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  1. In Beijing, don't ever think about living outside the city and commute to work. Do you have any idea how big the city is? And for that matter. How far the pollution reaches? That aside, I still think one year in Beijing is an excellent opportunity. There are days where you can go out. I do spend some time there and never had the feeling that the pollution will kill me immediately. Beijing has some advantages over other Chinese cities. You really have people from everywhere. And they all bring their local cuisine. Imo the best part of being there. You can eat something new every day. I doubt that you will find Northern kitchen in Shenzhen or something from Yunnan.
  2. kiko

    German politics xth attempt

    The good news is that I have more good arguments for not going to Berlin this summer. My family wants to but I would like to come back with my BMW in its original colour. And shape. Bonzenauto my arse...I am aqainted with some pretty hard-core pieces punkers and they are very delusional about the choices you have to make in life. (even though I would like to have some of their tunes as ringtone for my office cell phone) Burning down the Schanze is a pure selfish act of wanton destruction. The good people from Blankenese are laughing their behinds of.
  3. kiko

    UK Politics: Post-May Edition

    Benefits and duties, I would think. As far as I can follow your line of thinking, you want to couple the sticking to the fiscal commitments with keeping all of the benefits. I feel that would warrant a way to compensate the EU for pulling out of the non-fiscal obligations. I could imagine a kind of severance package for those who are no longer able to enjoy the 4 freedoms, people and companies and whoever else may have a case.
  4. kiko

    Do real friendships happen on this forum?

    Lucky that you became a lawyer then
  5. kiko

    Do real friendships happen on this forum?

    Am I the only one who sometimes lies awake wondering about what happened to some of the boarders who somehow disappeared? The ones very active in genchat or os chat and then suddenly gone.
  6. I miss you already, rest in peace
  7. I hope you will get well soon!
  8. kiko

    German politics xth attempt

    Yes, the sad truth is that we keep exporting not only material goods. The best and brightest go to the richer neighbor countries like Austria, Bavaria and Switzerland. This is what is holding back the wage development in most parts of Germany. There is not enough pressure from the middle class yet. They still have their options. But in the process they bleed the country dry.
  9. kiko

    UK Politics Unexpected Election edition

    Is Michael Gove standing for a reelection? Does he have a chance?
  10. kiko

    German politics xth attempt

    It should be mentioned that Turkish politicians including Erdogan did campaign in Germany in the past. My guess is that the fear of inciting unrest among parts of the German citizens (those with dual citizenship mostly) overrode the desire for a amicable relationship with this quasi-dictator. I have a feeling that this decision might backfire
  11. kiko

    German politics xth attempt

    Whether they are really or just pretend to be just to appeal to their electorate does not make a difference. They quack like an AfD and certainly look like one. I guess you have to to leave Bavaria to see from outside how despicable they are. They are leeches riding on the economic success of the state.
  12. TO avoid the the impression that we are in the habit of marching into all the other European threads, let's start with this one: is there any party in Bavaria that is actually electable? Every other year I have the same issue. If there would be a "Everything But The CSU" party, I would love to vote for them. All the others are more or less incompetent, even more provincial, or - believe it or not - even more right. Let's see if Martin Schulz is a better choice than the Steins or Gabriel. I just don't know what to think of him. He doesn't give me the impression that he has an agenda besides getting into power. But I have to say that I was very impressed how easily he maneuvered into his current position. Maybe that kind of skill is needed in the current state of affairs. (sorry for the lack of paragraphs. A linefeed seems to destroy all my inputs)
  13. kiko

    Rogue's Gallery Re-open For Business!

    You can't have an ego and be photo shy at the same time. Sorry.
  14. kiko


    OMG! :rolleyes: