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  1. Let me recap. You run out of food, beer and gas, nobody is allowed into the country except if you are are rich tourist with hard currency. Your leader is a fat joke. And you are building nuklearish weapons. Can somebody verify that this is *not* the North Korea threat?
  2. All those guys who think that 35/18 sounds icky talk about 18yo girls, right? I sense some underlying paternalism.
  3. Hard to say without details. Those issues are usually only played up if you want out of a contract on the cheap. Otherwise you usually find a solution. I wouldn't be aware of any contract that could be fulfilled to the letter. Especially in defense. But of course, there might be more serious issues in this specific situation. Just hard to imagine it is so different from other huge projects.
  4. Not sure where this one is coming from. What does it have to do with MAGA?
  5. From their standpoint, Australia is not to blame here. If they get a significant better offer they can probably get out of the original contract. There is most likely a heavy compensation clause. Not sure who will footing the bill but I'm afraid that the Australian tax payer is paying double now. I also can't help but remembering the original reporting were it has been hinted that the French offer was not exactly the best anyway. It also is not without irony that the one time France is not pushing nuclear power they are beaten by someone offering nucular to the Australians. I think that the US gave the European army a big leg up. Thanks for nothing!
  6. Could have been worded better but he lists well known facts you can look up. There are more too. Businesses need to be as careful with five eyes states as they are with China and the US is throwing it's weight around to give their businesses every unfair advantage they can.
  7. They always had a sizeable brown wing. The just also used to have good people in their ranks. One of the best maybe Hildegard Hamm-Brücher, incidentally from the Bavarian party organization.
  8. I will give you that. The EU (what you are actually saying here is the other partners in the EU, a body of which the UK was a member at this point) underestimated that threat. But I have to confess. The last time my kid threatened to hold her breath till I give in, I also didn't take that threat not to serious. But rest assured. My kid was smart enough to start breathing eventually. Question for the MDs in this forum: When you are low on oxygen, is it possible to see sunlit uplands with unicorns and so on?
  9. 0, but I'm able to double that for my kids. They will have to share, of course.
  10. This little piece just shoes how clueless they were and still are. Freedom of movement *is* one of the central principles. And as @Rippounet patently tries to explain, it is their clueless or deliberate implementation that has lead to this situation. But yeah, flinging shit at Brussels, Paris and Berlin is always a good option.
  11. Just as a reminder: the red-socks campaign was successful. The CDU just need to successfully reroute votes from SPD to Green to retain a chance of staying in power. Someone remind me why I should vote for the F.D.P. I can only see a lot of posters with an unshaven Lindner. Do they have something relevant to say?
  12. They have a foothold in some other states right now. A very good development. It gives the bonkers non-nazi potential CDU /CSU voters an opportunity to throw away their votes. Might help to get the CSU under 5%, even though they will be in the Bundestag anyway.
  13. Not sure I understand you. Everyone has plenty of opportunities to make money on the side. For every politician who makes money from illegal business there is a business making illegal money from the politician. So it's an equal opportunities world, no?
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