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  1. Very clever of Labour. Just send a different person to show off against Johnson every day. An easy way to build up a good rep. In German we have the word Aufbaugegner for situations like that.
  2. Excel (and PowerPoint) are the tool of choice for management. I think that's why it is sneaking into so many use cases even though there is usually a better alternative to a quick&dirty excel document. (That said, I also use it almost daily - grudgingly)
  3. I'm not sure how no deal can stop North Ireland being a problem. They would still have to find a way around the Good Friday agreement. I'm sure nobody would be mad enough to tear that up. UK or some of its successor states would all of a sudden live in a world with a lot of hostile powers on both sides of the Atlantic.
  4. Is this way of hiring in any way usual procedure in the states? Look like and endless procedure from what I read here. But anyway. Seems it may come to a good conclusion after all. All good wishes for you!
  5. I assume a lot of people yearn for the times when British fishing grounds were protected not by some laws but by the Royal Navy. So, pre Cod Wars.
  6. Does that really surprise anyone? I had assumed that Alex agreed on anything because he knew that he wouldn't care later anyway. He (probably rightly) assumes that he wouldn't be held accountable for it. Worked like that for all his life. But let's see if he will hit a wall this time. My money is on no.
  7. On Monday I'm going to drive 9 hours to the Belgian-French border to talk to people for two days about things that could be easily figured out in Teams. In fact we solved everything via Teams long time ago but the customer feels that personal contact would be a good idea. Btw : parts of Belgium is corona high risk area. But just not that part. On Wednesday I go ahead to the Netherlands to meet another German guy living in Germany not too far away from me in our local offices there. Why you may ask? Because his company happens to have offices in Belgium.l, but in the corona part. So ne and another German will sit in the Netherlands and will have a kickoff meeting with literally 20 Belgians on teams calling in from corona Belgium. After that I will drive another 9 hours not home but to an empty house without heating or Wi-Fi to self insolate from my family for 7 days (wife is afraid of corona). I will use those days to have 4 more half day Teams conferences with aforementioned Belgians. No idea how that will work without Wi-Fi. Btw, the first meeting im accompanied by a colleague from the same office. So at least the drive won't be too boring, right? Unfortunately we have to take two cars because renting a car for one day from the Netherlands is 5 times as expensive than for a week from Germany. On the plus side...the meeting place in Belgium is in a chocolate factory. Yay, Belgian chocolate! But wait! Because of corona # we are actually meeting outside of the premises of the factory with no chance of a visit. Sounds like a bullshit job for me.
  8. Not necessarily. A lot of them use the opportunity to declare their own kingdom or whatever. Issuing their own passports and so on. They really come in al kinds of colours - non of them very pretty. But not per se fascists. Very often it's about not paying taxes and fines, which they seem to accumulate. But yes, there is a considerable overlap with Nazis and probably even more so with gun nuts.
  9. I didn't understand how it was legally possible to not treat them as a kid then. But I also think that this boy ought to be treated as a juvenile. Because that's what he is, a juvenile. For me the science is pretty clear. We assume that they are in a stage of development where they shouldn't be considered fully developed adults and thus deserve a different treatment. Of course your law system over there is different and the lines are blurred and it's sucks that there is this obvious reason why the dices will fall on one side or another - but still try not to forget that the shooter is a juvenile.
  10. Studying in Germany is free for everyone. I believe they even throw in a free language course. That's how they compete with the other more famous non-english universities. No point in trying to compete with English speaking countries though, they have this huge language advantage going for them. If you want an engineering degree it is definitely worth thinking about it.
  11. That, or idiot son was browsing Twitter on the way to Paris...
  12. Except that here they are not supposed to stay. And if I remember the family in Jungle even had their own house (albeit with a catch...)
  13. Not really. We managed to pollute the area with a lot of foreigners (both from real Germany and from abroad). Most of the locals are quite nice but also more bad apples than expected. Let's see if I will really join the local Greens and the maybe learn a bit more about the local politics. As far as I can see so far the main topic is how to grab as much opportunities to make money from real estate and farm land. We right now push for the town to join the regional anti Nazi organization.
  14. The left leaning is in places like Erlangen and Nürnberg, maybe. Siemens, Adidas and the University import some normal people. But even here we have a permanent CSU majority in Federal elections. Go figure. And Söder is not from Bavaria, he is born in this region. Also in my town lives Karl-Heinz Hoffman in his castle next to the former synagogue. And our Neighbor town is Gräfenberg with its annual Nazi demonstration to honor Rudolf Hess...
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