the other way around? I'm confused)
  4. Yeah, we may even be able to finish this thread before Flintenuschis (yes, I can easily use auto complete now) term is finished. We will soon have elections and you are welcome to report on what's going on south of the border. How are the Greens doing in power? Any noticeable effect making it worth going to bed with Kurz? We may end up in the same situation - a hobbit, driven by the extreme right holding a green fig leaf.
  5. Not really. But unfortunately I do put articles in front of names now. Which sounds and is weird
  6. Okay, correcting it for the so called proper German speakers : *Die* Flintenuschi. And thank you, now I have Flintenuschi in my auto type recommendations. Another advantage of compound nouns
  7. I would claim it is one of its most amazing features. The ability to create new words out of thin air is great. What non native speaker usually have a hard time grasping is that Arbeitsgemeinschaft is a word in its own right and not just a temporary concatenation of the word Arbeit and Gemeinschaft. Working group as a translation doesn't at all capture the meaning for me. It's meh, a group working on something. Sounds boring. Eta. Seems the thread starter didn't get it right either It should be Flintenuschi. Yes, you can do it with names too.
  8. One could almost believe that News papers value new news on the front pages over old news.
  9. You can laugh of course, but if not for Katrina and the Waves we would all sing Ein bißchen Frieden now.
  10. A bit surprised that under all this arguments the really encouraging news that we have a ceasefire has been buried completely. Shouldn't that be the topic of the day?
  11. I don't think that Israel would trust UN troops. The UNO didn't always behave like an ally or even very neutral.
  12. Chats spilled the beans in graphic details?
  13. As much as it goes against every fiber of my being, I have to agree on that one. See how the companies scrambled to get a vaccine out. Of course it was mainly because of the €€€ in their eyes. If this carrot is taken away from them, we will be in a very bad situation in the next pandemic. This is for my opinion a very important consideration...market forces yadda yadda... Of course, if the waiving of patent rights would be the only solution, I would also say lets go for it. But I don't believe it is the main bottleneck. It is production capacity and especially rich states outside of the EU sitting on essentials to get a worldwide vaccination programme going. Some of the countries now demanding the patents for free are the ones with production capacities, source materials and less need to vaccinate their own population now ( giving them the opportunity to sell their patent free stuff elsewhere)
  14. In another thread you demanded that other posters should attack the message not the message. It would serve us all very well if you would heed your own words. Leave out the attacking part in any case.
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